Corner couch

Corner couch
  1. Features and Benefits
  3. Dimensions (edit)
  4. Material and color
  5. Popular models
  6. How to choose?
  7. Beautiful ideas in the interior

The corner couch is a practical piece of furniture that is compact and comfortable. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, manufacturers create durable products with a long service life. At the same time, the models cost little and have good external characteristics.

Features and Benefits

The ottoman is an intermediate option between the bed and the sofa. It is designed for sleeping and is therefore equipped with a mattress. Like the sofa, the ottoman has one or two backs and built-in drawers for linen. This piece of furniture comes in different shapes and sizes, the corner model is considered the most compact, since it takes up less space and fits in narrow rooms.

Distinctive features:

  • The ergonomic design ensures high functionality of the ottoman. The presence of a headboard and backrest will make sleep or daytime rest more comfortable, and the small dimensions will allow you to place furniture in limited space.
  • The variety of finishes and fabrics allows you to choose an ottoman for any interior. Smooth lines, decorative pillows will create an atmosphere of coziness, and gentle pastel shades will give the room peace and tranquility.
  • The spaciousness of the lockers, the ability to remove blankets and pillows, as well as seasonal and unnecessary things that do not fit in the closet. The size of the compartments depends on the specific model of the ottoman.
  • The ease of cleaning and cleaning furniture is achieved due to its design. Dust and dirt do not accumulate under the ottoman due to the fact that there is no free space under it. This makes cleaning the bedroom much easier.
  • Multifunctionality is expressed in the fact that the model can be used as both a sofa and a bed. Some buy it purely for sleeping, while others make the ottoman a part of the living room.
  • The convenience of using the ottoman is based on the absence of the need to cover it every day. Bed linen is put away in the closet, and the surface of the furniture does not need to be hidden under the bedspread.

The rounded corners make the ottoman safer and cannot be bumped against. Thanks to this, the furniture is suitable even for arranging a nursery. In this case, preference is given to products with small dimensions.


The practicality of the model is associated not only with its design features, but also with the variety of species. A narrow elongated ottoman is suitable for a small bedroom; couples can opt for wider furniture. It also differs in the shape of the back, the specifics of the location of the inner drawers.

There are the following types:

  • Ottoman sofa with a lifting mechanism. Comfortable model that is used as a seat during the day and turns into a bed in the evening. The lifting mechanism allows you to quickly move the ottoman and take out the bed linen. There are three types of lifting mechanisms: manual, with coiled or gas springs. The latter type has a high level of smoothness, it is easiest to handle it.
  • Double. Such an ottoman has large dimensions and is used as a berth for two, equipped with a spacious box for linen. It saves you money as it costs less than a double bed or suite.
  • With a padded back. A good solution for the bedroom. The furniture is equipped with a corner back that can be positioned on either side of the ottoman. Serves as a full-fledged replacement of the bed and at the same time is cheaper, takes up less space.
  • One and a half. A place to sleep and rest. In size, it occupies an intermediate position between a single and double bed. The model is suitable for those who value free space, preferring to sleep on wider furniture.
  • Sliding. Differs in design features. This ottoman moves forward, turning from an ordinary sofa into a bed. There are both massive models and lighter ones, which even a child can handle.

Dimensions (edit)

On the couch, you can relax alone, it is also suitable for couples. Furniture is used depending on its size, while the dimensions are standard, which simplifies the process of finding the required model. Models measuring 140x200 cm are double and are suitable for a good rest for two people.

120x200 cm - the size of a one-and-a-half bed. As a result, it takes up less space and is suitable for placement in narrow, elongated rooms. The most practical are the 90x200 ottomans that fit in tight spaces. The option will be appropriate for a one-room or studio apartment, the owner of which lives alone.

Material and color

The variety of designs allows you to choose an ottoman for both ultra-modern and more discreet interiors. Furniture made in natural shades - brown, beige, vanilla - is distinguished by its versatility. Similar or contrasting colors can be combined, different textures can be used. Alternatively, the back is made of fabrics with a pattern, and the main part of the ottoman is made of their smooth fabric.

The level of comfort of the furniture will depend on the material chosen. First of all, this applies to fillers. There is a spring block or foam rubber inside the ottoman. On top of the first are layers of burlap and batting, useful for the back. While resting on such an ottoman, the spine will assume the most natural position and the body will be able to relax.

In the manufacture of furniture, synthetic materials are also taken, for example, foam rubber. For it, environmentally friendly raw materials are taken from European manufacturers. The material is absolutely safe and does not release harmful compounds into the air. The advantages of the filler include increased wear resistance, resistance to microorganisms and temperature fluctuations.

The appearance of the ottoman depends on the upholstery. For these purposes, leather, velor, microfiber, suede, matting are used. Furniture made from natural materials looks noble and can be easily combined with other items. However, it is more expensive and requires more maintenance.

Popular models

Different types of ottomans differ in lifting mechanisms, external and design features, the quality of the materials used. The following models of this piece of furniture are distinguished:


One of the most popular models. The location of the backrest varies depending on the manufacturer and the wishes of the customer. The furniture is equipped with a spring sofa and a lifting mechanism. There is a small shelf on the side to replace the bedside table. It is suitable for storing books, phone, lamp. When buying, you should take into account the angle with which the couch will be located against the wall.

Julia Lux

Inexpensive ottoman, equipped with a low back and narrow armrests. It opens with the "ottoman" lifting mechanism and is equipped with a spring block. The low cost of furniture is due to the fact that the backrest is often upholstered with technical fabric, but if you wish, you can choose another material. Pillows can be ordered with the model.


The model is simple. There is a minimum of decorative elements on the ottoman, which simplifies its compatibility with interior items. The wide and spacious furniture is equipped with a flat surface. The design of the model consists of a berth, a rectangular base and backs. The ottoman is unfolded with the help of the "Eurobook" mechanism, is located on four legs.

How to choose?

When choosing a suitable ottoman, the area of ​​the room is taken into account. Based on this, the dimensions of the piece of furniture are selected. It should not block the passage, block access to the windowsill, switches or bedside tables.

Equally important is the ease of transportation of furniture. Too large will not fit in the doorway, will weigh a lot, and will have to be disassembled to be placed in the apartment.

There are a number of criteria that are paid special attention to when buying an ottoman:

  • the material from which the frame is made;
  • what the upholstery is made of;
  • transformation mechanism;
  • filler with which the ottoman is stuffed.

The total cost of the furniture, its appearance, service life and level of comfort will depend on the listed features. You should not chase the most budgetary models. As a rule, such ottomans are bulky, and due to the use of cheap, low-quality raw materials, they quickly become unusable and lose their external characteristics.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

A variety of design solutions allows you to combine functionality and aesthetics in the ottoman. For owners of apartments furnished in a neutral style, minimalist furniture without a pattern, made in calm or pastel shades, will suit. Such models are easier to fit into the environment.

Adherents of the classic style can be recommended to opt for an ottoman with a lifting mechanism in bright red. This detail will bring a touch of freshness to the interior of the room.

An upholstered ottoman with an image of animals, decorated with drawings or colorful stripes, will become part of the nursery. A small child will love furniture that features their favorite cartoon characters or funny drawings. In this case, the sofa will be small.

When buying, you should give preference to the quality of the filler: the sleeping place should be as comfortable and soft as possible.

Floral patterns on the upholstery are an option for dreamy natures. They are matched to the color scheme prevailing in the room, or they are left as a contrasting element to help place accents in the room. Ornaments and patterns are recommended to be combined with a plain fabric so that attention is focused on these elements.

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