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At the present time, when stores offer an incredibly huge range of furniture, it is very difficult to opt for one thing and understand the advantages of one type or another.

If you want to organize a sleeping place in the room, but at the same time want to save space, you should pay attention to the couches of the Ikea brand.


A couch is a small bed with a headboard. Due to its compactness, the couch can be placed not only in the bedroom, but also in the living room and even in the kitchen. Many modern day couches are equipped with drawers for linen and can be expanded, and there are also double and single beds. Ikea provides a wide range of couches for every taste at affordable prices.

The Ikea couch catalog contains models of different styles, designs and frames made of different materials. The brand is also supported by the fact that furniture can be ordered on the website if you do not find what you need in your city or you simply do not have time to go shopping. This is an important factor for the modern consumer.

Choosing a couch at Ikea, you do not just buy stylish and multifunctional furniture at affordable prices from a well-known brand, you also acquire quality. The Dutch company thoroughly checks all of its products. Moreover, the couches of this brand are distinguished by their practicality and ease of use. Another plus is that assembling the couch will not take much of your time. For any of its products, the company encloses clear instructions for assembling furniture, which even an inexperienced assembler can handle.

Models and their description

As noted previously, Ikea provides a wide range of couches in a variety of designs. Among the most popular models are frames with additional boxes for storing linen "Hemnes", "Flecke", "Brimnes".

Let's take a closer look at each model.

  • "Brimnes" - a white sliding couch with two drawers for linen. The main parts are made of chipboard, foil and ABS plastic. The couch must be completed with two mattresses. Lay one on top of the other if using the product as a single bed, and lay out side by side if as a double bed. The width of the bed reaches 160 cm when extended and 205 cm in length. The boxes hold up to 20 kg.
  • Flecke - another option for a sliding couch with two drawers for linen and a wood frame. There are two colors to choose from - white and black. The bed also needs to be completed with two mattresses. Length - 207 cm, extended width - 176 cm. Two adults can easily fit on such a couch. Particleboard, fiberboard, ABS plastic are the main materials used.
  • «Hemnes " - a white couch with three drawers for linen and a back. The frame is also made of wood. The bed is complemented by two mattresses. Length - 200 cm, width - 168 cm.

Any of the three models will look great in a small bedroom and fit perfectly into the interior... The presence of boxes, compact size and ease of use also suggest that these options can be considered as a sleeping place in a children's room.

If you are looking for something simpler, you can pay attention to the models without boxes. Among those are the Firesdal and Tarva models.

  • "Firesdal" - a sliding couch with a metal frame. Length - 207 cm, width - 163 cm. The bed also requires two mattresses. The classic powder-coated steel frame has a clean design.
  • "Tarva" - a budget version of a couch with a solid pine frame.The length of the bed is 214 cm, the width is 167 cm. This no-frills bed looks simple and tasteful. Both presented options will look great in the bedroom, but they will especially fit into the country room.

These models are perfectly combined with other furniture of the corresponding series. With the help of additional volumetric pillows, the couches can be easily converted into cozy sofas.

How to choose?

Each model is unique and good in its own way, but in order to make the right choice, you need to determine what is right for you. The couch should be chosen depending on the purposes for which it will serve, the place in which you are going to place it, as well as the finances that you have:

  1. Ask yourself how often you will lay out the couch. Folding models are very practical, especially if you have nowhere else to accommodate the guests staying overnight. However, stationary models are more convenient and more compact.
  2. Decide if you need extra storage space for laundry or other items. Couches with drawers are ideal if you want to save room space or at least closet space.
  3. Perhaps the most important thing to pay attention to is the interior. Choose the color and material of the couch frame based on the design of the room in which you are going to place it.


Most of the reviews are mostly positive. For example, according to the site irecommend. ru the “Hemnes” couch is rated by buyers at 4.3 points. The Brimnes model has an average score of 5 points out of 5. Models with drawers are recommended to be purchased as a bed for a child. Consumers, in general, note the convenience, functionality, spaciousness and modern design. The fact that the IKEA couch is really easy to assemble, see the next video.

One of the drawbacks of the Ikea brand, buyers consider the limitations in individuality and uniqueness in the form of mass production. However, such a disadvantage can hardly be considered significant.

Interior ideas

The selection of furniture in Ikea stores is quite large. Due to the versatility of the products, they are easy to fit into the interior. As noted above, any Ikea couch can be combined with other products from the corresponding line. If you have chosen a model without linen drawers, then pay attention to the separate bed drawers.

If you want to create more coziness and make the couch look more like a neat little couch, stock up on pillows and use them as back support.

Choose colorful pillows if you want to add some brightness and focus on a piece of furniture, or monochromatic ones that match the color scheme of the room, so as not to focus on the couch. You can also decorate your furniture with a stylish bedspread.

Models "Hemnes" and "Firesdal" can be used as a sofa in a large kitchen, since they are equipped with backrests and will not look too "sleeping". When assembled, they will serve as a seat at the table, but now guests have arrived and, by moving the table, you can easily arrange an additional bed. Drawers can be used to hide, for example, excess dishes.

In the children's room, couches with drawers will look good. For comfort, instead of pillows, you can place plush toys on it, and hide cubes and cars in boxes.

Don't forget about the dacha. Any of the couches is a great solution. The Tarva couch is suitable for a room with wooden walls (be it a log house, or a rail). The pine massif is what you need for an interior in Provence, boho or country style. "Hemnes", "Brimnes" or "Flecke" are suitable for interior in a more modern or neutral style. White couches will look good in light rooms.

Whichever option you choose, feel free to experiment and add details.

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