Small sofas

Small sofas
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Living space in modern apartments is rarely large. But it is possible to create a cozy and functional environment, the main thing is to choose the right furniture that will not “eat up” the precious space. One of such successful acquisitions will be a small-sized sofa - an interior item that solves many tasks, and most importantly, leaves a place for life even in a small room.


A small sofa, or, as it is also called, a sofa, will become a practical solution not only in small apartments. It also supports stylistic solutions in large rooms.

The small size of the sofas will organically fit into the minimalist style of the room design, since it implies the presence of large quantities of free space. In a living room decorated in an urban style, a bulky sofa will not look and even give formality, which will become a contradiction for such a stylistic decision. But an island of compact upholstered furniture will add a cozy atmosphere for an evening rest after the city bustle.

Small sofas will be indispensable when creating interiors in the pop art style. To do this, it is enough to place two identical sofas opposite each other, creating a reflection effect, complementing the soft area with a small coffee table.

As for the purchase of furniture for small rooms, there are some peculiarities. Before you go shopping, you should think about the location of the furniture and its dimensions. If the sofa has a transformation mechanism, you need to decide on these parameters so that in the unfolded state the sofa does not rest against the wall and does not prevent it from moving freely around the room.

It will not be superfluous to measure the doorways for complete confidence that the delivery of furniture to the premises will not cause additional problems.

Convertible sofas are very popular among buyers, because, if necessary, they turn into a full-fledged sleeping place. There are currently many unfolding mechanisms developed, but eurobook and dolphin mechanisms are considered optimal for small rooms. Almost all convertible sofas have a box for storing bed linen or other small items, which is also a big plus.

It is also worth noting that when purchasing furniture for a small room, it is better to give preference to soft armrests to avoid injury. This nuance is especially relevant for families with small children.


The most common in its class are straight sofas. They can be rounded, low or slightly inflated, but these are necessarily sofas with seats and backrests without bends. They can also be wireframe or modifiable.

Sliding models differ from frame models in functionality. They can always be divided into two or more parts, creating a cozy soft corner for friendly meetings. Frame models do not lend themselves to modification, but they fit perfectly into modern interiors in a classic style.

Straight sofas are very popular as they are a great option for a small sleeper model. Sofa beds are indispensable when furnishing studio apartments and living rooms, where areas do not allow purchasing a full bed. In such rooms, during the day, furniture plays the role of a place to relax while reading a book or watching a movie, and at night it turns into a sleeping place.

Wide sofas provide couples with a double bed option. Small sofas will be a real salvation for children's rooms. Indeed, often, the smallest room in the apartment is allocated for the child's room, and the ability to save free meters at the expense of furniture becomes a good way out.

A small folding sofa in the kitchen will add a cozy atmosphere to the room. Even in small kitchens, corner furniture will not take up much space, and, if necessary, will provide guests with a bed for the night.

Unlike straight sofas, corner sofas have a less comfortable sleeping place, so it is recommended to purchase them for rare occurrences of the need for folding. But on the other hand, such sofas fit perfectly into the corners of the room due to the L-shape.

Furniture with an ottoman can also be attributed to corner sofas. They can be right-handed or left-handed. A small ledge takes up less space than corner sofa configurations. The sleeping place by the sofas with an ottoman is very comfortable. These sofas provide an excellent seating area for reading books or working at the computer with the opportunity to stretch your legs and give them rest after a hard day.

In living rooms, where groups of friends or relatives often gather for a pleasant conversation over a glass of wine, sofas with a minibar will be an excellent solution. The space for wine glasses and bottles can be of an open type, located in special niches on the sides of the furniture or, in the case of a corner sofa, in a corner joint together with a table.

To save space, furniture designers have developed models with a sliding minibar. Such designs are hidden inside the sofa, in the side backrest, or behind one of the sofa back cushions.

Hidden mini-bars are very practical, shelves hidden inside furniture collect less dust, and for families with children, this is a real salvation from an unplanned crockery break.

To create a baroque interior, a sofa with a chaise longue will become a necessary piece of furniture. However, if the furniture is made in a minimalist style without unnecessary decor, then it will fit into any modern interior. The difference between sofas with a chaise longue is that they are not intended for lying down. The chaise longue looks as if two chairs were placed next to it. On the sides there is a sofa with a high back, which almost disappears towards the middle.

It is convenient to have conversations on such upholstered furniture, because communication takes place almost face to face.

To create lightness in the environment, sofas with legs are an excellent solution. They visually look less bulky, giving the interior sophistication and grace.

Semicircular cute sofas will be a great solution for small rooms. And if the room is very small, then you should consider options without folding mechanisms, but with additional functions, in the form of shelves in the handles or with a spacious box for various things in the compartments under the seat.

In spacious rooms, sofas on legs in the shape of a semicircle will become an interesting and unusual solution. Such models often have metal or forged decor, complemented by a large number of pillows of different sizes, which looks very impressive and expensive. Thanks to the pull-out mechanism, the semicircular sofa turns into a large round sofa in a matter of seconds.

When unfolded, these sofas can be a great place to relax with friends. For example, they can be used to play board games with a large company.

Armrests for sofas also come in a variety of types. Sofas without armrests significantly save space, they have a full berth, while gaining several tens of centimeters in the width of the product. Soft armrests of sofas in small rooms will prevent injuries, especially in families with elderly people or small children.

If it is not possible to supplement the sofa with a small coffee table, then you can supplement the armrest with a mobile stand made of wooden dies. On such a stand you can put a cup of tea or coffee, put a TV remote control or a book, and if necessary, it can be easily removed and hidden.

Sofas with wooden armrests look solid and respectable. In addition, these sofas are functional and less prone to dirt. Armrests can be completely wooden or combined - when the wooden part begins only half the length of the armrest.

The basis of any sofa is a frame. They are made from various materials: chipboard, plywood, plastic, metal. But sofas on a wooden frame are considered the most durable. Wood, if properly selected and processed, will last tens of years without any complaints.

The interior of sofas are of two most common types: spring and foam. The spring block can be dependent or independent. Foam filler, as well as a dependent spring block will appeal to lovers of hard surfaces.

The choice of this or that filler has only individual preferences, since they are almost identical in their functional characteristics.

It should be noted that for sofas that are intended for daily use as a sleeping place, it is better to choose an independent spring block. Such modifications of sofas are more expensive, but due to the design features, they are practically not subject to squeaks and have the ability to evenly distribute the weight of the spouses during sleep.

Materials (edit)

There are a great many fabrics and materials used for upholstering furniture nowadays. They all differ in appearance and cost difference.

The leather sofa is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in its segment. Genuine leather gives the product a solid appearance, emphasizing the status of the owners. It is easy to clean and durable. Various finishes of this material allow you to choose leather sofas with matte or lacquered finish, wrinkled or embossed pattern.

The main danger is the choice of a sofa made of low-quality leather - this will entail quick rubbing and gradual cracking of the material, which will ruin the appearance of the product and require a constriction or even replacement of furniture.

You should not purchase a leather sofa that will regularly be used as a sleeping place. Sleeping on such a sofa will not be comfortable due to the fact that the material creaks and crackles when moving. In the cold season, it gives an unpleasant coolness for sleeping, and when exposed to direct sunlight, it heats up excessively.

Upholstery materials made of eco-leather and leatherette are much more economical. It is not always possible to distinguish them from genuine leather at first glance, and by their characteristics, such as elasticity and strength, they even bypass their more elite comrade. Low-quality eco-leather and leatherette will quickly lead the sofa to a poor-quality appearance, the upholstery will quickly crack at the seams and on the bends, so you need to be very careful when choosing furniture from such materials.

Cotton is a natural material that is easy to care for and non-toxic. One of the advantages of cotton fabric for sofa upholstery is its low cost and good air permeability. But there are also disadvantages - the fabric wears out quickly and loses its attractive appearance after 5-7 years of active use.

Manufacturers process cotton for furniture with special compounds that protect against dust and allow them to retain their color longer.

Another natural material with a relatively low cost is jacquard. This fabric is durable, lightweight, little abrasion and practically does not fade in the sun.Due to the multi-thread weaving, jacquard sofas are characterized by various patterns with interweaving of gold and silver threads, which gives the interior an originality.

Tapestry is similar to jacquard, but has a greater number of threads, which makes furniture made of such fabric even stronger, keeping it from abrasion. However, both of these materials are difficult to clean, stains from tapestry and jacquard are almost impossible to remove without spoiling the structure and color of the product.

Velor is also a great option for upholstering furniture. It is durable, resistant to fading and mechanical damage, and has good air permeability. This material is of the pile type, which makes it pleasant to the touch and gives the furniture a rich appearance.

A less expensive option for a pile fabric for sofas is flock. True, it is less resistant to wear and tear, and due to the peculiarities of manufacturing, the fabric is less strong and durable.

To decorate furniture and give it a special chic, use the carriage coupler method. To make the furniture look really bewitching, expensive fabrics such as leather and velvet are used. The buttons are trimmed with the same fabric as the sofa and recessed into the soft part. The carriage tie can be square or diamond-shaped, and crystals or rhinestones can be used instead of buttons.

To preserve the appearance of furniture and prolong its operation, it is advisable to use specially sewn covers made of durable and abrasion-resistant fabric. The furniture cover can have various colors and textures, it can be changed depending on the situation and mood, giving the interior variety.

The undoubted advantage of using covers is ease of care. It is enough to remove and wash the material from time to time to get rid of the resulting dirt.

Recently, pallet furniture has been gaining popularity, the manufacture of a sofa is no exception. Conventionally, such sofas can be divided into a lower part, consisting directly of pallets, and an upper part, which is formed from mattresses, pillows and other textiles. Pallet sofas can be given a variety of shapes: straight, angular, u-shaped, it all depends on the imagination and the available area of ​​the room.

Separately, it should be noted sofas with latex filling. Latex is a natural material made from recycled rubber tree sap. Latex-filled furniture has high resilience and durability that can withstand heavy loads. It is resistant to deformation and static electricity. The surface of the sofas is flexible, hygienic and highly ventilated.

Latex furniture has one significant drawback - a very high cost.

Dimensions (edit)

Small sofas have different widths and depths, which allows them to be purchased even in the smallest rooms. For a small nursery, you should choose a compact sofa with a sleeping place. A small sofa with a width of 65 cm is suitable, but if the footage allows, then you can purchase a sofa up to 150 cm wide.This solution will be an excellent sleeping place for a child up to adolescence without daily folding, it will only be enough to cover it with bedding and the bed is ready.

For spacious living rooms, an excellent alternative to a bulky sofa would be to create a cozy seating area by arranging 3 or 4 sofas up to 110 cm long around a small coffee table.

Mini sofas are popular in studio apartments where there is no room or space for a full bed. A small sofa with a width of 130 or 140 cm will be an excellent double place for a married couple, and in the daytime, complemented by a small coffee table, it will act as a place to relax.

In rooms with a free wall, you can put a shallow sofa up to 180 cm wide.opposite the TV, this option will allow you to gather in the evenings with family or friends to watch your favorite movies together.

In very small kitchens, you can beat the space with the help of corner sofas-benches with a small depth. Such sofas have boxes under the seats for storing various little things and will greatly help to increase the functionality of a small kitchen.

A sofa with a chaise longue up to 120 cm wide will perfectly fit into a relatively spacious hallway. It will become a place where you can sit down to put on your shoes, and will also give the space a special charm.

A neat sofa 1 meter wide will perfectly complement even a narrow balcony or loggia, allowing you to enjoy reading or drinking tea in the fresh air.

Color solutions

Choosing the color of furniture is not as difficult a task as it seems at first glance. First of all, you need to focus on the color of the walls. If they have neutral and light shades, then the sofa can be chosen in a contrasting, saturated color. In the case when there is an expressive pattern on the walls, bright shades and a combination of many colors, you should choose a plain light brown or white sofa.

You should not buy furniture to match the walls - it will simply merge and be lost against their background.

Brown furniture colors add coziness and comfort to the room. It is good to combine shades of brown with brighter ones, such as: yellow, orange or green.

Gray furniture, from very light colors to slate, is also gaining popularity. This color is versatile and will perfectly fit both laconic interiors and rooms decorated in intense and rich colors.

For living rooms in light colors, sofas in such colors as: deep blue, black, bright purple will be an interesting option. They will be an accent in the room, give it individuality and rigor.

Hosts who are not afraid of creative solutions can choose furniture in bright colors. A red, green or yellow sofa will look great against a light interior. Bright colors cheer up, especially in the cold season, when outside the window cold autumn rains or a snowstorm.

For young, active and courageous people, the option "bright in bright" is suitable. At the same time, both walls and furniture should be rich, rich colors that contrast with each other. For example: emerald and red, lilac with brown, yellow and blue.

Do not get lost when choosing the color of the sofa, the main thing is to choose the right colors and successfully place accents.

Selection Tips

A wide range of configurations, colors and sizes of furniture allows owners to create stylish and modern interiors with their help.

Elite sofas are currently filled with latex. It is the most reliable and most expensive material in furniture making. Genuine leather upholstery gives the sofa a luxury status, and for the owners of such furniture their respectability is emphasized.

Rooms that are fashionable and original in their own way can be created by mixing bright colors. Sofas in rich shades combined with bold colors in the interior will add an atmosphere of eternal holiday, will cheer up and give vitality to the owners of such daring rooms.

A coach tie made of expensive fabrics, complemented by crystals instead of buttons, will undoubtedly decorate the interior in a bohemian style. Such sofas, unusual and very beautiful, will delight friends and relatives. Such furniture design will remind you of the most expensive and luxurious hotels.

Design solutions in the interior in the Provence style will complement the neat sofas on legs with small drawings on the fabric.

Wooden sofa benches made from natural fabrics such as cotton and linen will perfectly fit into country-style interiors. The classic interior welcomes straight and corner sofas in soothing neutral colors.Combinations of a single color sofa with patterns, a combination of materials from fabric and eco-leather, leather, leatherette will look interesting.

Interesting economy sofas are easy to create yourself with pallets and a pair of mattresses upholstered in practical fabrics, complemented by pillows in various sizes and colors.

For a small apartment, corner sofas and sofas with sliding mechanisms will be the best choice in the struggle for free square meters of living space. Preference should be given to wooden frames made of quality wood. Such sofas are the strongest, they will serve faithfully for many years.

In transformation mechanisms, for the daily transformation of a sofa into a bed, preference should be given to the options "eurobook" and "dolphin" - these are the most convenient and reliable types of folding for a small room.

In a small living room, light-colored furniture should be selected so that it does not visually “eat up” the space. Sofas without armrests will help to save free centimeters of space. For a small room, a small sofa combined with a table and a small armchair will help create a cozy home atmosphere.

For adults, sofas with a fold-out mechanism intended for frequent use should be chosen from fabrics that are easy to clean. At the same time, the filler must withstand heavy loads, be not too hard and not too soft, in order to avoid problems with the spine. It is also important to measure the sofa in the unfolded state so that its parameters are suitable for the height of the users.

For children, it is better to choose sofas made from natural fabrics, ideally if the material can be quickly and easily cleaned from dirt. The sofa should not have protruding metal or wooden parts, excessive decor and large gaps in the product - all this can lead to injuries to the child.

Children love bright colors and interesting designs, therefore, having made a preliminary selection of options, you should invite a little buyer to make a joint decision on choosing a sofa.

A sofa with a chaise longue or a recamier sofa will perfectly fit into a small corridor; due to their small size, they will not take up much space in a small space. It is advisable to put a sofa in the hallway at the front door in the form of an ottoman, without a back and armrests, on small legs. Shelves for storing shoes can be placed under the seat of such a sofa.

On the balcony, as well as on the loggia, sofas should be selected according to the available square meters, the main thing is that the furniture materials are resistant to sunlight, temperature extremes and high humidity. Otherwise, the choice of a sofa depends on the style of the room and the preferences of the owners.

Office furniture should be simple and solid. Therefore, the ideal option would be a sofa with metal legs made of leather or leatherette.


Based on the numerous customer reviews about small sofas, we can say with confidence that they cope with the performance of their functions. Folding sofas in small rooms are an excellent solution to the sleeping problem. But you should pay attention to some points so that the choice of furniture does not later disappoint.

It is necessary to carefully check the folding mechanism. It shouldn't be too tight or overly complicated for frequent use. The material of the sofa cover and the ability to easily clean it also becomes important for the criterion of a successful purchase. Built-in drawers for storing linen become a pleasant bonus.

Don't buy sofas from online catalogs. The main task of the purchase is the opportunity to study the sofa for strength, softness, quality of the material, and it becomes possible to understand this in the store on exhibition samples.

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