Options for using a gray sofa in the interior

  1. The effect of gray tones on a person
  2. Shade options
  3. Combination with other colors
  4. In what styles is it appropriate?
  5. Use in different rooms
  6. Successful examples

Gray is preferred by those who like restraint and sophistication, modesty and grace. If we talk about the color scheme in the design of an apartment or a house, then a gray shade can be suitable for any room. It is used as a base color for walls, floors, ceilings or doors. Curtains or decorative elements are often chosen in dark shades. Upholstered furniture made in gray color always looks advantageous.

As you know, in any interior it is important not to overdo it with flowers. A gray sofa is considered a neutral piece of furniture. It easily interacts with other bright and eye-catching elements. Gray is combined with all kinds of cold shades, emphasizing the pleasant look of warm colors. It allows colors to play with each other against its background, to reveal or, on the contrary, to soften their brightness.

The effect of gray tones on a person

Astrological experts associate gray with the image of Saturn. This is the name of the famous ancient Roman god of time. In mythology, he has the appearance of a just judge, able to cleanse our souls from all kinds of dirt. As a consequence, the meaning of gray lies in restraint, just intentions, and the path to spiritual balance.

The gray color is located somewhere on the border of black and white, that is, we can say that it “feels” itself somehow split, and even a stranger.

People who choose shades of gray in their clothes or in the interior are always ready to go ahead, but for some reason it doesn't work out for them, something always stops them.

A person of this nature is able to show vivid emotions, but he is absolutely sure that now is not the right time for this. He is inaccessible, and even closed, but later it turns out that this is only a protective mask. Inside it is strong and hardy, it has an unprecedented potential and incombustible energy. Business people prefer gray color, they do not want to attract undue attention to themselves and distinguish themselves from the crowd.

Speaking specifically about the interior and color solutions that can be chosen, then gray can certainly be called one of the most versatile. Depending on the chosen shade and combination with other interior items, gray color can bring lightness into the room or, on the contrary, some heaviness, make the room light, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, or, conversely, darken the space.

It all depends on the chosen "neighbors", that is, on other pieces of furniture and decor.

Shade options

Professional designers simply do not have a perfect formula, following which, you can create a unique interior. Each room has its own so-called recipe, and each person decides for himself what style to live in.

Here, undoubtedly, shades play an important role, which together create a harmony of color and taste.

For example, light gray at first glance it resembles a white one, which is a little "dirty", but this does not make it worse. Light gray soothes emotions, balances the senses and enriches us with harmony.

Dark shade of gray somewhat burdens the atmosphere around. It seems to slow down the processes of excitation, does not give energy to space.It expresses the struggle of the reasonable and the clear with something disturbing and incomprehensible.

Between the light and dark shades of gray stands the one that vaguely resembles silver. He seems to want to get out into freedom and illuminate the world with his light. It penetrates everywhere and frees space from the shackles of dark shades. Silver is able to make a person think more colorfully, imagine something incredible.

Combination with other colors

Combining a gray sofa with objects of other shades is quite simple, because gray is a representative of a basic, universal palette. Against its background, you can create a truly unique interior, listening to your own instinct. Let's consider some popular options for combining with gray.

Furniture sets that were in demand several years ago, when the sofa and armchairs have the same color, today look outdated and are no longer so popular.

Combinations of different shades of different pieces of furniture now look more impressive.... For example, you can take a gray sofa as a basis, and select chairs and all kinds of poufs in other colors, brighter and more juicy.

You can give preference to blue, green, purple pillows, which are comfortably located on a dark sofa. The adjacent gray sofa and small orange couches look especially stylish. One of the most popular is the shade called "red orange".

For a more discreet interior, you should pay attention to the combination of white, gray and black. In this case, the walls are decorated in light white shades, the furniture is chosen dark, almost black, and the sofa is gray.

It is worth noting that in such a situation it is important that the room has good lighting, only then it will not look dark and inconspicuous.

It is worth giving preference to beige or brown shades with extreme caution. Recently, they have become too often used in the interior. Consequently, they may look a little "hackneyed".

If you look at decor options with a gray sofa on the Internet, then perhaps the most common images will be images where dark furniture is combined with bright pillows, usually blue or orange. Decor items are selected in the same shades. For example, all kinds of vases, photo frames, and even boxes for storing household items. These options look really stylish. In addition, if you suddenly get tired of one color, you can easily change it to another, simply by buying pillows of a different palette, and leaving the sofa the same.

In what styles is it appropriate?

The gray sofa is a favorite when choosing furniture for high-tech style. It is discreet, versatile and practical.

Often it is simple and tasteful, without unnecessary details, has a standard shape and is suitable for almost any room.

Moreover, if the main material for the sofa is leather, it looks even more elegant.

Retro is a style in the interior that is constantly gaining momentum. And here the gray sofa will be more appropriate than ever. It looks advantageous against the background of bright wallpaper with a contrasting pattern or large print. The chrome-plated vases and lamps, frames and figurines characteristic of the retro style will be in perfect harmony with the gray sofa.

V classics the graphite sofa is a sophisticated addition to the sublime style of its surroundings. Most often, a similar color of the sofa is used here when the furniture is made in black and white.

Designers advise to complement it with pillows made of satin fabric and endowed with graphic designs.

In style Art Deco the gray sofa will sparkle with completely new, warm colors, because a voluminous and multifunctional lighting system is provided here. And items with gilding or with a silver effect will give the interior elegance and nobility.

The mouse-colored sofa is literally made for Scandinavian style, where light shades prevail most often.Against its background, the main features of such an interior will look good: as much natural light as possible, furniture in light colors, restraint and simplicity of forms.

Loft - another modern design, the main emphasis in which is often placed on the walls.

Against a brick background, a gray sofa made of fabric or leather will look extremely stylish.

It will emphasize the beauty of the main interior details and will be an excellent addition to the overall style.

Use in different rooms

Obviously, the most common reason for the need for a sofa is interior arrangement. living room... A gray sofa can be a great helper for you. Velor or leather sofa, corner or straight - it's up to you.

However, here it is important to pay attention to the general style of the hall so that each piece of furniture is in harmony with the other.

For example, on a similar sofa, you can successfully place turquoise pillows, and to match them with a similar fabric for curtains. This kind of combination will always play into your hands.

Select a gray sofa for bedrooms - also a sheer pleasure, so to speak. It will fit into almost any interior as a background for accents on decor items or as the main element of space. Here you can choose a small couch by placing it near the bed. Or give preference to a sofa bed. Then the presence of a soft headboard will be useful.

Successful examples

A simple and discreet interior option with a gray sofa. It is important to pay attention here that a lot of natural light enters the room and the furniture is made in light colors. Consequently, the room appears light, despite the fact that there are dark colors in it.

The following image shows the Scandinavian style, when the gray sofa is diluted with restrained and at the same time bright decor items. Against the background of white walls, the furniture takes on a completely different shade, and gives the room more space and comfort.

The interior of the next living room is diluted with orange shades. Note that the surrounding space is designed in discreet shades of gray and brown. The sofa is also upholstered in gray fabric. However, the room does not seem dull at all. This is influenced by the selected pouf, pillows and other decorative elements.

Gray sofa in a bright and spacious room. It does not seem sullen as it is adorned with white and blue pillows for an uplifting mood. A bright painting in the same colors dilutes the overall impression and makes the interior even more sophisticated.

Refined and "darkened" interior, dominated by gray colors. The sofa and other furniture, walls and floor - everything is done in dark shades, but this makes the room even cozy. The colors are chosen so that each of them complements the other, they are ideally combined with each other. Consequently, we do not have the impression of a certain "dullness" of the interior.

You can see other interior designs with a gray sofa in this video.

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