Sofas from the Smart Sofas factory

Sofas from the Smart Sofas factory
  1. Pros and cons of furniture from the factory
  3. Options, mechanisms and materials
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Multifunctional and practical sofas will never lose their relevance. Since 1997, similar models have been produced by the Smart Sofas factory. The products of this brand are in great demand, as they are not only very convenient and useful, but also have a beautiful thoughtful design.

Pros and cons of furniture from the factory

With the help of fashionable upholstered furniture produced by the "Smart Sofas" factory, you can give the interior individuality and make it more complete. In branded sofas, not only all functional details are thought out, but also design elements. Modern buyers are faced with a huge selection of various products. Beautiful and comfortable models are made in a variety of color palettes and styles, from classic to modern. A suitable product can be matched to the interior in any color: bright, pastel, neutral or dark.

It should be noted the highest quality of materials used in the production of stylish upholstered furniture from a well-known manufacturer. Such models are durable and wear-resistant. They do not lose their presentation even after several years of regular use.

Branded products are equipped with high-quality and reliable mechanisms and structures that serve for a very long time and do not cause any inconvenience. Multifunctional options can play the role of not only ordinary seats, but also full-fledged spacious berths. Such models of sofas are often purchased not only for accommodating guests, but also for decorating their own bed.

A well-established manufacturer is constantly updating the technological processes for the production of upholstered furniture. The assortment of the company is regularly updated with new interesting models for every taste and color. There are no significant flaws in the branded products from Smart Sofas. Many consumers are upset only by the high cost of folding items. The average price for ordinary textile models is 80-90 thousand rubles.


The popular brand provides a chic assortment of various functional sofa models for customers to choose from. Let's take a closer look at the most popular types of upholstered furniture.

  • The range of orthopedic sofas is represented by very beautiful and comfortable products. Rest on such models brings a lot of pleasure. These types of furniture are equipped with a quality orthopedic mattress. The surfaces of these sofas are ideal not only for normal relaxation, but also for a sound healthy sleep.

The company offers consumers comfortable models with different upholstery materials and different colors.

  • Corner sofas from a Russian manufacturer are in great demand. Such options are equipped with reliable designs that fit perfectly not only in home interiors, but also in office environments. In the corner models of the Smart Sofas trademark, there are also folding mechanisms that allow, with a couple of light movements, to turn ordinary upholstered furniture into a full-fledged sleeping place.

In the arsenal of the company there are U-shaped and L-shaped corner sofas in different stylistic designs. You can choose a spectacular and stylish model for both modern interior design and luxurious classic furnishings.

  • The Smart Sofas firm produces high quality and beautiful straight sofas. These products come in a wide variety of sizes, from compact to very large.Such pieces of furniture can be placed not only in the living room, but also in the hallway (if the area allows), in the children's room or in the kitchen.

For the latter option, it is better to choose the option with leather upholstery, since textile sofas will quickly lose their visual appeal in a kitchen. They will absorb extraneous odors, which will be very difficult to get rid of the furniture.

  • Children's sofas are very popular among consumers. There are orthopedic, angular and folding models to choose from. You can choose a product for a girl or a boy with the appropriate design.

Attractive children's sofas are available not only in large, but also in compact dimensions. Such copies can easily fit even in small children's rooms, without taking up a lot of free space.

Options, mechanisms and materials

The popular brand offers functional and practical sofas with different mechanisms. Widespread sofa-books and eurobooks are in great demand today. Such models have simple mechanisms. Even a child can lay out a sofa with a detailed design.

The manufacturer claims that its branded books and eurobooks are very reliable and durable. They are suitable for daily use. Such options are distinguished by comfortable characteristics, since there are no gaps or cracks in them, even in the unfolded state.

Such products can be equipped with additional options, like any other types of upholstered furniture from "Smart Sofas".

Offers brand and high quality roll-out sofas. As a rule, such specimens are small in size, which allows them to be placed even in small rooms. The compact size does not affect the convenience of the bed built into the roll-out sofa. The mechanisms of such products are designed and constructed for daily use. The roll-out sofas fold out very quickly and easily.

There are accordion sofas in the assortment of the company. The factory produces such models with reliable and durable mechanisms that serve for a very long time. Signature accordions from "Smart Sofas" have a soft and smooth surface. They contain high-strength, wear-resistant frame parts. These products provide for the installation of a comfortable orthopedic mattress.

Multifunctional sofas have modular assembly systems. so you can decide which mod you want to get. All the details fit together perfectly, and you can easily swap them without having to ask the masters.

The company offers a service for installing additional options in the model you like. Let's take a closer look at what useful functions can be used to equip upholstered furniture from the Smart Sofa factory:

  • you can complement the furniture with a large armrest with soft ottomans;
  • functional armrests with 3 drawers;
  • armrest and 2 drawers;
  • narrow armrest;
  • transforming mechanism 5 in 1 called "Dolphin";
  • frames made of solid natural wood;
  • narrow armrests (12 cm);
  • armrests with shelves;
  • orthopedic and anatomical mattresses;
  • transforming corners;
  • transforming tables;
  • wide armrests (22 cm);
  • armrests with a bar;
  • backrest transformer;
  • control panel;
  • linen boxes;
  • safe;
  • music center;
  • cup holders cooling system;
  • LED backlight.

High-quality pieces of furniture produced by the Smart Sofas factory receive upholstery from natural leather, eco-leather and textiles. The most stylish are leather goods of natural origin. They have a luxurious appearance, wear resistance and durability. These models are expensive, but their beautiful design and performance are well worth it.

Branded models, upholstered in eco-leather, outwardly are in no way inferior to natural options. According to the manufacturer, products in this design are superior in some parameters to more expensive specimens upholstered in natural leather.

Typically, sofas are upholstered in velvety fabrics such as plush, velvet or flock. These types of textiles are distinguished not only by their stunning appearance, but also by their durability and resistance to various types of pollution.

The disadvantage of this upholstery is that it quickly and easily absorbs odors.

Dimensions (edit)

The sizes of the basic modules of small sofas can be 72, 102, 142 and 202 cm.

Larger models have larger dimensions. The size of their modules is 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 130, see.


Most of the buyers were satisfied with the quality sofas from the Smart Sofas factory. They celebrate the excellent materials from which the upholstered furniture is made. The upholstery and structures are not only pleasant to the touch, but also highly wear-resistant and durable.

Even after regular use, the folding models do not fail, and their mechanisms work the same as on the first day after purchase.

People could not fail to note the wonderful design of branded sofas. They look very expensive and prestigious. With the help of such details, many consumers have been able to transform their living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms.

Interior ideas

The cream-colored straight sofa with functional armrests will look harmonious against the background of gray walls and a floor trimmed with snow-white PVC tiles. Complete with such upholstered furniture, you can purchase small ottomans. If such ensembles are in a room near a window, then it should be supplemented with white curtains.

A corner sofa with soft brown textile upholstery can be placed in the living room, in which one half is trimmed in white and the other in chocolate tint. You can lay a light laminate on the floor and complement it with a peach shag carpet.

A corner sofa with white leather upholstery will look great in a room with high ceilings and windows. It is a good idea to design a seating area with a matching armchair, glass coffee table and a soft, large pile carpet.

A white u-shaped sofa in white is suitable for a room with white walls and floors, complemented by a black soft carpet. If there is a window behind the sofa, then it should be decorated with translucent curtains.

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