Leather sofas

Leather sofas
  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Design features
  4. Transformation mechanisms
  5. Styles
  6. Dimensions (edit)
  7. Material
  8. Colour
  9. Accessories
  10. Where to put it?
  11. How to choose?
  12. Home care and recovery
  13. Furniture reviews
  14. Stylish ideas in the interior

Leather upholstered sofas are not only an accent piece of furniture, but also demonstrate the owners' practical approach to furnishing their homes. Thanks to the combination of practicality, versatility and excellent performance, such furniture becomes part of the interior in rooms for a wide variety of purposes. What is their fundamental difference from models with fabric lining and whether the purchase of leather furniture is justified at all - let's try to figure it out.

Advantages and disadvantages

By design, modern leather sofas can be compact and oversized, stationary and transformers, economy and premium class, in a neutral natural and impressively bright color scheme.

The list of clear advantages of leather sofas includes:

  • External appeal. The whole interior benefits from the respectable appearance of this piece of furniture. Leather upholstery evokes a sense of luxury and wealth.
  • Undemanding care. Maintenance of genuine leather is reduced to weekly dry cleaning with napkins and processing of the lining with special means.
  • Durability and reliability. Genuine leather, like its artificial analogs, vinyl leather and eco leather, has increased wear resistance. These sofas will last for years.
  • High environmental friendliness of natural material. Dust-repellent and breathable leather upholstery prevents the formation of populations of house dust mites - the main provocateurs of allergies and respiratory diseases.

Not without the disadvantages of leather sofas, namely:

  • high cost, which is typical for genuine leather furniture;
  • rapid loss of decorative properties in low quality upholstery.

In this segment of the furniture market, there is a large percentage of deception. Unscrupulous manufacturers set an unreasonably high price tag for knowingly low-quality leather goods.

Other disadvantages relate to the operation of products:

  • Close proximity to heaters negatively affects the condition of the leather upholstery. Under the influence of temperature extremes and low air humidity, the material becomes less elastic, as a result of which it stretches and becomes covered with cracks.
  • Another enemy of the skin is ultraviolet light. If a sofa made of genuine leather is placed in the immediate vicinity of the window, and even on the sunny side of the apartment, then the upholstery will begin to dry, as a result of which it will crack.
  • Susceptibility to various odors. This point should be taken into account by smokers who do not deny themselves the pleasure of smoking indoors. Leather furniture will definitely absorb cigarette smoke.


So that you can better navigate the existing range of leather sofas, we will find out what models are in shape and dwell on their design features.


Corner models on a minimum area form seats in the maximum number.

This design looks good in the combined room of a studio apartment, visually delimiting the living room and the kitchen area.


U-shaped models are a special type of the previous modification with elements that form corners on the right and left sides.

For this reason, U-shaped furniture is impressive in size, which provides a number of practical advantages:

  1. There are plenty of seats.
  2. Huge place to sleep.
  3. The presence of several linen boxes.


Round sofas destroy the classic ambience. Non-standard configuration must be handled with care. Round furniture can not only transform the design of a room, but also make it the top of bad taste.

This happens if you neglect the planning of the interior.

Designers recommend placing full-size round structures in rooms of an appropriate footage from 25 squares, and for small models, a minimum of 20 squares will be required. In rooms with limited space, the round shape will simply "eat up" the space.


Another trendy form of leather sofa. Due to the non-standard configuration with the arrangement of round furniture, problems can also arise. Without a creative approach, you risk getting not an original interior, but only achieving an imbalance of shapes and lines.

To prevent this from happening, you can use several solutions: repeat a semicircular shape in the design or alternate it with an oval one. A semicircular design is also very convenient to perform zoning, separating the dining room from the kitchen area or the kitchen from the living room segment.


Once designers were not afraid to use such a bold solution for leather furniture in modern active life, and they did not lose. A sofa made of genuine leather with a high back in the shape of a shell can decorate any room in the house; moreover, many manufacturers equip one of the segments of a stylized sea shell with a built-in minibar. Therefore, the shell is not only beautiful, but also multifunctional.

Design features

As for other design features, the sofa models are also different.

With armrests

A current alternative to furniture with soft armrests is leather sofas with hard wooden handrails. In terms of practicality, such a solution is beneficial - the tree is reliable and durable.

With laundry box

Functional folding models with spacious storage systems make it easy to clean the sleeping area and help maintain order in the room.

With an ottoman

The presence of such a detail is the privilege of corner models. In the standard model of the corner type, a pair of identical handrails is provided, and in the modified product, an additional plane is equipped with a handrail adjoining in a narrow section on the side.

Otherwise, there are no cardinal differences between models with / without an ottoman.

On legs

The presence of high metal or short, squat wooden furniture legs is a matter of taste. In addition to the main functional load - ensuring the stability and reliability of the base, the legs act as a decorative element, emphasizing the uniqueness of the design.

With buttons

A special type of diamond-shaped carriage tie, where the corners of the rhombuses fix and at the same time decorate the buttons, has long become the trademark of Chesterfield sofas.

Therefore, quilted Chesters with low backs and armrests of the same height are difficult to confuse with other models.

With spring block

Consider the existing systems of fastening elastic elements - springs.

Blocks with dependent springs

Here the metal parts are intertwined incessantly. The spirals are connected to each other with staples or complex wire knots to give rigidity, and the perimeter of the structure is additionally reinforced with a frame. If one spring receives a load, then adjacent links are instantly activated, so that the load is evenly distributed. This design is very reliable and durable.

Blocks with independent springs

In this case, the metal elements are enclosed in special pockets made of non-woven textile material. Under load, a specific elastic element will be pressed with minimal use of adjacent springs.

In terms of reliability, independent springs are inferior to dependent ones, and they win a little in terms of comfort.

Transformation mechanisms

Leather furniture is equipped with different folding mechanisms:

  • The systems, whose principle of operation is associated with the opening book, are represented by the classic book and the click-clack mechanism.
  • The models of the roll-out and sliding type include eurobooks, dolphins, accordions.
  • The combined layout mechanism is demonstrated by French and American clamshells.
  • "Walking" models - pantographs and several versions of sofas with an identical mechanism, but different names - these are cougars, tick-tock, walking Eurobooks.
  • A separate category includes expensive models with a recliner for complete relaxation. This sophisticated mechanism, hidden in the body, fixes the mobile back at the desired angle, and at the bottom of the structure, it extends an adjustable footrest.

The unique transformation system allows you to achieve an anatomically correct body position, thanks to which the user can rest with the greatest possible comfort.


Regardless of the stylistic orientation of the interior, leather furniture can become its organic continuation. Leather sofas can not only serve as the basis for a design concept, but also shape it.

In english style

Interiors in the English style are characterized by the use of materials and furnishings that were traditionally present in the everyday life of the aborigines of the dependent territories of Great Britain.

Wealthy colonialists appreciated the abundance of leather, skins, wickerwork, and exotic woods.

A spectacular Chester and a classic model with pillows will look equally advantageous here. But the laconic form of modern corner-type models will contradict the general idea of ​​the English style, so it is better to refuse such a decision. The futuristic design, with which you have every chance of turning the living room into something like an intergalactic starship, is also a bad helper.


Attic style, aka loft, is an unusual and somewhat provocative trend in modern interior design. All details and interior items are carefully thought out, 100% functional and practical. Furniture with smooth upholstery and minimalism is welcome. Both self-sufficient monochrome cladding colors - white or black, and bright leather as an accent are appropriate.

To create bold style contrasts, the loft, which is one big contradiction to everything familiar in the interior, fits perfectly. If the living room is designed in an industrial style, then without a shadow of a doubt place a sofa in a baroque style or an elegant quilted Chesterfield in it.

High tech

The most contrasting style direction, tending to strict geometry of forms, symmetry and sharp lines. Corner or U-shaped structures with clearly defined corners and armrests, in snow-white or coal-black design and on chrome-plated legs, are appropriate here.

Furniture in a technological interior should be present in a minimum quantity, its "special features" - a low fit and a maximum degree of comfort. Nano-style is the territory of achromatic colors, but the sofa is allowed to have rich red or blue upholstery.

This will enliven the interior and, at the same time, play the role of an accent.

Modern classic style

Leather furniture in a classic interior should demonstrate solidity and respectability, consonant with the style of the living room or office. Solid quality, soft shapes, noble and unobtrusive colors are the main requirements for a sofa.

Modern models are also suitable, but without pretentiousness and innovative "gadgets".


Modern is strikingly different from the classics in its approach to the choice of furniture and upholstery colors.The best options for a leather sofa: a simple laconic book-type model without unnecessary decor, modular or low stationary design.

Aggressive flashy colors are unacceptable, so say no to a bright red leather sofa. Give preference to muted and neutral shades of pearl gray, beige, green and white. Whereas bright plain pillows can act as an accent decor.

Scandinavian motives

The Scandinavian-style interior is a clear demonstration of the best trends in minimalism. If furniture and decor are present in a minimum amount, then light, space and air - to the maximum. Models of a simple, laconic form are preferred - straight and U-shaped structures.

Scandi design welcomes classic chords and some glamor. A sofa with a quilted back can add such a touch. Decorative pillows are a must.

Dimensions (edit)

When choosing the size of the sofa, they are guided by the area of ​​the room where they plan to install it. Be sure to consider the width of doorways and stairwells to ensure that furniture can easily enter the room.

Owners of spacious apartments should take a closer look at the 3-seater corner models. And folding sofas with a roll-out mechanism and a width of 150-160 cm are a lifesaver for the owners of small-sized housing.

If you have a large house and often have guests, choose a 4-seater U-shaped modular transformer with soft armrests, 430 cm long. One of the options for this design includes:

  • three retractable storage systems;
  • built-in bar
  • transforming table with shelf function;
  • open shelf with LED lighting.

During the transformation, a large, perfectly flat sleeping surface with an orthopedic effect is formed.


Now let's talk about the materials that are involved in the manufacture of folding sofa parts and cladding.

Frame material

The service life of leather furniture is largely influenced by the quality and type of frame. Among modern sofas made of leather, models stand out:

With timber frame

Wood of various species is used for their manufacture:

  1. The elite varieties include teak wood and species under the general name "mahogany".
  2. Domestic varieties are represented by oak, walnut, beech and ash, which are distinguished by their increased strength.
  3. Birch and pine with other conifers are considered a budget option for wood.

With metal frame

Most modern sofas in unusual design will have a metal frame. The metal serves as a guarantee of the strength and durability of the structure.

With frame made of composite materials

Modern trends in furniture making dictate their own rules, forcing manufacturing companies to use not only different materials, but also combinations of them to create frames. Popular options: wood + chipboard, plywood + chipboard, birch lamellas + metal.

Filler materials

The quality of the filler also affects the life of the furniture.

Benefits of natural latex

The raw material for the production is the juice of rubber trees. Due to the natural fragility of the material, various ingredients are added to its composition.


  • environmental friendliness;
  • good orthopedic effect;
  • hypoallergenic properties;
  • fire safety;
  • durability.

The downside is the high cost.

Types of polyurethane foam (PPU)

To obtain this porous substance, synthetic polymers are used. Polyurethane foam for the production of upholstered furniture is characterized by high biological resistance and hypoallergenicity.

It differs in varying degrees of rigidity.

There is also an artificial analogue of latex - a highly elastic type of polyurethane foam. It is considered to be harsher than natural. Having an order of magnitude lower cost, this material retains all the positive properties of real latex.

Holofiber - modern filling system

Packing made of non-woven material of holofiber, which has a hollow multilayer structure, has a lot of advantages due to the innovative technology of heat treatment of polyester fibers.


  • The ability to perfectly keep its shape and not deform over time.
  • Hassle-free care: easily tolerates washing, cleaning, steam processing.
  • Environmental safety - toxic elements, glue, chemical emulsions are completely absent in the material.
  • Acceptable cost.

Features of the perioteca

Perioteca flooring material contains components of natural and artificial origin, but polyester threads act as a basis. Heat treatment ensures the reliability of fixing the layers to each other and the durability of the structure itself.

A sofa with such padding will easily adapt to the shape of your body and will withstand prolonged pressure without any problems. Due to its special structure, the material is perfectly ventilated, excluding the formation of colonies of skin parasites.


The quality and cost characteristics of natural leather cladding directly depend on the technology of its processing. In the tanning process, chemical reagents or plant extracts are used.

The material processed with tannins or tannic acid is absolutely environmentally friendly.

The finished leather is dyed. The type of dye determines the type of skin, which can be:

  • Anilinova. It is very soft to the touch, low wear resistance and expensive.
  • Semi-aniline. The material is very easy to care for and costs less than aniline leather.
  • Lacquered. Such leather is distinguished by its visual appeal, relative durability and reasonable price.
  • An artificial analogue of genuine leather - eco-leather.

The main characteristics of the fabric:

  • strength;
  • elasticity;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • breathability;
  • tactile comfort;
  • UV resistance.


When choosing the color of furniture upholstery, you need to take into account the stylistic performance and color scheme of the room. It is recommended to build on this issue from the color of the walls. First you need to decide which of the below color schemes will be used.

Single color scheme

Here, the color scheme of the upholstery and walls should adhere to the same line of the spectrum and be almost the same, with a slight difference only in shade. It looks like this: light blue background + blue upholstery, lilac background + purple lining, pistachio walls + rich green leather.

Scheme "Neutral"

When a neutral palette of black, white, gray, beige, brown is used for wall decoration, the coloristic solution of the upholstery should also be neutral, but different. So, pearl gray furniture upholstery is suitable for beige walls, if the walls are finished in white, then the upholstery can be black.

Scheme "Colored finish + neutral furnishings"

A sofa with neutral cladding is placed against the wall, decorated in a bright palette. Interior classics - a sofa with black, beige, brown upholstery. These three colors will be a safe bet for almost any interior.

The cladding in any of the countless shades of the neutral gray palette is versatile.

Scheme "Neutral interior and colored furniture"

When creating the effect of "color spots", the interior, which is dominated by light shades, becomes more harmonious. For these purposes, interior designers use the possibilities of complex shades of blue with might and main.

Auburn upholstery, like a warm palette of browns, will help balance the cool interior with the dominance of whites and grays.

Feel free to choose red, yellow, green upholstery if your soul asks for something original.

Combined scheme

Here, colored furniture is complemented by a different color scheme.To make it clearer: purple walls + orange furniture, blue trim - green upholstery.

When choosing a color scheme, it is important to have an idea of ​​what you want to end up with. What is closer to you - a bright, spectacular and catchy interior or a restrained, cozy, calm design, when "the eyes are resting"? If the first, then adhere to the fourth and fifth schemes, the second - then the first three schemes are suitable for you and you can be guided by any of them.


The main guidelines when choosing accessories for leather furniture - decorative pillows, blankets, capes, bedspreads, are the style of the interior and its coloristic solution.

In addition to the aesthetic function, bedspreads and capes help protect furnishings from dirt and mechanical damage.

Home textiles made from tapestry, velvet, linen, cotton or wool are designed to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Artificial and natural fur covers on a leather sofa look especially luxurious, silk covers add brightness to the interior, and linen and cotton covers perfectly emphasize the elegant atmosphere.

Where to put it?

For a long time, leather furniture was an invariable attribute of public and administrative premises: reception managers, halls of medical institutions, hotels.

Now, leather upholstered sofas have become part of the home environment, contributing to the creation of the most elegant and luxurious interiors. Stationary models harmoniously fit into living rooms, bedrooms, offices, dining rooms, kitchens, and spacious hallways are decorated with their presence on miniature sofas such as a sofa or ottoman.

If the leather transforming sofa is planned to be used for its intended purpose and only sometimes as a guest option, then a large kitchen is suitable for its placement, or you can put a folding structure in the hall.

Although most often leather furniture is purchased to relax on it, especially since many models have adjustable backrests. Therefore, these sofas are placed in the living room.

How to choose?

In addition to the main criteria for choosing furniture - size, shape, presence / absence of a transformation mechanism, filler, frame and upholstery, the following is taken into account:

  • The footage of the room, the size of the placement area.
  • Intensity of use as a bed
  • The need for additional elements - storage systems, mobile backrest.
  • Stylish and coloristic interior solution

Home care and recovery

The skin tends to quickly absorb everything. Therefore, stains from food, wine or "art" left by a child on the upholstery, it is important to have time to clean up immediately. For these purposes, alcohol is used, in which a soft cloth is moistened. The problem area is wiped with smooth circular motions.

You cannot use acetone - it washes off the paint.

The veneer should be cleaned weekly with water and liquid soap. After treatment, furniture polish, milk or regular hand cream is applied to restore the softness of the skin. It is recommended to contact a cleaning company once a year. Specialists will deeply clean the sofa using hot steam. Impregnation with a special compound will help extend the life of the product.

The action of the protective cream lasts for a year.

Furniture reviews

If we summarize user reviews about leather furniture, then the ratio of positive and negative is about 50% to 50%.


  1. Causes the respect of others to his master.
  2. Leather upholstery clearly hints at the level of well-being, so if you do not want to show it, choose whichever is simpler.
  3. Unlike fabric upholstery, water is absorbed more slowly. When it comes to guests and drinks, neatness doesn't hurt.
  4. Ability not to form dust accumulations in the inner layers of the cladding.


  1. Expensive.
  2. Unpleasant tactile contact if the body is not covered with clothing.
  3. It is necessary to maintain optimal air humidity with humidification systems.
  4. The specific smell of new products.

Stylish ideas in the interior

The photo selection shows leather sofas in one color scheme or another:

  • The richness of warm natural shades of brown palette allows you to choose furniture for any interior. Brown sofas look especially impressive in a neutral setting, making it unusually sophisticated and noble.
  • Black leather furniture is able not only to indicate the status of the owner, but also to emphasize the strict geometry of shapes and lines in the interior or create the necessary contrast against the background of an eclectic setting.
  • With the orange sofa, your interior design options are unlimited. It will dilute the monochromatic setting, cope with the task of an accent object if the interior is neutral, and organically complement the bright color design.
  • Leather furniture with purple upholstery will create a “spot of color” effect in a neutral design, while a calm beige palette will perfectly emphasize the depth of the violet palette.
  • If you want to become the owner of a stylish, light and airy interior without any extra efforts - you have snow-white leather furniture at your service. Do not forget about accents to avoid color imbalance if the design is dominated by a white palette.
  • Red sofas add warmth to monochrome interiors. The palette of reds, from simple, pure colors to complex and vibrant colors, looks most attractive against a background of neutral shades.
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