Folding sofa

Folding sofa
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Folding sofas have been in demand for many years. Such pieces of furniture are more practical and functional than conventional cabinet models. The folding bed can be selected both for permanent use and for accommodating guests staying overnight.

Features and Benefits

Today, many apartment owners are faced with a shortage of square meters. In this case, pieces of furniture with transforming mechanisms are suitable options. When folded, they can be compact, and when unfolded, they can be spacious and multifunctional. You can find a wide variety of folding sofas in furniture stores. They not only differ in designs and mechanisms, but also in external design. You can choose a suitable copy for any style and interior of your home.

The functional characteristics of a folding sofa directly depend on its mechanism and frame. Cheaper options are popularly called "guest", and they contain systems designed only for rare use. For example, you can use such a sofa as a sleeping place if friends or relatives come to you with an overnight stay.

More expensive are the reliable folding sofas that can be used regularly. Such varieties can serve their owner for more than 7-8 years without bringing any inconvenience. Another advantage of a high-quality folding sofa is the possibility of installing an orthopedic mattress. Such details in upholstered furniture are in great demand, since sleeping on them is not only comfortable, but also useful. These types of mattresses should be used by people suffering from back pain or insomnia.

Laundry drawers are present in many designs. Such elements make a folding sofa an indispensable element in a small-sized home, where every square meter counts.


There are several types of folding sofa sofas. Each of them has its own performance characteristics, which you should be aware of if you are going to purchase such furniture.

Sofas with an English folding bed are equipped with a double mechanism. They are deeper and are complemented by thick mattresses. The frames of such models are strong and durable, so they can be used regularly.

Similar models of sofas are laid out very easily and quickly.

The most common are English clamshell beds with the "Sedaflex" mechanism, having lath frame structures. They are distinguished by excellent performance characteristics. Such products can withstand heavy loads and do not slip over time. Even after several years of regular use, these sofas do not lose their visual appeal. To transform furniture with such a system, you do not need to remove the top cushions.

An English folding bed with a welded mechanism "Sedaflex 12" will be cheaper. Such models are less common, since not all firms produce them today. This is due to the fact that this system is less strong and durable, which is why it is rarely chosen by consumers.

Models of sofas with such designs are easily crushed and do not support a lot of weight. They cannot be used daily.

Italian clamshells are equipped with a two-fold mechanism. In the transformation of such models, not only the seats are involved, but also the back.She moves down, and with it the pillows. Then the mechanism must be turned over and placed on the support legs. Due to the unusual transformation, such systems are called "Italian shape-shifters" and "double shape-shifters".

Italian folding beds can be used on a daily basis, not just as guest beds. They can be supplemented with a quality orthopedic sofa for a healthier and more comfortable sleep.

Some of the most common and affordable sofas are with a French folding bed inside. They have triple folding mechanisms that “hide” under the seats.

It is worth noting that such pieces of furniture are less practical and durable. They can only be used to accommodate guests. French folding beds are not suitable for constant and daily sleep.

The structures of such furniture sag over time, which is why sleeping on them is very uncomfortable and uncomfortable. These defects also affect the appearance of the sofa. Not all French folding beds provide for the installation of an orthopedic mattress. Such elements can become too heavy a load on the entire structure.

During use, it is recommended to lubricate the parts from time to time. This is necessary so that the structure does not emit squeaks and lasts longer.

The mechanism of such a model is presented in the next video.

Another common option is a folding bed sofa or a Eurobook. As a rule, such models are equipped with a useful box for linen and a very comfortable double sleeping place.

The only drawback of such a system is that it cannot be repaired in the event of a serious breakdown. Because of this, it is recommended to use and transform the Eurobook sofa carefully.

The mechanisms in these types of sofas are very reliable. They are capable of withstanding a load not exceeding 240 kg.


Today on the upholstered furniture market there are a large number of different brands offering high-quality and reliable folding sofas. Let's take a closer look at the products produced by the most popular manufacturers.

  • In many countries, high-quality and inexpensive folding sofas from Ikea are popular. This company produces various options for such furniture, from guest to more robust and reliable pieces. In the Ikea assortment there are a variety of models that differ from each other not only in mechanisms, but also in design. The brand offers both simple and laconic, as well as very bright and original models.
  • Beautiful folding sofas with high-quality polyurethane foam filling are produced by the Montreal company. The assortment of this brand is represented by folding sofas, which can be placed not only in the living room or children's room, but also in the country or in the office.

The manufacturer offers consumers to independently choose the upholstery they like and its color scheme.

  • Multifunctional folding sofas are produced by Atlant Little. The products of this brand are represented by high quality models equipped with various additions. This could be a bar, a linen drawer, or a side shelf. Convenient products are notable for their low cost and attractive appearance.

Materials (edit)

For the upholstery of folding sofas, leather or textiles are used. Leather folding sofas look expensive and attractive. Models finished with natural materials are expensive, but their durability and durability will not make you doubt the correctness of your choice.

Leather upholstery can last for many years, while retaining its presentation.

Such surfaces are not subject to deformation and mechanical damage.

A multifunctional sofa, for which eco-leather is used, will cost less. Outwardly, such material looks no worse than genuine leather, but it differs greatly in its performance characteristics.Such upholstery is less durable and less wear-resistant. Over time, scratches, cracks and abrasions may appear on it.

Such material does not tolerate temperature extremes.

For textile upholstery, the most commonly used materials are flock and plush. These types of fabric are durable and wear resistant. The main disadvantage of this kind of finishing of upholstered furniture is that it absorbs foreign odors.

For this reason, sofas upholstered with textiles are not recommended for use in the kitchen or on the balcony.

How to replace a folding bed in a sofa?

Replacing folding mechanisms in upholstered furniture is quite difficult. If you do the wrong thing, you can ruin the sofa. Today there are many companies offering their clamshell replacement services using quality and reliable parts.

It is recommended to trust only experienced professionals to repair and replace mechanisms.

Selection Tips

Today in furniture stores there are a variety of models of folding sofas. Their design is far from those clamshell models that were popular in the recent past. Here's what you need to know when choosing:

  • Before buying furniture, you should measure the room. This is necessary in order to calculate the correct size for the sofa. Please note that it should not block the passage.
  • Decide in advance for what purposes you want to purchase a folding sofa bed. If you need a similar model to accommodate guests, then you can not overpay and buy a cheaper "guest" version with simple designs.

If you are going to use such a sofa on a regular basis, then it is better to turn to more expensive options with strong and durable mechanisms that will not sag.

  • The sofa should match the overall style of the room and interior. Buy such furniture only in trusted stores that have a good reputation in your city.
  • Before buying, be sure to check the serviceability of all mechanisms available in the clamshell. A sales assistant should help you with this.
  • Examine the upholstered furniture surface. It should be in perfect condition: no scuffs, cracks, scratches, stains, etc.
  • Pay attention to the seams. If they are crooked, sloppy and have protruding threads, then it is better to refuse the sofa.
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