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The process of choosing a sofa has its own characteristics and subtleties. In addition to determining the desired price category, it is also necessary to understand the characteristics of different models, since the convenience of operation and the service life of the selected product depend on them. Today we are talking about Pushe sofas.

A little about the manufacturer

The Russian furniture factory Pushe has been on the market for 17 years. It is located in Ryazan, and its products can be found in 183 stores in the country.

The manufacturer's assortment includes:

  • more than 40 sofa models;
  • couches;
  • armchairs;
  • poufs;
  • pillows;
  • coffee tables;
  • table lamps and floor lamps.

Certain models of sofas, armchairs and poufs are created in series. And some of them have two or three sofas, which allows you to equip several rooms in the same style.

The production cycle of Pushe products includes all stages: from design to assembly, without the involvement of intermediaries. Quality control is carried out according to the standards of the State Standard and the European safety standard E1.

The materials used for the upholstery are ordered from Germany, France, Italy and Belgium.

The basic principles of production are:

  • correct design;
  • use of quality components;
  • manufacturability of production and high-quality assembly;
  • variety of choice and functionality of products;
  • stylish appearance.

A distinctive feature of Pushe sofas is the original filler arrangement: they are folded in layers. In addition, high density polyurethane foam with memory effect is used for this. Thus, the sofa adapts to the anatomy of the seated person.

The seat heights and depths of all products are designed to fit most customers comfortably.

We also note that a 10-year warranty is provided for carpentry frames, and 1.5 years for other elements.

Popular models

Before starting an overview of popular models, we will look at the mechanisms of transformation. The fact is that some of them differ fundamentally, since some are designed for daily use, while others are rare, for example, for the arrival of guests. The latter include: "French clamshell", "Franco-Belgian clamshell", "Italian clamshell" (or "Spartacus").

Sofas with such mechanisms are more designed for a comfortable stay in a sitting position. Therefore, they are worth buying if they are supposed to sit on them a lot and sleep a little.

The mechanisms used in the models discussed below are designed for daily use. Accordingly, the sofas themselves suggest not only an easy process of turning into a sleeping place, but also a comfortable sleep:

  • "Eurosofa" or "Eurobook" Is one of the simplest mechanisms. The process of transformation into a sleeping place is simple and does not require much effort, so even a child can do it. You just need to push the seat forward and lower the back in its place.
  • "Tick-tock" or "pantograph" similar to the "Eurobook". The difference is that the seat does not roll out on the floor, but is rearranged. In this case, the flooring is not damaged. Note that this mechanism is expensive.
  • "Dolphin" often installed on corner models. The principle of its operation is that the movable part, as it were, emerges from under the seat.First, it must be extended, and then pulled up to the same level as the seat. It should be borne in mind that such a mechanism wears out on average in 7 years.
  • "Vysokovykatnoy" or "Konrad" combines two mechanisms: "roll-out" and "dolphin". One of the parts rolls out, and the other stretches and rises. The advantages of "Konrad" include reliability and a high berth of a large area. You can also note a drawback: it does not always allow you to equip the sofa with a compartment for linen.

We will now review a few of the most popular models. They are divided into three main types:

  • modular sofas, consisting of separate elements that, when assembled, can create various configurations of the model;
  • corner models great for the living room, and can also be easily transformed into a spacious sleeping place;
  • straight sofas They are compact, easy to unfold and equipped with a box for storing linen.

Bruno series

The Bruno series includes several types of sofas, as well as a couch and an armchair. The sofas of this series are presented in the following modification:

  • Modular sofa has a high-draw-out transformation mechanism. The seat is formed on "snake" springs, latex furniture felt, highly elastic polyurethane foam and synthetic winterizer. Special rollers behind the cushions make it possible to easily and quickly lift them onto the sofa and not remove them during unfolding.
  • Corner sofa this series is equipped with a dolphin mechanism that allows you not to remove the pillows during transformation. The complete set allows you not only to choose the presence or absence of an armrest, but also to equip a coffee table that can withstand hot objects.
  • Straight sofa "Bruno" with "High-roll-out" mechanism is also equipped with rollers for cushions, and the length of the base can be: 1.33 and 1.53 m.

"Rona" sofa

Straight sofa "Rona" with a mechanism of transformation "tick-tock" unfolds without much effort. It is equipped with a laundry box. The model has an original and stylish design, and thanks to the low cushions it is comfortable to sit on. Note that this series also includes an armchair.

Series "Ayder

The Ayder series includes modular and straight sofas. Both models are decorated with natural wood and equipped with a Dolphin mechanism.

Arno series

The family of sofas "Arno" consists of two straight lines - with the mechanism "Eurosofa" and the corner - with the mechanism "dolphin". Straight models can be upholstered in textiles, natural or artificial leather. Corner - compact. For more details on the features of this model, see the following video.

Sofa "Lima"

"Lima" is a stylish straight sofa with the "Eurosofa" mechanism. There are two types of pillows to choose from.

Series "Mista"

A stylish living room set can be assembled from the Mista series. In the back cushions of the modular sofa there is a special filler "sorel". It easily conforms to the shape of the human body and provides additional comfort. The model is equipped with a dolphin mechanism and a laundry box. The armrests can be made with or without linings.

And you can complement the stylish sofa with an armchair and a pouf.

Marvelous "Martin"

The original and stylish modular sofa "Martin" allows you to sit comfortably and comfortably on it reclining. The seat depth is reduced with this series of cushions. Additional comfort is ensured by a special distribution of density and stiffness over the area of ​​each of the back cushions.

The model unfolds using the dolphin mechanism.


Buyers of Pushe sofas, using them for 6 months to 7 years, note:

  • a large selection of compact models;
  • adherence to assembly and delivery times;
  • durability and quality of transformation mechanisms;
  • convenience of design solutions such as rollers, which allow you not to remove the pillows during transformation;
  • the quality of the upholstery that does not stretch and does not lose its shape;
  • elastic, non-sagging and non-deforming filler;
  • ease of cleaning upholstery;
  • flock fabric is recommended for pet owners.

Beautiful photos in the interior

In the assortment of the furniture factory Pushe you can find a model for both classic and modern interiors. We will now look at some of them:

  • Series "Adores" will adorn any interior thanks to the stylish combination of straight lines and rounded shapes. The interesting design of the series allows you not to use pillows for decoration.
  • Compact sofa "Austin" fits perfectly into a small living room and a children's room. Its contemporary design blends in with almost all contemporary styles, from minimalism to avant-garde. It will look especially organic in a set with two frameless armchairs.
  • The combination of a straight shape with curved armrests and buttons on the cushions gives Bourget models charm and a note of chic. It will be an excellent solution for a neoclassical interior.
  • Simplicity of forms and the absence of additional details allows series "Shuttlecock" become a harmonious addition to almost any interior. With the help of pillows, you can give the headset the desired appearance that matches the overall design idea.
  • Rectangular shape sofa "Enio" in combination with rounded armrests and a seat, it will complement technological hi-tech, practical constructivism and any other urban style.
  • Straight lines and flat surface sofa "Bruno" allows you to use it both in a minimalist interior and in a loft style.
  • Respectable "Reachers" will be an excellent solution for both a representative living room and a brutal bachelor apartment.
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