Velor sofas

Velor sofas
  1. Features, pros and cons
  2. What is better velor chenille, matting and flock?
  3. Sofa types
  4. Transformation mechanisms
  5. Color and varieties of upholstery fabric
  6. Where to put it and what is it combined with in the room?
  7. How to care?
  8. Reviews
  9. Interior ideas

When choosing a sofa, it is very important to first of all pay attention to its upholstery. Good and high-quality materials will not only emphasize the taste of the owner, but also significantly decorate the interior of the room.

Along with leather and textiles, velor occupies a special place among upholstery materials. Why are velor sofas so good and how to properly care for them?

Features, pros and cons

Velor is a fabric with a long pile, outwardly almost indistinguishable from velvet. It is quite pleasant to the touch, it will be cozy and comfortable to sit on such a sofa. Velor is famous for its ability to shimmer in different colors. Modern technologies allow fabrics to be processed in many ways, obtaining different patterns and pile lengths. And thanks to the special color of the material, it can look like animal fur.

Among the advantages of velor upholstery is an attractive aesthetic appearance. The material is quite practical, as it accumulates less dust and pet hair. In addition, such upholstery is hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and safe for health. An interesting fact is that the more complex the shape of the sofa, the more beautiful the color overflows will be.

Along with all the advantages, velor has several significant disadvantages. The upholstery is quite capricious in leaving, especially if stains appear on the sofa. If the dust can still be removed with a vacuum cleaner, then stains from sweet soda or tea can cause enormous damage to the material. Therefore, you should not buy such a sofa for a nursery.

Another drawback is the fragility of velor, this material is very prone to the appearance of abrasions.

What is better velor chenille, matting and flock?

All these fabrics differ significantly from each other. Of course, velor wins in all respects - other materials do not have such an amazing play of light and shade. The velvety upholstery is much more pleasant to the touch, it is not as rough as the mat. The sophisticated look of velor allows you to decorate and refine any room, while matting or flock look quite ordinary. In addition, it is possible to apply an anti-vandal coating to the material, which will protect against the claws of pets.

Although velor is not very durable, it is also worth choosing it because this fabric does not absorb odors at all. Thus, it will also be an ideal option for the kitchen. Unlike chenille, the material does not absorb moisture either, which gives it additional benefits.

Sofa types

In general, all types of sofas can be roughly divided into three types - straight, corner and island.

Straight sofas are the most standard and common subspecies familiar to everyone. This option is most suitable for a classic neutral interior.

But the corner models will fit well into the modern atmosphere. They significantly save space, and can be either folding or not. Often, when disassembled, such furniture can have an extra berth.

Island sofas look stunningly beautiful. This is a great solution for spacious rooms, because you can put them in the middle of the room.

Recently, models with a carriage coupler have been quite popular. This name came from the era of the rule of kings, which means it looks rich and dignified. At the same time, the furniture is pulled together with buttons, forming a diamond-shaped pattern.

Transformation mechanisms

One of the most popular types of construction is the "book". Everyone is familiar with this mechanism, because it originated in the USSR. Such a sofa is unfolded by raising the seat until it clicks. The only drawback is that you have to constantly push back and again push the furniture against the wall, since a small gap appears when unfolding. A more reliable mechanism is the "Eurobook", which you just need to pull towards yourself.

The improved type of "book" is the "click-gag" mechanism. It differs in that in addition to the sitting and lying position, there is also a relaxation mode, when you can half-sit. Has a simple mechanism and sofa accordion. It has a spacious bedding box and a wide sleeping surface. A sofa of this type slides forward with ease and is suitable for small spaces.

Color and varieties of upholstery fabric

As for the colors of velor for upholstery, the gray range can be an excellent choice. The silvery color with iridescence will well complement almost any interior. Along with it goes the purple shade - this calm, mysterious tone will add mystery and magic to the atmosphere of the room. A warm brown tone looks no less interesting - you can emphasize it with yellow, gray and orange tones in the interior.

The bright blue color has long established itself as one of the most beautiful. Velor in different shades of blue is ideally combined with blue, yellow, white, red colors in the entourage of the room. The burgundy color will also shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow; you can complement it with blue, light blue, pink accessories and trim. But it is not recommended to buy black velor - it looks too gloomy.

There are several varieties of velor, mainly velor drape and velvet velor. In some countries, velvet can also be called velvet, velvet, and even varieties of leather. Separately, it is worth noting micro velor - a chic fabric material with resistance to fading. The Sahara upholstery fabric also gained wide popularity - a huge number of colors allowed the collection to have many fans.

Where to put it and what is it combined with in the room?

The velor sofa looks very good in the living room. You can combine it with different interiors. Light-colored sofas match neutral atmospheres with an abundance of pastel base tones. A great solution is to pick up a couple of chairs for him. If you want to liven up the atmosphere, follow the current trends - put bright armchairs. For example, red or blue models work well with a beige sofa.

Gray sofas should be complemented with shades of natural wood or stone. Orange accessories are also a great choice. Be sure to take care of the curtains - heavy curtains in bright colors will be just in place. By placing such a sofa in the bedroom, you can further enliven the atmosphere with the help of silver photo frames, floor vases, bright plants, paintings.

The velor sofa is the perfect solution for a glamorous interior. If the model is large, put it in the living room, because it will be convenient to accommodate many guests on it. Together with the sofa, it is necessary to purchase large poufs of a similar tone. Stylish lighting, silver and crystal accessories, feathers, fur, animal print, rhinestones will help to harmoniously complete the design.

How to care?

First of all, don't let your sofa get dirty. Dust and fine dirt can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner or a soft fluffy brush. If there are animals with long hair in the house, you will even have to take care of the sofa several times a week. To do this, use a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. But with rollers for collecting wool, it is better not to be zealous - their sticky surface will eventually begin to destroy the upholstery.

When using any cleaning products, first apply them to an inconspicuous area and wait. If the fabric remains in the same condition, then the detergent can be used.For stubborn stains, apply the product for a few minutes and then wipe off with a damp sponge.

You can also remove stains with soap suds, but then be sure to dry the upholstery with a towel or dry napkins. Never try to scrape the stain, remove it with solvents or bleach.


Today on the Internet you can find a variety of reviews about velor upholstery. Most of them are mostly positive. Buyers love the sophisticated look of the velor sofa and the impression it makes on the guests. Excellent reviews are also left about the material's ability to overflow color, which can be effectively used in various lighting conditions. In addition, quite a lot has been said about the softness of the fabric, the lack of stretching, and the comfortable sitting on the sofa.

Along with this, there are a number of negative reviews. They relate to the constant care of the sofa, especially for people with animals. They refuse velor and families with children, because candy and soda stains are incredibly difficult to remove.

Among the negative opinions, it is also possible to determine the ability of velor to “go bald”. Many owners are unhappy with the fact that over time, the upholstery wears off and its lifespan is not so long.

Interior ideas

Velor sofas in light or brown colors are perfect for neutral and classic interiors. An abundance of shades of natural wood, beautiful poufs, carpets are welcome. A coffee table with a glass surface will also look good. Lush flowers will also help to make the surroundings lively and light.

A bright turquoise or aqua sofa goes well with white. A blue rug, patterned pillows, photo frames, fresh flowers will help complement the modern interior. But the dark blue sofa can be beaten even more interestingly, combining it with a wall in the form of masonry. Chess white and blue floor, unusual paintings, pillows with golden elements will make the interior unique.

Rich styles, close to glamorous, also cannot do without a velor sofa. A beautiful straight model in blue will be emphasized by the abundance of lovely pillows in cool shades. Unusual tables, a three-dimensional picture and fresh flowers will harmoniously complete such an interior.

Gray velor sofas look good in a minimalist style next to white shades. In such a style, there is practically no need for bright accessories, except perhaps one or two. But large windows, sofa cushions, a matching armchair and a coffee table with a mirrored surface will be an excellent choice.

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