Straight sofas with linen box

Straight sofas with linen box
  1. Features, advantages and disadvantages
  2. Types and mechanisms of transformation
  3. Upholstery material
  4. How to choose?
  5. Beautiful ideas in the interior

The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home. It is necessary when receiving guests, during daytime rest, or even for sleeping. Built-in linen drawers make it even more convenient and versatile.

Features, advantages and disadvantages

The straight sofa has a simple geometric shape, which makes it convenient for placement in an apartment. With him, you will not have to think for a long time about how to arrange furniture of an unusual shape, for example, corner furniture.

Such furniture can easily stand both along the walls and in the middle of the room, dividing it into zones.

Most modern sofas have a linen drawer. They are found not only in folding, but also in non-transforming models.

The main advantage of these sofas is their ergonomics.... The fold-out sofa performs three functions at once, being a place to sit during the day and a sleeping place, you can also store linen or other things in it. The ability to unfold and assemble a sofa is a way to save space, especially if it is not large.

A drawer equipped in a sofa is an advantage in itself, which can act as an independent element in furniture. It is a useful addition to the design of even non-folding sofas. Storing bed linen in it allows you to free up space in the closet for other things.

Most often, sofas have an interesting or elegant classic design. Thanks to this, they often become the main focus in the interior.

The disadvantage is the need to disassemble the sofa, even if there is no strength for it, after a hard day. Also, when arranging furniture in an apartment, it should be borne in mind that when unfolded, such a sleeping place takes up more space than when assembled.

There should be no other furniture in front of it, such as a coffee table, otherwise you will have to move it every evening.

Finally, on some sofas, there are too deep depressions - folding places, which is not suitable for people with sensitive sleep and those seeking comfort.

Types and mechanisms of transformation

Regardless of the look, each sofa is a modern piece of furniture with a linen drawer for the bedroom or living room. The transformation mechanisms differ from each other in the way they unfold:

  • Eurobook. The seat must be pushed forward, and the backrest must be laid in an empty space;
  • Accordion. It is a single structure that must be straightened to get a berth;
  • Dolphin. One part of it is slightly stretched forward. From under the seat, you can pull out the pallet in which the lifting platform is located;
  • Click-gag. Parts of the sofa must be folded, after which it can be easily expanded into a single structure;
  • Retractable. A pallet with a platform is pulled out from under the seat.

How and where exactly the laundry drawer will be located depends on the mechanism. Most often, access to it appears only when the sofa is unfolded. But more convenient are models with a pallet or drawers, which can be a single design or be divided into several compartments.

Non-convertible sofas, for example, kitchen sofas, without a berth, and dolphin models, have drawers under the seat. That is, it must be lifted, and then put things in the opened space.

Another option is a box in the armrests.In this case, the compartments are vertical and narrow, but quite capable of accommodating bedding, blankets or pillows.

Upholstery material

The appearance and durability of the sofa often depends on the material of the upholstery. Common options include:

  • Chenille. Durable and easy to clean;
  • Mat... Durable material that requires easy maintenance;
  • Velours... Washable;
  • Flock. Durable, easy to clean, retains its original colors for a long time;
  • Tapestry. Most often, such upholstery is decorated with various patterns;
  • Jacquard. Durable, durable, adorned with prints;
  • Boucle. Material with its own tangible texture;
  • Leather. Both natural and artificial are used.

How to choose?

The choice should depend on what the sofa is being bought for and in which room it will stand. For example, in the kitchen, you need a model that is resistant to absorbing odors, to fat. Such qualities are possessed by the skin.

The advantage of the upholstery of the sofa in the nursery will be the ease of cleaning.

The sofa in the living room should be quite attractive and elegant, because it is he who will be seen by the visitors of the apartment.

The sofa for the bedroom needs to be comfortable for sleeping.

The fundamental point - transformation will also depend on the required functionality. In the bedroom and, often, in the living room, a sleeping place is simply necessary - for the owners of the apartment or their guests. A comfortable sofa can also be suitable for sleeping in a non-folding form, for example, in a nursery. In the kitchen, he is completely suitable only for sitting, which means that he does not need to understand at all.

It is necessary to take into account in advance what exactly will be stored in the boxes. For pillows and blankets, size models are needed. But if we are talking only about linen, then the compartments can be small, and, therefore, the sofa - small.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

The design in all white tones creates a sense of purity, lightness and airiness. The sofa cannot be expanded. There are three separate boxes in its pallet.

Minimalistic white and gray design with bright accents in the form of paintings. Dolphin type sofa. The non-transforming part under the seat acts as a box.

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