Italian sofas

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Upholstered furniture from Italy is a symbol of nobility, luxury and comfort. It has a high build quality and can be easily combined with other interior items. Italian sofas are suitable for those who are accustomed to comfort and put the appearance of objects in one of the first places.


Italy sets trends in furniture fashion around the world. It has occupied a leading position in the industry for several centuries, creating high-quality, beautiful products for different categories of citizens. Now the country exports up to 50% of manufactured products to Europe, America and Asia. About 20% of furniture from Italian manufacturers is present on the international markets, and the state continues to increase the scale of production.

The characteristic features of the products include sophistication and sophistication. Historically, Italian craftsmen have produced one-of-a-kind original furniture. Currently, it retains a touch of exclusivity due to the fact that designers come up with new collections from scratch, abandoning the pursuit of volatile fashion.

What makes upholstered furniture from Italy different:

  • A combination of tradition and innovative technology. Each factory is based on traditions that appeared decades and even hundreds of years ago, and the companies have their own unique history, which means that they all have standards. At the same time, new technologies are being introduced into production that increase the quality of the final product. Italian experts regularly conduct research to improve the quality of furniture.
  • The use of natural materials. Linden, mahogany, walnut, ash, cherry - these and other types of wood are used to make furniture. These materials are distinguished by their nobility and have a presentable appearance even without finishing work. Accessories and decorative elements are also created from expensive raw materials: gold leaf, veneer, fringe.
  • Furniture upholstery with high quality fabrics. Manufacturers use only good raw materials, thereby achieving a long service life of the products. Upholstered furniture from Italy is sheathed with crocodile and calf leather, expensive textiles. Products aimed at the middle class can be made of synthetic materials, but they will also be distinguished by safety, strength and long service life.
  • Variety of design solutions. There are a large number of factories in Italy, each of which regularly releases new collections. Products differ in color, shape, decor. You can find both minimalistic monochromatic models, as well as Provence or Art Nouveau furniture. And vintage products will win the hearts of fans of previous eras.
  • Attention to detail is one of the strengths of Italian furniture. Initially, the products were made by hand, which determined its unique design. The craftsmen carefully selected each decorative element: patterns, patterns on the upholstery, wooden details. Although modern products are not made handicraft, but in factories, the models are still decorated with carving, varnishing and painting, uncharacteristic for mass collections.


The richness of models, shapes, colors and original solutions makes Italian furniture suitable for almost any interior.The variety of designs allows you not to compromise your own ideas about beauty and furnish the premises in accordance with the idea and your aesthetic principles.

The collections of Italian brands include sofas, which are matched with armchairs and chairs in a similar style.

Classic models will become part of a restrained interior, made in soothing colors. The characteristic features of such upholstered furniture are wooden frames and armrests, a high back. The variety of styles and forms is a distinctive feature of modern models. This is the triumph of geometry inherent in modernity, and the variegated provocativeness of Art Deco, and the deliberate simplicity of minimalism. The possibility of combining directions and their elements infinitely expands the choice of the interior of the room.

Fashionable, original sofas will serve as the embodiment of the owner's taste and wealth. Beautiful models will not only add comfort to the room, but also make it a real work of art. And custom-made furniture will surprise guests with its uniqueness. In the collections of Italian brands, you can find sofas with or without legs, decorated with backs of different heights and shapes, products with decor made from natural materials.

Materials (edit)

For the manufacture of Italian furniture, high-quality raw materials are used that meet European standards. The materials are durable, retain their aesthetic characteristics for a long time and are resistant to external influences.

Criteria taken into account when buying upholstered furniture:

  • Upholstery. Genuine leather is one of the most expensive options for upholstering a sofa: its price can reach 75% of the cost of a piece of furniture. Such products require special care; in return, they are distinguished by nobility and luxury.. The upholstery is also made of velor, suede, satin, retaining rich colors for a long time. Sofas made from these materials require dry cleaning.
  • Frame. Elite models are made of solid natural wood. The frames of Italian sofas are made of poplar, spruce, ash. To extend the life of the parts, they are dried and covered with special protective solutions. Frames do not creak, they are durable. In addition, metal profiles with an anti-corrosion coating can be used as materials. Their advantage is the possibility of dismantling during transportation.
  • Filler. The softness of the sofa depends on the choice of filler. The spring block is durable and reliable.

Popular systems are Stretch Pocket, suitable for leveling the surface, while the technology allows you to evenly distribute the weight of a lying person.

  • X-Pocket technology guarantees good ventilation of products, is widely used for the manufacture of seats.

Popular factories

The furniture industry in Italy began as a family business. Each company relies on its own production technologies, time-tested and modernized taking into account modern quality standards. There are both factories that create furniture for the mass consumer, and brands focused on the development of unique models:

  • Tonin casa. An actively developing brand, formed in the 80s of the last century. Metal, wood and glass are used as the main materials, allowing the creation of ultramodern models. The lines include upholstered furniture for the bedroom, living room, kitchen.
  • Relotti. Convenience, comfort and reliability are the main advantages of upholstered furniture from this Italian factory. The manufacturer attaches paramount importance to the functionality of the furniture: it organically fits into the space of the room, equipped with simple transformation mechanisms.
  • Keoma. The factory specializes in the production of upholstered furniture in classic and modern styles.The creators of the brand focus on the use of quality materials and an individual approach to the design of each sofa, which makes it possible to create unique premium models.
  • Porada. Elite high quality products. The history of the company begins in 1948, when a small family-owned manufactory began to produce chairs. Now the basis of the brand's collections is occupied by modular sofas in a modern style. The severity of colors, a minimum of decor, laconicism are the characteristic features of Porada upholstered furniture.
  • Settebello. A family business focused on the manufacture of exclusive products. the range of the brand is dominated by classic furniture that can decorate a cozy interior. Thanks to the use of light and pastel shades, sofas are easy to combine with other objects and furnishings.

Selection Tips

The selection of furniture depends on the area of ​​its application. Companies offer sofas for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, products of various sizes. Miniature sofas are suitable for placement on the balcony or kitchen; for sleeping, it is better to take large models with a solid frame. Three-seater pieces of furniture are versatile and suitable for a family with one child.

Types of Italian furniture:

  • Classic. Original furniture, which is based on traditional design. Models are decorated with carved armrests, lacquered elements, upholstered in fabric with ornaments. The color scheme is dominated by neutral shades. Furniture items will look great in vintage interiors, and will appeal to fans of established styles. There are also combined models in which only elements of the classic style are present.
  • Copies. Replica Italian furniture costs less due to the use of quality raw materials. They are manufactured in other countries, in particular in China.

To distinguish copies from the original, you need to pay attention to the certificates of the product and its documentation. However, such models act as a cheap analogue of elite furniture available to the middle class.

  • Italian technology. Furniture is made in factories in other countries based on original designs and production methods. A distinctive feature of these sofas is that they are officially manufactured under the control of Italian brands.
  • According to Russian patterns. In this case, patterns of well-known Italian brands are purchased by domestic factories and are already made in Russia. During production, the requirements of the "parent" company are taken into account, high-quality materials are taken for sewing, but the final version is relatively cheap.

Accommodation options in the interior

Streamlined snow-white sofas, plain or decorated with colored inserts, will become a bastion of luxury and minimalism. They will look good in contrast with other interior items: black walls, wardrobes and headsets made from an array of dark tree species, gray decor elements. The option is suitable for a large living room, and corner sofas will allow you to divide the space into zones.

Stylish models with legs, complemented by a curly back, will fit into the classic interior and remind you of the epochs of reigning persons. Round and square cushions, made to match the upholstery tone, will make sofas more comfortable and sophisticated. And true aesthetes can buy vintage products made several decades ago.

Leather monochromatic furniture is versatile, since it is combined with different styles, looks good with metals, glass, masonry. The model is suitable for a studio apartment, in which it can take a central place. Manufacturers often produce leather sofas with large dimensions: this option is indispensable for hospitable hosts.

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