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Factory sofas Ormatek
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Today the furniture industry offers a huge assortment of pieces of furniture for sleeping and relaxing, but sofas are still the most popular of them. This multifunctional furniture attribute will quickly transform your living room into a bedroom. A sofa is a must for any apartment. Agree that after a hard day at work, you often want to relax on a comfortable and convenient piece of furniture, so you need to choose it consciously.


Ormatek is one of the largest manufacturers of beds, mattresses and other sleep accessories in Russia. Today, thanks to the acquired 16 years of experience, she is confidently ranked among the leaders in the furniture industry. The manufacturer's assortment includes many sofas of various designs and designs. The company's mission is not just to sell its products, but to help you make your dreams of the perfect bedroom come true.

The Ormatek company offers several series of modern sofas in textile upholstery for every taste. The series of luxury sofa beds is based on the reliable and easy-to-use Othello mechanism. The sleeping place transforms with pillows and a backrest that you pull towards you. The springs of the structure allow you to lay out and assemble the sofa without any special difficulties, and due to its strength, the furniture is suitable for long-term daily use.

For a number of models, the mechanism "eurobook" is used, where the seat moves forward.

Ormatek uses velor as its upholstery material. It is one of the best textile materials for upholstery. The fabric is soft and fluffy to the touch. Furniture velor differs from other upholstery fabrics in high quality, durability and ease of care.

In the production of the company's sofas lies a series of unique Synergy mattresses. Anatomical mattresses have orthopedic properties, follow the curves of the body and reduce the load on the spine, but they support the body better and are quite soft. The Ormatek company provides customers with the opportunity to independently choose a mattress for any sofa model.

The following video will tell you more about the features and benefits of Ormatek sofas.


The company offers a wide range of mattresses and sofas in different color combinations, which will allow you to choose furniture suitable for any interior. Ormatek produces two main lines of sofas, Easy and Synergy.


The affordable range has been designed for small rooms. The advantages of this series of sofas are that the design and dimensions make it possible to transform the sofa into a comfortable bed and turn the living room into a cozy bedroom. The line includes several models in: Easy Home, Easy Light, Easy Rest. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Easy Home

Ormatek provides two types of Easy Home: Hard and Middle. Stylish, modern design of the sofa is combined with its versatility. The model has a large enough storage box under the seat, as well as removable armrests.

The size of the unfolded bed is 150x200 cm. The depth of the folded sofa reaches 100 cm. The decorative elements and sofa legs are in a standard wenge color.

The buyer can choose the color of the cushions for the back of the sofa on his own: contrasting or in the color of the entire sofa.

Easy light

Easy Light is the more sophisticated model in the entire series. There is also a large storage box under the seat, the legs are chrome-plated, the berth of the bed is made of two parts.The unfolded dimensions reach 140x205 cm, and the design makes it easy to fold and unfold the sofa.

The Easy Light and Easy Home models are based on the Eurobook transformation mechanism.

Easy rest

The trendy Easy Rest model is a sofa couch, it also has two hardness options: Soft and Hard. Moreover, you can choose the version of the design: with a headboard on the right or on the left. There are also several options for the length of the berth - 162 cm and 192 cm. The model can be placed along the wall, which significantly helps to save space in a small apartment.

The legs are chrome-plated, the main part of the sofa is made with EVS 500 spring blocks.

Each of the three models of the line will fit perfectly into a one-room or small room, and thanks to the variety of color palette, you can choose a sofa that fits into the interior.


The peculiarity of the Synergy series is that they are based on innovative anatomical mattresses. The uniqueness of the mattresses is due to their convenience, they fold together with the sofa, without losing their properties. The company produces five models within this series: Synergy Ergo, Synergy Grace, Synergy Compact, Synergy Slim and Synergy Life. At the heart of each model is the "Italian clamshell" ("Othello") mechanism.

Let's pay attention to two models of the series:

  • The most popular model is the Synergy Life multifunctional sleeping sofa... The armrests are made in the form of tabletops and are equipped with shelves on the side, where you can store books, magazines or other trifles necessary for rest. The back cushions have storage space for linen. The sofa comes with two small decorative pillows.

The dimensions of the unfolded bed can be 214x206 cm.

  • The Synergy Ergo model is also not as simple as it seems. In the armrests of the sofa there is a capacious niche where you can hide pillows and bedspreads. Three locking modes of the head restraints allow you to adjust the seating height to your height. Dimensions - 213x210 cm. The set includes one decorative pillow.

In general, the products of the Synergy line are an ideal solution for an apartment decorated in a loft or modern style.

Mattresses for sofas

Having studied the opinions of consumers, the company Ormatek has developed a special series of mattresses for sofas. When ordering a sofa, you can choose from the catalog one of three models of anatomical mattresses presented in the catalog. They differ in terms of rigidity and anatomical properties:

  • Among the models presented in the catalog there are new items: Orto Synergy Memory, Synergy Hard (medium firm mattresses), Synergy Middle (high firmness) and Synergy Soft (low firmness). All Synergy mattress models are 16 cm high and withstand a load of 110 kg. In addition to the firmness, mattresses in this series differ in the composition of the layers, which allows you to choose the perfect product.
  • In addition to the new series of mattresses, the range also includes old models: Konfy mattress is 7 cm high and can hold up to 140 kg. The Prima Plus is also 7 cm tall but can carry up to 110 kg. And finally, the Softy Plus model is 6 cm high with a load of up to 90 kg. Each of these products has medium hardness.


In general, the reviews on Ormatek products are positive:

  • Buyers note good design, comfort and functionality.
  • An important factor for modern users is the speed of order processing and delivery.
  • The company's pricing policy also caters to consumers with different budgets, ranging from affordable products to premium products.

As for the sofas, the reviews are mostly positive as well. Buyers of luxury sofas note that the quality and design of the product fully justifies its price.

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