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Today, many companies produce high-quality and multifunctional sofa models, which are in no way inferior to spacious beds in terms of their comfortable characteristics. Such pieces of furniture fit perfectly into the interiors of bedrooms. They can have a wide variety of configurations, colors and upholstery.


Today, many consumers buy beautiful and quality sofas not only for living rooms, but also for bedrooms. This popular upholstered furniture can be used for different purposes.

The ensemble will look interesting and stylish, in which there is both a sofa and an ordinary bed. As a rule, owners of spacious rooms turn to such design solutions, since in a small area such a tandem will be uneconomical. If you are the owner of a small bedroom, then a fold-out sofa with an extra bed can replace an ordinary double bed. Fortunately, furniture stores today sell a wide variety of options for these beds. They are equipped with various mechanisms and additional functions.

Often the owners of studio apartments turn to the combination of a bed and a sofa. As a rule, such dwellings are small in size, so the space available in them must be used as efficiently and competently as possible. So, the combination of the living room and sleeping area in the studio will look very harmonious and attractive. If you want to separate two functional areas, then you can turn to suitable partitions, bookcases, wardrobes, etc.

Many sofa models can be supplemented with bedside tables. They should also be placed along the edges of upholstered furniture. You can also choose such an option in which comfortable and wide armrests will play the role of the curbstones. You can easily arrange various little things on them: from gadgets to coffee mugs.

Sofas are especially common in teenage bedrooms. Such furniture can replace a large bed and leave enough free space for the student's table and armchairs, which will comfortably accommodate visiting friends.


There are many types of sofas that can be placed in the bedroom. Let's take a closer look at several relevant and popular models:

  • The most popular and widespread are the traditional rectangular models.... Such options can be of different sizes: from compact to very impressive. Most often, these types of upholstered furniture are placed along the walls. However, if the square meters of the room allow, then it is possible to arrange one or two sofas of a suitable style in the central part.
  • A high-quality corner sofa will look attractive and stylish in the interior of the bedroom.... Models with such designs are often equipped not only with folding and sliding berths, but also with various interesting options. For example, it can be a small bar, a stereo system, several spacious linen drawers, shelves in the armrests, corner shelves.
  • Modular collapsible products are mobile and transformable. The sections in such models can be divided and arranged at any time as you wish. Not only rectangular but also corner sofas can be modular.
  • A comfortable mini sofa is ideal for a small bedroom or children's room. Such options most often consist of one wide or narrow section and are more reminiscent of large chairs. They can also be equipped with sliding mechanisms and transform into full-fledged sleeping places. When folded, mini sofas will take up very little space, so they can be placed even in a very small room.
  • If you want to form an original and fashionable ensemble, then you should take a closer look at the unusual rounded and oval options. However, such upholstered furniture is only suitable for a spacious bedroom. That is, there is simply no room for this model in a small "Khrushchev" building.
  • An ottoman or a small couch will look harmonious in the interior of the bedroom.... Modern manufacturers produce such models with sliding structures that perform the function of a berth.


If you decide to replace an ordinary bed with a sofa, then you should pay special attention to the mechanism with which it is equipped. Let's take a closer look at several frequently encountered and demanded transformers with an extra bed:

  • Folding structures. These options include the well-known book sofas, improved Eurobooks and simple click-clumps. In such models, the backs and seats are a sleeping bed, which, as it were, opens, like a book. Hence the name of the well-known mechanisms.
  • Draw-out mechanisms. Sofas with such systems are folded out by moving the berth out from under the seats. Multifunctional models called accordion, dolphin and kangaroo are equipped with similar designs. Most often, corner sofas are equipped with these mechanisms.
  • Unfolding sofas. Upholstered furniture with such a mechanism is a sleeping place folded in the inner part. As a rule, these copies are laid out like ordinary clamshells. French clamshells and Sedaflex products are produced with such systems. The first option is not suitable for daily use. It is better to use such a model as a seat, and to lay out an additional berth only to accommodate guests who have spent the night.

For this reason, it will not be possible to replace the bed in the bedroom with such a sofa.

Materials (edit)

Sofa frames are made from different materials. The most affordable options are those made from chipboard or plywood. Models with plywood structures are lightweight, which makes them very mobile:

  • Particleboard is not the safest material. In the manufacturing process, wood waste and formaldehyde resins are used. The latter can have an adverse effect on the human body. Chipboard frameworks will emit harmful substances at high temperatures.
  • Wooden frames are more environmentally friendly and practical. Such upholstered furniture is not cheap, but its performance and durability justify the high price.
  • Most often used for the manufacture of furniture frames beech, oak, ash, alder, birch, pine and walnut.
  • Strong metal sofas are in great demand today. Many consumers choose furniture with such a reliable frame, as it is fireproof and resistant to mechanical damage. If you nevertheless damaged such a sofa, then its repair will not be difficult and will not take much time.
  • The upholstery of the sofa can be either fabric or leather. Excellent alternatives to expensive natural material are rough and dense leatherette, as well as elastic and high-tech eco-leather.


The most common colors are:

  • Upholstered furniture will look harmonious in many environments. brown tint... This classic color can be combined with many palettes. Such a sofa will create a cozy and soft atmosphere in the bedroom.
  • Interestingly, in the conditions of the bedroom it will look contrasting black sofa. This option is recommended to be placed against a light wall. If you put a black copy near a dark wall, then it should be supplemented with light pillows or covers.

An airy sofa of white color will refresh the interior design. It will be in harmony with a variety of interior colors.

  • If you want to complement the bedroom with a bright red sofa, then it should be beaten with decorative elements. For example, it can be white, gray or brown pillows, burgundy blackout curtains.
  • The neutral sofa is versatile. gray. It will look organic in almost any bedroom. To decorate a children's bedroom, it is best to choose a bright model of positive colors. You can purchase a small sofa decorated with colorful prints, floral arrangements, or cartoon characters.

When choosing a sofa for a bedroom, it is not recommended to give preference to products with overly flashy and acidic tones. Such furniture will interfere with fast falling asleep and draw too much attention to itself. Over time, a colorful sofa will irritate you and you want to get rid of it.

Interesting design ideas

Let's take a closer look at several attractive bedroom interiors with sofas:

  • In a bright bedroom with white walls you can put a corner brown sofa with textile upholstery and a folding mechanism. A sleeping place in upholstered furniture should be decorated with light bed linen with chocolate stripes. You can complement the sofa with a small wooden table on the side and put a dark lamp with a white shade on it. Finish off the interior with a dark brown floor rug, fresh potted flowers and wall art with contrasting images.
  • A spacious rectangular sofa with a contrasting red pattern and a large berth can be placed in the bedroom with white walls and brown laminate. The interior should be supplemented with light bed linen, a cream blanket, soft chocolate curtains on the windows and snow-white pillows.
  • In a studio apartment you can place the sofa on the right side of the bed and separate them with a low partition. Decorate the walls in such a room with creamy plaster, and lay a light brown laminate on the floor. The bed with a high white headboard can be complemented with cream linens and striped multi-colored pillows. The corner sofa in the living area should be complemented with contrasting decorative pillows and wall paintings in blue and white.
  • In a spacious bright room you can put a white rectangular sofa in front of a soft light bed. A large and low white table and a black partition separating the working area can easily fit between these interior items. Complete the ensemble with a beige accent wall behind the sofa, light vases and light bulbs on the table, a light carpet under the bed, and a beige blanket.
  • If you want to compose harmonious interior in the style of minimalism, then you should decorate the walls in the bedroom with white, and lay a light beige laminate on the floor. In such an environment, a small blue rectangular sofa with a folding berth and a blue armchair in front of it will look harmonious. Complement the simple ensemble with a small dark bedside table with a living flower, a dark gray floor rug, yellow lamps in the corners and small light paintings with delicate turquoise frames above the sofa.

All about the features of choosing a sofa, see the next video.

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