Choosing a sofa with a berth

Choosing a sofa with a berth
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  2. Varieties
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  7. Selection Tips
  8. What is the price?
  9. Accommodation options in the interior

A sleeping place is one of the most important and necessary furnishings and household items. Sleeping space is actually the key to the happiness of newlyweds. How to choose a sofa with a sleeping place and not make a mistake?


The bed in all ages was considered one of the few irreplaceable pieces of furniture. Fortunately, these times have sunk into oblivion and now, instead of bulky beds, you can use very comfortable sofas that take up half the space.

Sleeping sofas are ideal not only for a small studio apartment, but also for a nursery, and for the most ordinary bedroom! Sofas can even be considered a full-fledged sleeping place, since high-quality models can provide sleep no worse than on a traditional bed, due to the springs that reduce the load on the spine.

Most sofas can be folded, therefore small size and functionality can be added to the absolute advantages - during the day you can drink tea while sitting on the couch, and sleep in the same place at night. Many prototypes are equipped with spacious linen drawers, which will immediately empty the wardrobes and allow you to clean up several times faster! In addition, the sofa will no longer allow you to spend money on bedspreads - most of the upholstery looks very aesthetically pleasing and will easily fit into any interior.

If a folding sofa is needed not to save space, you can make a whole composition from the sofa and the bed, which is just right to decorate with banquets, flowers, small sculptures. The classic of the genre will be the sofa at the foot of the bed.

A sofa with a sleeping place, like a standard bed, can last a couple of decades. But it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that low-quality upholstery can negatively affect health and cause back pain, and a bad mechanism can "stick" when unfolding.


There are many styles of sofas. All of them can be combined into several subgroups.

By the number of berths

  • single - has one section, designed for one person's sleep;
  • one and a half sleeping - one and a half section, more comfortable than single;
  • double - two sections, designed for two, if desired, another child / pet can fit;
  • double - two pronounced berths, in the center it can be uncomfortable;
  • with a large berth - looks like a single bed, but much wider and, if necessary, someone else can sit. The berth can be either wide or long, depending on the preferences of the customer;
  • with two separate (separate) berths - ideal for a nursery or in case of renting an apartment;
  • three-bed - focused on three people, usually bought by family people who need a lot of space to sleep;

By disassembly mechanism

  • sliding forward - part of the seat simply moves forward, the design is not too reliable;
  • eurobook - the most common option. Extremely easy to disassemble and extremely durable design. To open, you just need to pull out the bottom of the sofa and install the backrest in its place. A minimum of moving parts guarantee that the thing will last a very long time;
  • with recliner - the backrest leans back and the footrest extends, which provides complete comfort;
  • pantograph - also called "tick-tock".It features a modern design and convenience, the layout mechanism does not come into contact with the floor, which will avoid scratches on the coating. In order to turn the product into a sleeping space, you need to raise the seat up and pull it towards you, lower the mattress into the resulting space;
  • accordion - a sofa with a flat berth. Its mechanism resembles an accordion, which gave the design its name.

By appointment

Even with one, two or three berths, the sofa always remains a sofa, and its main purpose is a place to sit. There are a great many types of such products and everyone will find what he needs specifically.

  • On balconies and loggias small ottomans will do. You can always lie down on them, take a nap and even sleep, but they won't take up much space. Perhaps the loggia will become a separate guest place.
  • Furniture has no gender division, but if you want, you can always choose a more "girly" one (gentle pastel colors, with elaboration of small details) - for girl and "boyish" (more restrained, perhaps of strict dark shades and without much decoration) - for young menand. Namely, for teenagers, furniture with a light design, for example, "Eurobook", is more suitable.
  • In kitchen design or a dining room, simple models with upholstery made of non-marking material will fit well. And since furniture in the kitchen is used less often, the sofa will last much longer!
  • In non-standard apartments products with a bay window design will look ideal - they are more often of a very unusual shape and design. The device allows you to recreate almost any whim of the customer!

It is possible to pick up anything for every day, because each person determines his own day!


For the living room is best suited furniture with a corner... It will perfectly fit into the overall composition of the environment and will save more space, but at the same time it will perfectly fit all relatives and friends. In the same room you can see the "U-shaped" sofas, which will also serve as an excellent accent for the room and will attract everyone's attention.

Let's remember the aforementioned furniture with boxes for linen. This is just a salvation for small houses or in the case when there are too many headsets in the apartment! After all, you can put not only bedspreads and sheets in the box, but also remove all sorts of little things there, which are so callous to the eyes, being on the shelves!

High back sofas really like people who like to feel psychologically protected. And it is also an excellent choice if the design of the berth is "eurobook" - due to the back, the bed will become very wide and most comfortable.

For a person who loves luxury, chic and boho style, I would like to recommend furniture with legs... Their mere presence immediately makes the sofa visually much more expensive and more beautiful than it really is. And if the legs are still combined with good quality upholstery (leather, velvet), then, without a doubt, this sofa should be on public display in the living room or hall!

Products can still be divided into two types - with and without armrests. And here comes the moment when we can say that tastes differ! Each individual person may or may not like the absence of armrests.

And if we talk about the types of products, then how can you bypass the most classic version. Probably, there is not a single apartment, the walls of which did not observe the most traditional version of this furniture. It is always convenience, comfort and style.

In conclusion, I would like to mention an option that is already a couple of hundred years old, but society cannot get used to it. Round sofas were always considered rather strange and did not find recognition, mainly due to the large amount of space they occupied. Yes, this style is not for small apartments, but it will suit very well for a private house.If you also complement the interior with an emphasis on geometry or dynamics, then you can get just a bunch of compliments for the excellent design of the room!

Dimensions (edit)

The size you need depends on many things. It is important whether there is an opportunity to take up space or you need to save it, furniture should look modest or more pretentious. They also pay attention to whether the sofa is intended for the hosts or guests, for daily sleep or not, how many people will sleep, narrow or wide. You need to think over the answers to the questions above and measure the area intended for the sofa.

Then just select the appropriate option from the ones provided below (the first digit is the width, the second is the length):

  1. Centimeters: 160x200; 200x200; 180x200; 120x200; 140x200; 120x190; 130x200; 100x200; 90x200; 150x200; 140x190; 100x190.
  2. Millimeters: 2000x2000 or 2100; 1600x2000; 1800x2000; 1400x2000; 2000x1800; 1600x1900.
  • Width Length may vary depending on the proposed models, centimeters: 160, 140, 80, 60, 100, 125.
  • Length Width varies, centimeters: 170, 150, 210, 220.
  • Depth may also change due to supply and demand, but the most common is 70 cm (this is considered shallow)

In stores with Chinese goods, there are still these options for sizes: 170 cm - length, 140, 150 cm, 80 and 60 cm - width, 1 meter or 1200 cm - length. These sizes will be quite compact.

Materials (edit)

For ease of choice, this article will simply describe the materials and their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Leather. A classic option for people who love clarity, simplicity and quality, and do not accept pretentiousness. The coating can be matte and lacquered, smooth and with some kind of embossing, with or without drawings. Among the advantages is that the leather is durable, looks very prestigious, and its care is easy and simple. The disadvantages include the fact that the leather sofa wears out over time, cracks appear on the upholstery, the material will not withstand the effects of animal claws or teeth. Also, products coated with this fabric have a bunch of zeros in the price tag.
  • Cotton... Again, a natural option. Eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-allergenic, making it a suitable variation for a nursery / apartment with children. The upholstery is easy to paint, which will allow you to have absolutely any color (and each color will look very nice and fresh). It "breathes" and allows moisture to pass through. The negative aspects of this material include the fact that they are very short-lived and, with regular use without a cover, can go out of use for four to six years.
  • Jacquard. Jacquard is a very dense, bright and comfortable material, which, moreover, looks great, because it is even woven with silver or gold threads. It practically does not wear out and does not fade, which is an absolute plus. The disadvantages can only be attributed to the fact that it may not suit the taste of individuals who love simpler things.
  • Silk. This is an expensive material, which explains its rare presence in furniture upholstery. It is quite durable and even has bactericidal properties. The touch of human skin to the coating is always pleasant, because this fabric is incredibly pleasant, it stays cool in heat and heats up quickly in cold weather.
  • Arpatek... This option was originally developed for upholstery in cars, therefore, it cannot be called extremely convenient. It resembles leather and its substitutes, but, unlike them, does not fade or stick to the body.
  • Chenille. Popular material for bedrooms and living rooms. This fabric is a hybrid of natural and artificial fibers, very soft and delicate, it is pleasant to touch it. Average service life is about sixty years. Caring for the cover is very simple - a couple of strokes with a vacuum cleaner and a dry cloth and the sofa is clean again!
  • Tapestry. This upholstery has already lost its former glory, but in vain! This material is made from a blend of cotton and wool and impregnated with dirt-repellent substances. Tapestry is durable and durable, has an abundance of colors, patterns and textures.This fabric looks great, feels good and is environmentally friendly! Among the disadvantages is only a quick burnout in the sun, which is solved by placing this piece of furniture away from sources of natural light.
  • Flock. This upholstery resembles velvet due to the combination of nylon and nylon threads. The fabric is perfect for houses with animals, because the claws do not leave almost any marks on the surface, the stains on it are invisible and are easily erased. Flock is also very environmentally friendly and suitable for allergy sufferers. Unfortunately, the fabric is very fragile and may need to be changed in five years.

When choosing upholstery for upholstered furniture, you need to decide what qualities of the fabric are most needed (durability, brightness, ease of care, appearance, color quality). Compare the options provided above to select.

Color solutions

When choosing a color scheme for a sofa, you must remember that it should be combined with the surrounding space. Perhaps the sofa will become the center of the furnishings and will be in a sharply contrasting color, but you should not experiment too much with this, because we do not change the wallpaper or furniture every day! The main thing is to pay attention to the harmony with the color of the walls and curtains.

Immediately choose what kind of upholstered furniture you want - plain or with a pattern (ornament). Solid color sofas easier to choose, sleeker and simpler. They fit into any room. Furniture with ornaments it is difficult to harmonize with the rest of the interior, but it will immediately decorate the room in which it is located! And of course, she really belongs in the living room, the nursery, she will also look good on the loggia.

When choosing shades, psychological factors must also be taken into account. For example, it will be hard to fall asleep on a bright red sofa, and an orange sofa in the kitchen will awaken your appetite.

There are hundreds of variations for decoration. This is bright in bright, monochrome solutions (both walls and furniture are all of the same calm shade (white / beige / gray / black), neutrality in bright (sofa of soft color without a pattern surrounded by fireworks of colors), bright in neutral (sofa distracting to itself all attention, preferably with an unusual shape and pattern).

Selection Tips

If the sofa in the room becomes a replacement for the bed, then you need to make a choice especially scrupulously when buying. Having saved a little today, you can get osteochondrosis and fatigue tomorrow.

  1. Track the quality of the collapsible design - reassemble the provided model once or twice and make sure that it does not creak, does not "jam", is not too heavy, that the legs and frame are reliable enough.
  2. Read labels carefully and listen to the advisor, in order to know how to take care of new furniture, otherwise, instead of removing the dirt, you can get a headache and the need to buy a new sofa. It will be easier, of course, to choose a sofa, which does not require any special effort to clean, just a couple of strokes with a rag.
  3. Pay attention to small details (nails, screws, buttons, springs), if they are made of plastic or aluminum, they may not last for a long time. If you try a leather or kozjam sofa, observe how quickly it will regain its shape after a person.

If the sofa will be used for sleeping, then you should especially focus on the filler. Modern stores offer a small selection:

  • Foam rubber. Comfortable soft padding can be used by people with allergies and products made from it are of low cost. But it is unreliable, over time, due to mechanical stress, it can change shape and settle.
  • Spring mattress. Previously, many people disliked this type of product because of the squeak, which worsened the quality of sleep. But now springs have appeared that do not make a sound (due to the fact that each part is placed in a separate cavity). Such surfaces are not very comfortable, since the mattress is not soft, it can even be called hard, but they are very useful for the spine and will serve for a long time.A new optimized type of mattress has also appeared on the shelves, which combines spring filler and foam rubber, which makes it soft, reliable, and quite inexpensive!
  • Polyurethane. This material can be considered a substitute for foam rubber, but products made from it are much more interesting, since they can be given absolutely any shape. Which, however, makes it more expensive. There is still an interesting version of the filler made of polyurethane - small balls. Resting on them is very relaxing, but it is a very expensive filler, because it sits out and you have to fill up again and again.
  • Latex. The filler is not cheap, but the products made from it are of very high quality. Latex does not cause allergies, does not sit, mold does not multiply on it, and it is very resilient.
  • Holofiber... It has qualities close to synthetic winterizer, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Very elastic - thanks to the spiral shape of the thread, it quickly regains its shape.

In the store, do not be shy and calmly try the sofa. Sit down and enjoy the comfort, you can even lie down if you want. The sofa should have support for the head and the upholstery should be uniform without any strange build-up of material.

Inspect the product from all sides. The fabric on the back should be the same as on the rest of the sofa, so that you can, if you wish, put it not only against the wall and it looks stylish in any position.

Even if you need an economy option, still pay attention to all of the above, remember: inexpensive should not be associated with low quality!

What is the price?

The prices for upholstered furniture depend on many criteria.

  1. Country. Furniture from Europe will cost much more than their counterparts from Belarus or China.
  2. Market positions - some firms produce exceptionally luxurious, or vice versa, economy class furniture.
  3. The type and desire of the client - an exact copy of the couch of Catherine II will cost more than a standard black sofa. After all, the craftsmen will have to find documents with the image of the bed, manually make the upholstery!
  4. Circulation - the less a certain type of product is produced, the more expensive it is. But even less likely to see similar furniture from a neighbor.
  5. Place of purchase - buying on the Internet is often much cheaper, the difference can be up to 20%.
  6. Custom-made furniture - the individual characteristics of the furniture will cost a pretty penny.
  7. Age - "freshly sewn" products are cheaper.
  8. Quality: natural - more expensive, synthetic counterparts - cheaper.

The average cost starts at $ 50 and can go as far as $ 200.

Accommodation options in the interior

  1. Living room, made in monochrome. At first glance, nothing attracts attention, but it is worth taking a closer look and you notice the light, delicate upholstery and seemingly glowing patterns on the pillows, perfectly combined with the iridescent carpet. The room is bright, but not too bright, and the crystal chandelier with hanging decorations is a touch of chic in the overall simplicity of the room.
  2. The design option is bright in neutral. The combination of beige, blue, purple and bright blue caresses the eye. The colors are contrasting, but the combination is extremely soft. A couple of flowers behind the sofa and a bay window add even more freshness to the interior.
  3. This picture shows that the design is made in the style of "neutral in bright"... The room looks like a light forest, the "nest" armchair and sun lamps give the atmosphere. But when it gets a little cool, the look clings to a light, unpretentious sofa and this brings it back to reality.

Next, see the video for an overview of a small sofa with a berth.

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