Sofas without armrests

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Upholstered furniture plays an important role in the arrangement of living rooms. It allows you to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Sofas without armrests are a good choice for the embodiment of various interior styles, since they have many advantages.

Features and Benefits

Fashionable sofas without armrests are characterized by practicality. They are often chosen by owners of small dwellings, as they are characterized by spaciousness.

A small rectilinear sofa can accommodate several people at once. Unfolded sofas with folding mechanisms form a comfortable sleeping place for two. Models without armrests do not clutter up the room space, provide freedom of movement. The absence of side walls allows you to create a spacious place for a night's sleep.

Corner models are in great demand, since large sofas create a visual effect of empty space. Angular mini sofas are often used in kitchens. Upholstered kitchen furniture often includes a spacious drawer for storing a variety of small items.

The main advantages of sofas without armrests:

  • Versatility - sofas without side panels are great for different rooms. They can be installed in the living room, study, nursery, bedroom or kitchen.
  • Saving space - due to the absence of armrests, the room visually looks more spacious.
  • Stylish design - a wide range of models allows you to find beautiful upholstered furniture that will emphasize the style direction and fit perfectly into the interior of the room.
  • Visual lightness - the model without sidewalls is suitable for small rooms. Often, buyers prefer corner sofas because they look more compact.
  • Low injury risk - if the family has small children, then a sofa without armrests guarantees a high level of safety, since they will not be at risk of injury.

A sofa without armrests is often called a slipper. It has a straight shape. Due to the absence of side backs, it can be placed in a small room. Manufacturers have taken care of the comfort of using such a sofa, and use built-in pillows in the design.

Types and models

Sofas without armrests are produced by many manufacturers of upholstered furniture, since they are in great demand. Factories create a huge assortment of models. They differ depending on the material of the frame, the type of filler, color, shape of the legs, as well as in appearance.

Traditionally, sofas are divided into three groups: straight, corner and island.

  • Straight sofa is the most popular... The depth of the seat may vary as it depends on the presence or absence of an integrated folding mechanism. Sofas without a transformation mechanism have a depth of about 60 cm. Such models are usually presented on metal legs, they look elegant and unusual.
  • Corner models without backs are available in various sizes. Among their wide range of models, you can find a decent option for both a spacious living room and a small children's room. Compact sofas with an ottoman are L-shaped.

A corner sofa with a dolphin or eurobook transformation system is ideal for sleeping.The berth usually has dimensions of 1950x2100 mm or 1400x1600 mm. Large options are presented in the form of modules, so they are suitable for a comfortable location for more than three people.

The corner sofa in the living room is often used as a guest sofa. It does not take up much space, and, if necessary, turns into a soft and spacious sleeping place.

  • For large rooms, many buyers purchase island models, since it is rational to place them in the center of the room.... Such models usually have an elegant, decorated back wall at the back, so they look advantageous from all sides. Low back models are in high demand. Sofas with a high backrest are best placed against a wall.
  • A narrow sofa is often used for small spaces so as not to interfere with free movement. Many models of narrow sofas are equipped with transformation mechanisms, so they can be used for a good night's sleep.

Transformation mechanisms

Modern sofas without armrests are often equipped with transformation mechanisms so that they can be used not only for a daytime pastime, but also for a night's sleep.

  • The sofa-book on a metal frame is very popular among sofas without side walls. To unfold it, you need to raise the seat a little, and then gently lower it. Assembling the sofa is also quick and easy.
  • To protect the flooring from scratches or marks from legs or rollers, it is worth taking a closer look at a mechanism called "pantograph" or "tick-tock". To unfold the sofa, it is enough to slightly raise the seat up and forward, and gently place it on the floor.
  • The "click-gag" mechanism has received such an unusual name due to the sound that it emits during transformation. The main advantage of a sofa with such a mechanism is that the back can be positioned in three positions: lying, sitting and half-sitting. Such models can be bought for small apartments.
  • A sofa with a Eurobook mechanism does not require much transformation. It is enough to pull the seat towards you and lower the backrest to the vacant seat. How to do this can be seen in the video below.

Materials (edit)

Modern upholstered furniture manufacturers use a variety of materials to create original and stylish designs. Sofas without armrests can be presented both on metal and wooden frames.

Upholstery plays an important role, since it is responsible for the appearance of the product. It should be well cleaned and durable, even with daily use.

Leather sofas without side backs look elegant and effective. Manufacturers often use artificial leather as an upholstery product. Leatherette is a high quality material that does not require much maintenance. It harmoniously combines excellent quality and affordable price.

Leatherette is used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture, as it is resistant to abrasion and reusable bends, as well as draping ability.

Sofas without armrests are often made from eco-leather. This material has a porous structure that perfectly permeates air and maintains temperature, which has a positive effect during a night's sleep. Eco-leather can be easily cleaned of any kind of dirt. It is presented in a wide range of colors, which allows you to choose colors that will perfectly fit into the interior design.

A spring block made of dependent or independent springs, as well as molded polyurethane foam, can be used as a filler for a sofa without armrests. Each option has its advantages, so the choice is completely individual.

Dimensions (edit)

Upholstered furniture companies produce sofas without armrests in various sizes. Buyers can choose from compact or large options. The choice of product dimensions largely depends on the size of the room where it will be located.

Small sofas are usually designed for 2 or 3 people, and large structures are designed to comfortably accommodate 4 or more people.

On average, a straight sofa is 80 cm deep. Spacious models can be 115 cm deep. The 140 cm wide model is the most common option for small apartments. It can be equipped with various transformation mechanisms.

For a spacious bedroom or living room, a sofa without sidewalls 170 cm wide is ideal. This size will allow you to comfortably fit together during sleep after the sofa has been transformed into a sleeping place.

Large sofas with a width of 190 cm are the perfect choice for a spacious living room. They are represented by a wide range of models. You can choose a corner option or a transforming sofa. The choice of the model is greatly influenced by the purpose of the upholstered furniture.


When choosing a color scheme for upholstered furniture, it is worth starting from the style direction of the interior of the room, since each style dictates its own rules.

  • To embody minimalism, white, gray or black sofas without armrests are perfect.... Furniture of a natural shade will ideally fit into the country style. The sofa is available in yellow, green, brown or beige.
  • If your living room is made in a luxurious empire, rococo or baroque style, then you should take a closer look at decorated models that use burgundy, brown, white, blue or golden tones.
  • The well-known Art Nouveau style is usually complemented by upholstered furniture of unusual shapes. When choosing a color, you should take a closer look at the upholstery in ivory or snow-white, beige or golden shades. The sofa in red, black or white with a straight design will perfectly fit into a hi-tech interior.


Accessories play a huge role when choosing a sofa without armrests, as they set the tone for the product. Soft pillows or a luxurious cape can completely change the color scheme of the sofa.

Since sofas without armrests lack side backs, it is often supplemented with decorative pillows. They can be built into the product design or not. Bright pillows will become the highlight of the model, complement it with new colors and shades.

A sofa cover is very important because it protects the product from all kinds of dirt and also decorates it. You can easily remove it for cleaning and put it back on the sofa. Changing the cape will even allow you to change the interior, without having to change the sofa itself.

Where to put?

Beautiful, fashionable and attractive sofas without armrests can be used to decorate different rooms. They are found not only in homes, but also in restaurants and offices. Organizations and companies often buy leather sofas without armrests for comfort while working.

Sofas without side backs are characterized by a laconic design, so they can be used for small or spacious living rooms. The corner option is the perfect choice for the kitchen, but remember that it needs to be durable, functional and easy to clean.

For a nursery, you should choose a simple and reliable sofa. The absence of armrests will protect the child from possible blows. The transformation mechanism will quickly transform a compact model and a spacious sleeping place.

The model without armrests is the most demanded for the hallway. If the corridor is small, then a narrow version can be ordered.

Stylish ideas in the interior

A cozy and charming lounge-style sofa with a sleek shape and bright details that are presented in the form of pillows. The model stands on a metal frame that also serves as legs. Bright fabric upholstery is sure to appeal to creative people.

A luxurious black leather sofa without armrests will decorate the interior in different styles. Metal, massive legs add elegance and richness.


Before buying a sofa without armrests, many buyers think about its comfort. They are confused by the fact that during sleep the pillows are not fixed and can slide to the floor. But this judgment is erroneous - it all depends on how you sleep.

All owners of a sofa without armrests say that it is very convenient and comfortable to be on it. Decorative pillows add originality and uniqueness to the models. A wide selection of models, colors, materials and a transformation mechanism allows you to choose both an economical option and an expensive model.

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