Green sofas

  1. Features and benefits of choice
  3. Shades and color combinations
  4. Materials (edit)
  5. What is combined in the interior?
  6. Beautiful design ideas in the room

Green color has a beneficial effect on the mood and emotional state of a person. It evokes extremely pleasant associations associated with nature, blooming spring and morning freshness.

Upholstered furniture in a similar color design is distinguished by a calm and harmonious appearance, which is difficult for a modern consumer to resist.

Features and benefits of choice

Color can have a powerful effect on a person's mental state. For example, a large number of bright red elements in the interior can provoke excessive excitability and even irritation or aggression.

Green color has completely different properties: all its shades have an extremely positive effect on the body.

It is believed that with a long absence of such a color in front of the eyes, a person is able to lose faith in his own strength and experience severe emotional exhaustion.

Green color not only gives a person mental strength and calms the nervous system, but also looks great in home interiors. A soft sofa in a similar color will look harmonious in the living room, bedroom or children's room, as well as in the hallway (if its size allows).

Beautiful sofas in such attractive colors fit into many styles. A correctly selected model of a suitable shade can transform a room, as well as give it subtle notes of natural harmony. If you put a similar piece of furniture in the living room, then your guests will definitely appreciate this solution. An eye-pleasing color will contribute to friendly communication and will certainly cheer up all those present in the room.


Modern manufacturers offer consumers a huge variety of sofa models, from static rectangular to folding options. It is necessary to choose a suitable model of furniture based on the purposes for which you want to purchase it.

Let's take a closer look at the types of sofas that are present on the furniture market today:

  • The simplest and most inexpensive are fixed non-folding sofas. They can only serve as a seat and have a rectangular shape. Such pieces of furniture look great in hallways, living rooms, children's rooms and bedrooms.
  • Compact sofas without armrests are common today. Such pieces of furniture in a soft green color can decorate and soften even the most boring interiors in gray and dull colors.
  • For many years in a row, transforming sofas have been in great demand. When folded, they are small in size, but it is worth expanding them, and a full-fledged sleeping place will open in front of you.
  • Corner sofas have a solid appearance. Such pieces of furniture in green will look not only bright and stylish, but also original.

Shades and color combinations

Light green sofas are the most popular today. These include the following options:

  • Light white and green models look harmonious against the background of white walls. If there is a window in the room, then it should be supplemented with translucent light curtains.
  • A bright green sofa will harmoniously look in an ensemble with orange-yellow and purple shades in the interior.Many designers are turning to the combination of bright green and carrot in different spaces, from children's rooms to dining areas.
  • The beige and green sofa will easily fit into the atmosphere in calm pastel palettes with a predominance of soft caramel, coffee or cream colors.
  • Juicy yellow-green sofas will harmoniously look in rooms that have red, flesh and brown tones, with subtle notes of delicate grape color.
  • Dark green sofas look luxurious. They are distinguished by their solid and expensive appearance.
  • A black-green and emerald sofa will look harmonious in rooms with a predominance of white, diluted with brown, yellow, red and burgundy details.
  • The green-brown sofa looks harmoniously in combination with gray, cream and orange shades in the interior.
  • In addition to the classic white color, the purple-green and blue-green sofa is combined with pale pink and beige.

Materials (edit)

Various materials are used for the upholstery of sofas. The strongest and most durable option is genuine leather.

Green sofas with such upholstery look not only attractive, but also very expensive, especially if they have wooden inserts on the armrests. Such pieces of furniture in dark colors can be safely placed in solid offices or home study rooms.

Lighter pieces are suitable for stylish and elegant living rooms.

But it should be borne in mind that models made of genuine leather are expensive, so not every consumer can afford them.

Cheaper models are those trimmed with eco-leather. Outwardly, such material is not much different from natural and looks just as impressive. But eco-leather is not as hard-wearing and durable. Over time, scuffs and cracks can form on the surface of the sofa. It is worth using such furniture carefully so as not to provoke the appearance of various damages.

Models of sofas with textile upholstery are common. The most commonly used fabrics are flock, plush and velvet. They are distinguished by their durability, wear resistance and pleasant soft texture.

Models upholstered in velvet or plush are found in furniture stores more often than other options. These hats have a fleecy surface and look attractive. But you should not put sofas with similar upholstery in the kitchen or on the balcony if you smoke: such textiles easily and quickly absorb unpleasant odors, which will be difficult to remove later.

What is combined in the interior?

A beautiful green sofa will look spectacular in modern interiors in fusion, loft, modern, minimalism and eco styles.

It is recommended to select suitable curtains for such pieces of furniture. Light and translucent options are universal options. Samples of yellow, peach and brown shades are also suitable.

Such sofas look harmonious in an ensemble with bookcases and shelves, the surface of which repeats wood.

For a study, the best option would be a dark green leather sofa, which should be complemented by a dark lacquered wooden table, a chair in the same color and a wooden wall with cabinets and drawers for storing books, documents and other necessary things.

If there is such a sofa model in the room, then the lighting should be chosen warm. Table lamps with classic yellow shades will look harmonious, giving the lighting a more cozy and welcoming shade.

Beautiful design ideas in the room

The light green corner sofa will look harmonious in a cozy environment against the background of a window with yellow curtains, a floor trimmed with pistachio-colored carpet and light yellow walls. Next to the upholstered furniture, you can put a white coffee table with a glass insert, and behind - a light wooden bookcase.

A light emerald corner sofa with velvet upholstery can be placed in a room with cream walls and light brown laminate flooring. It is worth laying a carpet with multi-colored squares on the floor and complementing the decor with decorative plates and vases in dark colors.

A dark leather sofa will blend in with dull green walls and light laminate flooring. If there is a window behind the sofa, then it should be supplemented with long white curtains. You can put a carpet with red and black patterns on the floor.

A sofa with cushions in green and purple can be placed in a living room with purple or purple walls and dark laminate flooring. To prevent the room from looking too dark, it should be complemented by a multi-colored round floor carpet, a glass table and a large lamp with a yellow shade.

A laconic light green sofa with chrome legs will look amazing against a background of beige plaster and light brown laminate. You can lay a shaggy orange carpet on the floor and put a yellow vase near the sofa. A similar solution is suitable for a spacious and well-lit living room.

If you love color contrasts in the interior, then you will love the ensemble made up of a light green corner sofa, a glass coffee table with dark wood legs and decorative elements in brown tones. These can be chocolate-colored vases, bamboo-colored blinds and orange cushions on the couch. The walls and floor in such a room should be finished with white and gray materials.

A luxurious light turquoise sofa will blend in with pale pink walls and a dark floor, complemented by a large white carpet. An original round table should be placed near the upholstered furniture, on which you can place flowers in a vase or a lamp. Hang a large mirror on the wall behind the sofa, which will visually expand the space and make it brighter.

A dark green corner sofa will look stunning against a backdrop of black walls, a white ceiling and dark laminate flooring, adorned with a large square rug with monochrome prints. If the furniture is located against the background of the window, then light white curtains should be selected for it. A large black and white picture will look spectacular on the wall behind the sofa, and wooden cabinets with dark lamps near the side pieces of furniture.

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