Black sofas

  1. Features of choosing a sofa in black
  2. Views and styles
  3. The size
  4. Upholstery material
  5. Where to put it?
  6. Color combinations
  7. What does the room go with?
  8. Interior ideas

Classic black will never go out of style. Furniture in this design looks expensive and solid, especially if it is made of high quality materials.

Sofas are no exception. The sleek black models look great in a variety of settings, from home to formal.

Features of choosing a sofa in black

Black sofas are distinguished by their expensive and spectacular appearance, but not all consumers decide to purchase such a piece of furniture. Many people think that such a detail in the interior will look like a real "black spot", which is strongly out of the general ensemble.

In fact, this opinion is erroneous. Black upholstered furniture looks great in a variety of interiors. It just needs to be played up correctly and supplemented with suitable details. If you do everything right, you will have a truly luxurious interior.

Such things are not suitable for rooms in which there are already a lot of dark elements. For example, against the background of dark gray or dark brown walls and a dark floor, the black sofa will visually simply disappear, and the atmosphere will become even darker.

Today, manufacturers of upholstered furniture provide consumers with beautiful and high-quality sofas with upholstery from various types of textiles, as well as leather of natural and synthetic origin. Black looks great on all of these surfaces.

Black sofas are suitable for many spaces and environments. Such pieces of furniture can be seen in ordinary residential apartments or private houses, as well as in reputable offices and organizations. For the second option, models with luxurious leather upholstery are most often chosen. Such details can highlight the success of a particular company.

Views and styles

At the moment, you can choose a beautiful and elegant black sofa for any interior. Consider several popular and attractive varieties of upholstered furniture in different styles.

  • Luxurious black sofa in loft style is a recognized attribute of status and elegance in its most striking manifestation. Such contrasting furniture can become a vibrant center of modern spaces, decorated with brick or whitewashed walls. In such conditions, both textile and leather versions look good, but a sofa with leather upholstery is more practical and durable. Models of black sofas on metal unpainted legs look harmonious. A sofa with the effect of aged leather will also be appropriate. Such a thing in the interior will surely attract attention and look ultra-fashionable.
  • A black sofa can complement a melancholic Scandinavian style. A strict model with angular shapes will look spectacular against the background of white walls.
  • Black baroque sofas have an unsurpassed design. Such pieces of furniture look aristocratic and luxurious. They can have beautiful high backs with patterned metal edging, and similarly trimmed seats and legs. For this style, leather upholstery with a textured surface is suitable. A black baroque sofa will harmoniously look in an ensemble with gold, silver, bronze, golden beige and neutral gray in the interior.
  • The black sofa can be placed in a high-tech room. Furniture can be either leather or fabric upholstered. Such models look contrasting and attractive against the background of white or light gray walls. You can add a zest to the sofa and decorate it with bright red pillows. Glass and metal parts look especially impressive in such an interior. You can place a glass coffee table in front of the luxurious black sofa and complete this set with a large metal lamp.
  • Black sofas in a classic style have no less luxurious appearance. Such models are often complemented by elements made of natural solid wood. Such details are most often found on the armrests and backrests. Classic models can be complemented by beautiful carved legs. These pieces of furniture can be placed in the living room or study. They will look harmonious in rooms decorated in light and neutral colors.
  • The black sofa is also suitable for modern minimalism. This is due to the laconicism of the classic shade, and minimalism, as you know, does not tolerate bright and flashy colors.

The size

A large black sofa can only be placed in a spacious and well-lit room. If the dimensions of the room are modest and the lighting is poor, then a large dark sofa can aggravate the situation and make the space even darker.

In large living rooms, corner L-shaped and U-shaped models look especially impressive.

Small sofas of medium size will also be appropriate. As a rule, such pieces of furniture easily fit into many layouts. Most often they are placed against a free wall in front of the TV.

A compact black sofa can be placed in a small living room or hallway. In the second case, a prerequisite is a light or even snow-white decoration of the room.

Upholstery material

For the upholstery of sofas, materials such as genuine leather, eco-leather, leatherette and various types of textiles are most often used.

  • The most durable and durable material is genuine leather. It is not subject to mechanical damage. Such upholstery looks expensive and attractive. Such a sofa will serve for a very long time and will not lose its attractiveness if you treat it carefully and carefully.
  • Cheaper sofas are upholstered in eco-leather. This synthetic material is made using genuine leather, so it is soft to the touch and has a smooth texture. Elastic eco-leather looks no worse than natural, but is so strong and durable.
  • The rougher is leatherette. Sofas with such upholstery do not withstand temperature changes. Such a negative impact can lead to cracks in the material, which cannot be eliminated.

Models of sofas with fabric upholstery are popular today. Most often used for finishing upholstered furniture:

  • ecologicaly clean cotton, which is subject to wear and tear;
  • imitating the surface of the skin arpatek;
  • soft to the touch velours, which must be regularly cleaned of dust;
  • moody but soft flock, which is prone to dirt.

Where to put it?

The black sofa looks very stylish and respectable. It can be placed not only in the living room, but also in the kitchen, dining room or austere study. A small sofa will find its place in the hallway.

Color combinations

In upholstered furniture, black can be diluted with other contrasting shades. The most common options are black and white. They are distinguished by their conciseness and style.

Black and beige models of upholstered furniture have no less sophisticated and harmonious design. Such specimens look great in different settings. The decoration of the room can be either light and bright, or calm and neutral.

Sofas look bright and attractive, the upholstery of which is made in black and purple. Such models are ideal for many modern interior styles.

Another luscious option is the black and orange sofa. This option will look bold in the interior.

If you want to buy an original sofa, then you should pay attention to the black and blue model. But it should be borne in mind that such options are able to add extra color coolness to the room, so it is recommended to combine them with decoration, furniture and decor in neutral and warm colors.

What does the room go with?

Black sofas are perfectly combined with contrasting details. For example, these can be white or red curtains, light gray floors, and dull crimson walls.

Such models of upholstered furniture can be supplemented with tables, side tables or glass shelves. Such solutions are especially attractive in light interiors.

Often, the owners put such sofas near the walls, decorated with decorative stone. Such a design solution is very interesting and modern, especially if it is played with suitable decorative elements.

The black sofa can be complemented by a large wall painting with a monochrome image. This simple tandem is very harmonious even if the room is decorated in bright colors.

Interior ideas

  1. A black sofa can be placed in a small apartment. It will look harmoniously against the background of light (white or beige) walls, as well as the floor and ceiling in similar colors. So, the room will not seem cramped. You can beat dark upholstered furniture using a decor that combines white and black shades (carpets, paintings, vases, etc.).
  2. The black leather sofa looks beautiful in an ensemble with cream and brown walls, floor, lined with laminate and a large window complemented by white curtains. A dark wooden table should be placed opposite the furniture.
  3. A chic corner sofa upholstered in black leather can be placed in a spacious living room, made in white and orange tones. Complementing the dark upholstered furniture should be a black leather ottoman and a glass table near the armrest.
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