Corner sofas with a shelf in the corner

  1. Advantages and purpose of the shelf
  2. Varieties
  3. Upholstery, filler and frame
  4. How to choose?
  5. Interior ideas

Corner sofas are very popular today. The demand for these models of upholstered furniture is due to their beautiful design and versatility. They are equipped not only with extra beds, but also with other interesting additions. This can be a compact bar, a pull-out table, or comfortable shelves. Not everyone knows how to choose the best corner sofas with a shelf in the corner.

Advantages and purpose of the shelf

Most corner sofas have additional storage compartments for bedding or other essentials.

To do this, you can use not only spacious drawers at the bottom of the furniture, but also useful corner shelves. Finding the desired item on them will not be difficult.

Currently, in stores you can find corner upholstered furniture, in which the shelves are located in different areas. It can be not only an angle, but also a backrest, a back wall, an armrest.

Do not think that such products cannot be equipped with other functional parts. Comfortable sofas with shelves (along with simple options) are complemented by various mechanisms with additional sleeping places.

Corner sofas are U-shaped and L-shaped. Both designs are equipped with corner shelves:

  • L-shaped furniture can be selected even for a small room. Most often it is placed in a free corner of the room. Such products are very popular, as they do not take up much free space, but at the same time they look very attractive.
  • U-shaped sofas have more impressive dimensions. Such specimens are only suitable for large areas, as they take up more free space. U-shaped sofas can be equipped with two or more practical shelves.


Today, consumers have access to a wide range of different sofas equipped with additional functionality. Here are some of the more popular models with corner shelves:

  • The simplest and most common are sofas, complemented by corner shelves-stands. These parts are attached to the back of the upholstered furniture. As a rule, the shelves in such sofas are small, but this is quite enough for storing various little things. These can be glasses, small plates or mugs.
  • Corner sofas are in great demand today, in which the shelves are an extension of the back. In different models, they are closed or open. The shelves in these sofas are larger and are located at the most comfortable height.
  • There are also such corner sofas in which the entire module (up to the seat) is occupied by a large and spacious shelf. You can find many types of such furniture in stores. This can be a product in which a high back is equipped with several shelves, niches, or a sofa with a large compartment filled with shelves and partitions. The shelves in these versions can be located at different heights. They are both open and closed.
  • Slightly less common are models in which corner shelves are placed on the back. They are usually open source. However, it should be borne in mind that such options are not suitable for all rooms. This furniture can only be placed on a spacious area so that the rear wall with shelf is freely accessible.
  • Shelves are often complemented by multifunctional sofas, which have spacious drawers for storing linen and pull-out berths... These models are quite expensive, but they are very useful. They can replace a full-fledged bed with bedside tables.

Upholstery, filler and frame

For the upholstery of corner sofas, various types of textiles, natural leather, leatherette and eco-leather are used.

The most durable and attractive ones are those with genuine leather upholstery. Such models boast excellent performance and luxurious appearance. However, they are expensive, and not every buyer can afford them.

Leatherette options will be cheaper. Outwardly, they differ little from natural options, but they are rougher to the touch and less wear-resistant. After some time, noticeable cracks or abrasions may form on the surface of the leather substitute, which cannot be removed. Such interior items do not tolerate temperature changes.

Eco-leather sofas are very popular nowadays. This material is softer and more elastic than leatherette. Such specimens serve for a long time and look very impressive. However, it is recommended to buy eco-leather furniture only in proven furniture stores, as low-quality models will quickly lose their bright color. The main advantage of leather upholstery is its simplicity. From such a surface, you can quickly and easily remove dirt and dust, without much effort.

The most affordable are fabric sofas. For the upholstery of these models, velvet plush, matting, corduroy, cotton or tapestry are most often used. The main disadvantage of textile upholstery is its ability to quickly absorb foreign odors. It will be very difficult to remove them from the surface of the sofa. Fabric upholstered furniture is a brand name. It will have to be regularly cleaned from dirty and dusty spots. To do this, you need to stock up on special cleaning agents.

You should not buy a light-colored textile sofa. It will stain easily and quickly lose its visual appeal if not cleaned regularly.

The following materials are most often used for the interior design of upholstered furniture:

  • polyurethane foam (the most popular filler);
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • holofiber;
  • synthetic fluff;
  • spring block.

The most reliable are metal frames in corner sofas. High-quality structures do not sag over time (unlike mesh bases) and do not fail.

How to choose?

Before choosing a suitable model, you need to measure the room in which you are going to put the sofa.

Decide in advance how you want to use additional shelves and furniture niches. If you are going to store a large number of things in them, then it is worth buying a sofa with more spacious and spacious storage.

Decide on upholstery. The most durable are models made of leather or leatherette. If you want to buy a more affordable model, then you should take a closer look at fabric products.

If you have looked after a multifunctional folding model for yourself, then you should decide on how you will use it. For regular use, it is better to buy a sofa with a rigid metal frame and a "book", "eurobook", "dolphin" or "accordion" mechanism. A simple "French clamshell" will cost less, but it cannot be used on a daily basis, since it is not designed for active use.

Interior ideas

A small corner sofa in white with black armrests and a shelf will look spectacular against the background of gray walls, white ceiling and black laminate. Next to it you can place a white armchair and a tall metal floor lamp, and opposite - a black coffee table and a white TV niche.

A cream-colored fabric upholstered sofa with a dark brown corner shelf can be positioned in a room with coffee-colored walls and dark brown laminate flooring.A low table made of lacquered wood and a fluffy gray carpet will find their place opposite the upholstered furniture. A window in such a room can be supplemented with light curtains, and for lighting, a ceiling chandelier with glass / crystal pendants can be hung.

A luxurious gray sofa with leather upholstery and a black corner shelf can be placed in a room with a glossy cream floor and gray-purple walls decorated with black and white paintings. The window in such a room should be decorated with translucent white curtains, and a soft gray carpet can be laid on the floor.

A sleek white sofa with rounded shapes and a brown wooden shelf in the corner will find its place against the background of gray and white walls and light gray carpet. Light pictures with black frames should be hung on the walls, and a tall metal floor lamp with a large white shade can be placed next to the sofa.

For more on corner sofas with a shelf, see the next video.

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