White sofas

White sofas
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Light furniture is a trend in recent years. Such elements of the interior can freshen up the atmosphere and make it more hospitable. Even in poorly lit spaces, white sofas look light and airy.

Features and Benefits

Light surfaces of upholstered furniture have always been distinguished by their soiled properties. They are susceptible to various pollution, so in the recent past, models of sofas in a similar design could only be afforded by very wealthy people who were ready to regularly buy new options for light furniture.

Today, sofas in white shades are more affordable and you can choose the perfect option for any wallet without fear that after a short period of time it will lose its attractive appearance. Modern manufacturers offer a huge range of cleaning products for furniture with different upholstery, from leather to textile.

Sofas in a classic color scheme are suitable for rooms of different sizes. It can be either a spacious or a small room. In a small area, such objects are able not only to refresh the room, but also visually make it a little more spacious due to the light color.

Most often, white sofas are placed in living rooms, where they receive guests and meet with friends. Light shades are conducive to communication and cheer up, so furniture in this design will be very useful in a living room.

Today in furniture stores you can find a lot of different modifications of white sofas. It can be a standard rectangular, corner, static or folding version. Choosing the perfect product depends on the purpose for which you are buying it. It is worth noting the versatility of such pieces of furniture.

Elegant white sofas look great in tandem with other colors, so they can complement rooms in a wide variety of palettes and styles.

Views and styles

White sofas can have different designs and configurations. Let's take a closer look at the most interesting and attractive options.

  • Models with wooden sides have an exquisite design. These details most often have contrasting dark colors, which look brighter and more attractive against the background of a light sofa. Such models are suitable for many interiors, but they fit especially harmoniously into classic settings.

Such specimens are distinguished by their expensive appearance. The armrests can be entirely made of wood or only their upper part can be wooden.

  • Models with soft sides visually appear softer and more voluminous. Such options look great in a Provence style living room. The upholstery can have a plain white surface or be complemented by prints in gold and yellow hues.

Products with round sides are suitable for country-style interiors, and with square and angular ones for Japanese style.

  • For interiors in a modern style, a spectacular sofa with rhinestones is ideal. As a rule, in such products, crystals are present in the embossed stitching of the leather. They can also be seen in the grooves on the quilted surfaces. Such products are not cheap, but their stunning appearance is unlikely to leave your guests indifferent.

Such specimens look great in modern interiors.They are not suitable for classics, as they have subtle notes of glamor that are in harmony with more recent and youthful interiors.

  • Original wicker sofas are ideal for simple interiors, devoid of unnecessary pretentiousness. These models are equipped with soft seats in different colors.

Often, these sofa models are placed in summer cottages or in country houses. They can be placed on the veranda, by the pool or in the gazebo. Against the background of nature, such items look stylish and attractive.


White color has several beautiful shades that look great in various versions of upholstered furniture. These include the following tones:

  • Smoky white.
  • Snow.
  • Seashell color.
  • Linen.
  • Ivory.
  • White ghost.
  • Honeydew.
  • Floral white.
  • Almond.
  • Biscuit.
  • Beige.
  • Antique white.


Models of sofas made of white genuine leather are distinguished by their luxurious exterior design. Such material is expensive, but its durability and wear resistance are worth it. The unpretentiousness of the leather options should also be noted. Even if a dirty or dusty spot appears on the surface of the sofa, it will be much easier to wipe it off than from a textile material.

Often, cheaper materials are used for the upholstery of sofas, such as eco-leather or leatherette. In terms of their external characteristics, such options are in no way inferior to genuine leather products, but they are less durable and wear-resistant.

Over time, ugly cracks and scuffs may appear on such surfaces, which will be impossible to get rid of. It is recommended to use sofas with artificial leather upholstery carefully and carefully in order to prevent the occurrence of various damages.

White fabric upholstery is more demanding. Dirty stains are a little more difficult to erase from it than from leather.

It is not recommended to postpone the cleaning of the material on the back burner, otherwise it will be more difficult to put it in order later.

The popular flock upholstered sofas are soft and pleasant to the touch. They are among the most common. These textiles have a velvety surface and are perfect for large families with children and pets. But such models are not suitable for smokers and for placement in the kitchen, as they easily absorb odors.

Another common upholstery material is white plush. It features a smooth and delicate surface with iridescent pile. Such a material is highly elastic, but does not lose its density.

Plush is popular for its durability. Its natural base contains artificial fibers that make the material stronger and more durable.

The size

The size of the sofa depends on the type of its construction. The smallest are children's sofas. Their length rarely exceeds 150 cm.

Small two-seater sofas are often 180 cm long, 30-40 cm of which are on the armrests. Such models are suitable for a small room. If the free space allows, then you can purchase a large three-seater sofa, the length of which is 200-250 cm.

The corner options are the largest. The minimum length for such models is 250 cm.

Combined options

Today, white sofas are popular, the surface of which is complemented by other contrasting colors. For example, a stylish blue and white copy will be in harmony with the interior in a nautical style, consisting of light finishes and furniture in blue and blue shades.

Common black and white sofas are distinguished by their solid appearance. They easily fit into almost all environments, as they combine classic colors. The sofas look luxurious in white and purple. Models in this design are best selected for rooms with a calm and neutral finish, so as not to form a pretentious and colorful interior.

How to choose?

When choosing a beautiful white sofa, you need to pay attention not only to its design, but also to the size, type and quality of all mechanisms. First, you should decide on what tasks will be set for upholstered furniture. If you want to buy a sofa bed, then you should make sure that all its structures are in good working order. If you buy a model for a seat, then it should have a high-quality and durable frame, medium softness and a comfortable back.

Choose only those products that contain high-quality and durable fillers. Low-grade materials will sag over time, leading to the loss of the sofa's attractive appearance.

Examine the seams of the upholstery. They should be very neat and even. There should be no protruding threads and curved lines.

In more detail about all the nuances of choosing a quality sofa in the next video.

How to care?

Leather upholstered items should be cleaned of dust weekly with a simple damp cloth. It is recommended to use special cleaning agents no more than twice a month. Here are some more easy care secrets:

  • If you spill any liquid on the sofa, remove it immediately with a paper towel.
  • If dark spots appear on the surface, then they should be removed using ordinary soapy water or cotton wool dipped in medical alcohol.
  • To clean textile white upholstery, you should turn to more effective means. This can be Vanish furniture cleaner, Amway or a special dry stain remover powder.

You should not turn to folk remedies for cleaning white textiles, as they may not only not help, but also aggravate the situation.


Most buyers are happy with the purchase of a white sofa. First of all, people like the design of these pieces of furniture. They transform the interior and make it luxurious. Consumers are advised to look to leather options. The owners of such products note the ease of cleaning such surfaces and their chic design.

People who have bought models with textile upholstery recommend that you stock up on special cleaning agents in advance and immediately remove dirty spots from the surface of the sofa, since after a while it will be more difficult to get rid of them.

Interior ideas

A creamy corner sofa will look harmonious against the backdrop of contrasting white walls and a black floor. Other furnishings and decor in the room can also be done in black and white.

A beautiful white sofa with bright orange pillows can complement a loft-style room with dark gray walls and a light gray carpet. Opposite the upholstered furniture, an original coffee table without legs will find its place.

A luxurious white corner sofa with textile upholstery will look spectacular in the interior of the living room. In this case, the white color is diluted with small pieces of blue and gray colors, as well as paints of intense brown in the form of a bookcase and a small coffee table.

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