Children's folding sofas: models and tips for choosing

  1. Review of popular models
  2. Features of choice
  3. Design
  4. Dimensions (edit)
  5. Materials (edit)
  6. Spectacular examples in the interior

The fold-out sofa will fit even in a small nursery, as it does not take up much space when assembled. After the transformation, a comfortable sleeping space is obtained, which is not inferior to a bed. Manufacturers equip most of the models with boxes for storing linen, which allows you to maximize the space for games.

Children's sofas are safe even for babies 1.5-2 years old. And it will not be difficult to choose the one that is suitable in shape and color, because there are models of different designs on sale: for boys and girls, adolescents and preschoolers.

Review of popular models

Straight sofas are in greatest demand. There are models in different sizes, from compact to wide. If the area of ​​the room is very small, pay attention to their type, such as a chair-bed. In a more spacious nursery, it can be used as an addition to the main bed. And if necessary, and as a folding bed.

The couch-couch is a combination of a couch and a bed. Due to the asymmetry, it looks unusual and stylish. The backrest protects against contact with a cold wall. Such models are equipped with orthopedic mattresses, which will be an advantage when choosing furniture for a schoolchild.

It would be nice to buy a corner sofa for a spacious nursery. By expanding it, you can get a sleeping place for two children. During the day it will be convenient to play or host a large group of friends. Small corner sofas that move to the side are also popular. They are decorated with asymmetrically placed bumpers or pillows. As a rule, they are comparable in width to a chair.

Another option is modular. The child will be able to change the situation according to his mood: assemble parts into one structure or leave poufs for games.

You can buy a transforming sofa in a room where two children live. Disassembled, it almost does not differ from a regular bunk bed. The upper berth is fenced off, and you can climb up a metal ladder.

The lower part can be used for sleeping or playing, depending on the position of the pillows. The assembled structure looks like a straight sofa.

Some of these models do not fold - you get a sofa, over which the bed is fixed. In this case, manufacturers provide linen compartments in them.

For younger children, a different type of transformer structure is suitable. It is arranged according to the principle of a roll-out sofa: the lower berth slides out from under the upper one. The cushions are removed from the seat, and it also becomes a bed. Bunk sofas help to make the most of the space, especially when several children live in the same room.

Features of choice

The children's sofa serves for about 7 years, after which replacement or restoration is required. What points need to be considered in order not to regret buying?

Let's start with the look of the furniture. A kid under 5 years old may like a mini-sofa in the form of a house, car or soft toy. It is important that there are sides on all sides - permanent or removable.

For older children, you can buy a sofa of a more familiar shape, but unusual colors.

Girls often like models in pastel colors, whites and different shades of pink. They can be decorated with buttons, ruffles and cute pillows.

Both girls and boys may love a sofa with cartoon characters, funny pictures or ornaments.Sometimes manufacturers complement a neutral design sofa with unusual cushions. When the child's taste changes, they can be replaced with others. Also, the boy may like the details that make the furniture look like a spaceship, car or robot.

A teenager and a child over 7-8 years old can be offered an asymmetrical design in contrasting colors. Or buy a plain sofa with accessories made in different styles and change them according to your mood.

This will create another reason to take the initiative and practice creative thinking.

However, a fold-out sofa does not have to be the centerpiece of a nursery. Models of traditional form, harmoniously blended into the interior, look no worse. Other parameters are much more important:

  • strength, reliability and safety of the structure;
  • the height and size of the bed, comfortable for the child;
  • the presence of a high-quality mattress with a thickness of 8 cm;
  • use of environmentally friendly materials.

A children's sofa will have to withstand not only frequent transformations, but also active games. Therefore, experts recommend choosing roll-out sofas and accordion models for kids and primary schoolchildren.

In addition, you need to check for protruding hard parts and sharp corners. Fasteners and mechanisms must be safely hidden. Drawers for linen must be located on the guides.

If a fold-out sofa will often be used for sleeping, pay attention to its filling. It can be spring-loaded and springless.


Independent spring blocks provide the most comfortable position of the spine during sleep, but they are rarely used in the production of sofas.

The springs are not connected with each other, they are packed in barrels separately. Eliminates surface vibrations.

Bonnel is a system of springs connected to each other, covered with another material - horsehair, polyurethane foam. Has an orthopedic effect. The more thin springs, the more it manifests itself.

This type of filling is best for children over 7 years old and teenagers.


Furniture with springless fillers can be used for sleeping only for babies up to 7 years old. They are also divided into 2 groups.

  • Rigid - block and cast polyurethane foam, polystyrene balls. For regular sleep, materials of this group are preferred.
  • Soft - foam rubber, synthetic winterizer, durafil, holofiber. Suitable for guest sofas only.

It is easy to check the density of the filler - just press on the surface. If it flattens out quickly, it means rigid packing has been used.


Furniture manufacturers have developed over 10 sliding mechanisms. But not all of them allow you to keep your body in a comfortable position. For children's sofas, systems are used that create the most comfortable sleeping surface.

  • Roll-out - compact and reliable mechanism, even a child can handle it. To unfold the sofa, just pull on the loop at the front, and the back lowers itself. At the same time, the structure becomes slightly lower, so that it will be convenient for the baby to climb on it. The berth turns out to be flat, without kinks and bumps. It is worth paying attention to models with rubberized wheels - they will not spoil the floor with frequent use.
  • "Accordion" - consists of a seat and a backrest folded in two. If you pull on the loop, the seat slides forward, creating a place to sleep. A child will be able to independently cope with this mechanism from about 7 years old. When assembled, sofas are small in size, often there are removable covers in the kit. But the berth can be uneven.
  • "Dolphin" - used in corner models. There are options in which the dolphin mechanism is combined with a roll-out mechanism. Differs in high strength, since the frame is made of steel. The sleeping area is spacious and some sofas are suitable for two children. However, an adult will most likely have to lay out such a sofa.
  • "Click-gag" - a structure, in the transformation of which only the upper part is involved. There is an intermediate position between assembled and unfolded, when you can recline on the sofa. During sleep, the load is distributed by orthopedic armor. More suitable for a teenager, the baby will not be able to cope with the mechanism on his own.

Before buying, check how conveniently a particular model can be laid out, and whether it is easy for a child to handle it.

Dimensions (edit)

It is better to choose the dimensions of the sofa with a margin. The length should be 50 cm more than the height of the child. To determine the optimal width of the sleeping space, ask the baby to lie down with his arms out to the sides.

The length of standard sofa mattresses starts from 186 cm, and the width - from 60 cm. But such sofas are suitable only for the smallest ones. Comfortable models are considered to be 80 cm wide. The most popular sofas are 190 cm in length and 90 cm in width. The maximum dimensions of the berth are 200x150 cm.

When in doubt whether a sofa will fit into the space allotted to it, solve the problem like a designer.

  • Draw a plan of the room with the main elements of the furnishings, mark on it in which direction the doors open.
  • Cut rectangles out of paper that are the same size as the assembled and disassembled model of the selected model.
  • Try different placement options. You can do the same with the rest of the furniture and come up with a new arrangement.

Materials (edit)

For the manufacture of the frame, wood, plywood, metal are used. Each of the materials is good in its own way.

  • Metal carcass - durable, allows you to create models of unusual shapes. Used in models for older students or in combination with other materials.
  • Wood - environmentally friendly material, but if it has not been properly processed, it will not last long. The main part of the frame is made of timber, and glued beams are used for the side parts.
  • Plywood frame only possible in small sofas. It is lightweight but durable - the product will last about 10 years.

The most reliable models, the frame of which consists of several materials. As a rule, this is a folding mechanism made of metal, and a body made of plywood or wood.

Upholstery made of natural material does not cause allergies, does not wear out over time, but it is difficult to remove dirt from it. To make cleaning easier, you can purchase several replacement covers made of the same material.

Those who allow the use of synthetics should take a closer look at the following materials.

  • Teflon coated fabrics are considered to be the most stain resistant. Soft, pleasant to the touch.
  • Chenille - easily cleaned of stains, does not rub off.

Jacquard fabrics are not suitable for children's furniture, as it is impossible to remove dirt from them.

Spectacular examples in the interior

You can not only play with the heroes of your favorite fairy tale, but also sleep in an embrace. This sofa toy can be used to replace the first crib of the baby. Such a model will immediately draw attention to itself, therefore it is desirable that its color be combined with the general color scheme of the nursery.

Most likely, a child over 3 years old will enjoy sleeping next to cartoon characters. Then the sofa will become the centerpiece of the nursery.

A sofa of a laconic shape and fairly calm colors is also suitable for a children's room. Thanks to butterfly pillows, he looks like an adult, but not boring at all.

Option for a small nursery. During the day, a bright comfortable sofa will decorate the teenagers' room. And at night it turns into a bunk bed.

      Folding furniture is convenient not only as a main place to sleep. This compact chair bed is a second option for the guest.

      For information on how to choose a children's sofa, see the next video.

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