Popular sofa styles

Popular sofa styles
  1. Modern trends of the XXI century

Designers have about 50 main styles that are used today in interior decoration, as well as many of their branches and variations. Understanding the styles of sofas is necessary in order to be able to correctly match it to the rest of your interior elements.

Modern trends of the XXI century

High tech

A modern interpretation of technotil, literally from English. high-tech translates as "high technology".

High-tech or lounge sofas are characterized by simplicity of geometric shapes and calm monochromatic colors. Most often, preference is given to black, white, gray, silver and metallic.

Wood is used extremely rarely, rather, the sofa can be on metal chrome legs, which will overlap with other elements of the interior. Modern high-tech fabrics are used for upholstery.


Today Loft has become one of the modern styles that are recreated in ordinary apartments, using its canonical elements - brickwork, concrete walls, open communications.

As for the sofas, the preference is given to laconic models of bright colors. For creation, materials that seem incompatible at first glance are used - plastic and stainless steel in combination with genuine leather upholstery.

Art Deco

The style came into vogue at the beginning of the twentieth century. Its creators were inspired by the Cubist aesthetics and ethnic styles of African and Indian peoples. It is a mixture of geometric shapes, exotic materials, ethnic and floral prints, which together turn into an element of luxury.

To create furniture, unusual natural materials were traditionally used - ivory, noble tree species, bamboo, for upholstery - exotic skin of a shark, stingray, crocodile, eel.

Today, few can afford such a luxury, therefore, in mass production, manufacturers resort to imitation of noble materials.


The style was created in opposition to urbanism, for those who are tired of artificial high-tech and strive back to nature.

Only natural materials and natural colors are used to create sofas. They can have knots, a special texture of the tree and repeat its natural forms. It is unlikely to be soft - more often eco-sofas resemble roughly hewn unpolished benches without any decor, but removable pillows with covers made of natural materials can lie on top.


A sofa in a nautical style is ideal for a country house, since such elements in the interior create a feeling of summer and relaxation.

This is an ordinary soft sofa upholstered in blue and white textiles or brown leather, which can have an aged and worn effect. It must be complemented by other "marine" elements of the interior - wicker baskets, anchors, ropes, shells and so on.


Patchwork is a patchwork style that is incredibly popular right now. A patchwork sofa looks good in any style, it can be cute and simple, or very elegant and stylish.

You can buy a ready-made sofa with such upholstery, or you can update an old one by sewing a cover from small pieces of fabric.


This style is very distinctive, rich, abounding in bold colors.He does not have any rules, the main thing is that the interior in the apartment reflects your own essence.

The sofa should be squat, wide and certainly comfortable, simple in shape without any frills that will overload the interior.

Give preference to upholstery in natural colors that are pleasing to the eye. Shades of berries, sky, sea and flowers are welcome.


This retro style is back in vogue, but it’s not charming to recreate the atmosphere in the apartment, reminiscent of a Soviet-era apartment. It will be enough to borrow from there some elements, including a sofa.

It should be compact, without excessive decoration, but at the same time with a different shape. Strict and angular, fancy, with smooth curves are popular. They are united by the concept - the sofa must necessarily be on legs, usually wooden, but chrome options are possible. Thanks to them, it will look light and elegant.


This style is brutal and functional, so it is perfect for men.

A military-style sofa should have a strict geometric shape, a little rough. Finishing should be done in the Minimalist style. Made of leather or canvas, it can be decorated with heraldic elements.


It is a mix of different contemporary styles characterized by a bold combination of shapes, shades and textures. Differs in its unpredictability and complete absence of style frames - anything can mix.

Thus, there is no direct fusion sofas, this is an interior style in which, for example, an English-style sofa and an armchair with a Boho touch can coexist.

To make your apartment look stylish, and not tasteless, give preference to simple shapes, but bright and rich colors that will go well with each other.


Steampunk is the era of steam engines that has evolved over time into a popular style of interior design. He denies the use of synthetic materials and accepts only natural ones.

Most importantly, a Steampunk sofa cannot be made in a modern style, preferably if it is not very new. You can buy it at a flea market or an antique shop - refurbished and in good condition.

A relatively new style, which is also called "shabby chic". It is especially popular with lovers of vintage items and light negligence in the interior.

Upholstery should be velvet or leather, base - wooden, metal fittings (preferably bronze). The classic English model of the Chester sofa is ideal.

Shabby chic

As a rule, sofas have artificially aged, frayed legs and armrests, which evokes a special atmosphere of bohemian chic.

Light colors prevail; they can be either solid white or with a floral print.


This style has regained its popularity today, it was created on the basis of the traditions of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Sofas in a classic style are necessarily decorated with carvings, overlays, other pretentious decor, and gilding.

For manufacturing, only natural materials are used, there can be no imitations under a tree. Additionally, they are decorated with floral designs or images of heroes from myths.

The most classic of all, this elegant guest sofa will never go out of style.



The Gothic sofas are quite heavy with geometric armrests and a high back. The sofa must certainly be decorated with carvings with floral and architectural motives. Additionally, the sofa can be decorated with a canopy attached to the spiers.

For manufacturing, they use natural wood, iron or bronze fittings and cover them with natural leather, which today is sometimes replaced by artificial leather.


When creating furniture in this style, decor elements of impressive size have always been used. Among them are skillful carvings, metal figurines and mosaics made from several types of wood.

The legs of sofas have a complex figure, often they are made in the form of animal paws. Brocade, tapestry materials, silk and velvet are used for upholstery.

In every country, Baroque has found its manifestation, for example, Russian Baroque is popular in ours. To understand what it is, it is enough to recall the entourage of folk tales - all the furniture is decorated with carvings and multi-colored painting. This style of creating modern sofas has survived to this day.


This style was the perfect exquisite end to the Baroque era. Such models of sofas as "canapes" (in the form of several connected armchairs), "chaise lounges", "berter" (recliners) appeared. Sofas should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable.

The decoration must include carved patterns, stucco moldings, cupids' masks. Since this period was the fashion for China, silk tapestries depicting flowers, pagodas and the Chinese themselves in traditional clothes are used for upholstery.

Empire style

The name of this style is translated from French as "luxurious", it originated in France during the reign of Napoleon. It is characterized by tranquility and orderliness; the interior must have a lot of mirrors, columns and cornices.

On sofas, the role of legs is played by lions' paws, spears, shields and other elements of military paraphernalia. Mahogany is used in the creation of traditional models, modern sofas do with imitation.

The decoration always contains antique motifs. The upholstery ornament may contain figures of people and animals, spears, arrows, laurel wreaths.

Wooden surfaces are smooth, polished to a shine, faced with bronze and gilding. The color scheme is bright - red, blue, white, dark colors, always with the presence of gold.

This style has several branches, one of them is the Stalinist Empire style, which originated in the USSR in the 30-50s, but is still popular. This style is luxurious and majestic, it is distinguished by special pomp, since it has absorbed the most chic features of the Baroque, Napoleonic Empire style, late Classicism and Art Deco.

All furniture from this era is usually dark in color, it plays in contrast with light walls. The sofas are made of natural wood with leather quilted or tapestry upholstery. They are sustained in strict execution, without excessive decor and grace, they feel the monumentality and grandeur of a bygone era.


A very eclectic style that mixed Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Empire and Neoclassicism. In addition, during this period of its heyday, people began to travel a lot, so elements of styles from distant countries began to be added to European styles, which were assimilated into one "oriental style".

For the manufacture of sofas, noble tree species of red shades are used. Burgundy, blue, green, brown plush was used for the upholstery; gilding was widely used.

Modern or Art Nouveau

The era of Modernity falls on the late XIX - early XX centuries. Its main principle is back to nature, therefore flowers and plants, swans, flowing shapes with stylish stylization are used in the decoration. Modern materials are beginning to be used - metal, glass, but wood is not abandoned either.

The sofas are decorated with floral patterns with smooth wavy combinations. The color scheme is gentle, pastel - ashy, pale pink, blue, light green.


The style got its name due to the fact that Old England conquered new territories, founded colonies in different parts of the world, made its own changes to their interior and borrowed characteristic design features from them.

Colonial style involves the use of exclusively natural materials and unusual interior elements.

It is important that you can choose different models of sofas, the choice is not limited. But they certainly have to be done in a vintage style. For example, it can be a sofa with a classic massive frame, leather upholstery, complemented by colored pillows.


As in the Country style, natural materials are used here, simplicity and environmental friendliness are welcomed. The chalet is not accentuated on trifles, it is more practical and laconic.

The Chalet-style sofa is somewhat rough, it should be mostly aged, simple in shape, with natural leather upholstery.

Ethnic group


This style has a special magnetism, has its own magic and enchanting atmosphere. It includes many popular styles, both Arabic and Asian. Each of them has its own special unique qualities, so it is difficult to confuse it with any other. Let's consider the most popular destinations:


The sofas, made in Japanese style, have clear, laconic lines, a minimum of decor and nothing more. They are always made in a light calm color scheme that promotes tranquility and relaxation.


Very similar to Japanese, but brighter and more colorful. The sofas are usually quite low, made of dark wood, decorated with red upholstery with gold patterns.

The main rule is that all furniture in the room, including the sofa, should be arranged according to Feng Shui.


Turkish-style sofas are full of bright colors, ornaments and intricate patterns. They often feature carved decorations.

The upholstery is necessarily made of textiles - expensive and of high quality, decorated with embroidery and gold.


When creating furniture, only natural materials are used, sofas are usually very low, soft, with plush or textile upholstery, which is replete with bright colors.

The sofa itself can be monochromatic, but it will definitely have a lot of colorful pillows that will delight the eye.

This is not just a piece of furniture - it is a real work of art that gives the interior a special oriental luxury.


African safari sofas are quite heavy, slightly rough, made of natural wood and upholstered in animal skins or imitating animal color.

However, it should be as similar to natural as possible, since artificial materials are practically not used - everything is natural, slightly rough and brutal.


The Indian-style interior looks bright and harmonious, it involves the use of natural materials with the obligatory presence of handicrafts. Interior items are made of ivory, stone, wood.

The sofa can be wooden, with elements of elegant carvings, or wicker rattan. It should be complemented by bright multi-colored pillows that emphasize the unique flavor.


The Scandinavian-style sofa is minimalist yet robust and practical. This piece of furniture is a key element in the interior of the living room. It should have at the same time a unique stylish design with laconic lines and be convenient and comfortable.

Walls in Scandinavian interiors are usually white, so the sofa serves as a bright accent in the room. It can be red, blue, green, mustard and black.


Mediterranean means two styles - Italian and Greek. Let's take a look at both of them.


The style is characterized by sophistication and luxury, expressed in sunny soft shades. Upholstered furniture is not traditional for this style, it appeared much later, but in a modern interior it is impossible to do without a sofa.

The sofa should be low, with a rounded headboard and large armrests, and to make it look like true Italian furniture, you need to select a model with an appropriate textile finish in warm dark beige.


Preference is given to a snow-white color, which is complemented by bright blue interspersed with yellow and terracotta. The sofa is usually made of rough, untreated wood, which can have a faded effect.


This style has always been an example of elegant and chic, and it remains so to this day. In particular, the sofa remains not just comfortable upholstered furniture, but also the main element in the interior.

This is a carved model with graceful legs in the style of Marie Antoinette. Its luxury is emphasized by luxurious upholstery made of satin, silk or velvet.


The English style itself is considered one of the classic trends, since it is just as restrained and elegant. Using at least one element of your home, such as a sofa, you can bring true British charm to your living room, worthy of the best houses in London.

The traditional model for the English style is the Chesterfield sofa, which is very popular. It has a distinctive shape and recognizable quilted elements that make it unlike any other model. Dark leather upholstery is usually preferred.


A very multinational style, in which the styles of different peoples who immigrated to America from Europe were mixed. Since the first American settlers were from old England, the culture of this particular country has left the greatest imprint on the American style.

American style sofas are always large and soft. They look respectable thanks to the imitation of expensive materials. Most often, preference is given to light shades, the predominant color is white.


The name of this style is translated as "rustic", so it is usually used to decorate country houses or summer cottages.

Country style sofas are necessarily made of natural materials, in the same natural color scheme. Traditionally, this wood is brown, natural yellow or warm gold, forging can also be used. The upholstery is always made of textiles with a checkered or floral pattern.

You can see many more sofa models in the video below.

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