Sofas from the 8 March factory

Among the numerous manufacturers of upholstered furniture, the 8 March factory occupies a special place. Under this trademark, a huge number of sofa models are produced annually, designed for different levels of consumer income. All furniture is distinguished by impeccable design, compliance with the latest fashion trends and the most stringent quality requirements.


The holding of the 8 March furniture factory includes a group of Moscow companies producing upholstered furniture for various categories of the consumer market. The range of companies includes hundreds of items of armchairs, sofas, beds and their modifications.

The first products of the factory were produced at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1996 the company experienced a rebirth. Today, the largest holding includes two independent design bureaus that adapt the developments of well-known European and American companies to the conditions of the Russian market. The models are developed according to Western European models and fully meet the requirements of European standards.

Today the assortment of the company offers the following names of upholstered furniture:

  • straight and corner sofas;
  • couches;
  • armchairs;
  • poufs.

Due to careful assembly, modern design and high quality of the materials used, the products of the factory are in great demand for the arrangement of residential apartments, private houses, office premises, and consumer services. To create furniture, the highest quality and environmentally friendly materials are used, presented in a huge range of colors and textures.

A variety of finishing materials allows you to create sofas that will perfectly fit into any interior and help create a comfortable area for relaxation, sleep, work and leisure. Natural wood and metal are used to create the base. These materials ensure the reliable use of furniture for many years.

The company's products participate in numerous professional exhibitions, are awarded with diplomas, certificates and other distinctive signs. The holding is engaged in wholesale and retail supplies of upholstered furniture throughout Russia and far beyond its borders.

Dimensions (edit)

One of the indisputable advantages of the products of the 8 March company is its wide range of models and sizes. This is very convenient, especially if you need to furnish several rooms of different sizes at once. There is no need to look for furniture from different manufacturers, but it is much more profitable and logical to buy everything in one place. Moreover, it is possible to pick up models, sustained in a single style solution and color scheme, differing from each other only in size.

The company offers a wide range of models that can be purchased for both spacious and very small rooms. For example, the classic models of soft sofas for the living room are presented in sizes 225x100 cm, 225x109 cm, 202x107 cm, 236x118 cm.

For small rooms, more compact options are recommended, for example, 162x95 cm.

When unfolded, the sofas form a flat, smooth, very comfortable surface for sleeping and relaxing.

Corner sofas are larger models that help to seat several people at the same time, for example, at the dining table in the kitchen or in the living room. The assortment of the company includes models of different sizes: 247x174 cm, 241x171 cm, 210x168 cm, 330x182 cm and many others.

Materials (edit)

Upholstered furniture is usually purchased for a fairly long period of time.Therefore, the quality of sofas and armchairs should be at a very high level, and the materials from which the body, upholstery and filling are made should be distinguished by high reliability, practicality and good decorative properties.

The furniture factory "March 8" carries out the production of its products only from the highest quality, modern materials. And the abundance of colors and textures allows you to easily choose the most suitable option for the office, living room, bedroom, kitchen or hallway.

The following materials are used to create the upholstery:

  1. Leather. A leather sofa, like no other, looks aristocratic, expensive and solid in any setting. The assortment includes many colors - there are glossy, matte, textured leather of chocolate, burgundy, red, green, mustard and many other colors.
  2. Flock... Flock is one of the most interesting modern materials. Soft, delicate shine and pleasant velvety flock make it one of the most popular for the manufacture of designer furniture.
  3. Leatherette... Artificial leather perfectly imitates the texture of natural material. Available in a wide variety of colors. Possesses high performance and excellent decorative characteristics.
  4. Tapestry... Tapestry is a material for people with artistic taste and a subtle sense of style. Luxurious ornaments, durability, practicality, hypoallergenicity of the material make it one of the favorite among designers of upholstered furniture.
  5. Microfiber, velor, chenille, matting, eco-leather, suede and jacquard are also actively used by the factory for upholstery of sofas.

The company offers its customers warranty service for its products. This includes minor repairs, such as changing casters, re-tightening furniture, and replacing the frame and other parts.

You can see an overview of materials, as well as ways of transforming the sofas of the 8 Marta factory in the video below.

Popular models

Over the long history of its existence, a huge number of different models of upholstered furniture have been released under the 8 March trademark. But some of them were so liked by customers that they have not lost their relevance for many years.


A sofa featuring high reliability and a very spacious berth. The advantages of the model include the following points:

  • dimensions of the assembled sofa (118 * 236.5cm) allow you to use the sofa for sleeping without even laying it out;
  • convenient, reliable, durable transforming mechanism ("Eurobook");
  • bed parameters - 163 * 200 cm;
  • elegant classic design with straight, clear lines;
  • fully unfolded berth a thin back is fenced off from the wall. This helps to avoid the discomfort of touching a cold wall while sleeping;
  • regulated price depends on the choice of upholstery;
  • spacious and roomy linen box;
  • elastic mattress medium hardness.


"Richard" is an elegant, sophisticated model with decorative inlays made of precious woods (beech and oak). The company offers several variants of the model with curly or straight armrests, with and without seat braces. The model is equipped with a spacious drawer. Comfortable and comfortable sleep is provided by an elastic mattress with an orthopedic effect.


The model is made in the most simple and laconic design, and smooth, soft lines add home coziness and comfort to it. The sofa will perfectly fit into classic and modern interiors. The main advantage of this piece of furniture is functionality. The sofa in a matter of seconds expands to a spacious, comfortable bed with an orthopedic mattress.


The model is made in an original, modern design. The sofa has one armrest and an asymmetrical, soft, rounded seat.Three sofa cushions are used as a complement. The model is equipped with small drawers, a linen drawer is provided for.


The Britanica trademark is the result of many years of successful cooperation between the 8 March holding and the English manufacturer Buoyant ltd. Under this brand, premium-class upholstered furniture made of genuine leather, sustained in the richest color gamut, is produced. Furniture from "Britannica" is luxury, status and solidity.


Holding "March 8" and its products are very popular and in demand among buyers of different incomes. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews that can be found on the Internet.

The first plus, which is noted in almost all comments, is the quality in everything (materials, design, transformation mechanism, accessories, performance). Due to its impeccable quality, the company has long earned an excellent reputation among manufacturers and consumers. It is no coincidence that you can find counterfeit counterparts imitating the products of this brand. The presence of fakes speaks of the popularity of the company and its furniture.

Durability, quality, durability - everything related to the operation of upholstered furniture is at a very high level. The sofas retain their original appearance even after several years of constant use. Upholstery material does not crack, does not lose color intensity, does not deform.

A wide selection of upholstery materials is another advantage of this brand's upholstered furniture. You can order or purchase a ready-made version of products, based on your own financial capabilities, style and finish, in which the interior is sustained.

Accommodation options in the interior

Let's consider the possible options for placing sofas from the 8 Marta factory in the interior of residential premises:

  • Corner sofa from the 8 March trademark instantly transforms any interior, even one as restrained and austere as a study. Deep, rich color, interesting texture of upholstery, comfortable design and decorative pillows give the atmosphere a solid, respectable look;
  • Luxury modular sofa very harmoniously combined with the interior, designed in the loft style. Brick walls, lack of decor, open wardrobes, such a sofa makes the interior more sophisticated and elegant;
  • Bright, stylish, modern sofa will become a magnificent decoration of the interior, made in a restrained modern style. Original details, superior quality, convenience and comfort - the perfect solution for the living room.
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