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Today, Ikea products are known all over the world. A wide variety of upholstered furniture models are produced under this brand, from classic straight lines to fashionable corner options. Each consumer can choose the ideal model for himself from the huge range of the company. Today we are talking about sofas with a corner structure from Ikea.


Corner sofas have been very popular lately. This is due not only to their luxurious appearance, but also to their versatility. Ikea manufactures these models in various modifications.

Upholstered furniture from a well-known manufacturer is represented by static and folding sofas. The first option is very popular, as it has an extra bed.

The folding and sliding systems in Ikea corner sofas are robust and durable. Most of them can be used regularly. Inexpensive options are equipped with simple French bed systems that are ideal for accommodating guests.

All Ikea sofa models have an interesting and thoughtful design. With the help of such a detail, you can emphasize the individuality of a stylish interior. In the arsenal of the company there are not only home sofas, but also solid office sofas. As a rule, these models are upholstered with natural or artificial leather. It should be noted the comfortable characteristics of upholstered furniture with a corner structure. Several people can sit on such models at once, which is very useful if you place such furniture in the living room.

The design of branded sofas contains comfortable linen drawers. Often, corner sofas have several such storages at once.

Popular models

Among the rich assortment of the brand, it is worth highlighting several models that are popular among modern consumers. Let's consider them in more detail:

  • "Monstad" sofas are made from environmentally friendly materials. They are equipped with solid spruce or pine frames. The bottom and bedside boxes are made of cheaper chipboard. For the internal filling of Monstad models, polypropylene, polyurethane foam, or polyester wadding are used. These corner sofas are made up of two sections, one of which is a pull-out section.

Such models are inexpensive and of high quality. Their design is presentable. Many buyers note the durability of these models and their simple assembly, which everyone can easily cope with.

  • Another popular model of the sofa called "Exarbi" has an original design. Outwardly, it looks like a small bench with a soft seat. As a rule, "Exarbi" is purchased for country and country houses. This model is not cheap. The high cost is due to the sofa's reliable and robust construction, which is durable. This model comes with additional sections that can be installed on the right or left side, forming a corner structure.
  • Kivik sofa models are in great demand. This upholstered furniture provides for the possibility of combining various elements. For example, a small two-seater sofa can be combined with an additional seat, a single module or a neat chaise longue.

The straight Kivik model can be configured so that it becomes angular. There are a lot of color options for this sofa. You can choose a suitable copy for interiors in a variety of colors.

"Kiwi" is equipped with removable covers. These parts can be removed and put on the furniture very easily.If dirty spots appear on the surface of the covers, they can be easily removed with regular wet cleaning.

  • Lovers of classic interiors will like the top model of the sofa bed - "Lottorp". She has a solid appearance that can transform the interior of the living room. This corner sofa is upholstered in leather. The upper cushions have a soft polyurethane filling that does not deform. The seats easily return to their original shape after exposure to loads.

The sofa bed is equipped with a reliable folding mechanism. A similar design can be used on a daily basis, and not only as a guest bed.

  • The leather sofa "Bierbu", which is very popular among buyers, boasts an attractive design. Ikea offers the consumer to choose the right color from a varied palette, so such upholstered furniture can be placed not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom or office. The most popular are brown, red, beige and black. These models look expensive and look great in many interiors.

The products contain elongated seats, which can comfortably accommodate several people at once. Many buyers note the excellent comfort characteristics of the Bierbu seats.

This model is equipped with a chaise longue. This part is installed as a corner element.

  • The "Hagalund" sofa from Ikea differs in its compact size. This model looks great in small rooms and children's rooms. The covers for this sofa are made from 100% cotton material. In the lower part of the upholstered furniture, there are niches in which you can store bed linen. It is worth noting that, despite its modest dimensions, this model has a solid frame that can easily withstand heavy loads.
  • Another popular model - "Klippan" has an unusual appearance. Such a sofa will appeal to creative and creative people who want to create an interesting and original interior. Klippan is available in leather and textile upholstery in a wide variety of colors. Leather models are easy to clean. Dirt and dust from their surface can be removed with a damp cloth.

The backrest and armrests in the Klippan model are located at the same level, which creates the visual effect of a one-piece structure.

  • The Ikea Friheten corner sofa bed is in demand. This model has a simple mechanism that even a child can handle the transformation. To do this, you need to remove the upper cushions and pull the base towards you using a special handle. This model is equipped with a chaise longue with a compartment for storing pastel linen. This additional element can be placed on the right or left. It all depends on personal preference and room layout.

Friheten is produced with high-quality textile upholstery, which at first glance looks very similar to leather. Some of the most popular are black options, which have a solid and attractive appearance.

  • For family rest and healthy sleep, the model of the sofa - "Bedinge" is suitable. It is equipped with decorative pillows with covers in different colors and is sized to be used as a spacious three-bed bed. The standard version of this sofa is available without armrests. However, the manufacturer offers models with sidewalls, if the buyer needs them.

Selection Tips

The range of branded upholstered furniture from Ikea pleases consumers with its diversity. Before buying a sofa you like, you need to measure the room in which you plan to place it.

Decide for yourself what kind of upholstery you want to see on the sofa. Leather is, of course, more wear-resistant and attractive. But furniture with a similar finish is more expensive.If you are planning to buy an inexpensive sofa, then you should pay attention to textile options. But these models should not be placed in the kitchen or loggia, because they quickly absorb various odors.

Check the quality of work of all structures in upholstered furniture. A sales assistant should help you with this.

Take a close look at the upholstery. Leather and fabric should be in perfect condition. The quality of the seams also plays an important role. They should be straight and neat, with no protruding threads.

For more information on choosing sofas, see the following video.


Most buyers are satisfied with the purchase of upholstered furniture from Ikea. They celebrate the beautiful design of the sofas. You can choose a suitable copy for both classic and modern interiors.

The wide range of comfortable models also pleases consumers. The brand's arsenal includes sofas with high-quality textile and leather upholstery, which makes it possible to purchase a stylish product for both a home interior and a respectable office.

Another important advantage of branded sofas is their affordable cost. You can choose a beautiful and convenient option for every taste and wallet.

Many people have also appreciated the strength and durability of the folding mechanisms in Ikea sofa beds. These models do not deform over time. Consumers also note the comfortable characteristics of such specimens. They are very comfortable not only to sit, but also to sleep.

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