Designer sofas

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  6. Interior placement ideas

A stylish sofa is an important element of the room. Modern manufacturers offer designer sofas that surprise with unusual colors, fashionable shapes, and comfortable designs. They can be used for living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, study, nursery.


Designer sofas attract attention with their unusual shapes. They belong to non-standard models. Designers embody the most daring and original ideas into reality. Models that are stylized as a luxurious bowl, an attractive flower lawn, an elegant shell or a bright cloud look beautiful. The variety of forms is not limited by anything. For example, a luxurious sofa in the shape of a woman's lips is always used as the main element of a stylish interior.

Many design models differ in angular shape, while it may not be correct. Options in the form of a wave, a semicircle or a polygon always look spectacular and unusual. Corner sofas are usually placed in the center of a spacious room, they are intended for relaxation. Such models are characterized by massiveness.

The designer sofa bed is in great demand, because it differs not only in its beautiful appearance, but also in functionality. Such models contain an extra bed. The original armrests, the curved backrests and the attractive finishes combine perfectly to create a true work of art.

For the embodiment of a variety of compositions, modular models are ideal. They include several parts that are not fixed to each other, which makes it easy to change their location to change the situation. Due to the various geometric shapes, these sofas can reach large sizes.


Modern design models attract attention with their beautiful appearance, variety of colors and interesting ideas. They are suitable for the embodiment of various styles.

  • Classic models are ideal for spacious rooms. They are luxurious and comfortable, but lack functionality. Most often, classic sofas are not designed for transformation, they have massive structures.
  • Modern style options are characterized by functionality. They often include a variety of accessories such as a fold-out table, book shelves, a minibar, or a cup holder.
  • High-tech sofas are distinguished by a contrasting design style. They have chrome-plated legs with clear and sharp lines. The upholstery is usually black and white. Such models often combine convenience and comfort with modern technology.
  • Provence style sofas are the epitome of comfort and simplicity. Many models are made in pastel colors and complemented by bright flowers. Such a beautiful print will make the interior more comfortable and will definitely cheer you up.
  • Italian-style designer furniture is presented with unusual and daring options. Such products can be of any kind, which is significantly different from the usual models. In their manufacture, a variety of materials are used (fabric, metal, even paper). The sofa looks spectacular in the form of a designer, which includes individual elements, and also has transforming backs.
  • Ottoman models are characterized by functionality and convenience. They have preserved the traditions of the Eastern countries, as they include a large number of soft pillows and are presented without backs. Interesting colors, an unusual choice of colors, as well as various shapes allow you to find an original option to create a stylish interior.
  • Retro style upholstered furniture options ideal for relaxing... They are characterized by large sizes, attractive by a variety of colors, unusual shape of the backs and armrests. The designer models have retained the spirit of the past century, albeit in a new interpretation.

Color solutions

The choice of color palette for sofas largely depends on the color of the walls. In the new season, light shades of upholstered designer furniture are in fashion. Luxurious sofas in light colors will visually enlarge the room. If you need to distribute a large room into zones, then you should give preference to upholstered furniture in a contrasting color.

When choosing a color scheme for a sofa, you should pay attention to the color of the walls of the room in which it will be located. Rooms with white walls can be decorated with designer sofas in various colors. The red version will look great against the background of a white or beige wall.

A fuchsia sofa looks unusual and stylish in an ensemble with light furniture, as well as interior elements whose tone matches its shade. The orange shade model will look great in the interior, where there are many light green or cream tones.

For relaxation and rest, experts advise you to pay attention to the sofas in blue, blue or gray. The earthy hue has the same impact as it is a natural color. To create a cozy atmosphere, it is worth purchasing a sand or brown sofa.

In the new season, designers are paying attention to beige, amber, gold, emerald, lemon, burgundy and cherry colors. Each option looks attractive and original.

In order for the designer sofa to look harmonious in the interior of the room, it is worth complementing it with decorative elements matching the color of upholstered furniture.

The most original and stylish solutions are presented in the video below.

Popular manufacturers

Today, many factories for the production of upholstered furniture offer luxury options for designer sofas, which come in different shapes, colors and are made from different materials.

  • The products of the domestic manufacturer "Sharm-Design" are in great demand., which offers not only original models of upholstered furniture, but also functional, comfortable and stylish sofas. Excellent quality, original design at an affordable price will not leave anyone indifferent. The company offers a wide range of straight, corner sofas, couches and sofas.
  • The Russian company Anderssen is engaged in the production of exclusive designer models. In her catalog you can find ready-made kits for decorating nurseries, bedrooms and living rooms, sofas, straight, corner and modular designs. You can order an original sofa, taking into account your wishes. The brand's designers produce custom-made upholstered furniture.

Modern models

Today in stores you can find a wide variety of designer upholstered furniture, which attracts attention with excellent quality, comfortable construction, unusual and fashionable design.

  • A sofa called "Rhine" ("Mars 3"), which is made in a classic style, is in great demand among buyers. This model is characterized by versatility and practicality. It will be a great choice for family fun or for a night's sleep. The Rhine sofa is equipped with a reliable Eurobook transformation mechanism. The spring block "Bonnel" has orthopedic properties, guaranteeing excellent rest and relaxation.
  • If you are looking for a functional sofa with an interesting appearance, then you should take a closer look at the Kapitone model, made in the Stalinist style. This option was often used to decorate living rooms and kitchens of the Soviet elite. The tall model with a carriage turnbuckle is made of beech wood. Luxurious curly armrests and carved legs look sophisticated and attractive.

The Kapitone sofa is presented in straight and angular forms. The high back is the highlight of the model. Built-in shelves and niches can be decorated with mirrors. In the form of upholstery, leather (both natural and artificial) is often used, as well as tapestry fabrics decorated with Soviet-era ornaments, or fleecy materials. The choice of color solutions is completely individual.

Interior placement ideas

Designer sofas are luxurious upholstered furniture options that often become key elements in creating a unique interior design.

An excellent choice for a small room is a corner sofa - thanks to its functionality. The angular shape allows you to create a variety of options. The sides of the sofa can be the same or different lengths, even a semicircular shape. Thanks to the convenient transformation mechanism, it easily turns into a sleeping place. This option is ideal for one-room apartments, since it allows you to competently organize the living space.

A very interesting option is two sofas in one room (instead of one massive one). It is perfect for the living room. The two sofas can be positioned as follows:

  • Two identical products (opposite each other) create a mirror image. An excellent option for a modern pastime with a large company.
  • Sofas near one wall look beautiful in an ensemble with a coffee table or fireplace in the middle. The linear arrangement is suitable for a spacious living room.
  • For zoning a spacious room, sofas are often put backs to one another. This option can be used for the living room, which is combined with the kitchen.
  • The arrangement of sofas at right angles is possible for a spacious living room - to distribute it into zones.
  • For a spacious room, an arrangement of sofas with the letter "P" is suitable. A small coffee table can be placed in the center.

A designer sofa in the center of the room will be a highlight of any interior. He will help to introduce new colors and combine various design elements in the interior. In the middle of the room, you can put a corner model or a product with a low back. A sleek coffee table will be the perfect complement.

In the living room, a small sofa can be placed next to a large window, but the back should not be very high. For the embodiment of the Chinese style, this option is the most suitable. It creates a sense of volume and saves living space.

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