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The couch is the perfect piece of furniture to relax after a hard day's work. It does not need to be spread and covered. You can comfortably stay on it at any time and get away from problems. That is why couches equipped with a berth are so popular lately.


The couch is a small sofa. As a rule, such furniture is designed for only one person. However, modern manufacturers also produce more spacious options. They look no worse than compact models, but are more impressive in size.

The main advantage of the couches is their versatility. Such interior items easily fit into a variety of rooms. This can be a cozy bedroom, an elegant living room, or even a beautifully decorated kitchen.

Many people choose such furniture because of its compact size. A place for a couch can be found even in the smallest and narrowest room. For this reason, many consumers decorate small hallways with couches.

If you have a large living space, then the flirty model with an extra bed can be used as an addition to a double bed or large sofa. Using such a designer tandem, you should choose furniture made in the same style so that the interior seems more harmonious and thoughtful.

Most models provide for the installation of a high-quality orthopedic mattress. This detail is essential for healthy sleep and good rest.

Do not think that all couches have approximately the same design and configuration. Today, in the salons of upholstered furniture, you can find a variety of options for these charming items. In such products, only one armrest may be present, in some cases these parts are not at all. The backs of the couches are also different: semicircular, curved, soft, hard, decorated with beautiful furniture studs.

Such a variety suggests that absolutely any buyer can choose the right option. A beautiful and multifunctional couch will look harmoniously in a variety of interiors, from classic to rustic country.

It is impossible not to note the wonderful appearance of such furniture. With the right couch, you can transform the interior and add light notes of elegance and sophistication to it.


There are different couches. They are equipped with berths of different sizes and various pull-out structures. It is worth taking a closer look at all the existing varieties of comfortable couches with additional sleeping space:

  • The most popular and versatile are the classic straight models. They look especially harmonious in rectangular rooms. Often, such products are placed in small rooms. They fit perfectly into such conditions without burdening the interior. Most often, straight couch-beds are placed against one of the walls or next to a window.
  • The ideal option for placement in the corner of a room is a corner couch. It can be supplemented with a neat coffee table to create a beautiful tandem that can easily replace bulky, large upholstered furniture.
  • Specimens of a semicircular shape look very interesting and original. Such products are most often turned to to fill the space of a non-standard layout.If there is a rounded wall, a rounded bay window or a non-standard partition in the room, then such an unusual couch is perfect.
  • Do not think that the size of the couches only allows them to be equipped with a single bed for sleeping. The modern furniture market offers consumers more spacious double folding couches. It can easily fit two. When folded, these models take up a minimum of free space; they look very organic in many interiors.

A variety of mechanisms are present in such products. The couches can be fitted with a pull-out edge. The options are usually as follows:

  • Non-standard are models of couches that do not have a back and armrests. Most often, such options are placed in hallways and in kitchens. They take up a minimum of free space. As a rule, such products can be used exclusively as seats, since they are rarely supplemented with berths.
  • Couches with a berth are often equipped with linen drawers. Such functional additions are very useful in a small home. They can store bed linen, pillows and other bedding items that take up a lot of space. These storages can be located in different places, but the most common options are when the linen boxes are in the lower side or central part.
  • Currently in stores you can see models of couches with and without legs. Both options look attractive, but choosing the right one is necessary, taking into account the style of the interior.

Dimensions (edit)

Couches can vary in size. It is worth taking a closer look at the most common options:

  • The couches are distinguished by their coquettish appearance and compact dimensions, the dimensions of which are 90 × 200 cm. Today, many manufacturers offer such models with beautiful forged, wood and metal backs and armrests. Thanks to such details, the sofa-couch looks "expensive" and elegant.
  • Folding and semi-folding mechanisms are equipped with couches, the size of which is 180 × 80 cm. In the folding models there is a quite comfortable and roomy sleeping place where you can have a great rest and sleep well.
  • Semi-folding options are equipped with retractable structures. When choosing such an instance, it is worth considering its size when unfolded.
  • The modular couches are a real constructor. They can have different configurations and can be easily transformed into different types of furniture. As a rule, such models are bought for placement in a small kitchen.
  • Models with a berth of 120 × 200 cm are larger. They cannot be called standard. It is recommended to choose such options only for spacious rooms. Large couches look pretty impressive. They can replace a small folding sofa or ottoman.

It is not recommended to place a large couch in a small area. She will make the interior heavier and make it inharmonious. It is better to give preference to a more compact model with a single bed, the width of which does not exceed 80, 90 cm, and the length is 120, 190 cm.

If you still could not find an option in the store that would fit the layout of your home, then you can order a couch of the required dimensions. Such options are more expensive, but as a result you will get perfect furniture that will fit perfectly into the room.

Materials (edit)

The most attractive are the elegant daybeds made from natural wood. They are very comfortable and of high quality. Products made from such materials resemble antique interior items.

Lacquered and matte products are very popular today, in which there are natural materials with well-visible joints of the beams. Such copies can be put not only in a city apartment, but also in the country, in a country house.However, it should be borne in mind that such furniture should be in the interior of the corresponding style. A casual wooden couch is unlikely to fit into a modern high-tech ensemble.

Wooden models should be treated with care. From time to time they need to be treated with special protective impregnations. Thanks to their action, natural material will retain its attractive appearance for a long time, will not crack or dry out.

Most often there are comfortable couches upholstered in fabric. Their popularity is due to the fact that it is much more comfortable to rest and sleep on a textile surface than on natural or artificial leather.

Slightly less common are couches made of strong and durable metal. Such options will not look harmonious in classic interiors. These products are often found in country houses. They are placed not only inside the home, but also near the pools, on the verandas.

Selection Tips

The choice of a couch should be taken as seriously as possible, since a model of the wrong style or size can ruin the interior.

If you are going to go to the store for such furniture, you need to measure the room in which you plan to place it.

For small spaces, it is recommended to choose small models with a single bed and a low back. If square meters allow, you can put a more impressive model - with a spacious double sleeping place, an elegant back and armrests.

If you are planning to put the couch in the kitchen or in the hallway, then it is better to choose a narrower option. In such conditions, products with leather or unmarked fabric upholstery will look harmonious, since in the kitchen and in the corridor the couch can be easily and quickly stained.

The color of the upholstery should match the color scheme of the main ensemble. Against the background of soft beige walls and a brown laminate floor, you should place an elegant couch with a curved back upholstered in pink fabric and a soft pastel seat.

Decide which upholstery you like best. The non-capricious leather trim has a more attractive appearance, but it will not be very comfortable to sleep and rest on its surface. In the cold season it will be cool on such a couch, and in the hot season you risk sticking to the upholstery.

The textile surface is found to be more comfortable, but it is a little more difficult to maintain. Try to take care of such a couch and quickly get rid of dirty spots on its surface, if any. If you do not get rid of the dirt in time, they will simply saturate the fabric. It will be very difficult to get them out.

An overview of the couch with a berth, its properties and characteristics in the video below.

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