Children's corner sofa: types and selection rules

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The decoration and design of furniture for children is constantly being improved. Angular sofas are gradually gaining popularity in the children's segment. It is important to figure out what they are. How to choose the best option for your child?

Features and Benefits

The children's corner sofa helps to make the best use of the children's room. Along with this, such furniture is distinguished by a number of other important functions. The popularity of such structures in European countries is steadily growing, now this process has affected our country as well. Corner-format furniture fills in empty corners, helping to expand the play area. It is also important that the distribution of the room's territory into functional and visual areas is most efficient.

Corner transformers allow you to change the mode from day to night, so children can spend most of the day on the couch and sleep on the bed at night. The shape of the letter G provides the largest number of seats. But there are other options, the selection of which is determined by the size of the room. There are also composite structures that allow you to diversify the interior in the house as much as possible. For the manufacture of the frame, an array of wood is most often taken, and the upholstery of most models is formed from flax or cotton.

Comfortable soft zones fill previously useless empty corners. As practice shows, such sofa models are more convenient than completely direct analogs. And this is not just a sofa or a bed, because inside there is also a compartment for storing linen. Some of the developments are also equipped with tables and other accessories. Despite the difference between the models for adults and for children, the design schemes are approximately the same. There are five main options:

  • accordion;
  • cot;
  • roll-out products;
  • European format books;
  • hypertransformers.

How to choose?

The hypertransformer is different in that almost any part can be folded and folded. The backrests adjust the incline level. As a result, children sit or recline as they choose, anywhere on the sofa. It is the working mechanism that should be given priority attention. Upon reaching a certain age, children must already independently cope with the sleeping mechanism. Therefore, when buying, you need to check whether it is safe, whether it is really simple and convenient to use.

There are other nuances as well. So, some types of folding mechanism are suitable for those who are keen on games, while others are for those who will mostly sleep on the couch. In terms of stability, sofas in the shape of the letter L are unmatched, but still it is worth carefully studying the features of each model. Even minor sharp points and uneven places are categorically unacceptable.

The choice for linen and cotton upholstery is justified by their safety. But such matter is easily wiped off. Therefore, some experts advise choosing sofas upholstered with tapestry. As for the color scheme, too bright colors are contraindicated even for girls. Excessively saturated gamut needs to be softened. Pastel tones help to visually enlarge the room.

If you can't buy a sofa of the desired color, you can simply supplement it with a suitable bedspread.

The size of the corner sofas is matched to the height of the children who will use them. But this is not the only point that needs to be taken into account. You should definitely figure out how the sofa will be located in relation to the door, whether it will be on the right or on the left.The longest segment is limited to 1.5 m. But in most models, the length does not exceed 1 m. The proportion of 190x80 cm is widespread. Design structures are characterized by completely different dimensions. On an industrial scale, furniture is made in the form of toys, pets and wild animals, houses, cars, and more.

A modular corner sofa is relatively rare in children's rooms. Such furniture is mainly used for furnishing halls and offices.

But the monolithic format, where the main part is well connected to the corner lobe, is ideal for children. These sofas are simpler and more stable than other designs. The purchase of transformers is recommended primarily for small houses and apartments.

In interior design

In most cases, corner sofas are placed in narrow rooms. The elongated nursery can be improved by changing the color and external texture of the walls. Defining the zonal structure requires either complementing the chosen design or following the principle of contrast. Corner sofas are often designed to look like a car. Such furniture is painted mainly in red, blue and white tones.

Children who are passionate about romance prefer a nautical style. In this case, the room will be transformed into a cabin of an old sailing ship or steamer of the 19th century. In such an interior, wood is actively used, false windows can be used. Corner sofas should then be transformable, the choice of other models is permissible only in consultation with a professional designer. Only he will understand all the intricacies.

There are children who are not inspired by either the caravel or the fast-moving car. Then you can think about the country style.

Sofas decorated in floral motives, as well as decorated with images of animals, will perfectly fit into it. As an addition, racks and wicker baskets are widely used. Of course, you can also prefer a completely original solution.

Additional recommendations

When the inhabitants of the nursery are of both sexes, it is advisable to choose animalistic motives and other universal subjects. When choosing a sofa equipped with retractable storage compartments, it is necessary to clarify whether they are equipped with finger protection. Soft armrests provide sufficient safety. It is very important that there are no details that go beyond the contour.

Among the folding structures, the best ones are those equipped with rubberized wheels. Such supports exclude deformation of the floor covering, even with active use. When choosing a sofa for young children, you should focus on models with double-sided sides. There are even versions that "rise" as the child grows - then it will not take longer to buy new copies. The European “book” and the “click-and-gag” format are unfolded without using the lower parts, so such versions should be chosen in rooms with particularly fragile floors.

To save space, a combination of a sofa with an attic bed can also be used. In this case, a couple of small sofas are sometimes placed, opposed to each other. This furniture is also often equipped with storage compartments. The height of the children's sofa should not be large, because the threat of falling has not been canceled. But you also need to remember that it is undesirable for children to constantly lift their heads to look at the TV or out the window.

For information on how to choose a sofa for a children's room, see the next video.

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