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Modern upholstered furniture is not at all what it used to be. Today it is much more comfortable and practical. Using new materials, the furniture industry market offers a lot of new products with which you can radically change the style of room design. However, despite the new fillings, the spring block sofas are not losing ground and differ from their earlier counterparts.


The modern innerspring sofas stand out for their variety of designs. In addition, they have different sizes and types of construction. This significantly increases the selection parameters and allows you to make a purchase taking into account your preferences. Today sofas are the focal point of the room, decorating any interior, and not just standard furniture.

The spring block used in the structures is reliable, as it is made of high quality steel. If earlier the springs broke during deformation and tore the upholstery, today they are connected according to a different principle, therefore, with constant use, they do not break, but weaken.

The benefits of spring block sofas include:

  • structural reliability;
  • durability and practicality in operation;
  • comfortable sleeping bed;
  • different levels of rigidity;
  • calculation for different weight loads;
  • block elasticity;
  • a large selection of models;
  • modern type of filler;
  • versatility of models.

These sofas tend to fit well in any type of space. With a skillful choice, they are able not only to accentuate, but also to zone the space. If you approach the purchase of furniture thoroughly, it will not clutter up the room and create the desired effect of freedom.

Spring sofas aren't just for adults. Today they are often bought for children, since such models are able to replace the bed, and if necessary, they fold, saving the usable area of ​​the room.

Some models are made with an orthopedic effect, which allows you to purchase not only reliable, but also high-quality furniture that provides healthy sleep without harming the spine and neck.

Despite the fact that such sofas do not replace a bed with an orthopedic mattress, their spring unit is equipped with a filler that makes the surface even and hard.

It is good for the correct posture during sleep or rest. Such models are considered a good prevention of spinal diseases.

There are three types of spring sofas: straight, corner and modular.

  • The former are the standard, which can be placed against a wall or in the middle of a room, without disturbing the harmony of the design.
  • Corner sofas are equally comfortable, and if the design provides for changing the corner from right to left and vice versa, that is, there are no problems when rearranging and changing the style of the room.
  • Modular options allow you to create a model from spring modules - an interesting design technique with which you can create a unique model with different functionality.


The type of the spring block is of considerable importance in choosing a model. If you do not pay attention to this when buying, the operation may not be as comfortable as we would like. It is important to consider what type of springs is designed for one or two people, how it differs and how long it will last.

All types of spring block sofas are divided into three types:

  • snake;
  • bonnel;
  • independent type.

Simply put, these are models with a dependent and independent spring block. In one case, the springs are connected to each other by means of a frame, in the other, the steel parts are not connected.


The block based on the principle of spring snakes resembles the analogs of the Soviet times. The name "block" for it is conditional: it is, rather, the basis on which the filler is placed. Each long spring is connected to the frame using metal fasteners. In order not to violate the integrity of the mesh, the springs are located at the same distance between themselves and are connected by an elastic material. The arrangement of the springs is horizontal.

Of all the types of spring block, it is the simplest and least durable. Over time, it is pressed through, since in most cases foam rubber is used as a filler for it. Not only the top layer of the filler deteriorates, but also the bottom, the load on which is created more.

Such sofas cost less than other analogs, so it is not recommended to buy them as a bed. But the guest option is quite a good choice.


The classic type of construction is a block-mesh of springs. These are full-fledged coil springs made of steel. Externally, the structure of the block is arranged as follows: each element is connected to the upper and lower edges of the frame, and in addition, it has a connection to the adjacent one. It turns out a kind of metal mesh, which is covered with a cover made of dense textiles.

Such a spring block is suitable for most people, so models with it are in great demand. The block is somewhat harder than a snake, but not firm enough to distribute the load evenly. It is analogous to beds with a box-spring mattress and is designed for medium weight.

The disadvantage of the block is the uneven load at high weight. In addition, in order for the position of the spine to be correct without curvature, you need to sit on such a sofa strictly in the center. Such a spring block is universal, but inferior to the independent type.

If the purchase is planned as a double sofa bed, it is better to choose an option with an additional layer of filler.

Independent springs

The most reliable block option, more expensive compared to their counterparts. The cylindrical springs are arranged vertically, each of them is packed in a separate cover made of special breathable textiles. When the block is loaded, each spring works separately, without pulling down adjacent elements. This principle of operation eliminates deformation of the surface of the sleeping bed: it remains level, providing the correct anatomical support for the body.

In addition to the basic principle of operation, among the blocks with an independent type of springs, there is a type with double springs. This block is the most durable. In it, another spring is inserted into each spring, which begins to function only in case of a heavy load.

What's better?

Choosing a sofa based on the qualities of the spring block can make purchasing difficult. In addition, sometimes the desired model may not be available in the store.

If you choose by popularity, then you should make a choice between bonnel and an independent type of springs.

The first is purchased as the best option in terms of price-quality ratio, the second is better for health.

When choosing a sofa with a spring block, it is worth considering several nuances:

  • a spring block without filler is more suitable for a bed, in a sofa it is less practical;
  • the level of rigidity of the block depends not only on preferences, weight, but also on the health and age of the person (the elderly are not recommended for structures of increased rigidity);
  • the spring should have many turns: this will make the surface smoother, and sleep more comfortable;
  • Ideally, the block should have not only springs and a layer of polyurethane foam: it is better if, in addition to them, there will be edging of the side edges and a layer of coir or felt on top and bottom.

A flawless block that will last a long time consists of several layers: a metal frame with springs, an interlayer of dense polyurethane foam and felt. Coconut fiber should be chosen for those who are planning to buy a sofa with an orthopedic effect. If, in addition to the springs, there is only a small layer of padding polyester, in this version they will begin to be felt quite quickly.

How to choose the type of transformation mechanism?

Having decided on the varieties of the spring block, the question arises about the transformation mechanism. The convenience of a sofa, unlike a bed, is the possibility of transformation. When buying, this factor is always taken into account. Sofas are roll-out, folding and movable. By the type of transformation mechanism, they are of several types:

  • book - the classic folding technique, reminiscent of opening a book (lifting the seat up until the back rests);
  • eurobook - an alternative to a book, with the difference that the seat is not only lifted up, but also slightly pulled;
  • Dolphin - a sofa with a box in which there is an additional block of the sleeping bed (unfolds, pushing forward by the handle or loop, lifting it up to the level of the seat);
  • accordion - a variant of three blocks with folding according to the principle of a folded accordion (you need to pull the handle, and all the blocks form a sleeping bed);
  • click clack - mechanism with a click (the seat is lifted up until it clicks, then lowered);
  • american clamshell - a triple block, which is laid out first behind the back, then (when the back is lowered down) for the part with legs;
  • French folding bed - a mechanism with a fixed back (before transformation, the pillows are removed, then the seat is pulled out);

The transformation mechanism is chosen individually. The main thing is that it allows the unhindered assembly and decomposition of the sofa in the desired parameters of the room.

The only thing worth paying attention to is the diameter of the metal parts, it should not be less than 1.2 cm, otherwise it will be weak to hold the structure.

How to replace it yourself?

Modern upholstered furniture is designed in such a way that repair or replacement of the unit is allowed. If funds permit, you can order a new unit by measuring its dimensions. When there is no desire to overpay for the repair or restoration of the unit, you can make the repair yourself.

  • To understand the scope of the repair, you need to determine the state of the block. To do this, it is separated from the base, the upholstery staples are removed (if there are no zippers), then the polyurethane foam layer is raised and the situation is assessed. If several springs have become unusable, they can be replaced. In this case, there is no need to change the entire block - it is enough to purchase the necessary springs in a special store.
  • The loosened springs are unscrewed carefully using pliers. There is no point in stretching them, as this will not ultimately solve the problem. It is better to immediately replace with new elements. Having changed the details, they are covered with foam rubber, then they put on a cover, put the block in place. All actions are performed taking into account the sequence inverse to the parsing of the block.
  • If there are too many repairs, it is better to order a ready-made block of the required size. The technology of its installation is not difficult: since it will be in a new case, it will only have to be identified in the right place.

How to replace the spring block yourself can be seen in the video below.


Spring block sofas are in great demand among different customer groups. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews left on the Internet. Buyers note that such furniture is more durable in operation compared to a springless unit, which is significantly inferior to it in terms of quality and service life.

Most of the comments are about block filler. Here opinions are different, but they boil down to one thing: in addition to springs, an addition is needed, since it is the layered principle of the block that makes it more resistant to deflection and improves quality.Customers love the box spring because it resembles a resilient and comfortable bed mattress.

Some opinions talk about the high cost of quality sofas with independent springs. The price for such furniture is quite high, which, in a sense, puts a barrier between desire and purchase. However, the spring block is not a case where you can save money, because health is most important. A lot depends on what sleep and rest will be. Buying a sofa is an investment in your own health, which must be maintained at all times.

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