1. Features, pros and cons
  2. Models
  3. Classification
  4. Dimensions (edit)
  5. Materials (edit)
  6. What is the role of springs and are they needed?
  7. Frame
  8. Flooring
  9. Upholstery
  10. Selection Tips
  11. How to assemble and disassemble?
  12. How other models are laid out
  13. Reviews

Upholstered furniture serves not only as a place to sleep and rest, but also creates a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the house. Among the existing furnishings, a sofa is the most democratic thing for rooms of any purpose and footage, different layouts and stylistic directions of the interior. In all the variety of modern sofas, classic book-type designs are in consistently high demand, for which there is a logical explanation.

Features, pros and cons

The main differences between such furniture are the backrest reclining, the seat extending forward and the guides. A few simple movements, and you can not only sit on the couch, but also fully sleep.

The main reasons for buying it:

  • Durability and reliability. The book is a time-tested classic. Soviet sofa models are a vivid example of the implementation of such a design. The maximum that threatened the products of the times of the USSR is the loss of appearance due to prolonged operation;
  • The durability of the transformation mechanism. The simple principle of operation of the layout system serves as a kind of protection against damage and breakdown. Modern structures can be transformed up to 40 thousand times without fear of their safety;
  • Practicality. The use of dense high-strength fabrics for upholstery, resistant to abrasion, increases the service life;
  • Compactness. Small furniture solves the problem of a shortage of square meters, which is so relevant for small-sized housing. The saving of useful space is obvious;
  • Variety of the lineup: a huge selection of shapes, sizes, configurations, colors and upholstery materials;
  • Adequate price tag that won't break your budget.

Moving on to the disadvantages of furniture. The main plus of the sofa of the book - the transformation mechanism is at the same time its minus. With this method of layout, the upper part of the structure, when unfolded, protrudes beyond the boundaries of the body. If the furniture is close to the wall, then it will have to be pushed aside each time, which is not only inconvenient, but also fraught with damage to the floor covering.

When the sofa is folded down, there is a free space between the wall and the backrest. The procedure for moving will need to be repeated, returning it to its original place in its original position. With the daily use of the "book" in the "back and forth" mode in the morning and in the evening, even the most durable laminate or parquet board, not to mention linoleum, will sooner or later lose its visual appeal.

There are two more points:

  • It is not necessary to count on a perfectly flat surface of the sofa in the unfolded form, since as a result of the transformation, the back and the seat form a functional joint.
  • After a certain time, it will be possible to notice a clear difference between the state of the upholstery on the back and the seat due to the different intensity of their use.

Against the background of an impressive list of the book's advantages, such "trifles" no longer seem so significant.


In a furniture showroom, it is easy to fall into a state where “eyes run wide”, even for those buyers who do not come here to look for something, but go with a specific purpose, having studied the market and prices in advance. The paradox, but the abundance of furniture can complicate the choice. You can simplify it by deciding on the model and familiarizing yourself with its performance characteristics.The aesthetic component is also important, but still secondary. So, what are the models of transforming sofas?

Roll-out book

The roll-out sofa is reliable, very easy to use and great for everyday use. Such a transformation mechanism appeared not so long ago, but has already become popular due to its simplicity and strength. The sleeping area is formed by three parts: one is hidden in the backrest, and a couple more - in the seat. The sofa unfolds with the help of a hidden (hidden under the bottom) strap, by pulling it up and towards you, the seat will come out, thereby activating the movement of the rest of the parts.

Unlike other folding mechanisms, there is a lower berth here, which compensates for its flat surface and comfort. There are no other downsides. The metal frame is equipped with bamboo lamellas.

The width of the bed is influenced by the size of the book itself. The compactness of the sofa is another plus in favor of buying it for those who have not yet managed to acquire a huge living space.


A practical solution for daily use and the opportunity to save money without losing product quality. The boat model is an updated version of the classic book. Its main feature is the absence of armrests, which often alarms buyers. Instead, a mechanism is provided that raises the seat from the sides, due to which the structure is straightened.

The correct operation of the mechanism does not depend on the frequency of unfolding and folding, which is due, like all books, to an extremely simple principle of operation. In such sofas, the frames have increased strength and can withstand maximum loads without problems.

The design of the boat deserves special attention: thanks to the smooth lines and curves of the berth, the muscles are completely relaxed, which contributes to a sound, healthy sleep.

With orthopedic base

Physicians unanimously agree that mattresses with orthopedic properties are good for health. Such a mattress is useful because:

  • ergonomic, as it provides anatomically correct body placement during sleep, taking care of the health of the spine, joints and relieving muscle tension;
  • comfortable - it is comfortable to sleep on a perfectly flat surface;
  • environmentally friendly - the use of predominantly natural or recommended synthetic materials as a filler guarantees the absence of allergic reactions.

The orthopedic base is a wooden or metal frame, in which a spring block is provided. With the development of innovative technologies in production, bases with corrective capabilities in the design of sofas are easily mounted, which does not in any way affect the appearance of the furniture. For other models of books, you have to buy a whole piece of foam rubber or a mattress, which is recommended because of the functional joints formed in the sleeping place.

When choosing an orthopedic sofa, do not forget to ask about the type of mattress installed on it. There are several types of constructive solutions for orthopedic blocks:

  • Bonnel (Bonnel) - a classic spring block, where dependent springs with a large diameter are used. Density 150 pcs. / m2, which indicates the average hardness of the product. The orthopedic effect is low.
  • TFK (TFK) - here already the density indicator is above 280 pcs. / m2, due to which the load is distributed evenly over the zones of stiffness, contributing to the rapid relaxation of muscles, joints and the spine.
  • The Multipacket system is a luxury product with a density of 750 pcs. / m2. The mattresses follow the curves of the body exactly, providing maximum comfort, but they will also cost accordingly.
  • Springless mattresses, where latex or coconut fiber most often acts as a filler. Any of these products is tougher than analogs on spring blocks.

Thanks to the built-in mattress, as a result of the transformation, a full-fledged double bed is obtained with an absolutely smooth uniform surface without seams, joints and height differences. The thickness of the mattresses is recommended by experts. In terms of health benefits, the sofa is universal, since the orthopedic effect of the base works when disassembled and assembled. Models are recommended not only for adults, but also for adolescents who study in high school.

European book

The model with a separate seat and backrest is called a retractable one because of the alternative folding mechanism of the book implemented here. The seat is equipped with rollers that slide along the frame guides. The design is transformed by rolling out (pulling) the seat forward and then gently transferring the back to a horizontal plane. After that, it remains only to lower it into the vacant niche.

Such actions will require some effort, therefore, if there are back problems, then it is better to abandon such a layout system in favor of other options. The seat is very wide, which is not always pleasant for undersized people. These are insignificant, but disadvantages.

As for the pluses, unlike the classic book, the bed has a smoother surface without very noticeable depressions, since there are no hinges at the functional joint. There are no nodal connections in the case like other models, so there is simply nothing to break. It is best to give preference to models with orthopedic armor and a spring block or molded elastic polyurethane foam in the soft area of ​​the back and seat.

Here it is worth mentioning the superbook. Thanks to the innovative technology of the "roll-over mattress", a perfectly flat sleeping surface is formed, on which there are no joints and depressions. Clearly it looks like a newspaper page is being turned. The special design of the rollers provides an easy transformation of the superbook mechanism.


An original transforming sofa with a new folding mechanism, which is implemented mainly in large and expensive upholstered furniture. Its main advantage is a stylish, beautiful, spectacular appearance, but practicality here is minimal. This mechanism provides convenience only when assembled.

The transformation is reduced to a change in the position of the back, the plasticity of which can be compared with the work of the spine, as a result of which it takes on a convex or more even shape. If the priority is to buy a large sofa in the living room and you do not plan to use it as a place to sleep, or if it is fundamentally important for you to follow fashion trends, then this option can be safely considered.

French book

Model equipped with the unfolding Meralatte nesting system. The constructive solution provides for a belt mesh, an alternative is a metal mesh and longitudinal bent plates that support the entire system, and a strong fabric is usually stretched like an awning on top. All this is done to make the furniture more resilient and able to withstand additional loads. The most practical option is considered to be a constructive solution with a transverse arrangement of the plates in relation to the sleeping surface.

The folding mechanism works according to the following principle. The cushions and armrests are completely removed from the seat, and then they are pulled forward, in three stages, unfolding the mattress links like a roll. As a result, the structure is transformed into a full-fledged bed, where steel legs act as a support.

Cons of the Meralatte system:

  • will not be able to please with a flawlessly smooth bed without joints;
  • lack of a linen box;
  • tired of emptying the seat every time by removing the cushions with the armrests.

The model is not particularly suitable for everyday use, but as an option for guests it is quite.

Three-position book

Customers often choose a multifunctional model with a click-clack layout system. Stylish and eye-catching convertible sofas are always eye-catching. The main advantage of the modernized analogue of the book is the additional intermediate position of the backrest - relax. Here, to the standard two positions - sitting and lying down, a third is added - half-sitting or reclining, as you like.

To unfold the sofa, the structure is tipped over on the back and, holding the seat outside the frame, is squeezed until a second click is heard. In this case, characteristic sounds will be heard: "click" - the first click, and "clack" - the second. Hence the name of the mechanism. Other advantages of the three-position book include the presence of a linen drawer and a sleeping place with an almost perfectly flat surface. To improve the orthopedic characteristics, the frames are completed with lamellas.

Straight sofa book

A model with an extremely simple and reliable transformation mechanism. The design solution is represented by only two moving parts - a backrest and a seat. To move the sofa from the "sitting" position to the "bed" position, the seat is lifted up, lowering the back on the frame base. The ascent must be continued until a characteristic click is heard, after which the seat is lowered.


  • assembled model is compact and does not require much space;
  • suitable for daily use;
  • there is a storage compartment.


  • to disassemble, you need to move away from the wall;
  • has an uneven surface when unfolded, since the back and seat form a functional joint.


To make it even easier to navigate the huge assortment of book sofas, it should be borne in mind that the models are classified according to several criteria. Let's take a closer look at each category.

By functionality

The presence or absence of such details as armrests in upholstered furniture is perceived ambiguously. Some consider this element to be an integral and indispensable part, while others are happy to acquire graceful and elegant models without armrests.

The advantages of the latter include:

  • Since there are no unnecessary details, the furniture visually looks compact and does not look bulky;
  • The absence of armrests does not in any way affect the convenience of the furniture, but it does affect safety. For families with small children, this moment is extremely important;
  • The presence of a larger usable area, in contrast to analogues with wooden armrests;
  • Lower cost.


Due to the lack of support, pillows often slip, so when choosing such a sofa, you will have to acquire elastic elongated pillows. Some models are equipped with special pillows equipped with Velcro, which eliminates such problems.

Models with wooden armrests are still relevant. Wooden handrails have the following advantages:

  • wear resistance and durability;
  • the ability to use them as a stand for various objects or a support for a tablet or laptop;
  • just take care of them;
  • are convenient for people with impaired musculoskeletal functions.

Among sofas with soft armrests, the most practical option is leather furniture. Armrests are the most vulnerable element of upholstered furniture, as they get dirty faster and more often than other parts. And if the leather or wood can be cleaned without too much trouble, then the fabric will have to tinker with.

Equipping most models with convenient and spacious storage systems expands the possibilities of their use. In addition to its main purpose - a place to sleep and rest, a sofa with a box for linen becomes an alternative to a wardrobe, where pillows, blankets and other sleeping accessories can be easily placed.

A brief overview of the useful functions of the models:

  1. Rollback from the wall... The presence of an additional roll-out mechanism makes it possible to place the sofa of the book close to the wall.To transfer the backrest to a horizontal plane, the seat is simply rolled back and raised;
  2. With back wall... Here, too, a forward-sliding layout mechanism is provided, so the sofa can be placed close to the wall without any problems;
  3. With back... A mobile or just a high back at a folding sofa allows you to relax with the greatest comfort;
  4. On legs... Such elements make furniture stable and perform purely decorative functions. Minus - mechanical damage to the floor covering, if there are no special felt stickers on the legs;
  5. With a removable cover... It is stylish, comfortable and practical. The sofa is susceptible to various kinds of dirt, but the use of bedspreads does not guarantee full protection from dust, wool, dust mites. Sleeping on such furniture over time becomes hazardous to health. With a cover that is easy to remove and wash, the upholstery will always be clean;
  6. With additional benches under your feet... This design feature provides maximum convenience while watching TV or reading. You can stretch your legs and completely relax;
  7. With a high berth. The formation of a high sleeping area during transformation makes such a sofa in level a full-fledged analogue of a large bed;
  8. No pillows... In this case, the backrest acts as a pillow. The straight book model easily converts into a bed thanks to a simple click-clack folding mechanism;
  9. On a metal frame... The presence of a steel support frame makes such structures the most reliable and durable;
  10. With independent spring block... Thanks to this block, an orthopedic effect is created, which ensures uniform distribution of the load on the sleeping area.

By appointment

Convertible sofas are relevant for any living space. The task of the buyer is to take a responsible approach to the choice of the size, it is advisable to calculate it in advance, and not to do it in the store. We remind you that straight models, boats and convertible sofas with roll-out mechanisms are best suited for daily use.

When choosing office furniture, take a look at leather sofas or models made of eco-leather or vinyl leather. The combined upholstery looks beautiful when the seat and backrest are lined with jacquard or flock, and the armrests are leather.

Arranging a nursery is always not an easy task. The decor in this room should be interesting, comfortable, functional and please the owner himself. In many ways, modern furniture is designed to make it like that. Safety is equally important. If a baby is growing up in the family, then it is better to refrain from buying models with sharp corners, protruding legs and wooden armrests. In adolescence, the absence of such elements is no longer so important.

RParents often choose a transforming sofa for children, because it is practical, comfortable and beautiful. The child will easily master the simple transformation mechanism and will independently lay out the sofa, getting ready for bed. Color solutions are presented in a huge number - all that remains is to choose the appropriate color, taking into account the interior palette and the gender of the child. A great option is a roll-out sofa.

By the number of seats

Depending on the number of seats, sofas are one and a half - the smallest and most compact models, double, triple, four- and five-seater. The latter are the real giants. The seat can be of any size, there is no single standard for it.

Two-tier transformers deserve special attention. There are children, teenagers and adult models.

Dimensions (edit)

There are upholstered furniture in stores that have completely different dimensions, but you should know that there are standard sizes for products in this category.The introduction of a unified standard of functional and overall dimensions for household furniture was due to the need to protect the buyer from purchasing potentially harmful products for health. In this case, the recommendations of doctors and the results of numerous anthropometric tests are taken into account.

The state does not oblige furniture manufacturers to strictly follow the system of standards, but only to adhere to it. Only the parameters of width and length are standardized, and each manufacturer has the right to decide the issue with such a size of furniture as height.

Let's find out what sizes are considered standard for models of different types of sofas:

  • Corner type. It is considered to be large-sized furniture and requires a lot of free space to accommodate. The width of the bed for corner models - dolphin, accordion, canapes should not be less than 140 centimeters, and the length - less than 190 cm;
  • Straight type... For standard full-size models - books and eurobooks, where wide armrests are often provided, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions not only assembled, but also disassembled. In the "bed" position, these sofas take up twice the area. Standard berth sizes are 140x200 for a classic book, 200x160 for a eurobook with a seat height of 45 cm. And the 200x180 models are suitable for those who want to sleep spaciously without disturbing their spouse. The greatest demand is for sofas 190x120;
  • Folding beds... Models of a roll-out type or folding forward are distinguished by a short length. The dimensions of the furniture in the unfolded state are important here. As a guest option, a 120x190 sofa is suitable, and for daily use, choose a 190x160 or 120x200 model with a click-clack transformation mechanism;
  • Sofa couches... Narrow models can become a full-fledged sleeping place for only one person. The unassembled length of 180 cm is standard for mini sofas;
  • Three-seater sofa... Such large and roomy furniture has dimensions of 210x120. Therefore, it is better not to consider it in small apartments, since it takes up a lot of space. But owners of spacious lofts should take a closer look at this option;
  • Double room... Compact furniture, width - 120 cm, seat has a depth of 70 cm. An excellent solution for owners of small-sized housing - this sofa will look great both in the kitchen and in the living room. Double models are often purchased in offices, due to their convenience and practicality;
  • Children's furniture... The dimensions of the small sofa are 110x190. A 170 cm wide sofa is suitable for a children's bedroom or a teenager's room if it is not too tall. When the transformation mechanism unfolds forward, then usually models with a length of 170 cm are chosen, and if along - from 200 cm or more.

Materials (edit)

The well-known sofa cushion system, which includes a spring block and a frame base with a cushion, was invented many years ago. Such a system serves as a guarantee of long-term use of upholstered furniture and comfort for users. For all other options, the main advantage is an attractive appearance, and you can no longer count on long-term ease of use.

What is the role of springs and are they needed?

Manufacturers of budget furniture use soft polyurethane foam (90% of the air), polyurethane foam, synthetic wool (synthetic wool), latex - all these options are substitutes for springs. For modern materials, where the basic component of the composition is polyester fibers made by the Thermopol technology, it is represented by synthetic fluff, spandbond and durafil.

When you are not planning to buy an expensive sofa, you can get by with a springless one. In this case, you need to select models with a filling of solid material and avoid products with foam crumbs. The presence of a spring block is the best option, and even better if it is a sofa with steel springs in large quantities.

In a high-quality block, the springs are fixed to each other like a net, which eliminates the displacement of elastic elements. The structures are reinforced with a metal mesh, plus a felt pad is provided here. An alternative to felted wool is sometimes padding of cotton or wool batting or coconut coir.


The strength of the frame also deserves attention, since this parameter affects the service life of the furniture. In the manufacture of economy class models, a pine bar is used, the quality of such wood is low.

For the production of products of the middle price category, high-quality pine logs and plywood are used, and for the visible parts - beech. The most expensive furniture is made of solid beech, and this applies to both visible and invisible structural elements.

Chipboard with a laminated surface is not only cheap, but also a short-lived material. The only part of the sofa that can be made of chipboard without losing the quality of the entire product is a linen box. The presence of a metal frame automatically puts such furniture on a higher level among analogs with a wooden frame base in terms of reliability.


Modern furniture makers prefer synthetic flooring materials - cold-formed polyurethane foam (PPU) and block elastic polyurethane. The density of these polymers determines the service life and is reflected in the final cost of the product. On average, the service life of quality sofas is limited to 7-10 years, which is considered normal.

If it is important for you to feel a burst of vigor in the morning and are not indifferent to the health of the joints and spine, then the quality of the sofa is not an item of expenditure that is worth saving on. The use of independent metal spring block, high density cold molded urethane foam and natural materials is the best combination for the sofa. Such furniture is the most comfortable and soft, it is equally pleasant to sit on, relax and sleep on, plus it is hassle-free and reliable in daily use.


Upholstery materials are presented in a huge variety, manufacturers in this regard are able to satisfy any user needs. Let's find out which sofa upholstery will not disappoint: it will last a long time and will not lose its decorative properties.

The list of the most popular upholstery materials includes:

  • Flock - imitation of suede or velvet. It is soft, durable and easy to clean. Calmly withstands exposure to direct sunlight, practically does not fade. Flock is "not afraid" of pet hair and their claws, has dust-repellent properties. For this reason, the material is often called anti-vandal;
  • Chenille... Hypoallergenic, abrasion-resistant fabric with a fleecy structure, into which foreign odors will not be absorbed. The composition is in many ways similar to jacquard, and the fact that it also contains cotton fibers allows us to consider the material to be somewhat environmentally friendly. As for synthetic additives, we are talking about acrylic or polyester, the content of which greatly simplifies maintenance. Dry cleaning increases the service life of products, avoiding fiber deformation;
  • Jacquard. Composition polyester (50% + cotton 50%) A dense material that can withstand exposure to ultraviolet radiation without losing its original brightness. Jacquard upholstery is presented in a wide variety of colors, which allows you to choose a sofa, taking into account almost any color scheme of the interior;
  • Velours. Knitted upholstery fabric with a fleecy surface. Upholstered furniture of complex shape is most often faced with such materials. Weaving involves textured polyester and polyamide threads, chemical and natural fibers of cotton or wool, which is the reason for the high thermal insulation properties of the materials.They are resistant to deformation and practically do not stretch. The fabric is easy to clean without loss of strength and color brightness. With prolonged use, the pile can thin out, which is the main disadvantage;
  • Tapestry... To make it, you need to alternately use threads of different shades. The tapestry is often based on jacquard weaving. Buyers are interested in the durability and practicality of the fabric, which, moreover, is capable of giving a lot of pleasant tactile sensations;
  • Rogozhka. Material with an aesthetic burlap-like texture, which provides a checkerboard weave, will be a great addition to an interior dominated by natural materials or their imitations. The use of different types of fibers affects the appearance of the fabric, which can be neat and quite brutal. If representatives of the cat family live in the house, it is better not to consider the upholstery from the matting, since it will certainly interest the mustachioed striped, which will quickly render the sofa unusable;
  • Cotton is a beautiful, safe and pleasant to the touch material. Due to its environmental friendliness, it is perfect for upholstery of children's furniture.

Let's talk separately about the use of leather and its derivatives in upholstery:

  • Vinylleather... An artificial analogue of natural leather, which is distinguished by high strength properties, various textures and colors. In terms of visual appeal, the goat substitute is not much inferior to natural material due to the use of unique methods of embossing and drawing. When finishing the leatherette, a polyurethane coating is used, so it has exceptional organoleptic properties and amazing durability;
  • Eco-leather is an artificial high-tech material of a new generation, the texture of which is identical to the natural one. It is waterproof, elastic, pleasant to the touch and resistant to mechanical deformation. It is well ventilated, has vapor-permeable properties, frost-resistant and environmentally friendly, due to the absence of toxic compounds in its composition;
  • Leather... This highly durable premium material needs no introduction and is worth it. It is durable and much easier to clean than any fabric.

What you should know when choosing a leather sofa:

  1. Quality leather is soft to the touch, but should not be overly thin.
  2. Tightly stretched leather is a bad sign: the durability of such a product is questionable. Over time, you can safely expect the formation of creases, cracks and even ruptures.
  3. Subtle specks on the leather upholstery are not a cause for concern. Here we are talking only about the individual characteristics of the natural color, or the appearance of the wreath and veins is of "animal" origin. Both are considered normal, and not a defect in the upholstery.

Selection Tips

When choosing furniture, you need to take into account its expected functional load. What exactly will the sofa be used for: only as a place to rest or to rest and sleep on it.

Sofa bed

In this case, you need to pay attention to the back and seat. Here, the decisive factor is how smooth and uniform their surface is, on which your comfort in the sleep process directly depends. After a busy work day, a person, having finally reached the bed, simply falls and falls asleep. At first, he may not notice the unevenness of the bed, but the body cannot be fooled, especially when the degree of discomfort due to height differences becomes critical.

If at night you take positions that are comfortable for yourself, but harmful to the body, then the load on the muscles, spine and joints will increase many times over. The result is a broken state in the morning and a bad mood. To prevent this from happening, the sleeping place should be moderately hard, and the filler should be of high quality.

The best surface upholstery option is fabric. Buying a beautiful and stylish luxury leather sofa as a bed is at least unreasonable. The bedclothes will begin to slip and "stray", so in the morning you can find a sheet in the chest area or a lump in the legs.

Premium leather furniture mainly performs a decorative function, allows you to advantageously beat the interior and emphasize the status of the owner. It is comfortable to sit on it, but definitely not to sleep. You can get enough sleep on the full program as soon as possible on the simplest classic book, if you spend a few minutes when buying to check the operation of the transformation mechanism.

The first requirement for the folding mechanism is high quality, the second is ease of use. Be sure to ask about the presence / absence of weight restrictions. In the conditions of daily use, it is extremely important to provide yourself with a sleeping place, making a minimum of effort.

In a quality product:

  • the layout system works clearly: without jamming and without extraneous sounds;
  • mounts and hinges do not creak or scratch, touching the surface of the case;
  • wooden elements do not emit creaking sounds, which indicate insufficient drying of the wood;
  • Concealed strap is easy to grip.

Using the sofa on occasion

The modern sofa in the living room is one of the main attributes of the furnishings. Therefore, the main criteria for its selection are the visual appeal and spaciousness of the seat. Living room furniture should have sufficient seating. A wave model with a transforming back, large book sofas with a high back in a retro style is the best fit here.

You can also consider luxury models with leather upholstery. A good example is the Chesterfield sofa made of genuine leather, which impresses with graceful curls of the armrests and deep diamond-shaped buckles. Large corner structures with fabric upholstery have no less spectacular look, and if the living room area allows, you can supplement the interior with a French book.

How to assemble and disassemble?

To transport the sofa of a book, it will need to be disassembled in order to simplify the task of transporting such large-sized furniture. Since it does not fit into the elevator, it will be much easier to carry it piece by piece up the stairs, and large parts will not get stuck in doorways. You do not have to order a cargo vehicle with a large body, because in the disassembled state the book will fit into an ordinary Gazelle without any problems.

Each lined part is wrapped with a stretch film to protect it from mechanical damage, water and dirt. For fasteners, a separate package is needed, which is glued with tape to any part of the disassembled structure. Upon arrival at the site, assembling and installing furniture will not take much time.

When is it better to use the services of professionals:

  1. If the sofa is imported and has special fasteners. Without a specialized tool, it will not be possible to dismantle the parts without damaging the structure.
  2. When the fasteners are hidden by the upholstery. When dismantling the edges of the cladding, you must not only observe the utmost care, but also know where it is best to do it. The specialists have all the necessary skills and tools.

Consider the principle of disassembling a sofa using the example of the classic book mechanism. All actions are performed with an open-end wrench.

Sequence of work: raise the seat, placing it on the back. Then unscrew:

  • a fastener that fixes the side parts of the structure (if any). Remove them and set them aside;
  • the nuts of the fastener that secures the seat. Remove and set it aside;
  • fastener nuts that secure the backrest.

How other models are laid out

Three-position books are disassembled in a similar way. It is more difficult with the Eurobook: here you have to limit yourself to disconnecting the lower draw-out part and the sidewalls.Since the seat and backrest are a single unit, this part of the structure is carried unassembled.

In a new place, when the sofa is assembled, you need to check how the mechanism works and, if necessary, adjust it. To do this, the sofa will need to be turned over to make sure that the fasteners are securely fixed. After that, disassemble the book to the bed position and the intermediate reclining position. If there are no suspicious sounds - grinding or squeaking, and the mechanism works smoothly, then the assembly was done correctly.

The mechanism for transforming the sofa is more clearly in the next video.


Reviews of book sofas and other models with a modified classic transformation mechanism are mostly positive.

Users note:

  • Modern design;
  • Practicality of products in everyday use;
  • Optimal width and comfort of the seat, most often we are talking about models with dimensions 190x140. A wide berth, originally designed for two people, allows you to easily accommodate guests with a child, or even two;
  • The quality of the upholstery "under the burlap", that is, from the mat. The fact that it is non-marking and easy to care for is especially appreciated by women;
  • Comfortable and even sleeping surfaces for eurobooks with a spring block;
  • Long warranty - from 18 months or more from different manufacturers.

There are those who were not 100% satisfied with the new acquisition. These are usually buyers of budget furniture. So, what is disappointing about some economy class models:

  • The sofa is too hard, so the back gets tired quickly.
  • The combination of fabric and faux leather armrests was a favorite with cats and quickly deteriorated for this reason. On the fabric, the claw marks are less noticeable.
  • A narrow berth, which is provided for two people.
  • The metal feet scratched the laminate hard.
  • The leatherette side parts squeak when unfolded.

Of the advantages, they note the problem-free and smooth operation of the transformation mechanism, the ability to perfectly keep shape in models with springs and a beautiful appearance.

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