Poufs-transformers with a berth

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Modern furniture is multifunctional. In the search for new ideas, nothing is impossible, even when it comes to such a subject as a pouf. If earlier such products were intended exclusively for seating, today they have been improved and acquired an additional function, allowing you to organize a sleeping place with a small room space. Poufs-transformers with a berth are unique and have their own characteristics.

What it is?

The ottoman outwardly is a neat box of a small square shape, characterized by mobility due to its low weight and the frequent presence of special wheels for ease of movement. In some cases it is a kind of cube, soft on all sides, in others it is a box with a soft seat. The pouf is lower than the usual standard height chair. It does not have a back, but it can have legs (if the design provides). The main difference is the presence of a berth, as well as a rigid frame in most models.


The transformer pouf is designed to solve several problems and is especially relevant in rooms where every centimeter of usable area matters (small apartments, rented rooms). Such products are universal, they are:

  • compact when folded and does not take up much space, being freely located anywhere in the room (near the wall, in the center) and performing the function of a sitting place;
  • relevant in any room of the house: bedroom, living room, kitchen, nursery, on the loggia, in the study, in the hall;
  • can replace the footrest if necessary or a banquet for putting on shoes;
  • made of durable components, complemented by different upholstery with a smooth or embossed texture;
  • depending on the selected style, emphasize the accent areas of the room;
  • if necessary, allow you to instantly organize a sleeping place for one person;
  • convenient and easy to transform, are able to refine and diversify the interior of the room, emphasizing the special taste of the owner of the house;
  • complemented by hypoallergenic upholstery natural and artificial origin, not emitting toxins, and therefore suitable for children and allergy sufferers;
  • purchased individually or in pairs, introducing harmony and symmetry into the design of the room (bedside version of the room decor);
  • have a wide range of models, allowing the buyer to find the option they like, taking into account their taste and wallet.

Convertible poufs are sturdy structures with a dense seating surface that can be hard or moderately hard. They are more convenient and aesthetically pleasing than the usual clamshell beds, do not gather dust in the closet, decorate the room and have more functions.... However, such models do not imply daily transformation in cheap options and do not support the excessive weight of the user. The operation of such furniture must be careful and correct.


Transformer poufs are of two types: folding and composite... The first ones have a rigid frame made of wood and metal, a roomy inner box with a folding bed. They are equipped with a simple transformation mechanism (reminiscent of a folding bed), so they turn into a single bed in just a few seconds.

Some of them look like a miniature copy of a straight folding sofa without armrests. They unfold by means of a special comfortable hinge made of upholstery textiles.

Composite models are tripled in a slightly different way.Outwardly, they look like a cube with soft padding on all sides (except for the bottom). If you need to transform the ottoman into a bed, you will have to spend more time. To do this, remove all soft parts, revealing the internal components of durable metal (inside there are 5 stands of different volumes). Then the component parts of the frame are placed from the base (main box), the pillows are fixed, forming a bed of 5 modules.

One of the interesting varieties of transformer poufs is considered metal frame constructionthat is visible from the outside. In this case, the pouf consists of three blocks with a lattice base, the top of which is a seat. The other two are located under it and are covered with steel parts of the transformation mechanism. To prevent the system from loosening, it is equipped with stable legs.

This folding version is definitely better than its counterparts. It is more convenient and comfortable for the user. Its mats are thicker, they use a resilient and elastic filler, like in springless mattresses. Such transforming poufs are relevant both in a city apartment and in the country. The only drawback of this type is the need for a special cover that protects the system from mechanical damage, moisture, pollution.

The transformation systems of such models are different. Some resemble a clamshell, others are arranged differently: the lid is lifted up, two internal blocks are placed on the sides, then the seat is lowered. A steel frame supports the central block, legs on the edges - two side ones.

Another unusual design is option of pillow modulesthat does not have a lifting mechanism. Such a pouf looks like a modular mattress, it is connected by means of a system of elastic bands, it is used not only as a berth. It can be a kind of chair or even a comfortable chaise longue. This variety has a large berth, it is more spacious and comfortable.

Thickness, hardness and padding

The design of each model is unique. Some models are designed for daily use, therefore, they imply a medium-hard surface of the modules. In other cases, the surface is hard, but not devoid of comfort. Depending on the model, the thickness of the berth blocks also differs. Versions based on the clamshell principle differ in the low height of the sleeper modules and the soft type of padding... Such structures cannot provide correct support for the spine during sleep. Therefore, at night, the body may fall into an unnatural position, and rest will not be complete. Not every user can sleep on such poufs.

Models with high latex mats, combined type with coir or HR foam are more advanced and just like the springless mattresses themselves, they provide the correct support for the spine.

However, the high-quality stuffing of the modules sharply raises the price of the transformer pouf itself. If the product will not be used on a daily basis, you can buy an option with budget padding.

The only thing that is unacceptable is buying a model with a cheap foam filling, which quickly dries up, will fail, since it does not have elasticity and density.

Color solutions

The choice of color for transforming poufs is varied. Manufacturers offer a lot of options in different color and monochrome solutions, therefore the buyer always has the opportunity to purchase a product to match the existing furniture:

  • Collection favorites are classic and neutral tones. (beige, gray, black, brown).
  • Sand and burgundy colors are added to them., which have become very popular today, emphasizing status.
  • The rich range includes terracotta, orange, blue shades.
  • And also contrasts: white with orange, black with white, blue with white.
  • And any bright color with a printed sleeper (floral, plant and geometric themes).

How to choose?

Buying a good pouf-transformer with a berth is a simple matter, but it requires a careful approach. First, it is worth noting the desired functionality, pay attention to the sleeping area when unfolded, take into account the type of module packing, quality and density of the material, ease of folding, color, flip through the catalogs of proven brands, choosing several options in case the store has a limited choice of models ...

Having decided on the choice, you can go to the store.

It is not recommended to purchase such a product on the Internet, because in this case there is no way to evaluate the operation of the transformation mechanism, the full-size sleeping area is not visible, the quality of the upholstery material, the degree of rigidity of the sleeping modules is not visible.

Experts advise paying attention to several nuances when buying:

  • availability of a quality certificate and compliance with international hygiene requirements, as well as the seller's guarantee (the main indicators of the company's reputation and the quality of its goods);
  • the model must be strictly functional without excessive pretentiousness and complexity of transformation;
  • the need to "try on" the convenience and level of comfort (you need to spread the pouf into bed and lie down on a sleeping place);
  • flawless running of the transformation mechanism (the slightest difficulty in the course indicates a marriage and an imminent breakdown of the folding system, it is important to carry out the transformation several times to make sure it is perfect);
  • The "correct" diameter of metal supports (at least 1.5 cm, the more the better);
  • optimal size of the pouf when foldede: miniature and too voluminous options are undesirable (it is worth starting from weight and build: for full - more, for slender - universal size);
  • the possibility of replacing the sleeper modules (will prolong the operation and eliminate the need to buy a new pouf).


It is difficult to surprise a modern person. However, the transforming puffs that came to us from the East were to the taste of many buyers, although they underwent a number of modifications, having acquired the desired functionality, - say the happy owners of such pieces of furniture. Buyers' opinions are unanimous: Convertible poufs with a berth cope with the tasks set, perfectly organize a recreation area, and during the day they are modestly located in the right corner of the room.

Experienced users who have been using such furniture for more than six months note varying degrees of comfort. It all depends on the model: folding options are more comfortable, sleeping on such poufs is comparable to relaxing on the couch. Those who chose the option with thin modules of a composite plan note that such designs are not particularly convenient, they practically do not differ from stools compiled in a row. During sleep, every joint is felt on them, and, in addition, there is not enough space on the sides, so sleep is not complete.

For how the transforming pouf turns into a sleeping place, see the next video.

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