Euro covers for the sofa

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A modern person is used to surrounding himself with comfortable furniture, providing maximum comfort while relaxing or watching TV. Relaxing on a soft and comfortable sofa is very pleasant. Alas, over time, not a trace remains of the beauty of the upholstery material: dents, scuffs, stains - and even holes appear on the surface. However, today this problem can be solved quickly enough by buying euro covers for the sofa. These bedspreads are unique and have a number of features.

Features and Benefits

It is customary to call a Euro-cover a special cover made of a material developed using a special technology and pierced with rubber threads. Due to this feature, the material is elastic: it stretches well in any direction, taking the desired shape. This nuance attracts a wide range of buyers who have a soft sofa at home.

Being the invention of practical Italians, such accessories have found application in Russia. Today they are the subject of attention of creative designers who adore experiments in transforming ordinary things into stylish functional innovations that are so necessary for every modern person.

Eurocovers are universal, because such products do not require the most accurate dimensional compliance. The material itself plays a decisive role, it is combined with upholstered furniture. It wraps the sofa tightly on all sides, creating the illusion of a new upholstery fabric.

The cover is so perfect that it does not have folds, irregularities, excess textiles: the sofa is packed evenly, there is no feeling of a temporary cape.

This is the new “clothes” of the sofa, a way of repairing that allows you to get rid of furniture from constriction or replacement. Moreover, the covers are really unique: due to them, the sofa is transformed for the better. Their main feature is lightness and ease of use. They do not need additional assembly, as they consist of a single piece of the desired shape, and are attached with hooks or zippers.


Today euro covers for the sofa are presented in a wide range. Taking into account the wide thematic and color ranges, you can choose such a product for almost any existing furniture - in tone or contrast, as well as based on style preferences. Eurocover is suitable for any room of the house where there is a sofa - whether it is a living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining area in a studio apartment, a loggia or a nursery. The updated furniture looks appropriate - regardless of size, shape, model.

These sofa accessories have many benefits. They:

  • Able to change the mood of a room, adding a special atmosphere (depending on the selected color and saturation).
  • Made from hypoallergenic fabricthat does not emit toxins, which is especially important for allergy sufferers and children (textiles do not irritate delicate sensitive skin).
  • They are distinguished by a rich choice of color palette, a variety of patterns and themes (from neutral and monochrome tones to bright and saturated colors, from classics, floral motifs, animalistic patterns to abstraction and geometry).
  • Make furniture comfortable and cozy, bringing a pleasant atmosphere into the room.
  • Convenient and easy to operate: do not require special knowledge and skills of putting on and taking off (even a teenager can decorate the sofa with a stylish and beautiful cover).
  • Due to the special structure of the material with a relief, they are resistant to dirt, repels dirt, and therefore does not get dirty as much as ordinary textile capes.
  • Are not capricious in leaving (they calmly transfer up to 100 washes, with the correct mode they do not deform, do not fade, do not shrink in size).
  • Go well with decorative pillows, made in an identical style (interior decoration, creating the appearance of a set).
  • With any selected material, they do not shine through in a taut form, therefore they do not adjust to the color of the sofa and do not depend on it (even white on a black background will not be shaded by the “native” sofa upholstery).
  • Can be purchased in person (in a specialized store), and via the Internet, in online mode (a description for the model with dimensions is sufficient).
  • They are an excellent gift option for loved ones for a celebration: such a household item is always necessary and will be perceived with a bang.

The design must be given credit: some models do not need to be removed to transform the sofa. Considering the versatility of the models, in which the accessory is equally well suited for sofas with and without armrests, it can be noted that there is no price for such products. This is exactly what is needed in every home.

Eurocover will delight the user for at least five years. Usually, such products last even longer, but over time, you want to reintroduce fresh colors into the design, change the color, style, pattern.

Therefore, practical buyers try to purchase two accessories at once: this way you can add variety to the design of the room, and at the same time decorate the sofa while one cape is drying after washing.

Euro covers for a sofa have two additional advantages:

  1. They can be complemented by decorative cut elements, finishing accessories for marking borders (cord, braid, piping), decoration (fringe, lace, ruffles).
  2. The second advantage of such products can be considered a mass or individual manufacturing method.... Manufacturing companies always meet the needs of the client, offering to make an exclusive euro cover for an individual or non-standard sofa.

As for the prices for Euro sofa covers, they depend on the shape, type, color of the upholstery, cost (the more expensive the textiles, the higher the price of the product).


Alas, cheap models are not durable. It makes no sense to buy such products if long-term operation is planned. The best savings will be the purchase of an initially high-quality accessory, which is not cheap.

Other disadvantages of eurocovers for sofas include:

  • the need for careful selection of colors to match the tone of existing interior items;
  • removal of the cover when transforming the sofa into folding, roll-out and swivel structures (does not apply to the "book" system and its analogues).


The uniqueness of the European sofa covers lies in their versatility. These are not simple covers that adorn the sofa and give it a well-groomed look. In most cases, this is the highlight of the chosen style, the accent area of ​​the room.

Buying euro covers for a sofa helps to solve a number of problems. Such a blanket:

  • Literally saves the "native" sofa upholstery from mechanical damage, abrasion, loss of color, making it attractive for a long time and protecting the texture (especially important if there are creatively minded children in the house).
  • Protects the sofa from claws and pet hair (excludes the penetration of an unpleasant odor, discourages any desire to sharpen claws on the surface of the sofa).
  • Due to the shade and size of the print, it can create a visual illusion of space and bring freshness or warmth to the room.
  • Able to make the room bright - depending on the selected color.
  • Perfectly masks problem areas of the sofa, associated with intensive use (closes dirty spots, dents, cuts, scuffs, holes, cigarette burned places).
  • Able to inspire a person to be creativeperforming important tasks.
  • Complemented by a pair of identical chair covers (poufs, chairs), will help to create a harmonious set of pieces of upholstered furniture of different design (perfectly hides the fragmentation).
  • Covers the seams of sofa parts, reducing the likelihood of injury during accidental sudden movements (relevant in models with a steel transformation mechanism).
  • Provides an aesthetic appearance to the sofa, does not slide, even if children jump on it.
  • Unobtrusively sets the style of the roomin which it is located.

Eurocovers are practical products. Due to the structure of the material used, they reliably protect the surface of the sofa from dust, not letting it inside.

Types and sizes

The type of euro cover depends on the model of the sofa. There are three categories of coatings: on straight, corner and island sofas. In each case, the product is different from other options. If for a straight model the case is symmetrical and is called universal, in the corner it is worth keeping in mind the direction of the corner side, otherwise the accessory will not fit the sofa. Corner models are divided into right-handed and left-handed.

When buying a European cover, the shape of the additional parts of the sofa matters.

The style for a corner sofa without armrests, with a ledge, ottoman is different. It can be classic, with a skirt, for a standard size, 2, 3-seater sofa. In some models, the product is voluminous.

There is a certain size scale for each type of sofa.

Even if the sellers assure that the product is dimensionless, this is not entirely true: the dimensions of a compact sofa and a spacious analogue can vary greatly. Textiles, although they stretch, are not dimensionless. By stretching too much, it can lose its elasticity very quickly.

When purchasing an accessory for a straight sofa, they usually rely on the back length indicator. If one indicator is not enough, it is worth measuring the height of the sofa from the floor to the seat, its depth, as well as the length of the armrests. For corner structures, measure the back of the corner, measure the main part.

Sizes of straight sofas range from 120 to 160 cm (double models) and 160-250 cm (triple). Corner structures differ in total length - up to 5.5 m. Knowing the size of the sofa, it will not be difficult to choose the right size of the euro cover.

When buying an accessory for a corner model, look from the front, marking the correct side of the corner.

Nuance: products with an elastic band have nothing to do with euro covers. In the second case, these are products that are held with elastic bands. Eurocovers were originally "rubberized".

Materials (edit)

In the production of such products, various textiles are used. It differs in texture, can be smooth or embossed, containing natural and artificial fibers.

Due to the composition of the material, the user will never have problems with breathing, lack of air. In addition, the material will not allow unpleasant odors to pass through, which is another advantage of such accessories.

In total, about 10 types of fabric are used for such bedspreads. The list of quality materials for sofa covers includes:

  • Microfiber - a synthetic material with high elasticity, having a good density of weaving of fibers and the softness of chinilla, capable of taking any given shape without the formation of folds, creases (looks like suede, but more dense).
  • Polyester - synthetic material with excellent practical properties, abrasion-resistant, non-pilling, excellent shape holding.
  • Jacquard - 80% cotton material with the "anti-claw" effect, the addition of elastic threads, preventing the loss of shape, volume, perfectly retaining its properties and having a characteristic feature in the form of a pattern with a three-dimensional effect.
  • Shinill - lightweight and soft textiles with high practical performance, not inferior in quality to dense and heavy counterparts.It is a noble material characterized by a plush front surface.

Pleated - smooth fabric, quite soft and pleasant to the touch, made of cotton and polyester, easy to clean. It stretches perfectly in any direction, especially in demand for the design of straight type sofas.

Jersey - one of the best types of materials for European covers, has an incredibly soft texture of medium density, pleasant and comfortable to the touch, strong enough and resistant to machine washing.

An elastic fire-resistant material with a self-extinguishing effect is also used as textiles for Eurocovers. The uniqueness of this "packaging" is that when a fire hits the material, a carbonization reaction occurs. In addition, this textile waterproof.

All materials involved in the production of European sofa covers do not wrinkle, do not deform, easily tolerate machine wash with the addition of a small amount of powder. Such features of textiles allow the cover to always look great, which is important for every home owner.


The color palette of sofa accessories-covers is multifaceted. Usually it obeys a specific style chosen: accessories are purchased to match the tone of the wallpaper, desk, table lamp shade, the color of curtains or other interior items.

Most buyers are focused on practicality, so white or creamy white is not very relevant today. Manufacturers take into account the opinions of buyers, offering them a wide range of shades - from neutral to rich. The only thing that is unacceptable is flashy tones: they are not in the lines, because poisonous paints can destroy any design idea.

Conventionally, the color palette is divided into monochromatic strict shades and more "lively" patterned ones. Those people who prefer classics and minimalism choose euro covers in light gray, chocolate, blue, sand, lemon, burgundy shades. Popular accessories include models in olive, beige, gray-blue, mint, terracotta flowers. Relevant and orange, coral, diluted coffee tones.

Connoisseurs of printed textiles have their own preferences: often their choice stops on accessories made in black-and-white, beige-gold, burgundy-cream, marsh pink, beige-brown-white, lilac-purple and other contrasts.

Choosing a style

As for the style, the euro covers fit into almost everyone. Today, their choice is wide enough, so it will not be difficult to emphasize the desired idea or set the tone of the room. Moreover, almost always, a sofa packed in a Euro cover looks appropriate. The main thing is to get into the style to ensure harmony.

The most laconic models fit quite well in the classics, minimalism style, hi-tech. The main thing is to bet on the color and texture of the material.

If a cover is needed for a country house of a summer cottage format, a product with a not very catchy print of a plant theme (country - as a tribute to folk traditions).

One of the interesting themes of room design is arabic style. In this case, the model of the cover is luxurious, complemented by frills, flounces, made of textiles rich in color with the addition of gold or silver.

East style somewhat restrained: such a cover is made mainly in muted tones of the same color, does not have unnecessary tinsel, although you can put several pieces of different colors and shapes on top of the surface.

Glamorous covers are made in shades of pink, matching pattern themes are welcome. Moreover, such covers are often complemented by fur cushions of different tones, which emphasizes the style of the hostess of the room.

Interesting accessories complement the styles neo-baroque, fusion, empire, art deco... These products look good in the room of a creative person who has his own vision of style.As a rule, in such a design, each item is unique in itself and looks quite harmonious.

The main rule of choice is not to copy a ready-made design idea: you can take it as a basis, but it is important to add something of your own. There is no need to look for an identical euro cover from the picture. You can buy what you like, because it is a successful personal choice that always gives a lot of pleasant minutes and contributes to the creation of a "native" atmosphere of the room.

How to put it on correctly?

The surest way to "dress" a sofa in a Euro cover is a pair work. In this case, there will be no skewing of the textiles, you will be able to pull it evenly. The middle of the cover is conventionally determined, then each edge is stretched to the desired length, covering the surface of the sofa. The procedure is performed on each side, securing the edges with zippers or special buttons. It is possible to pack the sofa alone, but this will take more time and effort.

How to care?

As a sofa protection, the Euro cover needs proper care. Even with careful use and rare washings, you need to know how to extend its service life. Typically, this information is indicated on the label.

As a rule, the following is written in the step-by-step instructions:

  • you need to remove the cover carefully, without sudden movements;
  • washing means one cover (separately from other things);
  • if you are going to put the product in the washing machine, you need to turn it inside out;
  • the regime should be delicate, not exceeding the temperature indicated on the label (30-40 degrees);
  • use of bleaches, softeners, conditioners is unacceptable;
  • there should be a little powder (strictly weight dosage);
  • drying is carried out in a natural way, direct sunlight must be avoided (so that the product does not burn out in the sun);
  • ironing is excluded (the iron deforms the rubber fibers, which will lead to a loss of elasticity and make the overall look of the cover untidy).

Can you do it yourself?

Nothing is impossible if you want to. Such covers are made not only by the companies themselves: this can be done by a professional craftswoman or an ordinary user, armed with the necessary information, material, sewing accessories. Moreover, it is often these bedspreads that keep in themselves a unique style, emphasizing the hobby of the hostess of the house and a particle of the soul invested in the creative process.

The most difficult thing in making a sofa cover for a sofa at home is buying the material itself, because it is difficult to find it on the free sale. Therefore, craftswomen have to look for textiles for a long time. Of course, it is somewhat inferior to a special fabric with rubber threads, but in skillful hands it can become a real masterpiece.

When choosing a fabric, it is important to consider its stretch ability. The purchased material will not fit perfectly, like a euro cover. Therefore, a knitted fabric can be used. If its density is not enough, the choice of textiles in the store is small, you can purchase a stretch. Otherwise, it all depends on the imagination and creative capabilities of the author.


Euro covers for the sofa are recognized as a good purchase, a quick way to update an old sofa. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews left on the Internet. Customers like that packing a sofa with a stylish cover does not take much time, transforms the interior of the room, and allows you to add fresh colors to the existing design.

Users who have made a purchase note that the euro covers really give the sofa a neat look, do not slip, calmly endure washing after active children's creativity, perfectly take the shape of a sofa and are distinguished by a high level of workmanship.

In some comments, users complain that the purchase of such cases via the Internet turns into a "pig in a poke". Instead of a unique accessory, they receive products of poor quality with a material that quickly loses its shape and is unstable to the formation of holds. Most often, people understand that a good euro cover for a sofa will not be cheap.

For information on how to properly put on the euro cover on the sofa, see the following video:

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