Leatherette sofa

Leatherette sofa
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Luxurious, comfortable, soft leather sofa - few will refuse to have this piece of furniture in their interior. Such sofas never go out of fashion, they always look presentable, expensive and modern. However, their cost is often so high that not everyone can buy leather furniture. In this case, a leatherette sofa will be an excellent alternative to this option.


Leatherette or leather substitute is a material that imitates the texture of a natural material and is quite close to it in its properties and characteristics. At the same time, the cost of artificial material is significantly lower.

Today, furniture manufacturers offer a wide variety of leather substitutes for sofa upholstery. Among them:

  • PU coated artificial leather;
  • PVC artificial leather;
  • leatherette;
  • vinyl leather.

Analogs of natural material have an attractive appearance, can be produced with a matte or shiny surface, be embossed or artificially "aged".

The advantages of such materials include:

  1. Good wear resistance. Even after a few years, with proper care, the leatherette coating looks attractive.
  2. A wide range of colors and textures (you can choose the option that imitates the skin of a snake or reptiles).
  3. Practicality and easy maintenance. Dirt and dust from the upholstery can be easily removed with a damp cloth.
  4. Modern leather substitutes are breathable and waterproof.
  5. Resistant to temperature changes, excellent hygienic properties.

The leatherette upholstery is soft and pleasant to the touch. It does not emit harmful substances and a specific chemical smell, it is absolutely safe.

Artificial materials, of course, are inferior to natural leather in terms of breathability. In addition, they are less resistant to various kinds of external influences. However, the visual appeal and affordable price neutralize these disadvantages.


Leatherette is a durable, beautiful, practical and inexpensive material. That is why it is so often used when creating all kinds of models of upholstered furniture for home and office.

  • The corner sofa is one of the most popular models for decorating the interior of a living room, bedroom, kitchen or office space. An excellent option for simultaneously accommodating several people at once. The pull-out part helps to transform the sofa into a luxurious sleeping place. Such models are perfect for small spaces. Often complemented by decorative pillows.
  • A straight two-three-seater sofa is an office option. It provides comfortable seating for visitors. This product is equipped with a high comfortable back and soft armrests.
  • Sofa bed - a versatile solution for a small apartment... It can be placed in a nursery or living room. You can comfortably sit on it with an interesting book, lie down on it to rest or expand it to a full berth.
  • Elegant sofas of a laconic design such as a banquet or couch can be used in the corridor or hallway.

Artificial leather sofas can be made for a different number of seats, be folding or roll-out, have built-in drawers for clothes or linen, supplemented with armrests, a soft wide back, decorative pillows. The legs can be of different heights, thicknesses and designs.

Color solutions

A leather sofa is considered a classic piece of furniture that fits into any interior in an up-to-date and modern way. That is why color options for leather furniture are most often in the range of universal colors. A black or dark brown spacious sofa looks impressive and solid. A snow-white sofa will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room, but this option is the least practical. It will require special, careful care.

Furniture made in deep wine or dark blue looks no less beautiful. Glossy, soft shine and rich texture greatly decorate the interior of the room.

Fans of more radical options can order or buy a ready-made sofa, designed in a variety of colors: from turquoise to coral, from pink to lilac. Such a sofa will certainly become a bright accent in a living room, bedroom, office or other room.

Selection Tips

The choice of furniture is always fraught with certain difficulties and questions. After all, the sofa is chosen for a long time, which means that it must maintain high operational and decorative properties for several years.

First of all, you need to decide on the choice of material - a substitute for natural leather. There may be several of them:

  1. The faux leather sofa looks expensive and impressive... Soft, pleasant to the touch surface, warm matte or glossy shine, excellent characteristics - such furniture will become a real decoration of any home. Disadvantage: instability to mechanical damage, such as scratches.
  2. Eco-leather is a type of artificial leather that belongs to the luxury category. As close to natural as possible. Excellent breathability, softness, elasticity, strength and visual appeal make this material one of the most popular and used for the design of various furniture models. Disadvantage: susceptibility to the formation of small scratches, after which it is almost impossible to restore the original presentable appearance.
  3. Arpatek is a type of eco-leather. This is a very high quality, practical, wear-resistant and hypoallergenic material that looks like natural leather. Its disadvantage is its small thickness, due to which, over time, small cracks and tears may appear on the upholstery.
  4. Artificial nubuck is another substitute for natural material. Presented in different versions of dressing and grinding. Its surface can imitate natural suede, leather and reptile skin.

In order for a leatherette sofa to serve as long as possible, the following points must be remembered:

  1. Leatherette is very sensitive to animal claws. The upholstery becomes covered with cracks, scratches and quickly loses its attractive appearance. Do not forget about this if there are pets in the apartment for which the furniture is purchased.
  2. Even the most expensive artificial leather needs constant and thorough care.


  • furniture should not be in the immediate vicinity of heating devices;
  • the upholstery should not come into direct sunlight;
  • there must be a sufficient level of humidity in the room (the material does not like dry air);
  • about once a week, the upholstery must be wiped with a damp cloth;
  • to remove stains, you can use a solution of soap or shampoo, an ammonia solution. After cleaning, the surface must be wiped dry;
  • silicone shine will help to refresh the skin;
  • for cleaning the skin, products containing acetone, alcohol, chlorine are not recommended;
  • dried dirt cannot be removed with a sharp object;
  • it is not recommended to use bleach or abrasive cleaning agents.


  • Reviews of sofas made from leather substitutes are mostly positive. The main advantage of this category of materials is the price.Much more people can afford such furniture than an analogue made of genuine leather.
  • Practicality is another plus. The surface of the leatherette is smooth, even; a damp cloth is enough to clean it.
  • Durability, wear resistance and beautiful appearance are also often noted by customers. A wide texture and color range are qualities that many similar materials used to create furniture cannot boast of.
  • Presentable, expensive look is the indisputable advantage of artificial leather sofas. They look much richer, more sophisticated and more luxurious than similar upholstered furniture, for example.

Accommodation options in the interior

The snow-white sofa will become a real gem of any interior, even a minimalist living room. Such furniture helps to make even the most ascetic environment more comfortable and homely warm.

Luxurious soft sofa made of high-quality eco-leather externally and in its characteristics is in no way inferior to furniture made of natural material. The warm milky-creamy color looks great against the background of the interior, sustained in different shades of lilac. A great option for a living room.

A sofa is not only a sleeping place, it is also an original, stylish decoration. Especially if it is made in such a rich, beautiful and deep green color. The sofa adorns the living room with a light, pastel color scheme.

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