Purple sofas

Purple sofas
  1. Peculiarities
  2. Color solutions and combinations
  3. Materials (edit)
  4. Varieties
  5. Dimensions (edit)
  6. Interior placement tips

Purple is unique in nature. The variety of shades gives incredible opportunities for non-standard interior solutions. For example, a purple sofa can add a truly unique charm to a living room, bedroom or lounge.


Violet color contains extraordinary depth, keeps secrets, is a "royal" shade, carries notes of mysticism. Perhaps we can say that pieces of purple furniture will be appreciated by passionate, sensual, self-confident people, as well as creative people who strive to keep the muse next to them. Purple brings inspiration with it.

However, for all the beauty of purple, there are significant drawbacks. It is quite difficult to correctly beat it in the interior. It is necessary to choose the right colors that will become companions, to place accents, otherwise there is a risk of getting an awkward, unattractive room instead of the desired fabulous interior.

Color solutions and combinations

When decorating a recreation area, you can safely choose the darkest purple color. In a pair, deep blue is well suited to it, which will only emphasize the luxury of the shade. Don't be afraid to add textured elements here. For example, wallpaper with an ornate golden pattern will be a great companion for a purple sofa and will add variety to your interior.

Bright and unusual purple will look in combination with turquoise or emerald. This combination will add dynamics to the living room interior.

Purple is a combination in varying proportions of red and blue. When some more white is added to them, a lilac shade is obtained. Since the lilac color is a rather calm and initially light shade of a cold undertone, you can not limit yourself in using it when decorating a room. A lilac sofa can coexist quite harmoniously with the same wallpaper and carpet, but the use of other colors will also not be superfluous.

Different shades look harmonious with the lilac color.

White is a safe bet. He will fill the room with tenderness, lightness. Lilac in combination with white will open up and give a uniquely delicate interior. A huge advantage of this combination will be that the room in these colors will seem larger and fresher. For the same purpose, you can use light gray or silver shades.

A lilac accent can liven up a living room interior in combination with yellow or pink shades. So the room will turn out bright enough, where the owners will want to return again and again.

There are also colors, in combination with which purple of any shade will look a win-win.

Black color will make the interior deeper and more noble.

The beige shade will highlight the depth of the purple color, create a feeling of tenderness and give home comfort.

Do not forget that different shades of purple are perfectly combined with each other. You can safely choose lavender or lilac pillows for a purple sofa, purple-blue will be an excellent companion for a light purple or lilac tone.

Materials (edit)

It is important to remember not only about the color itself, but also about the choice of material from which the sofa upholstery will be made. Furniture should last as long as possible, and also harmoniously fit into the overall design concept.Today the market offers a large selection of materials, different colors and textures. It is worth considering the most interesting of them:

  • Leather. The noblest and most respectable material. It has a fairly high strength and durability. It can be either matte or lacquered, embossed, with or without drawings. The disadvantages of this material can be called the high cost and difficulty in finding the right color.
  • Eco leather. In terms of quality and appearance, it is not inferior to natural leather, but it significantly wins in price and has the most extensive palette of colors. This material retains the color of the upholstery for many years, it is easy to clean and environmentally friendly. However, this material, with all its advantages, also has a significant disadvantage: it is susceptible to mechanical damage. In other words, it may be scratched.

Sofas with fabric upholstery will fit well into the classic interior of a living room or dining room. The following are the most common options:

  • Velours. A fabric that contains cotton, as well as viscose and polyester. A sofa made of such fabric will be soft and comfortable, as it has the ability to retain heat and let air through itself. Velor fabrics have an excellent ability to retain the desired shade, which promises a bright, saturated color for a long time. Of the minuses, one can single out the relatively quick wear and tear and the complexity of cleaning.
  • Velvet is a chic option. Velvet is a noble and "festive" material. This upholstery will be the perfect accent and will decorate any interior. However, you must remember that this material requires special care. Direct sunlight will quickly fade the color, and an overly soft and fuzzy texture will easily collect all house dust.
  • Tapestry. This material is used very often in the manufacture of classic style sofas. It began to be used for upholstering furniture since the middle of the XIV century. The tapestry is strong, durable, and comes in many colors and options with a variety of prints. An indisputable advantage is the special impregnation with which tapestry fabrics are processed. This keeps dirt out. The main disadvantage of such upholstery is that the color fade quickly enough.

Corduroy is also chosen. Regardless of which upholstery was chosen, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules to help keep the sofa intact for a long time:

  • use special furniture cleaning products that are suitable for a specific fabric;
  • try to protect the upholstery of the sofa from moisture;
  • protect the furniture surface from direct sunlight.


Today the market offers a large number of sofas of various shapes, colors, and purposes.

It is worth starting with the fact that all sofas are divided into two types:

  1. With a folding mechanism.
  2. Options that do not expand.

According to the type of construction, sofas are divided into three groups:

  1. Direct - the traditional type of sofas, which are standardly placed along the wall.
  2. Corner - as the name implies, these are corner sofas. Such sofas can significantly save space in the room, so they are a good solution for small spaces.
  3. Insular - sofas of this design are installed in rooms in such a way that they can be approached from any side.

Today, anatomical sofas are becoming more and more popular. This is a sofa with a folding structure that transforms into a full bed with an orthopedic mattress.

When assembled, it is a compact and comfortable sofa equipped with a sturdy mechanism. It is designed for daily unfolding.

This type of sofa is especially recommended for people with backbone diseases. This option is also great for those who suffer from insomnia.

Dimensions (edit)

Having decided on the color, upholstery material and type of sofa, you need to decide which size to choose.Of course, the area of ​​the room will greatly influence the choice, because a room completely cluttered with one sofa will look rather ridiculous.

For an average room, two sizes of sofas can be most relevant: double, the length of which is most often 130-150 cm (from different manufacturers), and three-seater - 180-190 cm.This sofa, with sufficient width, can serve as an additional berth even unfolded ...

Interior placement tips

So, the sofa is selected. Not everyone knows how to complement such furniture.

  • A purple classic-style sofa will look great if you complement the interior of the room with lavender curtains on the windows.
  • The lighter tones of the purple sofa can be successfully complemented with light white curtains.
  • With sufficient use of light shades and decor, curtains made of the same material as the sofa upholstery are appropriate.

But feng shui will tell you about the placement of pieces of furniture. Masters advise placing the sofa along the wall in front of a small table, this arrangement will contribute to the correct movement of energy flows. Taking into account the color of the sofa, such furniture will also be an excellent source for attracting good luck and financial well-being to the house.

For ideas on placing a sofa in a purple interior, see the next video.

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