Children's sofas: an overview of popular models and recommendations for choosing

  1. Varieties and models
  2. Optimal dimensions
  3. How to choose?
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In the children's room, the sofa performs a variety of functions. In addition to organizing a sleeping place, such furniture can serve as a playground for playing games, communicating with loved ones and reading books. The sofa is convenient if guests have unexpectedly arrived with an overnight stay, and in addition, this type of furniture allows you to save free space in the room.

Varieties and models

There is a wide variety of models and varieties of sofa - mini, folding, roll-out, armchair-bed, sofa-book and attic. However, first you need to figure out how reasonable it is to replace the traditional bed with a sofa. The fact is that up to the age of 14, children must sleep on an orthopedic mattress - at this age, the spine is just forming, and a soft sofa cannot provide normal conditions for the growth and development of the musculoskeletal system. At the same time, it is not so easy to find a sofa with such a base, and sofa mattresses are rarely sold separately. That is why such furniture is not suitable for children with spinal problems.

The sofa is completely upholstered with fabric, therefore it is considered more easily soiled, and its sliding mechanism breaks down periodically. In addition, the sofa has no bumpers that can protect the baby from falling during a night's sleep.

In the same time sofas are extremely ergonomic: when folded they take up little space, while most of the models have built-in compartments and space for placing linen and other children's things. Another advantage of the sofa is its safety. Unlike the bed, which has rather sharp corners, all parts of the sofa are rounded and very soft, and even with an impact, the risk of injury is minimal, so children can safely arrange active games with friends.

And, of course, the cost of the sofa becomes an important advantage - as a rule, their price is an order of magnitude lower than that of beds, so the sofa is more affordable for young families and families with several children. It should be noted that the modern furniture market offers the widest selection of sofas of various types.

Perhaps the most inappropriate option for a sofa for a nursery may be the option with a polyurethane foam mattress. These are cheap products that are characterized by a low degree of rigidity; neither children nor adolescents should sleep on them. Such furniture should not be placed in a children's room, even as a guest bed, since it crumples rather quickly and loses its original shape. Despite the low cost, the purchase of a sofa with PU foam filling is not economically justified, since its service life is only 2-3 years, and the greatest load that it can withstand is 90 kg.


But the most safe option for a child's room is a sofa couch, which is optimal for children over 6 years old. Such designs are aesthetic, economical and multifunctional. The vast majority of models can be used as a single or double bed, where, in addition, there is an equipped storage space for bedding.The main advantage of the model is the independence of the sofa from the mattress, which means that you can always purchase a comfortable orthopedic base separately and in any case change it to a new one.

Another advantage of the couches is a special roll-out mechanism, which is very much appreciated in conditions where the nursery cannot boast of spaciousness.


In addition to the couch, parents can turn their attention to another type of sofas - an ottoman, which looks like a small one and a half sofa with a small back near the headboard and two armrests. Unlike the previous model, the ottoman does not unfold, it has a built-in lifting collapsible mechanism. The ottoman is quite compact, attractive in terms of design, easy to operate and quite versatile for a growing child. At night, it plays the role of a full-fledged sleeping place, and during the day it serves as an interior item on which you can read, watch TV or chat with friends.

By the way, families with two children can be advised of an ottoman without a special headboard, which significantly saves space and does not clutter up the space.


Depending on the transformation option, sofas for children can be of several types. The most popular is the Eurobook. Its advantages are obvious:

  • it folds easily;
  • being assembled, takes up little space, therefore it is optimal for narrow children's rooms;
  • has a spacious sleeping place;
  • equipped with boxes for safe storage of things;
  • due to the peculiarities of the mechanism, it rarely fails.

But there are also disadvantages - its berth is located quite high, so it can be difficult for young children to climb on it.

Draw-out models

Roll-out models are easy to unfold, and some variants of the product make it possible to pull them out not completely, but at the same time, such variants of sofas require too much space in front of them and are considered to be of lower quality than "Eurobooks". In addition, they usually do not have built-in drawers.


Sedaflex, or, as it is also called, "American folding bed", is distinguished by the presence of a physiological orthopedic mattress, therefore it can be purchased for crumbs from a very young age. Among the shortcomings, we can note the lack of storage compartments, in addition, such a transformation mechanism is heavier than that of a roll-out model or a "Eurobook". If a sofa is required periodically (for example, from a grandmother, to whom grandchildren come on weekends and vacations), then you can pay attention to products with other mechanisms.


"Accordion" assumes a rather large sleeping place for two, where 1-2 people can freely fit. However, only an adult or teenager can expand such a sofa. It does not have storage boxes, but it takes up quite a lot of unfolded space.

"French clamshell"

The French clamshell is easy to operate. Such a sofa folds and unfolds easily, and the design itself is very beautiful and interesting. Among the shortcomings, one can note the unreliability of the mechanism, an overly thin mattress and the need for a large space when unfolding.


"Click-Klyak" is another type of children's sofas, which, when assembled, takes up very little space, but at the same time the sleeping place is quite spacious. Parents and children will like the wide range of colors and designs of the product, as well as the ability to adjust the backrest in several positions.

However, this product is made with a polyurethane foam base, so the sofa cannot be used for frequent use in any way, and the back in such a product is at a large slope, which does not add comfort to babies.


"Book" is another budget sofa model that is often installed under the loft bed.Thus, it is possible to equip both a couple of sleeping places and a play area downstairs on just two square meters. Of the minuses, a complex folding mechanism should be noted, which, moreover, is not always reliable.

Optimal dimensions

When choosing a sofa, you should choose the right shape and size, for this you should proceed from the age of the baby. The youngest little ones will like sofas in the shape of animals, cars or boats. Outwardly, they more resemble large toys, and not a sleeping place, therefore they invariably delight a child who can use such models not only for a comfortable sleep, but also as a place for active games with friends.

In the nursery, you should give preference to smooth lines and rounded shapes.

For older children, the purchase of such sofas, perhaps, is no longer justified, models with elements of geometric asymmetry are suitable for them - they are more stylish and adults, therefore they are suitable for adolescents. However, even in this case, try to focus on products with rounded corners - safety is paramount, even if your child is not even 3 years old. When buying a sofa, it is important to correctly correlate the dimensions of the entire product and a single bed. If you do not pay special attention to this, then the baby may be either too cramped, or, conversely, too spacious, therefore, even in the store, you should expand the sofa and evaluate the parameters of the place to sleep.

The most important thing is that the resulting area is sufficient for a comfortable sleep. Depending on the manufacturer, the width of the product may be different, but most often models are produced with parameters 130, 140 150, 170 190, as well as 200 cm, the width of the berth is slightly narrower. For children, the optimal dimensions are 70 or 90 cm.

The required length of the sofa can be calculated independently, for this, 50 cm is added to the child's height indicator.This will allow you to forget about the need to update the sleeping place every 3 years.

How to choose?

How comfortable the child's sleep is, depends on his health, activity and well-being, which is why furniture should be selected so as to provide normal conditions that correspond to the physical characteristics of the growth and development of the baby. First of all, the sofa must have an orthopedic mattress. This is especially true for children under the age of 13-14. It is optimal if it is a model with spring blocks of a high degree of rigidity and always with natural fillers. It is this option that will be able to ensure the physiological position of the spine during sleep.

Please note that such a mattress should not be thin - the minimum permissible thickness is 6 cm, and the optimal one is 12-14 cm. Be sure to test such a sofa - when loaded, the movement of the springs should not be heard. The filler is a very important detail that should be given the utmost attention when choosing a sofa. As a rule, it is springless and with a spring block. Models on springs include mechanisms of the "Bonnel" type - the springs are interconnected, therefore, with any deformation, the shape of the entire block as a whole changes. The thinner such springs and the higher their number, the better the orthopedic effect, which means that the sofa is more in line with the physiological characteristics of the child. Usually such springs are covered with coconut coir, as well as horsehair or polyurethane foam.

In addition, some products are made on a separate spring block - with all the springs connected in small barrels and placed separately from each other. Thanks to this design, it is completely silent, and the sleeping place itself is reliably protected from any vibrations. However, this option is rarely used for sofas. Springless fillers can be hard (polystyrene balls and polyurethane foam), as well as soft (synthetic winterizer, as well as holofiber, foam rubber or latex).

This is not to say that any of these materials are worse or better.If it is of high quality, then in any case it will serve faithfully for a long time. But it is still worth paying attention to its density - the higher this indicator, the better for the entire product as a whole. If the sofa is purchased for permanent use, then the models with springs will be the best choice, but if its use is limited to several nights a month, then you can choose more economical models of the springless type.

It is very important to purchase a sofa based on the expected load on it. If you purchase a product from a bona fide manufacturer, then this parameter must be indicated in the accompanying documentation. It is optimal to take a model in which this parameter is at least 110 kg for any degree of rigidity. As a rule, such sofas last about 10 years, while products with lower values ​​are half as long.

Particular attention should be paid to the filler. The most budget models are represented by polyurethane foam, while it is necessary to clarify with the seller in what form the polyurethane foam is located - in the form of several separate layers or as a single piece. The first option is unacceptable for the children's area, since it does not hold its shape and quickly crumbles. If you have two products with the same parameters in front of you, just press down on each of them with your fist and choose the one that will push your hand back faster.

Look separately at what the base of the sofa is made of. For children, you should purchase models with a rack and pinion frame - only such products ensure the correct position of the child's body during sleep. Preference should be given to birch or beech slats, but pine parts will not be the best choice. It is very important that the rack frame is necessarily located on a frame made of metal, while the welding places should be especially carefully inspected (if possible) to make sure that the adhesion is reliable.

It should be noted that frames are not always made of metal. Quite often, the base is attached to plywood, wood or chipboard elements. Metal is considered the strongest, but wood is the safest and most environmentally friendly. Plywood is durable and lightweight, besides, it is not prone to deformation during use. However, the material does not stick together, therefore it can only be used in small sofas, but for oversized products it is better to take chipboard.

Most often, in the manufacture of a frame with a base, various options are combined, which significantly affects the total cost of the product.

Be sure to consider upholstery. Children, unfortunately, are far from the most tidy people on Earth. On the couch, they eat and paint and create with paints and plasticine. That's why the most practical option for the nursery will be models with removable covers made of easy-to-wash fabric. These requirements are met by synthetic materials, most often thermohaccard or flock. Blended fabrics such as cotton / polyester can be cleaned well. Some parents prefer products with a velor coating, because it is quite beautiful and aesthetic, but sheets slide off it, which is very uncomfortable during sleep.

Sofas made of eco-leather or regular leather are also a good choice for home. They are practical, clean well and retain their durability for a long time, but they are absolutely not suitable for children, since it is very cold to lie on them in cool weather, and in the heat of summer, when in contact with these materials, intense sweating begins. By the way, especially for the children's room, many manufacturers produce sofas with anti-vandal impregnation.

Be sure to pay attention to the aesthetic side of the issue. No matter how practical and comfortable the sofa may be, it must certainly fit organically into the interior of the children's room. The color of the upholstery should be matched to the curtains, furniture or carpet.Be sure to choose colors in accordance with the gender of the child, but try to avoid too bright solutions, since the variegation can distract the baby from sleep, and besides, it significantly overloads the interior. Ideally, the sofa should not be conspicuous as a stand-alone item. It is better to use other household items as bright colors. In addition, too colorful products quickly become boring and cease to please both parents and the owner of the room himself. Remember that you buy a sofa once every several years, and the tastes of children change much more often.

If you are purchasing furniture for an older child, then it is advisable to involve him in the choice. This will allow not only to buy a model that will suit his taste, but also to accustom him to frugality, to show the true value of things and make him appreciate furniture that is so expensive. In addition, you need to focus on the following parameters of the purchased product:

  • abrasion resistance - the desired Martindale method is 20 thousand cycles;
  • density - the minimum allowable parameter corresponds to 200 g / m2;
  • peeling - the tendency to the appearance of pellets - not less than 500 cycles;
  • stability - the ability to quickly regain shape after deformation;
  • fire resistance is the so-called cigarette test, but it is unlikely that someone will allow you to do this in the store, and nothing prevents you from looking at reviews on the Internet.
  • environmental friendliness - this indicator is confirmed by sanitary and hygienic certificates;
  • breathability.

Also pay attention to some additional functionality. A sofa is not only a sleeping place. It is often used for games and meeting with friends, so designers work tirelessly to make models more attractive and functional. For example, some products have shelves in the sidewalls in which children can store books or stationery. Be sure to check if the model has built-in storage boxes - this is very convenient to store bedding or sleeping clothes for your baby. Corner products often have small shelves for laptops with an armrest - this is especially true for teenagers.


Today, the furniture market is overflowing with products for children from a wide variety of manufacturers, but most parents do not hesitate to give preference to products from Ikea. It is their products that meet the basic requirement - children's sleeping places should not only be attractive, but also comfortable, soft and easy to clean. The company's designers tirelessly develop a variety of models that can please not only babies, but also their mothers and fathers. The assortment line involves the production of products of various sizes - from miniature to huge, so that you can equip rooms of any shape and size.

Variants of a compact form are of particular relevance today. The demand for them is due to the fact that most Russians cannot boast of a spacious living space, children's rooms are usually small, and parents are forced to constantly think about the economical use of free space. Sofas Ikea are straight, angular, round and semicircular, some models are equipped with armrests, and transformation mechanisms are presented in a variety of options.

Separately, it should be said that the sofas of this brand are considered the safest, because when developing them, designers try to simulate any, even the most ridiculous situations that can happen to babies, and try to secure them in advance. For example, the manufacturer's specialists understand that some children like to sit on the armrests, so they create in advance such models that can withstand the child's body weight.

All sofas from Ikea do not have sharp corners and, most importantly, more models have a relatively low height, so that the baby, even if it falls, will not be hit hard. The sofas from the company are very interesting "M-Style"... Their products are designed for the youngest users - up to 7 years old. Sofas are made in the form of animals, funny cars or cartoon characters - such furniture can become an active participant in children's active role-playing games.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Children's sofas are an ideal solution for a small room, since they take up very little space and at the same time become an excellent addition to the interior of a children's room.

Girls are little princesses, so the sleeping place for them should match. Delicate colors, an abundance of ruffles and pillows are the main components of a real girly design.

For active and mischievous boys at the peak of popularity, models such as "Makvin" in the form of cars, as well as ships or even superheroes. In the more expensive segment, there are even products in the form of spaceships or motorcycles. Such proposals will not leave any child indifferent.

Popular models for children 3-5 years old are very interesting in the interior:

  • "Dimochka";
  • "Yulechka";
  • "Bear";
  • "Alenka".

Well, for teenagers, you should dwell on more concise and more adult options.

For information on how to choose a sofa for a children's room, see the next video.

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