Large sofas

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Varieties
  3. Dimensions (edit)
  4. Materials (edit)
  5. Selection Tips
  6. Accommodation options in the interior

The sofa is an essential element of the living room in any style. He not only sets the tone for the room, but is its "heart", to which the rest of the details are selected. If square meters allow, then you can purchase a large and beautiful sofa that will transform the room and make it more functional.


Today in furniture stores you can find a huge number of different models of large sofas. They are in great demand among consumers who own spacious homes.

Such furniture can accommodate several people at once. In the living room, this detail will be very useful, since it is in this room that people most often get together for a cup of tea and friendly conversations.

This sofa can be either straight or angled. The second option is very popular as it looks fashionable and stylish and can be equipped with various functional additions.

Today, various manufacturers producing upholstered furniture offer the service of self-selection by customers of useful options for the sofa they like. It can be bookshelves in the sides, a stereo system, several linen drawers, etc.

Many models are equipped with folding and retractable systems that serve as an extra bed. In large sofa beds, the spare bed is more spacious and equipped with a reliable frame.

It is impossible not to note the status appearance of such furniture. For example, a luxurious corner sofa with a U-shaped structure and white leather upholstery can add a special chic to the living room.


Let's take a closer look at several popular types of large sofas.

Classic products of straight design with armrests are the most popular and widespread. They are suitable for most layouts and look harmonious if you choose a suitable place for them in the room.

There are also models of sofas without armrests. Such types of large-sized furniture are distinguished by their original and harmonious appearance. They don't feel heavy as they have no side parts.

In furniture stores, you can find interesting models in which there is only one armrest. Such options are very popular among tall people, since you can put your head on one side and calmly stretch your legs, without resting on anything.

Products made in a classic style with wooden details and a beautiful curved back look especially elegant and attractive in the interior.

Corner sofas look attractive in spacious living rooms. They can have a U-shaped or L-shaped design. Such models are very popular today, as they differ in a spectacular and stylish appearance and allow you to competently use the available free space. In such instances, there are often several convenient linen drawers at the bottom and other interesting additions.

You can see about various models of large corner sofas in the following video:

Modern manufacturers produce beautiful and comfortable sofas with legs. Both straight and angular models can be supplemented with these details. For the manufacture of legs, high-quality and durable wood or metal is most often used.

So, in classic interiors, specimens with eco-friendly wooden elements look harmonious.They can be simple, carved, or curved.

For furnishings in a modern style (loft, hi-tech, etc.), options with metal legs are ideal. They can be either dyed or unpainted. Models equipped with chrome legs fit into such environments most harmoniously.

If you love creative interiors, then you should pay attention to the spectacular, round sofas in large sizes. The seats in such models, being close to each other, form a rounded line. Such furniture has impressive dimensions and looks great only in spacious rooms.

Today, in some furniture stores you can find unusual products, which come with a small round ottoman, made in the same vein as the upholstered furniture. Such a detail can be placed in front of the sofa, creating the visual effect of a semicircle breakaway core.

Dimensions (edit)

Large-sized upholstered furniture can have a length exceeding 300-400 cm.

In a spacious living space, very large corner sofas, the length of which is 5 meters or more, look great.

It is recommended to select options with a seat depth of at least 80-90 cm. In the most spacious models, this figure may exceed 100 cm. Such seats are very comfortable, but not suitable for everyone. After relaxing on a couch like this, some people experience discomfort in the spine.

Materials (edit)

Before buying furniture, you need to decide which model with which upholstery you would like to see in your home.

The most practical and durable sofas are rightfully recognized as upholstered in natural leather. This material boasts high strength and durability. It is not so easy to leave a scratch on its surface.

The sofas with genuine leather upholstery have a striking appearance. But one cannot fail to mention that such models are expensive. If you want to buy a beautiful leather sofa, but the budget does not allow, then you can buy a more affordable model with leatherette or eco-leather upholstery.

Outwardly, such a finish of upholstered furniture is in no way inferior to natural, but it is less durable and wear-resistant. Over time, cracks and ugly scuffs appear on such surfaces, spoiling their appearance. Treat such a sofa with care.

Fabric models are also popular today. The following types of textiles are used for the upholstery of sofas:

  • Chenille. These eco-friendly textiles are resistant to wear and tear as they contain synthetic fibers. But you should not buy a sofa with similar upholstery if you have animals at home, as chenille quickly deteriorates under the influence of sharp claws.
  • Rogozhka. This fabric is very durable and requires little maintenance. Of the shortcomings of such upholstery, only the poor color gamut of the mat can be distinguished.
  • Velours. Such upholstery is easy to maintain. It does not wear off over time and is hypoallergenic. However, velor furniture is not cheap.
  • Flock. This material is very popular. It has a dense structure and bright colors that do not fade.

Selection Tips

  1. Before going to a furniture store, you need to decide where exactly you plan to place large upholstered furniture.
  2. Measure the room that the sofa will be in.
  3. Do not rush to buy the model you like. First, evaluate the quality of the furniture in the store. Examine the seams carefully - they should be perfectly even and neat.
  4. Pay attention to the quality of the upholstery. It should not be too dull and have any defects on the surface.
  5. If you buy a sofa with a sliding mechanism, you should check that it is working properly.
  6. Choose furniture that matches the interior and decoration of the room in which you are going to place it in style and color.

Accommodation options in the interior

A corner sofa with beige leather upholstery can be placed in a room with pale blue walls, a white ceiling and a red laminate floor. A dark wooden table with a glass top should be placed in front of the upholstered furniture. The windows behind the sofa (if any) should be supplemented with light curtains. Dilute the combination with a white and brown carpet, pictures on the walls and a tall beige floor lamp behind the sofa.

A beautiful U-shaped sofa in a delicate shade will look spectacular against a background of snow-white plaster on the walls and ceiling, decorative brickwork and a floor lined with light brown laminate. Finish the living room with a small ottoman near the upholstered furniture, recessed ceiling lights, monochrome paintings on the walls and tall floor lamps with large beige shades.

A navy blue fabric sofa can be positioned in a room with white walls and light wood floors. White wall shelves for books and a couple of small paintings should be hung above the furniture. Opposite the sofa, a small round table in white and a round white carpet will find its place.

A large caramel leather sofa should be placed in a room with white walls and a milky laminate floor. Dilute the crisp white finish with black window frames, black shade lamps and a large gloomy wall painting. The sofa can be supplemented with gray pillows, and in front of it you can put a low table made of dark wood.

Milky upholstered furniture will look harmonious against the background of a brick wall and gray floor. Place a tall gray bookcase behind the sofa and a small black and white table opposite. On the floor, you can lay a carpet in a combination of black, milky and light gray. Windows should be supplemented with light curtains. In such an ensemble, a dark wrought iron chandelier will look.

The sofa with a black leather bottom and a gray textile top will find its place in a living room with white and purple walls, glossy black floors and dark-framed windows. You can use a gray, high pile carpet on the floor. You can put a black wooden table in front of the sofa. Complete the room with monochrome paintings and metal floor lamps.

A white round sofa will blend in with white walls and a similar floor carpet. You can dilute the snow-white interior with dark blue pillows, a small wooden table, golden lamps and a beige fleecy carpet.

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