White corner sofas

  1. Features, advantages and disadvantages of choice
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  3. Materials (edit)
  4. Dimensions (edit)
  5. Shades and color combinations
  6. Where to put it and what is it combined with?
  7. Stylish ideas in the interior

White furniture is a pleasant and time-tested classic. Along with modern, bright interiors, light colors do not cease to be popular. Due to their unique ability to visually expand the space, many people prefer just such options. White corner sofas are in great demand - a great solution for any style direction.

Features, advantages and disadvantages of choice

Psychologists say that white is one of the most harmonious in the interior of an apartment. Associations with freshness and cleanliness allow you to relax after a hard day, to feel at home and cozy. White makes the room itself brighter and larger, and also skillfully corrects room imperfections. Corner sofas in white have become classics for a long time. They are chosen to emphasize their own style and taste.

The undoubted advantage of corner sofas is their ability to save space and room space. That is why only such models should be selected for small apartments or studios. This will give you both a good rest area during the day and a comfortable sleeping place at night. The simple design makes it easy and pleasant to use. It is also good that the sofa can be placed in any room and in combination with any interior.

There are practically no drawbacks to corner sofas. The main thing is to determine the type of construction when buying, which will be convenient for you, because you will have to lay out the sofa every day. Many have fears about white, fearing that it will turn out to be easily soiled and impractical. This is not always the case: choosing good upholstery that can be regularly cleaned, you can forget about the problem.


There are several types of corner sofas - most often they are distinguished by shape and type of construction. If we talk about the form, then there are models with sides of the same and different lengths. Recently, sofas decorated with the letter "P" are very popular. They are often quite complex in design and feature useful internal drawers.

Eurobook is one of the best and most durable transformation mechanisms. Such sofas can be folded out very simply - by moving forward and lowering the back to the formed place. Eurobook sofas are ideal upholstered furniture with a box for linen in the corner. Many models are also sold even with two drawers for linen, one of which is located in the fold-out section. "Pantographs" - improved eurobooks that do not scratch the floor have also proven themselves very well.

Another popular type of corner sofas are models with the Dolphin mechanism. They are well suited for everyday use and are easy to unfold. Most often, these sofas have only one linen drawer in the corner. A more voluminous box may offer the Accordion, but the complexity of transformation forces many to abandon this model. But the ideal solution would be roll-out transforming sofas - they have several drawers and are great in small spaces.

Materials (edit)

When choosing a corner sofa, it is very important to pay attention to the content. You will have to sit and sleep on the couch often, so it should not fall through or be too hard. Polyurethane foam is a good choice - a democratic, high-quality and affordable material.The only drawback of this option is a little stiffness, but there are varieties of lower density, especially for seats.

The block with dependent springs is softer and more comfortable. It is able to provide real convenience and comfort, but such a product cannot be called durable. Such a model will last up to 10 years, after which the springs can break and break through the upholstery. If you are looking for a longer service life, opt for orthopedic mattresses. It is the ideal solution for a beautiful posture and a healthy back.

The material of the frame is no less important. The base of the sofa should be made only of high-quality wood, otherwise the structure will quickly become unusable. Modern sofas in most cases consist of solid beams upholstered with plywood. When buying, take a closer look at the details of the frame. The space between the armrest and the seat should be almost invisible - this is a sign of a good model.

There are also many types of upholstery. The cheapest options are jacquard, matting, tapestry. Textiles are quite popular and easy to clean and easy to replace. Velor, velvet, genuine leather will add chic and nobility to the sofa. If there are pets in the house, flock should be preferred, which has increased resistance to cat claws.

Dimensions (edit)

When choosing a corner sofa, taking into account the size is one of the main rules. Particular attention should be paid to the total area of ​​the room and the height of the people who will sleep on the couch. In large rooms, sofas can be placed up to 3 m in length and up to 2 m in width. Such a large structure will allow you to allocate a berth for several people.

As for the width of the sleeping places, it can be completely different - depending on who buys the sofa. Models are available in widths from 130 to 200 cm. The length is usually from 150 to 210 cm. In children's versions, an acceptable length is 150-170 cm. If this is a sofa for adults, it is better to buy furniture of 200-210 cm or more.

The transformation mechanism provides a very large difference in size. Eurobooks and "pantographs" are usually quite impressive in size, which cannot be said about them when folded. "Dolphin", as a rule, is smaller, its length rarely reaches 2.7 m. In any type of transformation, the length of the corner protruding part is also taken into account. It is presented in sizes of 130, 140 or 150 cm, but there are exceptions.

Shades and color combinations

The time has long passed when the dazzling snow-white color was considered one of the best. Today, such a shade evokes thoughts of sterility, so it is better to refuse it in the interior. Opt for warmer whites - milky, creamy, creamy colors. The shade of ivory, mother-of-pearl, pearl, bluish tones are very popular. The soft color "white chocolate" looks very good.

White is also unique for the interior because it can be combined with almost all shades. If you like cool colors, try combining white with blue, light green, or lilac. Deep blues and purples will add a touch of mystery to the room. A win-win option would be a black and white interior - an ageless classic of the genre. For a classic ensemble, a gray palette of colors is also suitable - from light and silver to rich dark.

Lovers of warm colors can be advised to combine white with bright yellow, red, orange shades. This atmosphere will make the room more fun and lively. Brick, burgundy, pink tones look beautiful. You can go the standard way - combine warm white colors with beige, pastel, peach tones.

Where to put it and what is it combined with?

Consider a few nuances when placing a corner sofa in a room. If the room is spacious, then there are no restrictions.You can put the sofa either near the wall or right in the center of the room. The latter option will help emphasize the size of the room and make its design unusual. In small apartments, it is advisable to place furniture along the wall so that there is room for armchairs, bedside tables or a pouf.

White sofas are combined with many styles, but in some rooms they look especially chic. This piece of furniture is irreplaceable in a Scandinavian interior. The Scandinavian style is characterized by lightness and airiness, an abundance of natural light and a minimum of accessories. In the external finish, the color of light wood, natural stone should be preferred.

The white corner sofa is the perfect complement to modern classics and minimalism. Combine it with a light finish in warm colors - cream, cream, ivory. Large windows look great, not burdened with unnecessary decor. Forget about massive curtains - a light organza curtain will be enough. To make the interior more interesting, you can purchase some bright accessories for the room.

White sofas are perfect for country style. This uniquely cozy, homely style immerses you in the calm atmosphere of rustic comfort. To decorate the room, prefer natural fabrics - cotton, linen, cambric, chintz. Floral motifs are also very important for country music - this can be traced in wall decoration, paintings, curtains. A sofa should be purchased in a warm white color, and you can additionally decorate it with beautiful knitted napkins, embroidered pillows or a blanket.

Stylish ideas in the interior

White corner sofas look great in neutral interiors with a touch of minimalism. Light wall decoration, stylish lamp, warm beige curtains and modern painting will help complete the interior. A good solution would be a combination with sand or brown colors. In such shades, you can pick up not only finishes, but also original chairs, vases.

It's no secret that white shades harmonize wonderfully with cool purple and blue tones. The large corner sofa can be combined with pillows and rug in an interesting eggplant color. Pick up live plants in flower pots and unusual wall clocks to complement the interior.

Large open windows are a great choice for almost any room. A chic spacious living room will sparkle with new colors if the sofa is placed in the center. Small splashes of black and white, a dark carpet on the floor and a mirrored coffee table are the finishing touches. A bright living room will look great with such windows. Here, you can pick up a rug and a picture as a bright element.

A classic, familiar from childhood, is a contrasting black and white interior. The room looks very stylish, where such contrasts are obvious. Minimalistic paintings, cozy light furniture, live plants - this is quite enough to get a modern and beautiful room. You can dilute the atmosphere with pink, blue and gray tones.

Below you can watch a video about white corner sofas.

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