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Recently, for many people, the ottoman has become an increasingly popular piece of furniture, since from the point of view of the optimal combination of saving space in the room and convenience, this is undoubtedly one of the best options. If you are looking for a compact and comfortable sofa at an affordable price, it is difficult to find the best solution to this problem. Ottoman "Pinskdrev" is a very popular option today, many consumers like it.

Furniture benefits

Furniture "Pinskdrev" was created for true connoisseurs of convenience and comfort in the home interior. This is an excellent solution for those for whom even the smallest details are important, as well as sophistication and variety of models. These products are presented in a solid collection of comfortable small sofas and ottomans.

An ottoman is not only a good choice for your home, but also the best solution for the interior as a whole, since this furniture has a number of significant advantages over bulky and heavy traditional sofas. The main advantages of this type of furniture:

  • low cost;
  • compactness;
  • increased functionality;
  • aesthetic appearance.

Most of the Pinskdrev upholstered furniture models use the Eurobook sliding mechanism, which is one of the simplest - and at the same time reliable. The uniqueness of an ottoman with such a mechanism is that it can be placed anywhere in a room or at home, even in the center of the room, since such a model looks very harmonious even from the back.


Sofas and ottomans from Belarusian manufacturers seem to be specially created for those who are looking for affordable, but sophisticated and comfortable furniture:

  • Ottoman "Yana" fully complies with all these requirements. This is a very elegant and comfortable model with excellent performance, manufactured using modern technology. Such furniture will serve you as long as possible, while maintaining its aesthetic appearance. One of the novelties in the collection of upholstered furniture is a small cozy ottoman "Marisha": it will delight customers with its special softness.
  • Ottoman "Smile" will make your room original and unique - this is just a fantastic model that will make even the most serious skeptics smile. This model is perfect for both the living room and the children's room. The sliding Eurobook mechanism will easily transform your original sofa into a comfortable sleeping place.
  • Double ottoman "Alenka" with a multitude of multi-colored pillows (as well as a single compact ottoman "Fairy Tale") can also be a great solution for a small children's room or a separate bed for your guests.
  • Those who dream of a spacious sofa that does not take up too much space can pay attention to the corner sofa "Olympus" which will delight customers with its spaciousness and compactness. The elegant three-seater ottoman "Sofya" stands out against the background of other models with its special refinement of lines and calm, harmonious tones. This model will certainly appeal to adherents of style and comfort.
  • And finally - two classic options: ottomans "Nicole" and "Selena". These models (unlike the previous models) are equipped with a teak-tock sliding mechanism that easily transforms a compact ottoman into a spacious and comfortable bed. Models are equipped with a convenient storage box for bed linen.

Materials (edit)

The frame of the furniture is made of high-quality wood-shaving lumber and plywood, which provide high strength of products and a long service life. The various models offered by the manufacturer can be made either completely with fabric covering of different types, or have the option of combining fabric with artificial leather. Natural leather is not used in production, as this makes the product much more expensive, and the manufacturer positions its products as economical and affordable to a wide range of buyers.

Focusing on modern trends in furniture production, the Belarusian manufacturer offers a variety of colors for its models. Such products delight a wide variety of buyers.


Numerous reviews of buyers of upholstered furniture "Pinskdrev" testify to the compliance of the price and quality of the presented models. Of course, the products of Belarusian manufacturers do not belong to the class of elite furniture, but a pleasant pricing policy attracts consumers of the middle category to a really high-quality product at a quite acceptable cost. In addition, buyers note the convenience and comfort of small sofas, especially for small apartments, as well as the ability to choose a color that matches the overall design of the room.

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