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Loft style means minimal use of furniture in your interior. And often it is the sofa that takes on a key role in such an environment. Consider in this article all the features and nuances of a loft-style sofa.

Style features

One of these is the use of elements from a variety of materials in the design, be it metal, glass or leather. Thus, a combination of incompatible materials occurs. And one of the common materials of this style is, of course, wood.

A key feature of this style is the presence of both antique and antique as well as modern furniture. And therefore, it simultaneously combines bohemianism and luxury with minimalism. Loft-style furniture is large in size, which is due, in turn, to the vast spaces of the premises, the absence of partitions, high ceilings and windows.

However, it should be said that for the most part, the loft style will not require significant financial investments from you if you design your home yourself.

Loft can be conditionally divided into several subtypes. Let's list some of them. It is bohemian, industrial, glamorous and Scandinavian. Glamorous style, for example, is characterized by fashionable and luxurious furniture in pastel colors. And for the Scandinavian - an ascetic high-tech environment.

Also, the loft is divided into artificial and natural. For the natural direction of the loft, you will of course need an old abandoned warehouse or factory. In this regard, it will be easier with an artificial look of a loft, since it is allowed to reproduce it in any conditions.

There is no shortage of lighting in a loft-style apartment. To use the entire space, a second floor is often created with stairs made of wood or metal. Zoning in such an interior is created by means of massive furniture and color schemes.

Characteristic features are incompleteness, versatility, originality of design and, importantly, functionality. Hi-tech with its futurism and industrial elements are organically combined in this style.

One of the features of this style is openness, which means unglazed shelving and cabinets without doors. Often in this style they create the impression of chaos and things that are accidentally collected in one place from somewhere from a landfill. This style is characterized by the effect of dilapidation and aging.

It is necessary to pay attention to all of the above when deciding to purchase a sofa in the "loft" style. This furniture, most often, is intended to be the role of zoning elements.


Among the suitable sofa models, the following should be highlighted: designer sofas, transforming sofa, U or L-shaped sofas, boat sofas, as well as modular sofas.

Design products are distinguished, first of all, by originality and uniqueness... The color scheme ranges from neutral tones to the brightest. It should be said in this case that, for example, a bright red sofa in such an interior will stand out and contrast against the background of the surrounding environment.

The advantage of a modular sofa is that, as a constructor, it can be assembled into any shape convenient for you.... Moreover, individual parts of such a product themselves carry functionality. Such models have become widespread relatively recently. Unlike standard models, you can develop a drawing of modular furniture of this type yourself.

The connection of individual parts in such a sofa is of two types: free and rigid. In the first case, you can change the configuration of the sofa at will. This option is suitable for creative people. In the second, the design cannot be altered, although it will be possible to make it collapsible.

Convertible sofas can have completely different mechanisms.... Their advantage is that such a sofa is both a sofa for guests and your sleeping place. And among the transformation mechanisms one can distinguish "tick-tock", "French clamshell" and many others.

The shape of the sofa model can be any, it depends on whether the sofa is in the living room or kitchen area, but the color scheme depends on the overall design of the room. It is preferable to use cold, solid and dark colors.

A vintage sofa, for example, works well for this style. You can also use wheels as sofa legs, which will give your sofa more mobility.

You can place your sofa in the interior both in the center of the room and in the corner, against the wall. Next to it, you can lay a carpet made of natural materials.

Here's a typical example of a loft-style sofa. Features such as leather straps on the side cushions and wooden wheels are used. And the light upholstery carries with it the effect of antiquity.

Materials (edit)

It is recommended to use natural materials for the loft-style sofa. Wood for this style is better to use poorly processed and aged, with scratches.

Often, in the manufacture of loft-style sofas, improvised materials are used, ordinary work pallets are suitable.

As an upholstery material for such a sofa, leather is best suited, which will organically fit into any loft interior, or fabric - chenille, velor and others. For individual elements, for example, legs, you can use plastic or metal, as well as chrome plating.

As for the color of the upholstery material, it is desirable that it be monochromatic. Colorful upholstery will not work for this style, but the original drawing with inscriptions is quite. Faded tones are also used.

Linen or cotton is chosen as the fabric. This is due to the comfort of such fabrics - they are well ventilated.

Leather as upholstery is durable, but it has limitations in the number of shades. In addition, it slips, and such a sofa will be inconvenient to use for sleeping. But skin care is very convenient. You can also opt for denim or suede.

Selection Tips

As already mentioned, a style such as a loft is characterized by large open spaces, which means that the sofa will occupy a central and main place and at the same time divide the room into zones. Therefore, here the choice should be approached especially carefully.

The loft-style sofa has a large size and laconic design. A folding model is suitable for the living room, and, for example, it is better to put a corner model in the kitchen. However, the shape of the furniture should be free of roundness.

Armrests are allowed in wood. And it is better to get rid of unnecessary decorative elements. As for the geometric dimensions, then it is better to abandon the fanciful bends and use simple forms in the form of the letter P.

If your existing sofa doesn't fit this style, you can always use slipcovers to change the look. The advantage of such products is their mobility. You, if you wish, can change the color of the sofa every day by changing the covers.

Large fold-out sofas are often used. Modular models that allow you to change your configuration are also very convenient.

If you want a completely individual approach, then you can order a sofa in the "loft" style according to individual drawings, the desired configuration and colors.

Beautiful photos in the interior

This photo shows a typical loft-style living room design. The central place in it is occupied by a coffee table with a sofa. The latter has a dark gray leather upholstery.And its cross-shaped wooden legs are at the same time a support for the armrests. In general, everything looks harmonious and interesting.

Here we see a corner sofa upholstered in navy textiles. It is massive and at the same time divides the space between the living room and the hallway with a staircase.

A very unusual and entertaining interior in the spirit of a creative person. The sofa looks like the front bumper of a car and the upholstery is made of black leather. There are chrome-plated details and decorative elements in the form of tires and metal mesh from the fence.

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