Pinskdrev sofas

Pinskdrev sofas
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In the variety of factories that produce furniture for the home, it is quite difficult to navigate. All offer discounts, all claim to produce quality furniture and quickly deliver it to the apartment itself. It is not easy for the consumer to determine who is telling the truth and who is hiding it. Experts recommend choosing proven factories. One of these is the Belarusian company Pinskdrev. This article discusses the pros and cons of her sofas and provides an overview of the most popular models.


Pinskdrev Holding is one of the leaders in its woodworking segment. He has been working in Belarus since 1880. The furniture has been produced since 1959. Over the decades, the names and forms of ownership have changed, but the responsible attitude towards the goods produced has remained unchanged. Today the factory is one of the largest in Europe. Its production is equipped with the most modern technologies from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Finland.

Quality control is carried out at every stage of the sofa production. Collections are updated annually as designers strive to keep track of the latest trends in global fashion in the furniture industry.

The main feature of the upholstered furniture of the Belarusian factory "Pinskdrev" is the paradoxical ratio of "elitism at affordable prices." Presentable and beautiful sofas with excellent performance are sold at prices that are affordable for most buyers with a wide range of incomes.

The company has clearly defined its priorities. Furniture is made only from environmentally friendly materials, manufacturers try to use the maximum of natural fabrics, leather, wood. The accessories, which are distinguished by excellent quality, reliability, durability, also deserve attention.

It is noteworthy that the manufacturer's warranty period is 18 months, while most factories cannot offer a warranty period for more than a year. This advantage is very attractive to consumers.

Another advantage of the manufacturer is a developed network of representative offices in Russia, the countries of the former CIS, and in Europe. Delivery is carried out to almost all regions of our country, and therefore you will not have to go anywhere for the ordered sofa.


Pinskdrev manufactures sofas for a wide variety of purposes, dimensions and models. Today, the factory can offer about a dozen types of corner sofa beds for daily sleep. They are equipped with various transformation mechanisms. All models ("Helen", "Athena", "Arena" and others) are optimally adapted for a night's rest. They are comfortable, moderately soft, orthopedic.

If you want to put a three-seater sofa in the living room or bedroom, then it is best to consider the line of overall furniture, the best representatives of which are the models "Ricci" and "Michael". These are sofas that are laid out using the classic mechanism - "book".

Some three-seater sofas are equipped with one or two tables. They are also ideal for daily sleep. In this collection you can find furniture for almost any interior.

An apartment in high-tech style can be decorated with a leather triple "Chesterfield", and a room in the style of classicism - a triple "Luigi".

Straight sofas and three-seater sofas and armchairs can be purchased at competitive prices as part of upholstered furniture sets.A classic sofa "Canon 1" with two armchairs can be purchased for only 24 thousand rubles, and a set of class "Isabel 2", which includes a luxurious three-seater leather sofa and no less chic armchair, costs just over 125 thousand. Each buyer will be able to choose an available option.

A small apartment will be decorated with small-sized furniture from Belarusian manufacturers. It includes numerous ottomans, banquets, kitchen corners and benches. Not only are numerous design findings attractive when creating small-sized models, but also their price. Ottoman "Viliya 1" with two pillows will cost only 17,500 rubles.

Popular models

Among the popular models that are most often chosen by Russian consumers, several sofas can be noted:


This is a corner sofa that comes in three versions. There is a "Matisse" modular, with a "tick-tock" mechanism and a container for bed linen. The sofa itself has a berth length of 2100 mm and a width of 1480 mm. The cost of the model is about 72 thousand rubles.

"Matisse" in a more expensive version has significant dimensions. Its length is more than 3 meters, while the previous model is smaller. For this reason, this version of "Matisse" is no longer classified as a three-seater, but as a four-seater sofa. Its cost is from 92 thousand rubles.

"Matisse" in the third version is the most expensive of this series, its cost is more than 116 thousand rubles. But it is the largest: length - 3400 mm, width - 1960 mm. It does not apply to the right-handed or left-handed options like the previous two models. Such a product fills two corners at once.

Five seating places will be an excellent haven for a large company, which will gather in the living room, and the length of the berth (almost 3 meters) and width (1480 mm) make this sofa an excellent option for a sound daily sleep.

In all three versions "Matisse" is equipped with wide armrests, shelves, high-quality wooden legs, upholstered with fabric.


This is an oversized corner sofa in a youthful, modern style. Its width is 1660 mm, and its length is 3320 mm. The mechanism is "Eurobook". By placement, the corner is not tied to the left or right side, it is universal.

The sofa is not modular. It is designed for living rooms, as it has 6 seats, and for constant sleep. It easily accommodates two adults for relaxation. The armrests are soft, very comfortable. The set includes large and small pillows made in the same style. The cost of the sofa is about 60 thousand rubles.


This is a straight sofa, very sophisticated, great for romantics, with stylish legs. It belongs to the category of triple rooms, but cannot boast of large dimensions. Its length is 2500 mm, width is 1020 mm.

The sofa is not transformable. It can be purchased in several colors, with or without pillows. In a set for the sofa, you can pick up the armchair "Nicole", made in the same style. The cost of a sofa is from 68 thousand rubles.


This is a corner sofa with a length exceeding 3700 mm. It is not modular. The classic style in which this model is made will easily fit into a wide variety of interiors, including offices. Number of berths - 2, seats - 5. The set includes pillows. The cost of the model is from 91 thousand rubles.


This is a straight small sofa for living room, children's room. Its length is 2350 mm, width is 1090 mm. It belongs to three-seater transforming sofas. The tick-tock mechanism is upholstered in soft, pleasant fabric. The sides are removable.

The cost of a sofa is from 68 thousand rubles. The model can be matched with an armchair made in the same style.


This is a corner sofa with a youth style ottoman. Its length is 2630 mm, width is 1800 mm. The transformation mechanism is a "dolphin". The backrest is made of flexible polyurethane foam. This sofa is considered double. Pillows are not included, they can be ordered separately. The cost is about 65 thousand rubles.

Dimensions (edit)

The existing international standards for the size of sofas oblige manufacturers to observe certain proportions in the production of furniture, so that it is easier for consumers to navigate the main question - whether the model they like will fit in the right room, will it fit.

  1. Corner sofas - the largest among their "brothers". To make it comfortable to sleep on them, the sofa should have a berth size in the ratio of length and width of at least 195 × 140 cm. Large and solid "heavyweights" almost always have a length of more than 3 meters.
  2. Straight sofas choosing is much easier, since you do not have to try to imagine how the side modules will stand, think about whether the window will close the corner of the sofa. However, here one should take into account the dimensions of the armrests, which in parallel function as stands and tables. Straight sofas from "Pinskdrev" fully comply with international dimensional standards, the minimum berth sizes for most models are in the range of 130-140 cm in width and 190-200 cm in length.
  3. Small sofas, clamshell beds, ottomans also have their own set parameters, which manufacturers strictly observe. A length of 190-200 cm and a width of 130-140 cm are the minimum values ​​for a folding sofa.

Materials (edit)

The Belarusian factory "Pinskdrev" uses exclusively high-quality materials. Each sofa has certificates confirming not only the quality of the final product, but also the quality characteristics of all materials used in its creation.

For frames and modules, solid wood, chipboard, plywood, laminated chipboard, fiberboard are used. For upholstery - a wide variety of fabrics: velor, jacquard, chenille, flock. Belarusian leather sofas and furniture with artificial leather upholstery are in great demand. Many models of the Pinskdrev factory successfully combine leather elements with fabric upholstery.


Many users recommend sofas from this manufacturer. The high quality of the furniture is noted, people are pleased with the affordable prices and, separately, the quality of the fittings. The handles of the linen drawers do not fall off, the transformation mechanisms are reliable, they serve for a long time. The sofas of this Belarusian factory, according to Internet users, are easy to unfold and fold.

Those people who assembled furniture from this manufacturer on their own, with their own hands, note that everything was done soundly, hardware with fittings is presented by the factory in full - and even with a margin.

The furniture is surprisingly durable. Even the varnished parts, which are usually scratched, remain intact after 10 years.

The overall rating of the Pinskdrev sofas is 5 points out of 5. Practicality and quality are also assessed in the same way. Users give 4 points out of 5 for the cost. It is clear that people want it cheaper, but there are no alternatives in terms of a combination of price and quality yet.

You can see even more models of Pinskdrev sofas in the video below.

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