Sofa and armchairs: options for upholstered furniture sets

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Varieties
  3. Materials and sizes
  4. Manufacturers
  5. How to choose?
  6. Beautiful examples

The sofa and armchairs seem to be completely different pieces of upholstered furniture. But there are many options for kits in which they are harmoniously combined. To choose the right kit, you need to find out the main nuances.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before making a choice, you must first figure out whether upholstered furniture is needed in principle. This topic is not as simple as it might seem. The undoubted advantages of upholstered furniture are:

  • convenience;
  • external grace;
  • comfort;
  • complete relaxation and emotional tranquility;
  • mobility (due to lightness).

Among the shortcomings, one can note the large dimensions, which is not always acceptable for small rooms.

Frameless furniture, in turn, boasts an excellent level of security - the absence of corners and rigid parts avoids injuries. Changing or washing the cover makes it possible to almost completely get rid of dirt. The service life of modern upholstered furniture is not inferior to cabinet counterparts. There is only one minus - the filler will gradually shrink, and the shape is lost at the same time. However, adding new portions of it solves the problem.


The transforming sofa is very popular. It is perfect for a small apartment. During the day it is used to sit, and as night approaches, it is laid out like an ordinary bed. But a folding chair can successfully perform the same function. It differs:

  • significant convenience;
  • a wide variety of options;
  • practicality;
  • reliability.

Folding chairs make it easy to organize space even in a small room. Such furniture will allow you to receive suddenly arrived guests. Or just relax with a magazine, tablet, book in the evenings. Folding chairs are usually divided into the following subspecies:

  • "Dolphin" (characterized by increased reliability and suitable for daily use);
  • "Eurobook";
  • Tick-tock;
  • sliding;
  • "book";
  • "Click-gag";
  • ottoman-transformer;
  • semi-chair.

The chair-bed also deserves attention. It often has a small (0.7 m) width. This design is ideal for a small room. An armchair without armrests allows you to lengthen the sofa seat. True, you will have to carefully choose the design of the upholstery.

Chair-beds can also be placed in the children's room, while they can withstand significant loads. Some of these models look like very large toys. The combination with a sofa is quite justified: children will be able to sit during the day and sleep at night. Larger armchair beds are appropriate in living rooms and bedrooms; they usually have wooden armrests where you can put or put:

  • books;
  • cups;
  • consoles;
  • glasses of water and the like.

Often they choose a set of upholstered furniture consisting of 2 armchairs and an accordion-type sofa. The pre-assembled set helps prevent inconsistencies between parts of the headset. Another advantage of the kit is the visual weighting of the space in large rooms, where there is an unreasonable amount of free space. There are a number of reasons to choose a sofa accordion. The essence of such a transformation mechanism is very simple:

  • there are locking hinges between the three sections;
  • backrest consists of 2 sections;
  • the seat occupies a third of the entire sofa (by area);
  • it folds and unfolds like accordion bellows (hence the name).

But can be combined with a sofa and an orthopedic chair with a sleeping place... Rather, the orthopedic effect will be provided by an additional mattress. It is purchased at the same time as the furniture, because this is the only way to achieve compatibility. Improving the spine and joints is extremely important for both adults and children. It is noted that it is easier to fall asleep on an orthopedic mattress; market research also shows that it is optimal in a small space.

Chairs with orthopedic effect can have a variety of folding mechanisms. Engineers and doctors are constantly working on their improvement. It should be noted that sofas can also be orthopedic. If this option is chosen, then you can buy the simplest chair in execution. Important: orthopedic functions are not a joke; it is highly advisable to select furniture with such effects after consulting a doctor, so as not to worsen the state of health.

Orthopedic sofas can have a spring or springless base. And in the first case, there are two more options: with a clear relationship of all springs and with autonomous springs. It is believed that the independent work of the support parts is healthier. The demand for the corresponding models is greater, and therefore there are many options. There is, however, a difference in the level of support:

  • soft sofa (no more than 60 kg);
  • moderately hard (up to 90 kg, relieves stress and reduces fatigue);
  • hard (recommended for children and those with back problems).

Frameless armchairs can be combined with both an orthopedic and a traditional sofa. They stand out for their unusual appearance. Moreover, such furniture is extremely comfortable and allows you to enjoy your vacation at any time. For your information: it also has other names - beanbag, bean bag chair. Inside a leather or cloth bag there may be:

  • beans;
  • buckwheat husk;
  • polyvinyl chloride granules;
  • expanded polystyrene.

The geometry of the chair and its filling are selected individually, in accordance with personal ideas about comfort. In most cases, removable covers are used to simplify cleaning and tidying up. The frameless chair is comfortable and safe. Some covers are hydrophobic and repel dirt, so the chair can even be used separately in the open air, in nature.

But even more traditional models of armchairs and sofas can look unusual. First of all, because some of them are made without armrests. Such furniture is compact and practical, while being very roomy. A medium-sized straight sofa without armrests can easily accommodate 3-4 people. In addition, extra space is very important for a good night's sleep.

The set of upholstered furniture can also include corner sofas. Most often they are in the form of letters:

  • U-shaped - ideal for a large room;
  • C-shaped - visually dominant and forcing to shape the environment in the room accordingly;
  • L-shaped - the sides of the sofa can have either the same or different lengths.

Layout mechanisms are used in corner sofas:

  • "Eurobook";
  • "pantograph";
  • "accordion";
  • "Dolphin".

It is appropriate to complete the review of the composition of upholstered furniture sets on "book" sofas. It is this folding mechanism that is phenomenally popular, despite the emergence of more modern alternatives. The advantages of such a structure are obvious:

  • simplicity and intuitive clarity;
  • ease of manipulation;
  • increased reliability of the mechanism;
  • the comfort and convenience of the sofa itself;
  • effective protection of the floor (it will not be abraded by constantly moving legs, wheels).

Materials and sizes

Among the materials of upholstered furniture, upholstery deserves special attention. It is often (and completely undeservedly) neglected. After all the quality of the cladding determines both the resistance of the structure to wear, and the duration of its use, and external grace... It is with the choice of texture and color that the selection of upholstery materials should begin. Important: it makes no sense to use fabrics with a density of less than 0.2 kg per 1 sq. m.

The so-called Turkish jacquard is very popular. It is a premium fabric in 4 different colors. Textiles of this brand do not provoke allergies and do not absorb dust. Also noteworthy:

  • tapestry "Decortex";
  • Turkish chenille Katar;
  • Korean microfiber Refresh;
  • Stella synthetic leather with pearlescent sheen.

Solid wood of various species is often used as the basis for upholstered furniture. But you need to understand that all wooden elements are quite expensive. Even their excellent practical qualities do not always justify the high price. The opposite extreme is a chipboard product: it is the cheapest, but too unreliable and impractical. Particle board will not be able to withstand heavy loads.

Plywood turns out to be a little better. High quality plywood blocks will not deform under normal conditions. The frame will be denser and more stable made of chipboard. The metal is as reliable and durable as possible. However, its weight will make it very difficult to carry the sofa.


When choosing a set of upholstered furniture, you should pay attention to products of factories in Italy... They have long known a lot about modern and aesthetically pleasing furniture. Italian factories assemble their products with high quality, and then they are easily combined with other furnishings. True, you will have to pay a lot for goods from Italy. But all products are completely worth the money paid. It is there that the main fashion trends for sofas and armchairs around the world are set.

    And one more fact: 1 out of every 5 pieces of furniture on our planet is made by Italian craftsmen. Almost all products supplied from the Apennine Peninsula look sophisticated and add sophistication to the room. At the same time, ultra-modern technologies are actively used, which made it possible to significantly increase production efficiency. In the descriptions of Italian upholstered furniture, attention is paid to:

    • the use of strictly natural materials;
    • sheathing with good-quality fabrics;
    • variety of design schemes.

    The most prestigious suppliers are:

    • Tonin casa;
    • Keoma;
    • Relotti;
    • Porada.

    Quite a few people, trying to save money, go shopping in IKEA... The furniture sold there has only one significant flaw - you will have to collect the purchased goods yourself. Some people even have to hire craftsmen additionally to solve their problem. But IKEA products are diverse in composition. You can always choose stylish and comfortable models from the assortment.

    IKEA furniture is functional. Quite a few models are equipped with storage modules. The selection of additional accessories is not too difficult, because there are a lot of them in the catalogs of the Swedish company. It is easy to complement both a sofa and an armchair with covers, pillows. Since IKEA furniture is assembled in a series, the choice is further simplified. Some people prefer the products of Turkish factories. Among them, the Bellona brand is especially distinguished, which supplies a wide variety of furniture. Sofas and armchairs are suitable for children and teenagers Cilek brands. Also noteworthy are the brands:

    • Dogtas;
    • Evidea;
    • Istikbal;
    • Kilim;
    • Marmara Koltuk.

    How to choose?

    First of all, you need to take into account the features of a particular room. In the kitchen, you should choose upholstered furniture with waterproof upholstery. For the living room, this is not too important. But in any case, it is necessary to assess the wear resistance of a particular material. It will only be possible to find a suitable option in large company stores and shopping centers. Even there, certificates of quality and conformity will have to be required. It is very good if a cover is included with a sofa or armchair. It must be selected primarily according to its aesthetic characteristics (color, texture). Important: you will have to take into account financial constraints. But you shouldn't chase cheapness unnecessarily.The most affordable furniture options invariably "please" with quality. When the price level is determined, you need:

    • choose the material of the frame or stop at frameless models;
    • choose a filler;
    • decide on the dimensions of chairs, sofas and their style.

    Beautiful examples

    Two gray-brown armchairs with graceful ornamentation on the upholstery look very good in this version. They blend harmoniously with a discreetly colored rectangular sofa. Bright floral pillows are perceived well. All products are perfectly combined with a squat table. The overall desaturated style of the room is diluted with luscious curtains.

    Fans of radical experiments will like a set of red furniture more. This photo shows how beautifully it blends with the light background in the room. The snow-white rug seems to connect all parts of the composition to each other. Thanks to him, as well as the dull woody color of the floor, the furniture loses the excess of emotional aggressiveness. Designers skillfully used the play of light. In general, the collection leaves a pleasant impression.

    For information on how to choose the right sofa and armchairs, see the next video.

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