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Nowadays, eco-leather sofas are very popular. This is due to their attractive appearance, which completely resembles natural leather. Such furniture is cheaper, which does not affect its quality in any way. It is worth taking a closer look at modern eco-leather sofas.

Features, pros and cons

Leather has always been and remains in fashion. It is used for a variety of purposes. Shoes, clothes, accessories and upholstery for upholstered furniture are made from it. It's no secret that this material is distinguished by its durability and noble appearance. However, not every consumer can afford a high-quality and beautiful sofa with luxurious leather trim.

The high cost is often the decisive factor that makes people refuse to buy leather furniture. Time does not stand still, and today manufacturers offer an excellent alternative.

Eco-leather largely repeats natural material and is distinguished by its elasticity and pleasant texture. According to its external characteristics, this raw material is in no way inferior to ordinary leather of natural origin.

Furniture with such a high-tech finish can be placed not only in the living room, but also in the nursery, in the kitchen, in the corridor or in the country. It all depends only on the personal preferences of the owners.

Eco-leather is a special cotton fabric with a minimum amount of synthetics. Because of this, sofas with this finish do not cause allergic reactions and are perfect not only for adults, but also for children.

The composition of eco-leather may contain natural leather and other high-quality raw materials, which are based on cellulose. The strength of the popular and inexpensive material is given by a polyurethane coating.

It is worth noting the environmental friendliness of such finishing of upholstered furniture. During the manufacturing process, eco-leather undergoes a multi-level chemical synthesis, which ensures the safety of the material and prevents the release of harmful substances during its use.

Often, consumers choose models made from eco-friendly leather not only for their spectacular design, but also for their performance. Such specimens are not subject to mechanical damage. Eco-leather is considered a breathable raw material, as it is characterized by excellent heat and air exchange. These properties ensure the durability of the product and prevent the development of various microorganisms in its inner part.

Today, many manufacturers offer a wide variety of eco-leather colors. You can choose the right option for absolutely any interior - from classic to modern.

It should be noted that eco-leather is not capricious. Its surface is easily cleaned of various stains, so sofas with such upholstery can be placed in the hallway, on the balcony or in the kitchen, where the likelihood of contamination is higher than in the living room.

However, eco-leather also has its drawbacks:

  • Instances with such upholstery are not worth buying if you have pets. Ugly marks and scratches may remain from their claws on the sofa, which cannot be removed.
  • It should be borne in mind that this material absorbs paints from other fabrics. This can be bedding or clothing. Ugly stains may appear on the upholstery of furniture, which will not be easy to remove.This is especially true for light eco-leather.
  • Eco-leather products are cold, so it is not always pleasant to sit on them. Such furniture should be supplemented with a soft blanket.
  • Many do not know whether it is comfortable to sleep on such upholstered furniture. In the cold season, you can freeze on it, and in the summer, you can stick to the eco-skin with open areas of the body.
  • Some buyers point out that the coating peels off this upholstery over time. This problem can be solved only by replacing the material.

In more detail about what eco-leather is and what properties it has, the following video will tell.


Today in furniture stores you can find a wide assortment of various sofas with eco-leather upholstery.


Some of the most popular and demanded are straight (rectangular) sofas. Such items with eco-leather upholstery will look harmonious not only at home, but also in the office or at the reception.

Such specimens do not take up much space, so they can be purchased for both spacious and small rooms.


Corner upholstered furniture is very popular today. Such models are more expensive. Often in such options there are various functional additions. Luxury products can have small bars, stereos, safes, shelves and other components. Some firms today offer customers to independently choose the desired set of sofa for themselves.

Corner models are of two types: U-shaped and L-shaped. Both of these options look attractive, and the choice of a suitable model depends on the layout and size of the room.

Often, corner sofas are equipped with several linen drawers at the bottom.

Products with a table are especially popular today. It can be located at the junction of the corner structure or occupy one of the sections.


A modular sofa with leather upholstery is multifunctional. In such designs, sections can be positioned as you like. Modular sofas are in demand today, as they can be transformed and made even more spacious at any time.

Economy sofas

If you are looking for an inexpensive economy class model, then you can turn to a compact sofa or a small two-seater model with metal legs. In these options, such additions as a folding bed or a pull-out linen drawer are extremely rare.

Without armrests

A sofa without armrests is ideal for a small room. As a rule, ordinary straight sofas are produced in this modification. Such types of upholstered furniture are especially popular among those who are tall, since nothing rests on their legs during rest.

Varieties of material

Smooth and elastic eco-leather with a texture that repeats natural material is most often used for upholstery. It has a matte and rough surface that is pleasant to the touch.

Models of sofas upholstered with quilted material look luxurious. The characteristic diamond pattern can be found only on the backrest, on the seat or on all elements. Such options are very popular today, as they look stylish and original.

With the help of such furniture, you can transform the room and give it a special chic.

A model in which special furniture nails are present at the junction of rhombuses can be a little more expensive. Such specimens look quite solid, so they can often be found in formal settings.

Carnations in such furniture are placed on the entire back area or only on its upper half.

The sofas upholstered in glossy eco-leather boast an original design. Most often, such varieties are located in offices, as they look very "expensive" and solid.

This model will perfectly replace an expensive sofa made of genuine leather.

The size

Today in furniture stores you can find sofas of various sizes:

  • The most compact are the mini sofas. They can also be finished with eco-leather. Most often, such products are placed in country houses or children's bedrooms.
  • For a small living room, a double straight sofa is suitable. Such products are often equipped with folding structures, but a more affordable non-folding option can be found.
  • The model with three and four sections is more spacious than a two-seater sofa. The length of such options most often exceeds 2, -2.5 m and can reach up to 3.5-4 m. Before buying such a model, you need to measure the room in which you are going to place it.
  • L-shaped products with an angular design are compact, although they look quite impressive. With the help of such furniture, you can significantly save free space if you put it in the corner of the room.
  • For a spacious room, a comfortable U-shaped or oval sofa is suitable. These models take up a lot of space and can accommodate 4-5 people.


Eco-leather can have absolutely any color, so you can choose the right option for any interior:

  • For several seasons in a row, an attractive light green color has been at the peak of popularity. There are different shades. Products made from light green eco-leather will harmoniously fit into the light interior, decorated in positive and sunny shades.
  • The classic beige color can be called universal. Furniture in this color will fit into many environments, from classic to futuristic. However, it should be borne in mind that the beige color is easily soiled, therefore it is recommended to use furniture of this shade with care.
  • Today sofas with brown upholstery are in great demand. A light-colored model can be placed in the living room and create a very cozy interior. Dark models with a glossy surface look more solid, they can be placed in the office.
  • Sensual and passionate people will love the red eco-leather sofa. This option is recommended to be placed in rooms made in neutral and calm colors, otherwise the interior will turn out to be too bright, and then it will annoy with its colors.
  • For a bright and positive ensemble, a yellow eco-leather sofa is suitable. Such a model will look harmonious in a well-lit room decorated in light colors.

Life time

The lifespan of the upholstery depends on how it was produced. High-quality eco-leather will serve you faithfully for 5-15 years, and its appearance will not cease to be attractive.

A hastily made material can lose its color after a few months of use.

How to choose?

The choice of eco-leather sofas today is striking in its variety. If the area of ​​the dwelling allows, then you can pick up a large corner model of a U-shaped structure. For more compact rooms, it is better to buy rectangular or L-shaped options, since they do not take up much space, but at the same time remain spacious enough.

If you want to purchase a folding model, then you should decide on the purpose for which you are going to use it. Cheaper options with simple mechanisms are suitable only for rare use and accommodation for guests who spent the night. Fold-out units with reliable systems that can be used on a daily basis are more expensive but last much longer.

The sales assistant will help you to choose this or that option.

For a home environment, you can choose any model that matches the style and color of the room's interior. If you are buying a sofa for the office, then you should take a closer look at the combined products in which eco-leather is combined with velor and wood.

How to care?

Eco-leather is unpretentious, but its service life can be extended if care is provided:

  • Special sprays can be purchased to protect the upholstery (especially light colored ones).
  • For the care of such sofas, special impregnations are sold that do not allow moisture to penetrate the material.
  • You can clean the surface from dirt with products containing ammonia, shaving foams, soapy water or alcohol-water solution.


Negative reviews about eco-leather sofas are left only by those consumers who, at the time of purchase, saved and purchased a cheap model from an unverified manufacturer. But even such models pleased buyers with an attractive appearance, which, unfortunately, was quickly lost.

Satisfied consumers who bought high-quality models note their durability and durability. Over time, these sofas do not become less attractive, cracks or scuffs do not appear on them. However, many people advise to protect such furniture from pets, as noticeable damage is left from sharp claws on eco-skin.

Many consumers were satisfied with their purchases, since they are not only beautiful, but also inexpensive, unpretentious in care.

Interior ideas

A white sofa can be placed in a living room with dark laminate flooring and coffee walls. A coffee wooden table, potted plants and a wooden bookcase will find their place around it.

A black L-shaped sofa will look spectacular against a background of white wall plaster and dark brown laminate. Complete the interior with a glass coffee table opposite, cream curtains on the windows and a white high pile floor carpet.

The red and black corner sofa can be placed against the backdrop of white walls and white carpet. The contrast should be played with black decor elements.

A gray rectangular sofa will match cream walls and a gray glossy floor., complemented by a green high-pile rug.

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