Brown sofas

Brown sofas
  1. Peculiarities
  2. Color solutions
  3. Materials (edit)
  4. Selection Tips
  5. Placement of the sofa in the interior

Brown is a classic color, so it can be seen in many interiors. Upholstered furniture in this color looks softer, more comfortable and harmonious. With a wide range of wonderful shades, sofas of this color can be matched to both traditional classic and more modern furnishings.


Many buyers opt for brown sofas, as they look great in both spacious and small spaces. This is especially true for models painted in a more delicate coffee or caramel shade. With the help of such interior details, you can visually expand the space, as well as make it warmer and more comfortable.

But this rule is not obeyed by specimens, the shade of which is darker. For example, a large dark chocolate sofa in a small room will look too rough and heavy, making the space cramped.

Upholstered furniture with brown upholstery is non-brand. That is why it is often chosen not only for the living room, but also for the hallway, kitchen or veranda.

Sofas in this design are versatile, because they can be installed in a wide variety of interiors. It can be a classic ensemble with a predominance of wood details or a high-tech interior filled with metallic elements and neutral tones. All you need to do is to correctly choose a harmonious shade of upholstered furniture.

It is worth noting the fact that brown is not capricious and is combined with many colors. It can be both contrasting and pastel colors. Even in a bright and striking interior, an object of a universal color will look harmonious and attractive.

Modern manufacturers produce a wide variety of sofa models: static straight options, corner structures with retractable and folding mechanisms. They can be used not only as a seat, but also as an additional berth. A brown sofa bed will look spectacular in the living room and bedroom if you choose the right side tables, lamps and decor elements in it.

Color solutions

In the arsenal of calm brown, there are a large number of different shades.

  • Sofas in beige and brown tones have a very delicate and cozy appearance. It is worth noting that models of similar colors look harmonious against the background of wall finishes in a variety of tones, from red or blue to classic black or white. The disadvantage of beige models is their easily soiled surface, especially if the furniture has textile upholstery.
  • More light will require a dark brown sofa. Furniture in this design is not recommended for dark and small rooms. Such specimens look harmoniously on a white, beige, light caramel, pale orange or gray background. You can complement such a sofa with bright pillows and matching decor to get a harmonious and richer ensemble.
  • The delicate light brown model can be placed in a light or subdued room in neutral colors. But do not leave such a cozy sofa without details in the interior that match the tone! For example, in a gray or white room, light brown furniture can be complemented by a table with a light brown top or curtains of a similar color. Contrasting combinations look good.So, by placing a dark brown coffee table in front of a light sofa, you will attract more attention to the upholstered furniture.
  • White and brown sofa models have a luxurious design. They look good in a wide variety of styles, from classic to modern. However, if you want to purchase a more practical product that does not require special care, then you better turn to items with leather or leatherette upholstery.
  • Turquoise is a trend in recent seasons. Upholstered furniture that combines a brown shade with a noble turquoise looks not only stylish, but also very original. A contrasting combination of different tones can liven up a room and make it brighter. Such a model will look harmoniously in an environment made in brown, light turquoise and white. These contrasting shades in the overall ensemble look expensive and aristocratic.
  • Even the dullest and most boring room can be revived with the help of a bright reddish-brown and orange-brown sofa. These shades look great against the background of contrasting walls (but not too bright) and delicate floors. Often, such upholstered furniture is complemented by beautiful blue, turquoise, hot pink, purple, green or yellow pillows.
  • Lovers of elegant interiors will love the brown sofas with gold. They should be complemented by suitable decorative elements with aristocratic notes and rich curtains.
  • In light rooms, sofas will look harmonious, in which brown meets yellow and blue. If you correctly arrange lighting in a room with such furniture, then visually it will seem brighter and more spacious.
  • Two-tone models are popular today... So, a brown sofa can be complemented with white, black, cream, beige, orange and other contrasting colors.

Models with contrasting white stitching look interesting and expensive. Most often, leather models are made out in this way.

Materials (edit)

For the upholstery of sofas, materials such as leather, eco-leather, leatherette and textiles are used.

The strongest, most beautiful and durable, of course, is natural leather. It is not subject to mechanical damage and does not lose its attractiveness even after many years. The skin does not require any special care.

But sofas with this design are not cheap, since genuine leather itself is quite expensive. However, its performance is undoubtedly worth it.

The sofas are cheaper, for the upholstery of which leatherette is used. This material is outwardly difficult to distinguish from genuine leather, but it is less wear-resistant and durable. Leatherette does not like temperature changes and sharp details on clothes. Over time, small cracks or abrasions may appear on its surface.

Eco-leather is widely used today in furniture production. This elastic and soft material looks attractive and is inexpensive. But it is also susceptible to mechanical damage, so you should not sit on it if your clothes have metal rivets, pendants, etc.

The cheapest are sofas with textile upholstery made of flock, plush, matting and jacquard.

Selection Tips

The brown sofa is harmonious in many interiors.

For lighter rooms, almost any shade is suitable, and for dark rooms it is better to choose furniture in lighter colors.

The strongest and most durable are models with genuine leather upholstery, but they are distinguished by their high cost.

The economy class includes textile models, they are cheaper, but they look no worse. However, the fabrics on the furniture need regular maintenance in the form of cleaning them from dirty spots and dust.

A brown sofa will come in handy if you want to visually "insulate" a room made in cold colors. To do this, you can choose a more delicate version of caramel, brown-beige or light beige.

Such furniture looks spectacular in many rooms. If you are looking for an option for a study, then you should turn to solid products with leather trim.

A small sofa in gentle or rich colors is suitable for a children's room. You should not buy a large dark brown copy for such a room.

Placement of the sofa in the interior

A dark chocolate textile corner sofa can be placed in a living room with light beige walls and a reddish brown laminate flooring. A red armchair complemented by a beige pillow will find its place next to it. Red pillows should be placed on the sofa itself to play up the bright armchair. To complete the ensemble, lay a shaggy light carpet on the floor, and hang cream curtains on the windows.

A dark brown sofa with velvet upholstery looks great against the backdrop of white walls and a floor lined with light laminate. Play up the color contrast with a monochrome painting, a glass coffee table and beige curtains on the windows.

A red leather sofa with legs can be placed in a room with white walls and rich brown parquet flooring. A large, fluffy white carpet with a black pattern should be laid on the floor, and wooden tables for lamps and flower vases should be placed to the left and right of the sofa. Round off the ensemble with a tall bookcase against the wall and decorative plates above the sofa.

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