Classic sofas

Classic sofas
  1. Peculiarities
  2. Varieties of sofas in classic style
  3. Dimensions (edit)
  4. Selection Tips
  5. Beautiful photos of sofas in the interior

The classics never go out of style. Today, many people choose a classic style interior due to its originality, versatility and luxury. Sofas in this style are chosen by people who value comfort and stability.


Classic sofas are in great demand today. They are characterized by excellent quality, as the manufacturers pay attention to every detail. The magnificent models of upholstered furniture are distinguished by their even shapes and symmetry. They are renowned for their durability and strength.

Classic sofas have different prices, which will allow everyone to decorate their home with beautiful upholstered furniture. The price depends on the materials used. Typically, models are made from wood species such as walnut, beech or oak. The most expensive options are ebony and mahogany. Natural leather, cotton, satin or silk are often used for upholstery.

In the classic style, bright colors are rarely found, so the furniture is presented mainly in restrained and calm colors. This choice allows you to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Pleasant shades give an opportunity to relax the eyes, relieve stress and calm down.

The sofas are decorated with beautiful decor, among which gold thread is in great demand. It gives luxury, sophistication and charm to upholstered furniture.

The classic sofa is characterized by its versatility, as it is ideal for a living room, bedroom or study. It is not just furniture, but a real work of art. Such models are often presented on luxurious, curved legs. Beautiful semicircular armrests add charm to the furniture. The upholstery is often decorated with floral or geometric designs.

Now you can pick up the classic model depending on your personal preference. For example, for a small room, a double sofa with a folding mechanism would be an ideal choice, allowing you to easily transform the product into a comfortable sleeping place. To save space in small rooms, corner options are often used. For a spacious living room, you can choose a large model that can be placed in the center of the room or near a window.

Varieties of sofas in classic style

Classics is a style that combines a large number of different directions. It includes baroque, empire, gothic, neoclassicism. Therefore, sofas in a classic style are represented by a wide variety.

  • Neoclassicism is in trend today. To emphasize this style direction, upholstered furniture designers offer luxurious models that are airy and elegant compared to models in other directions. The design is fully consistent with a traditional English sofa.
  • For the embodiment of the interior in the Empire style, only elite furniture is suitable. Luxurious models in this style are characterized by massiveness and identity. Bright upholstery and a lot of jewelry looks rich and stylish. One gets the feeling that the sofa was delivered directly from the palace. Designers select materials very carefully, giving preference to the best of the best. They use only expensive tree species, use bronze and brass lining, decorate models with semi-precious stones and precious metals. Majesty and luxury is evident in every model.
  • The Baroque style is very different from the previous varieties of the classics. Upholstered furniture in this direction is characterized by softness, smooth lines and ergonomics. The decoration of the sofas is the carving. The craftsmen use only high quality materials.
  • The gothic style can be emphasized with beautiful and quality furniture. Models in this style are often presented in black, purple or red. Expensive velvet is used as the upholstery of the sofa. Sofas are massive, carvings are much less common. But among the decorative elements, forged elements and gilding stucco moldings are often used.
  • The upholstered furniture in the English style is made of excellent quality wood. Designers prefer oak, teak and walnut. The sofa for the embodiment of the interior in the English style can be made in "pure" classicism or slightly intertwined with other European styles. Designers often use ivory, bronze or brass inserts. Sofas are often decorated with expensive fabric upholstery, although genuine leather is also possible.
  • The Italian style is in great demand, since the products made in this style direction look elegant, beautiful and luxurious, very often they create the illusion of retro. The sofas are equipped with massive, comfortable armrests. The ideal choice would be the Corsica model, which is distinguished by its simplicity and modesty.
  • Modern classics are a very popular style of interiors that attracts attention with luxury, grandeur and beauty. All sofas in this style are made from expensive natural materials. The frame is made of expensive tree species - yew, cherry, beech, oak, walnut and others. Metal and plywood can also be used, but are extremely rare.

Sofas in modern classics are often upholstered with natural leather or high-density textiles of French or Italian production. This upholstery gives the sofas a respectable look. They can be safely combined with expensive wallpaper and massive curtains.

Dimensions (edit)

Classic sofas are presented in large sizes compared to options in other styles. The corner sofa is very popular, since it costs less than the linear model and does not require additional purchase of an armchair. A classic corner sofa saves space, so it is often bought for small spaces. Such models are usually 300 cm wide, so they are suitable for large families.

Straight-line models in a classic style usually reach a width of 200, 203, 206, 218, 250 cm. A variety of dimensions allows you to choose the most convenient option. On sale there are beautiful sofas in a classic style, which are 180 and 190 cm wide. They are designed for a comfortable seating of two people.

Selection Tips

A luxurious premium sofa is sure to be an exquisite decoration of a room in a classic style. To choose the right upholstered furniture, you should pay attention to several important tips:

  • Before buying, you should think about where the sofa will stand so that you can choose the right dimensions.
  • It is worth checking the sofa for comfort - it should be comfortable, soft and good to sit and lie on.
  • Attention should be paid to the materials. Premium sofas usually feature a timber frame. Many models have natural leather or leatherette as upholstery, but do not forget that these materials are not suitable for summer use, since it is very hot to sit on them in hot weather.
  • The upholstery often gets dirty, so consider using a cover or find a model with an easy-to-clean cloth.A classic sofa with light silky upholstery should not be purchased if you have small children, because it gets dirty very quickly, and you can only clean it in a dry cleaner or call a cleaning company.

If the sofa will be used as a sleeping place, then it is worth checking the transformation mechanism so that it works easily and comfortably. When choosing a sofa for decorating a room, you should pay attention to the appearance.

Beautiful photos of sofas in the interior

A luxurious sofa in purple and gold tones is perfect for the embodiment of a spectacular Renaissance interior. Rounded armrests, golden legs and soft pillows of various shapes look beautiful and luxurious. Fringe adds grandeur and respectability to the model.

A large corner sofa in a pleasant beige color will become an unsurpassed decoration of a spectacular interior in a classic design. Silk upholstery and gold-plated back decoration give the model an unforgettable look. Soft cushions to match the upholstery add coziness and comfort to the model.

The shade of beige looks harmoniously in a classic style, so an attractive beige sofa is the ideal solution. The luxurious armrests and backrest are decorated with gold leaf. The presence of a large number of pillows of different shapes and colors decorates the model.

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