Children's couches

Children's couches
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Choosing the right furniture for arranging a children's room is not always an easy task.

What to choose: a bed, a sofa or a folding chair? Furniture should meet the needs of the child, be practical, comfortable, convenient, compact enough and affordable.

This small, comfortable couch has enjoyed well-deserved popularity all over the world for many decades. "Small bed" (as the word "couch" is translated) is a neat little sofa without a back. The range of couches is so rich and varied that you can easily find a suitable option for a boy or girl of any age.

Features and Benefits

The couch is a great option for arranging a children's room. The flat, hard bed is ideal for a child's spine. Such a surface is not inferior to an orthopedic mattress in terms of the positive effect on the child's back. Correct posture is formed, and during sleep or rest, the child's back is in a comfortable, comfortable, natural state for it.

Design is another plus of the couch over other pieces of furniture. Very often, for decorating a nursery, products are offered, made in the form of fairy-tale characters or cartoon characters, which young children are so fond of.

For older children, you can choose a classic version.

Beds are rarely fitted with linen drawers. In this regard, couch sofas have an undeniable advantage. In the special compartments located at the bottom, you can hide blankets, pillows, sheets, rugs, bedspreads or other things.

In addition, the couch is a multifunctional item. It is perfect for placing children and their guests at the festive table or in front of the TV, for example. And at night, it quickly unfolds to a free, spacious and comfortable bed.

Numerous options for designs, colors and prints allow you to use this sofa as a decoration for a children's room.

Other advantages of this furniture include:

  1. Significant space savings compared to a regular bed or standard sofa. This moment is especially relevant for small children's rooms, especially if they need to accommodate sleeping places for several children.
  2. Affordable price. Such models are often much more affordable financially than luxurious beds or bulky sofas. In addition, children grow up quickly, and the sleeping furniture in the nursery will have to be updated quite often. It is more economical to purchase more affordable options.
  3. Couches are a very profitable option from a practical point of view. They are made of materials that are durable, reliable and easy to maintain.


Modern couches today are presented in several forms:

  • Classic daybed (small, non-folding sofa).
  • Roll-out model with sleeping area. When folded, it replaces a regular sofa.
  • Folding couches are usually made with a linen box, where you can also store clothes and other things.
  • Chaise lounge. Usually this option is equipped with sides and a back for a more comfortable pastime.
  • The couch is a spacious soft place without sides and back.

The couch can be sliding in length, roll-out or made with a stationary berth.It can be equipped with bumpers and be without them, supplied with boxes, have different dimensions, shape, design. In addition, in modern interiors you can find a built-in couch model that combines ergonomics and an attractive appearance.

The body of the sofas can be made of different materials:

  • Metal. The most durable, strong, reliable and durable material. Usually, alloys of chrome, aluminum, steel and copper are used to create this kind of children's furniture. Such models can have rather high sides, so they are suitable for very young children.
  • Wood is an equally popular material for creating couches. It has high strength and looks great on the outside. To make the wood water-repellent, it is coated with a special varnish.
  • Plastic. The least popular option for making furniture due to its not very high strength characteristics.

A wide variety of materials can be used for upholstery fabrics, including:

  • synthetic origin, such as artificial leather;
  • natural origin (leather, velor, wool);
  • mixed;
  • microfiber is a modern material with high performance and decorative properties.

For a children's room, more practical materials (flock, chenille) are preferable. They are resistant to dirt, easy to wash, dry quickly and retain their original appearance for a long time.

We take into account the age

When choosing furniture for a nursery, the first moment that parents always take into account is the child's age. Of course, a sofa for a teenager is very different from a sofa for a toddler from 2-3 years old in size, function, and design.

Cots for the little ones should be as comfortable, comfortable and safe as possible for babies. Models with sharp corners or roll-out bunk are not recommended for use. The child could pinch his fingers in the roll-out seat or hit a corner and be injured.

Some sofas provide for the presence of sides to prevent the child from falling. Couches for the little ones are made in the form of houses, cars, decorated with cartoon characters or animals.

For children from 7 years old, you can choose more spacious and complex models with a roll-out or folding forward and side sleeping place and built-in drawers for linen. They can also be interestingly decorated, imitating the characters of fairy tales, cartoons or depicting animals, or they can be performed in the classical version.

As a decoration for such models, bright pillows and multi-colored bedspreads can be used.

Sofas for teenagers differ little from adult furniture in terms of design or size. Of course, a special size line is also provided - for teenagers, but many parents prefer to buy standard adult couches for their children. The upholstery can be plain, in a combination of contrasting colors or printed.

As a print, images of animals, geometric ornaments, newspaper pages, photographs of cities and other interesting options are used.


Couches can have armrests and backs and be without them, have legs (of different thicknesses, heights and shapes), different geometric shapes (rectangular, angular), withstand different loads, and be performed in different styles.

By type of mechanism

In addition to material, shape, size and design, couches, like any sofas, can differ in the type of layout mechanism:

  1. Non-folding... These models are most often used as a seat or bed for one child.
  2. Folding. These couches are used for sitting, sleeping and relaxing. Depending on the size, they can be used as a sleeping place for 1-2 people. Can be expanded or extended.

Folding models differ from each other in the type of sliding mechanism.It can be a classic "book" or a more comfortable option - "click-clack", when the backrest can be fixed not only in a strictly horizontal and vertical position, but also in an intermediate state.

By type of mattress

By the type of mattress, couches can be:

  1. Spring loaded.
  2. Springless (polyurethane foam, durafil, latex and other modern materials act as fillers). These materials are safe, non-allergenic and have excellent orthopedic properties.

Flekke Ikea

Today furniture salons and shops offer a wide selection of children's couches for every taste. The multifunctional sofas of the Flecke model from Ikea are very popular. The set includes 2 mattresses at once, so that the couch can be used as a sofa, single or double bed. 2 spacious full-length drawers allow you to keep bedding, linen, household clothes clean and tidy.

Spring mattresses provide a comfortable position and optimal support for the child's back. The strict classic style and restrained colors allow you to purchase such a couch for the nursery, designed in any style.

Couch machine

Model "Typewriter" is perhaps the most favorite type of sleeping place for boys of all ages. These couches are presented in different variations. Some are simply made in a combination of bright, contrasting colors, and the side part or back is decorated with a large appliqué in the form of one of the characters from the cartoon "Cars".

More original and beautiful options fully imitate the body of a real car with wheels, bumper and trunk. They are performed in the form of racing cars or cartoon characters.

For girls, models are offered, made in the form of faces of funny animals (puppies, kittens, bears), cartoon characters (Mickey and Minnie Mouse) and real carriages for fairy princesses.

Compact couch "Kid" serves as a sofa and bed. Most often, this model is equipped with a sideways roll-out mechanism and a laundry box.

Selection Tips

Among the modern abundance of all kinds of models for every taste and wallet, you can easily get lost when the time comes to choose. In order not to be mistaken and get the perfect couch, it is enough to adhere to simple rules:

  1. The upholstery material should be as practical as possible (leather, flock, microfiber).
  2. The model should be comfortable and comfortable for the child. The mattress should be sufficient, but not too firm (a soft bunk can aggravate existing posture problems). It is good if a spring block is used as a filler.
  3. Functionality. If the room is small, then it is good if the couch will be used not only as a sleeping place, but also for sitting and for accommodating guests.
  4. Choosing the right model for a girl or a boy, of course, it is worth considering their taste preferences (color, design, print).
  5. When buying furniture for a nursery, you should definitely take into account its safety and hypoallergenicity. The corners of the sofa should be rounded. The surface should not have the slightest deformation, including cracks, as well as sharp or traumatic elements.

When choosing a model, do not forget about the manufacturer. High-quality and inexpensive products are offered by factories in Russia, Belarus and other countries.


Among the numerous reviews posted on the Internet, there are mainly positive responses to different models of children's couches.

One of the most common options is Ikea furniture. The sofas are quickly assembled thanks to clear instructions.

The couches are very practical, dust can be easily removed from them.

Many models have several spacious drawers for bedding and other things. Even after the simultaneous opening of all drawers, the couches do not collapse, the center of gravity does not shift. This speaks volumes about their safety for young children.

The materials used to create this furniture are of high quality and safety. The surface of the sofa has no roughness, chipping or chipping. The corners are smoothed out, which excludes the possibility of injury to young children.

Models of children's couches are presented in a huge assortment, you can choose the perfect option for any interior. It can be a racing car or a bed of a fairy princess. Children especially love such beds and fall asleep in them with pleasure.

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