Blue sofas

Blue sofas
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A beautiful interior is an indispensable component of modern apartments. Today, designers are able to offer their clients a lot of options on how to stylishly decorate a bedroom or living room. It is important to choose the right not only fashionable wallpapers and floors, but also decent furniture. And one of the unusual solutions is to purchase blue sofas, a truly luxurious piece of furniture.


According to color therapists, blue is one of the best colors in the home. For many, it is associated with a calm sea, ocean, sky. In the past, blue was widespread in France, during the time of kings who considered it noble and majestic. Today, little has changed, and blue furniture, having a lot of shades, still occupies top positions, because you can combine such a sofa with any interior.

In addition, gentle light blue and light blue tones are able to calm and bring harmony to the apartment. Such a sofa will constantly attract attention due to the brightness and saturation of the color. It will visually expand and brighten a small room. Conversely, in large rooms it will steal a little space.

Buy blue sofas is for those people who strive for peace, tranquility and relaxation.


Sofas are distinguished by different features, mainly - these are external characteristics, types of construction and the number of seats. Particular attention should be paid to classic sofas. The English sofa looks gorgeous - an example of rigor, convenience and comfort. Its round armrests, soft deep seating and removable cushions ensure a good night's rest. The Chesterfield model is a harmonious silhouette with curled armrests. The high sides add soulfulness to the furniture, as if inviting to sit down and talk.

The famous "Bridgewater" with low armrests and a high back can create such an atmosphere. Its distinctive feature is its removable covers. Such a sofa is suitable for country and Provence styles.

Modern sofas are very diverse. Along with common eurobooks, roll-out and corner models, the accordion sofa also occupies a worthy place. This is a youthful, stylish option, simple, but amenable to many modifications.

A recliner sofa with a reclining back and a retractable footrest would also be an excellent choice. And modular models, capable of quickly transforming into a sleeping place, perfectly meet the requirements of our time.

The size

When choosing a sofa, it is worth considering not only the size of your living space, but also the growth of household members. When disassembled, the angular subspecies look quite cumbersome, so take care of the size of a berth with a length of at least 195 cm.Also, for a comfortable sleep of two adults, the width should be about 140 cm.

Models of the straight type are most often massive and folded, thanks to the wide armrests. Such a large sofa is convenient to lay out and place even several people on it. Choose a length of about 200 cm and a width of 140. The same parameters apply to the folding sofa, which looks very compact when folded. But for three-seater models intended for three or four guests, a length of 2.5 m is quite suitable.

Small furniture, such as a nursery or a couch, is oriented towards one person.Please note that the couches are laid out lengthwise and are rather small - up to 180 cm. Small sofas are generally about 1-2 meters long. It all depends on how the model is laid out - forward or along. If along, then the dimensions can increase significantly, sometimes up to 3 m.


There are not so many materials for the upholstery of a sofa, in most cases they choose leather, velvet or fabric.

Leather sofas have long been a symbol of presentability and wealth. It is best to buy these sofas in dark blue shades. Do not forget about the quality of the leather - if the folds are not smoothed out after sitting, and traces of poor-quality firmware are visible in the material - forget about this model.

A good option would be soft leather - this is the most elastic and durable material. Over time, it will not crack, and it will be much more pleasant to sit on the couch.

The velvet sofa is a combination of sophisticated antiquity with modern traditions. However, it looks only in a carefully thought-out interior, especially glamorous. Velvet is famous for its ability to shimmer and change color in different lighting conditions.

The only drawback of the material is the difficulty in leaving. It will have to be vacuumed regularly, and it is best to have it dry cleaned to remove accidental stains.

The most democratic and common option is a fabric sofa. A huge assortment, a variety of patterns, as well as resistance to claws of pets allowed such models to densely settle in most apartments. Different textiles are used for manufacturing - matting, velor, jacquard, flock, chenille. All these fabrics are durable, not too capricious to care for and retain their original appearance for a long time.

Shades and color combinations

Blue has many shades that blend beautifully with different colors in the interior. The dark blue sofa will well emphasize the light range of beige and white tones. This shade will look original with sand colors.

It is also a good idea to add gold and silver tones to the interior - this will help create an environment with a touch of luxury. And another safe option is the combination of dark blue with pale blue.

A bright blue sofa is a great purchase for those who love richness in everything. Today this color is one of the most popular, so there are no strict restrictions. To emphasize the contrast, combine it with red, orange, yellow tones. To create a calm atmosphere, beige, light green, brown colors are suitable. A light gray tone will help to freshen the room and make it cooler.

The black and blue color is quite dark, and most often it is used to decorate the interior of nightclubs and cafes. But if you bought such a sofa, consider a few nuances. You shouldn't darken the room by trying to choose wallpaper or curtains in the color of the sofa. Light aquamarine, lilac tones will do. Pale pink, pastel and beige shades look good - they add a warm accent to the atmosphere.

If you like animalistic trends, a blue sofa with zebra print inserts is a good solution. This option can be combined with white and sandy tones, as well as sky blue. The floral sofa also looks interesting, this is especially true for the Provence style. Choose the color of the interior to match the small elements.

How to combine in the interior?

The navy blue and sapphire sofas go well with the classic interior. They look good with beige, white furniture and walls. You can complement the neutral interior with golden figurines, photo frames, paintings. White and yellow flowers will help to revive the atmosphere.

Keep in mind that a dark color requires good lighting, otherwise you risk getting a gloomy room.

Another popular interior is monochrome. This means that the room should be in blue, matching the color of the sofa.It is not necessary to choose wallpaper for walls or furniture of exactly the same shade. It will be enough blue or azure tones. Be sure to dilute the blue with white or sand paints - then you get an interesting room.

A bold solution would be to create a bright, contrasting room. Muted yellow and orange tones are best suited - the atmosphere will immediately resemble a summer vacation on a sultry beach. Such an interior will be complemented by modern paintings with abstractions, floor palms, bright pillows. A minimum of red is also allowed - for example, stylish vases or figurines.

Beautiful ideas in room design

A blue sofa is a luxurious purchase for any room. The chic models of a deep shade will perfectly fit into a neutral interior, where there are a lot of light and brown tones. You can refresh the atmosphere with bright colors, light lamps, and an abundance of cushions.

In a modern living room, sofas in dark shades are well combined with light and yellow colors. Corner models will be an excellent option for a studio apartment with a partition. An unusual large painting, bright accessories, an original chandelier - all this will help to give the atmosphere a unique style. This rule also applies to brightly colored sofas.

Play on the principle of contrast by adding light knitted poufs, colorful pillows and paintings to the interior.

When creating a luxurious royal environment, the blue sofa will come in handy. This classic velvet model goes well with blue floors and white walls. Interesting tables, a chic chandelier, embroidered pillows and a three-dimensional picture will dramatically change the surroundings for the better.

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