Sofas on the balcony

Sofas on the balcony
  1. Features and Benefits
  2. Types and functions
  3. Material
  4. How to choose?
  5. Design ideas

Today, no one will be surprised by the ennobled, equipped balcony, which looks more like a living room than a room for drying clothes and storing household items. Designers offer various options for furnishing and arranging a balcony room, depending on its size and functional significance. This can be a study, a play area, or a place to relax.

Whatever role the balcony plays, it certainly cannot do without upholstered furniture, in particular, a sofa.

Features and Benefits

Balcony - the room is usually very small. Therefore, it can be very difficult to equip it beautifully, compactly and functionally. It is then that small, graceful sofas come to the rescue, which solve several problems at once. It is at the same time a comfortable seat if you want to sit by the open window with a cup of tea and a good companion, and a great sleeping place for those who prefer outdoor recreation.

At the same time, the sofa can be a great place to store bed linen, towels, clothes and other things. In addition, the sofa on the balcony instantly creates a very cozy, warm and homely environment, which is not the case with folding chairs, stools and even armchairs.

Sofas that are used to equip balconies are most often very compact in size. The narrow model can even be placed across the balcony at one of its walls - this will save space even more.

If the area of ​​the balcony allows, then you can add an armchair or a pair of ottomans to such a sofa. So here you can organize a dining area for the whole family.

Sofas for balconies can be very different in size. Most often, these are compact models or rather narrow ones. The sofa can be a ready-made bed (couch) or a transforming model (chair-bed). The sofa can be folded out to the side or rolled forward.

The sofa can have a completely laconic design (without armrests and backrests), or it can be equipped with these elements. It all depends on the size of the balcony, the sofa itself and the taste of the owners.

Types and functions

Depending on the appearance, model, features, material from which it is made, the sofa can perform a variety of functions on the balcony.

  • The narrow sofa fits perfectly into even the smallest space. Such a model is most often located opposite the window against the long wall of the room. The tapered model allows you to turn the balcony into a resting place or dining area. It will be enough to place only a small coffee table next to it. If such a sofa is equipped with closed pull-out sections, then it will also perform one more function - storage of useful trifles or homework, for example.
  • The corner model is one of the most practical, because it allows you to rationally use a small space without cluttering it. Such models are most often made roll-out or sliding, so that, if necessary, they can be used for sleeping. If we are talking about multifunctional models, then these are sofas that perform several tasks at the same time.
  • The sofa-pouf is a narrow bench with a soft seat without armrests and backrests. As a rule, it is equipped with several built-in storage boxes.
  • A sofa chest is a roomy and large enough container for storing things, clothes, household items, tools, dishes, household utensils, books, newspapers and other items. It has the shape of a rectangular chest with a hinged lid, upholstered with soft material and filler. It is the cover that plays the role of a seat or even a berth.
  • The sofa bench allows you to perfectly organize several seating places for households and their guests. Most often has a hard seat. It can be angular, installed across the balcony or along the wall.
  • A balcony sofa cabinet is a type of ordinary furniture, only the lower part of it is used to create several rows of shelves or boxes for storing things.
  • A cabinet sofa most often has a semi-rigid or rigid seat. The main part of the structure is the lockers of the pedestal. Such a sofa is used to store useful things and can, at the same time, play the role of a seat for 1 - 2 people.
  • If the balcony furniture is not planned to be used as a sleeping place or storage room, but you want to organize a cozy, comfortable corner for reading, conversation or tea drinking, then in this case a small wicker sofa, a round coffee table and a couple of armchairs are perfect, if necessary. Wicker furniture always looks very light, elegant and airy. It does not weigh down the already limited space, but decorates and harmoniously complements it.


Modern furniture is made from a wide variety of materials: natural and synthetic, light and heavy, expensive and cheap. The choice of material for creating a balcony sofa largely depends on the degree of arrangement of the balcony itself.

If the balcony is not glazed or heated, then the material must withstand low temperatures and high humidity. The sofa frame must be properly processed to withstand external manifestations: dampness, wind, temperature extremes.

Upholstery should be practical, well cleaned or washed, and resistant to moisture and dust.

For the manufacture of the base, a dry timber can be used, treated with an antiseptic. Softness and comfortable sensations will be given by a foam rubber layer, and as upholstery, you can use artificial material, for example, eco-leather. It lends itself perfectly to cleaning, is waterproof, does not retain dirt and dust on the upholstery, looks great.

Metal is no less suitable material for the base. Of course, it must first undergo anti-corrosion treatment.

Another option for an open balcony is wicker or plastic furniture. True, a wicker sofa will rather serve as a decorative item. It cannot withstand a heavy load.

It is not always possible to buy a standard sofa for arranging a balcony due to the small size of the room. There can be several ways out here. One of them is custom-made furniture. Such a sofa will be made according to individual dimensions and will take into account all the wishes of the customer regarding design, shape, and additional details.

Another option is to make a sofa yourself. This option can be much cheaper and easier than it seems at first. A small sofa can be made from scrap materials, for example, from euro pallets.

To do this, you need to select several pieces of pallets, treat them with an anti-fungal and moisture-protective agent. Paint or varnish and assemble the base of the future sofa by placing pallets one by one and fastening them together. As a soft base, you can use sofa cushions or foam rubber wrapped in an upholstery fabric. There can be a lot of design options.

How to make a sofa from pallets, see the following video.

How to choose?

According to the recommendations of experts, a sofa for a balcony should be chosen, taking into account several important points:

  1. The size.Before purchasing a sofa you like, you need to carefully evaluate its dimensions: will it fit on the balcony, will it not take up all the free space, how best to place it?
  2. Functional purpose. If the sofa will be used to create a cozy, small corner for tea drinking and relaxation, then preference can be given to more elegant and compact models: wicker, plastic, wooden (couch). If the balcony is planned to be used as a sleeping area, then the model should be more durable (roll-out or folding sofa). For storing things, chest sofas, poufs or wardrobes are best suited.
  3. If the balcony space is combined with the kitchen, then it is quite possible to use cabinet furniture.
  4. Design. A balcony sofa should look harmoniously in the interior of the room: be combined with other pieces of furniture, decorative elements, ornaments.
  5. The material from which the body and upholstery are made must be sufficiently strong, strong, waterproof and weather-resistant (if the balcony is not glazed).

Design ideas

The sofa-chest allows not only to neatly place the necessary things in the free access area, but also to organize a fairly comfortable and convenient seat for reading books or relaxing in the fresh air. The furniture is designed in warm, light colors, harmoniously combined with the interior decoration of the balcony.

The curved sofa of the original form is designed in the same color scheme with the decoration of the walls of the balcony room. The combination of bright light green and white colors refreshes the interior and is the best way to create a small blooming garden on the balcony.

An ideal place for outdoor recreation. A low comfortable sofa, live greenery, original lighting - the atmosphere is conducive to a confidential conversation, reading books or a romantic evening for two.

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