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The sofa is an important detail that sets the tone for the room. Today on the upholstered furniture market there is a huge variety of beautiful and functional options for every taste and budget. One of the most common and popular are straight sofa models.


Most often, straight sofas have compact dimensions, so they can be placed not only in spacious rooms, but also in rooms with a very modest area. The depth of the seats in such products directly depends on the transformation mechanism (if any). As a rule, this figure is 70-120 cm.

It should be noted that these types of upholstered furniture look great not only at home, but also in offices, cafes or entertainment venues. The most successful options for such conditions are straight sofas upholstered in beautiful leather of different colors. It can be both natural and artificial.

One of the most popular are straight sofas with a transform function. Such instances are complemented by various mechanisms with the help of which simple living room furniture turns into a full-fledged sleeping place.

There are many types of folding and sliding mechanisms. Such systems differ from each other in operational characteristics and service life. For example, if you need a straight sofa to accommodate overnight guests, you can buy a cheaper option with less sturdy structures. If you are going to use an extra bed regularly, then it is better to buy a more expensive product with reliable and durable mechanisms.

Modern manufacturers provide buyers with a variety of models of upholstered furniture. You can choose the right option for any style and interior.


Many different straight-design sofas can now be found in furniture stores.

  • The charming sofas without armrests boast a soft and cozy design. As a rule, such models are compact in size, so they are often placed in hallways or small children's rooms. The main advantage of such models is their absolute safety. You will not hit or trip over such furniture. Very often, families with small children turn to these types of sofas.
  • Soft sofas with wooden armrests look solid and expensive in the interior. They can be placed not only in the living room, but also in the study. The armrests can be made entirely of wood or have a wooden top. Such parts are stronger and more durable. If the sides of the sofa are made of natural wood, then from time to time it is recommended to treat them with special protective agents that give the material additional wear resistance. Without proper care, these armrests can lose their original appearance.
  • Many consumers today prefer trendy straight sofas with one armrest. They have an interesting appearance that looks great in modern interior styles. Most often, owners of tall stature turn to such furniture. You can settle down on such an unusual sofa after a hard day at work. To support the neck and head, one armrest is suitable, nothing prevents you from calmly stretching your legs and relaxing.
  • Straight sofas with a high back boast a truly royal performance.Such pieces of furniture can be made in both classic and modern styles. The first option will harmoniously fit into the interior with a predominance of wooden details and elaborate decorative elements. More modern models are suitable for simple and cozy living rooms. We must not forget that such types of upholstered furniture are larger in size, since they have a large back. For a hallway or kitchen, such sofas are unlikely to work.
  • Straight models with a pouf are very convenient and comfortable. As a rule, such an addition is made in the same style as the sofa itself. Ottomans are most often placed at the right or left edge, opposite the seats. Often they put their feet on the ottoman, but, of course, you can use it for other purposes - it all depends on the personal preferences of the owner of the sofa.
  • The sofas with shelves are multifunctional and modern. They can store books, magazines and other useful things. Many people set up a small side bar on the shelves. Shelves are most often built into high armrests on the right and left sides (or only on one side). They can take up the entire armrest or half of it. As a rule, the shelves are open, but in furniture stores you can also find models with doors that cover the contents of these small storages.
  • A model of a straight sofa with a pull-out bar will cost more to the buyer. Such details are built into the armrests and you can access their contents by pushing the bar forward. Such multifunctional models of upholstered furniture have been popular for many years. Leather sofas with a built-in bar look especially luxurious and aristocratic.
  • Sofas with an ottoman have excellent performance characteristics. Large three-seater sofas are often fitted with this detail. The ottoman is located on the left or right side of the sofa. Such a part is attached to the main frame, which makes it an integral part of the overall structure. If the sofa is folding and has an extra bed, then the ottoman remains static. As a rule, it does not slide forward or unfold. Often there is a spacious compartment under the seat of the ottoman for storing linen and other necessary things.
  • Models with headrests have been in great demand lately. On the upper part of the backs of such sofas there are comfortable and dense cushions on which you can rest your head. With such additions, the seated person's neck will not hurt or get tired even after watching TV for a long time.
  • The sofas without pillows have a modern and laconic design. They look great in loft, high-tech, modern or Provence interiors. They can be supplemented with a beautiful cover that matches the overall ensemble of the room. These models are equipped with both high and low backs.
  • Compact sofas without pillows and armrests look interesting. Such types of furniture look especially impressive in small-sized premises, as they have a light and non-bulky appearance.
  • Standard sofas with legs (thin, medium or thick) are tall. These parts can be made of painted or chromed metal, as well as wood. The latter are often very beautiful, carved, but products with similar details are suitable only for classic interiors.
  • Some of the most comfortable sofas are those with an independent spring block. Often in such options there is an orthopedic base. Such patterns have a beneficial effect on the spine. Many owners of upholstered furniture with an independent spring block note its comfortable characteristics. Sofas with similar equipment have a long service life (at least 15 years).

Materials (edit)

In the production of straight sofas, various materials are used, on which the cost of the finished product depends.

Suitable materials for upholstery are natural leather, artificial leather or fabric.

The most durable and attractive material is natural leather. She is not afraid of temperature changes and mechanical damage. It is difficult to leave a scratch or a catch on the surface of a sofa with this upholstery.

Many consumers choose such models because of their unpretentiousness. There is no need to take special care of a leather sofa. If a dirty stain appears on its surface, it can be cleaned with a simple detergent and a damp cloth. For this reason, small leather sofas are often placed in the kitchen or in the hallway, where the risk of getting dirty is greater than in any other room.

Straight sofas, trimmed with natural leather, are more expensive than all other options, but they look more luxurious and are more durable.

If you dream of putting an elegant leather sofa in your home, but are not ready to leave a tidy sum of money in a furniture store, then you can choose a more affordable option with eco-leather or leatherette upholstery.

These materials differ from each other in the manufacturing process and content components. So, eco-leather is made from a combination of natural leather, cellulose and an outer polyurethane coating. The leatherette is based on PVC.

Sofas with eco-leather upholstery are smoother and more pleasant to the touch. This material is elastic and soft. The leather substitute is coarser and tougher, and it does not tolerate temperature extremes.

Furniture with such upholstery outwardly is in no way inferior to more expensive options made of genuine leather, but in terms of its performance characteristics it is less practical and durable.

Over time, small cracks or abrasions may form on the surface of leatherette and eco-leather (especially if it is leatherette). It is not recommended to sit on sofas with such upholstery in clothes with metal rivets and other similar little things, as they can catch on the upholstery and damage it.

It is unlikely that fabric sofas will ever lose their popularity. They can be plain or complemented with a variety of prints. For upholstery of upholstered furniture, such types of textiles as flock, velor and matting are most often used.

Flock is widely used to decorate upholstered furniture. This fabric features excellent performance and low cost.

Such a material is a special non-woven textile on which one of the sides is fleecy.

Flock can have a different basis:

  • Polyamide flock is very soft and delicate. It is durable. A surface with such an upholstery can easily withstand heavy loads. The only drawback of polyamide flock is its tendency to burn out. Over time, such a sofa can lose its original bright color and become pale.
  • In many ways similar to polyamide polyester flock, but it has excellent hydrophobic properties (water repellent). Such upholstery is not subject to color fading, which allows it to maintain an attractive appearance for a long time. But this textile has one drawback: it is difficult to dye. Because of this, the choice of colors for sofas with this finish is not so diverse.
  • Viscose flock is easily stained, but over time, the pile on its surface wrinkles. For this reason, this material is not often consulted. As a rule, viscose flock is used to decorate decorative details of upholstered furniture, soft toys, etc.

Velor is another common material for sofa upholstery. It comes in two types: velor-drape and velor-velvet. The second option has a soft texture and is made of viscose silk.

Velor-drape is a fine textile. It consists of natural wool with a thick short pile.

Furniture with velor upholstery quickly absorbs odors, so it is not recommended to put it in the kitchen space or on the balcony. Smokers should not buy such furniture.

The disadvantage of this upholstery is its soiling. Dust, dirt, hair and pet hair easily adhere to velor. To maintain an attractive appearance, the sofa will have to be regularly wiped with a damp cloth or processed with a sticky roller.

A matting has a cotton or linen base. Such textiles have a characteristic print, which is obtained thanks to a special weave of threads. The mat is a wear-resistant and durable material. It is very practical, but you should be extremely careful if you have pets at home - animals often sharpen their claws on sofas with such a surface.

Dimensions (edit)

Classic straight sofas can have a wide variety of dimensions, which allows you to choose the right product for a room of any size and layout.

The most common are models, the length of which is 170, 175, 180, 187, 190, 200, 208, 210, 220, 242, 248, 249, 250, 256, 315, 230, 240, 245 cm.The width of such models starts from 93-95 to 150 (160) -173 cm.

More free space will be required for large models with a length of 260, 270, 280, 290, 300 and more cm. So, a large sofa bed with dimensions 2000x2000 will not only be a large and comfortable seat, but also a spacious place to sleep.

For a spacious living room, the best option would be a comfortable and long sofa (2 or 3 meters). It can be either double or triple. If square meters allow, then you can put a luxurious four-seater sofa with various additions (bar, shelves, ottoman, etc.).

The depth of the upholstered furniture seats directly depends on what kind of design is present in it. This figure can range from 70 to 120 cm.Larger models have a depth of less than 80 cm.

Most often, the sizes of mini sofas are as follows: 125x65, 143x80, 15x90, 152x100, 153x90, 165x95, 185x130 cm.So, a deep single model with parameters 120x200 or 120x190 can replace a small children's bed, especially if the area of ​​the room does not allow both of these pieces of furniture.

Small sofas are best for children's rooms or kitchens. The length of such models starts from 140 cm and ends at around 180 cm, width - 85-90 cm. The most common are compact sofas with dimensions 140x200.

The parameters of a large sofa with an ottoman can be 350x179x84, 450x158x78 cm, etc. Such pieces of furniture simply will not fit in a small room.

Various manufacturers produce upholstered furniture in different sizes. Many firms offer the service of making sofas for your orders. You can order a product of non-standard dimensions, if the layout of your home requires it. So, you can get a model that would ideally fit a particular room. Such a product will cost more.

Color solutions

Today on the upholstered furniture market there is a huge number of sofas with upholstery in different colors. Let's take a closer look at the most popular options.

  • The beautiful and stylish white color will never leave the fashion line. Furniture in this design is able to refresh the room and visually make it a little wider. The main disadvantage of this color is its soiling. If you decide to purchase a straight sofa in this design, then it is better to opt for a leather model. It is much easier to erase dirty spots from genuine leather, eco-leather or leatherette. You don't have to buy expensive cleaning products for this. Normal soapy water and a damp cloth are fine. The white sofa will look great against the background of different interiors and different finishes. This color is classic and undemanding in the selection of suitable elements in the room.
  • Another classic color is beige.In such a palette, it is also recommended to buy less soiled products with leather upholstery. Delicate coloring will delight the eye and soothe the nervous system. Yellow, white, black, brown and pink shades will look especially impressive against a background of beige.
  • If you want to add a bright twist to the interior, then a spectacular purple sofa is suitable for this. Royal colors will look harmonious in an ensemble with a variety of shades, from dark and deep to light and neutral. It is recommended to decorate the room with unobtrusive decorative elements in purple tones in order to beautifully beat the upholstered furniture.
  • Sensual people will definitely like sofas in which there is a juicy red color. Such pieces of furniture are not recommended to be placed in already bright rooms. This is due to the fact that too many saturated colors will negatively affect the mental and emotional balance of all residents of an apartment or house.
  • Green sofas have a calming effect. This color has a large number of eye-pleasing shades. This natural color is perfectly combined with both classic and bright colors in the decoration and interior of the room.
  • In many interiors, a blue and blue sofa looks great. Upholstered furniture in this design loves contrasts. For example, an elegant navy blue sofa with flock upholstery and small red pillows will look harmonious against the backdrop of blue and white walls and dark laminate flooring.
  • Another bright and bold solution is the yellow sofa. With the help of such a detail, you can give the interior a touch of positive and make it lighter. Such pieces of furniture are often referred to if the room does not have sufficient lighting. In tandem with warm light bulbs, this product will make the room more comfortable.
  • The trend of recent seasons is turquoise. It looks unbeatable on upholstered furniture. Sofas of this color can be placed not only in the living room, but also in a solid study, especially if they are complemented by carved wooden armrests.
  • The black straight sofa is classic. This model is not recommended for installation in small and poorly lit rooms. Luxury black leather sofas look great in formal and business environments.

Selection Tips

Modern manufacturers offer a great variety of beautiful straight sofas to choose from. Even the most capricious and demanding consumer will be able to find a suitable copy.

First you need to decide in which room you want to place upholstered furniture. The sofa must match the existing interior. Consider several harmonious ensembles:

  • For example, if the classic style prevails in the design of the room, then you should pay attention to the elite and high-quality models with legs and armrests made of natural lacquered wood. Such models look harmoniously in living rooms and offices.
  • Classic luxury straight sofas can have expensive textile or leather upholstery. Against the background of these materials, wooden elements look especially bright and attractive.
  • If you don't like the classics, and you want to decorate the room with a more fashionable and youthful option, then you should turn to multifunctional sofas. It can be a model without armrests, with one armrest, built-in pull-out bar and shelves. The latter options can also be equipped with a berth and are best placed in the living room. They look expensive and attractive with both leather and textile upholstery. But it is worth considering the fact that items with a bar function will cost more than ordinary sofas.
  • For a simple and cozy living room in the Provence style, a laconic and austere plain sofa is suitable. It can be painted white, beige or dull yellow.Soft rounded sofas decorated with small prints will be suitable options.
  • In rude interiors in the loft or high-tech style, sofas with angular shapes will look. Models in gray, white, brown and black are suitable.
  • For a trendy Japanese style, you should choose a contrasting sofa in red, white or black. Such furniture will look harmonious against the background of neutral and pastel walls, floor and ceiling.

Today mini sofas are in great demand. They are small in size. But where can such a model be located?

It is suitable for a children's room. The best option would be a small sofa in a nice color. You can choose a textile model with prints depicting cartoon characters, different animals or beautiful patterns.

A mini sofa is also suitable for placement in the kitchen. It does not take up much space and will look harmonious if you choose a model that matches the color of the headset.

Lovers of creative and extravagant solutions will love the designer luxury straight sofas. Such options are expensive, but they have an exclusive and luxurious design that can transform the interior. Original upholstered furniture is offered by such brands as Gray Cardinal, EcolMebel and Asnaghi factory.

A small sofa can also be selected for the hallway. It can be placed along the wall and will not interfere with the passage. But you should not choose too large a sofa with a high back if your corridor is modest in size.

When choosing upholstered furniture with an extra bed, take into account its unfolded dimensions. This is necessary so that the sofa can easily fit in the room in all positions.

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