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Sofas are an indispensable feature of every room. Such beautiful upholstered furniture is ideal for decorating a living room, bedroom, nursery, study, and even a kitchen. Its purchase is a long-term investment, so it is worth choosing it responsibly.

Anderssen sofas stand for quality and durability. They are in great demand due to the huge variety of models.


The Russian company Anderssen is a well-known manufacturer of upholstered furniture. It appeared in 2000, and today they offer a wide range of comfortable, attractive and high quality sofas for every taste. They are presented in different style solutions, which will allow each buyer to choose the best option.

The main principle of the company is “quality and healthy sleep”. The manufacturer provides a full-fledged sleeping place, and already starting from it, the entire sofa is designed. Each model is equipped with a solid and flat berth, but space saving is not forgotten. Thanks to the use of convenient transformation mechanisms, the product can easily be transformed from a comfortable bed for sleeping into a small sofa.

Anderssen sofas are durable. With daily use, they will last over ten years. Under normal operation, it will last for 15 years.

The main advantages of Anderssen sofas:

  • The company uses exclusively high quality materials, so you can be confident in the long-term use of the product.
  • A wide variety of models makes it possible for each client to find a worthy option, which fits perfectly into the interior of the room. The manufacturer offers standard and exclusive models. Sofas are presented in different shapes, sizes and colors.
  • The company gives a guarantee for all products, which indicates not only the high quality of upholstered furniture. The manufacturer uses modern equipment, high-quality raw materials and durable fittings in the manufacture of a wide range of products. Particular attention is paid to the mechanisms of transformation, among them the Eurobook and the accordion are considered the most popular.
  • The individual approach of the manufacturer is that you can choose the design, filler and material for upholstery at the request of the customer. The chosen option will be one of a kind.
  • Anderssen sofas are suitable for furnishing living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens or nurseries.


The variety of models and designs of Anderssen sofas is simply amazing. The manufacturer offers stylish models for offices and apartments, using various designs, materials and fabrics.

Pull-out sofas are hugely popular as they free up living space. The models are equipped with high-quality and reliable transformation mechanisms. You can easily turn a soft product into a spacious and comfortable sleeping place.

Long service life is one of the undeniable advantages of Anderssen brand products.

The company offers sofas in various shapes. Direct options are classics. Rounded designs look interesting and original. Straight models are usually two-seater. They are often purchased for a bedroom or kitchen, as they do not take up much space.

Many models are equipped with additional elements to create the maximum level of comfort.Sofas from modern collections are often complemented by side shelves. Very often, the sofa is presented in an ensemble with a small coffee table, which is ideal in height when using a tablet or laptop.

The orthopedic sofa is ideal for decorating a room in any style, and will also allow you to save free space and guarantee a sound sleep. An orthopedic mattress allows the body to relax while maintaining the correct posture during the night's rest. The main feature is that the springs are isolated in special cases. Thus, the mattress does not lose its shape even after prolonged use.

Dimensions (edit)

The company offers sofas in different sizes. Their choice depends on the size of the room and the free space in it. Large models are ideal for spacious living rooms... They can stand not only near the wall, but also in the center as a bright accent of the interior or for zoning a room.

Compact sofas can be selected for small rooms. The transformation mechanism will create a comfortable sleeping place for sleeping, and in the morning the sofa folds easily, providing free space for movement.

Materials (edit)

All Anderssen sofas are manufactured exclusively from high quality materials and durable fittings. In the manufacture of upholstered furniture, the company uses several types of mattresses:

  • highly elastic polyurethane foam;
  • dependent spring blocks;
  • independent spring blocks.

The folding sofas are equipped with high-quality and reliable transformation mechanisms. These include popular models such as the accordion, tangos, eurosophies, corner models and book sofas.

The company uses a wide range of quality and durable fabrics. The brand cooperates with imported fabric manufacturers, which speaks of high quality and practicality. The assortment of the company includes more than 4000 designs of fabrics.

Woven and non-woven materials are used for the upholstery of sofas. The first option includes jacquard and pile fabrics (velor, corduroy, artificial suede). Non-woven upholstery is usually made from flock or faux upholstery leather.


Anderssen sofas come with a removable cover available in a variety of upholstery fabrics. You can choose a cover depending on the style of the room.

Covers for sofas allow you not only to transform their appearance, but also to completely change their design. You can add brightness to the interior or, conversely, use a cover in soft pastel colors. The choice is yours.

Removable covers provide easy cleaning. Many people ask how to take them off. The process will take only a few seconds, easy and convenient.

You can order or sew a new cover yourself to immediately replace the cover with a clean or new version.

Popular models and their characteristics

Anderssen has been producing upholstered furniture for many years. Many sofa models have become top sellers.

  • One of the classic solutions is the Benedict sofa. It combines the functionality of a bed and a sofa. The highlight of the model is the transformation mechanism called the "walking Eurobook". After unfolding, the sleeping area has a flat surface. The transformation process will take only a few seconds, because it is enough to pull the seat towards you, and then fold the back to the vacant seat.

Although the Benedict sofa is distinguished by its massive forms, it attracts attention with its elegance and lightness. The bed is 152 cm wide and 202 cm long. When folded, the sofa is 241 cm wide, 105 cm high and 112 cm deep. This model is equipped with a spacious drawer where you can place bedding. To get to the box, it is enough to move the seat.

  • Luxurious sofa "Winter Venice" is presented in classic Italian style. A distinctive feature is the presence of soft rounded armrests. This model is ideal for a child's room. The manufacturer offers the sofa in two versions, which have different widths - 228 and 238 cm, but the same back height (108 cm) and depth (89 cm). The sleeping place is presented in sizes 190x155 cm and 200x155 cm.

Sofa "Winter Venice" attracts attention with an elegant decorated back and luxurious cushions. It has a spacious inner box for linen, and is complemented by a high-quality polyurethane foam mattress. The model is equipped with a Eurosof transformation mechanism, but if you wish, you can order a sofa with another sliding system.

  • The attractive Monsoon sofa is a vivid embodiment of children's fantasies. It is presented in unusual upholstery, with a convenient transformation mechanism. The sofa folds out into a spacious sleeping place. The model is presented in several sizes, which allows you to choose a comfortable option for both small and spacious rooms.
  • The Goodwin model allows you to add new colors to the interior of the room. The sofa is equipped with a reliable and high-quality accordion transformation mechanism. Decorative overlays on the luxurious armrests, turning into the drawer side, complete the circle along the back of the product. The model is designed for spending time together, as well as for a sound night's sleep.
  • Corner sofa "Tristan" will help to give the interior design solemnity and elegance. It is characterized by comfort and spaciousness. Thanks to the accordion folding mechanism, the model can be easily transformed into a spacious sleeping place. The sofa is equipped with a built-in shelf for convenient placement of small accessories.

Selection Tips

To buy a functional sofa, you should think about where it will stand and what it will be used for.

  • The upholstered furniture in the living room for receiving guests should be modern. Due attention should be paid to the upholstery, as it must be strong and reliable.
  • If you choose a sofa for daily sleep for children, then you need to choose a strong frame and high-quality filler.... These two components of the sofa act as a guarantor of a sound and healthy sleep, ensuring the correct body position during a night's rest.
  • Before buying a sofa, you need to measure the place where it will stand. This will help in choosing a model. For small rooms, a corner sofa may be suitable. A spacious living room can be decorated with a massive, straightforward option. Do not forget to pay attention to the transformation mechanism and upholstery. Remember that the fabric and the folding mechanism can be selected individually.

What is the price?

Anderssen offers quality sofas at an affordable price. The value for money will pleasantly surprise buyers. The manufacturer does not work through intermediaries, and also often offers sales on some models.

Straight sofas cost about 50,000 rubles, spacious corner-type models - about 100,000 rubles. Chair beds are ideal for small rooms. Their cost is approximately 30,000 rubles.


Anderssen sofas are in great demand due to their excellent quality, stylish design and affordable price. Buyers commented on the durability of the sofas. The transformation mechanism works easily and does not break even after numerous unfolding.

The assembly of the sofa is also not the last place in the process of its creation. You can learn how it happens in the factory from the video.

The attractive upholstery and frame designs suit a wide variety of styles. Customers love the removable covers as they protect the product from dirt and allow it to be removed and washed.

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