Beautiful sofas

Beautiful sofas
  1. Types, sizes and shapes
  2. Best gears
  3. Styles
  4. Popular materials
  5. Trendy colors
  6. Where to put it?
  7. Accessories
  8. The most stylish interior ideas

The sofa is one of the main elements of the interior, which is not only a design decoration, but also a comfortable place to relax. A beautiful sofa is used as a bright accent in creating an interior, emphasizing the color scheme of the room.

Types, sizes and shapes

Today, upholstered furniture manufacturers offer a wide range of beautiful sofas. Among the huge model line, each buyer will be able to find the best option, taking into account their preferences and wishes.

The most popular option is the corner sofa due to its good functionality. It can have compact storage boxes for bedding, shelves, a built-in countertop, or a small minibar. Corner sofas help save space in the room. Angular models are compact, since they do not take up much space, but can be used as a sleeping place when guests arrive.

Recently, more and more preference is given to rounded sofas, which give the room comfort and coziness. Soft, round sofas are ideal only for large rooms where they are centered.

The sofa can be of any shape. It all depends on the flight of fantasy. It can be presented in the form of a hammock or a flying saucer. The model, made in the shape of the Colosseum, will make you feel like a real emperor.

The modular sofa allows you to create any configuration thanks to its design features... Its parts easily move apart and move. The mobility of these sofas is an undeniable advantage.

Convertible sofas never lose their popularity. They are in demand due to the easy transformation into a double bed, as well as the presence of spacious boxes for storing pillows, blankets and a variety of bedding.

Radial models are ideal for the living room for the convenience of receiving guests. The not completely vicious circle looks original and impressive. Such a sofa can occupy both the entire room and only one part. The shape of the circle will allow you to create eye contact between the interlocutors, will give an atmosphere of comfort and trust.

If you like to experiment, then it is worth buying a special sofa made according to the author's design. Such furniture will become a real masterpiece.

Girls love bright sofas. A very popular sofa in the shape of lips in bright pink, such as the model from Colico co. Unusual sofas will help create a unique interior.

Modern sofa models can also come in different sizes. Small items are considered the most popular, since they do not take up a lot of living space.

Best gears

There is little beauty for a sofa - it must be convenient to use and functional, therefore many models are equipped with modern transformation mechanisms.

Today there are often models of upholstered furniture with a mechanism called "dolphin"... These options are for everyday use. The sofa is converted into a comfortable sleeping place thanks to the roll-out system. It resembles a dolphin's jump, which is why it received such an original name. Many corner models are equipped with such a mechanism.

The mechanism "Eurobook" is no less popular, because models of upholstered furniture with such a system are ideal for small apartments.Comfortable sofas with this mechanism are characterized by elegance and compactness. The seat is pushed forward and the backrest is lowered into a niche. There is practically no depression between the seat and backrest.


Modern manufacturers offer classics and new, unusual sofas, taking into account the latest fashion trends and a variety of styles.

Classic models are always in high demand. Such upholstered furniture is notable for its conciseness and simplicity, but also has a zest in design. These sofas are usually short, and the back is almost flush with the armrests. Manufacturers often use expensive types of wood, and luxurious fabrics for upholstery - velor, natural leather, microfiber.

Classic sofas surprise with a variety of colors and shapes. They will ideally fit into any interior, will become a bright accent of the unique design of the room.

Art Nouveau is often found among modern styles.... Upholstered furniture in these style directions is distinguished by smooth lines and the absence of sharp corners. Unusual design always delights customers. Such sofas are always selected individually, taking into account the interior. Often, when decorating modern models, copper elements and gilding are used.

Beautiful hi-tech sofas are characterized by the severity of geometric shapes. They are not decorated with expensive decorative items. The frame of the product is usually made of metal, and genuine leather is used as decoration. Stylish high-tech models are characterized by a smooth surface. They are functional and practical.

Eco-style sofa occupies one of the leading positions. Products are made from natural materials, mostly presented in calm, muted shades. Manufacturers pay special attention to upholstery. In eco-style, it should imitate burlap in color and texture.

Provence style sofas occupy one of the leading positions in sales. The chic furnishings attract attention with an attractive antique look. Products in this style are often decorated with artificially aged details.

Italian style combines slightly pretentious luxury with the naturalness of natural materials. The massive sofa fits perfectly into this style. It is worth giving preference to models made of wood (pine, oak). A leather sofa with genuine leather upholstery is ideal. To reduce its severity, add colors, you can use pillows in contrasting colors.

Popular materials

Quality materials used in the manufacture of beautiful sofas are characterized not only by their beautiful appearance, but also by their durability and practicality.

Natural leather, chenille, microfiber, flock, tapestry and velor are often used as upholstery. Quilted fabrics are in great demand. Eco leather, jacquard and faux fur are also popular solutions.

Some models harmoniously combine fabrics with different structure and color in the upholstery. Such an original solution attracts not only by its unusualness, but also by its increased wear resistance.

The frame of the sofa is usually made of wood, because this material is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and also has an attractive texture. Budget options are often made of chipboard and chipboard, although they are inferior in strength, but otherwise are equated to natural wood.

There are models of sofas with a metal frame. They are characterized by reliability and durability, but modern manufacturers usually use only metal assemblies for sliding systems.

Trendy colors

The sofa should be an interior decoration, so the choice of color is one of the important criteria. Furniture and walls don't have to be the same color as everything will blend in. The selection of furniture in contrast often looks tasteless.

Designers offer spectacular color combinations to make the interior of your room look interesting, fashionable and original.

White is associated with elegance, so it can be safely used in the interior of a living room or bedroom. White sofas look beautiful and airy. The snow-white color always visually enlarges the space, makes it lighter. The classic solution is a combination of white and black.

Havea non-versatile choice is a gray sofa, since it is ideal for the embodiment of various styles in the interior of the room. The gray color has many shades, from graphite to dark charcoal. Models of silver color look smart.

If you like stability and reliability, then you should pay attention to the brown color. This color always evokes pleasant sensations. A brown sofa should be combined with natural wood furniture and beige walls.

The green sofa looks unusual and impressive, the main thing is to combine it correctly with other color solutions. Today you can find models in calm light green or olive tones. For lovers of bright colors, a product with a bright acidic shade is suitable. If the sofa is used as an accent, then the overall decoration of the room should be decorated in light, neutral shades.

A red model can be purchased for the living room. This is a pretty bold decision that will allow you to embody a chic interior. The red color will look dignified against the background of light wall decoration. You can complement the beautiful design with white pillows.

Exclusive design, which can be emphasized with unusual colors, is very much appreciated. Modern sofas are presented in bright colors: red, purple, purple. Models with a floral print look attractive.

As for the classic interiors, then for them it is worth looking for a product in a milky, beige, terracotta or brown shade.

Where to put it?

Designers always use the sofa as a key element in the design of the room. They first choose a place for upholstered furniture, and then harmoniously arrange other elements around it.

A luxurious sofa will always be appropriate in the living room. It can be placed with its back to the window, since there will always be a lot of light in this place, and you can also admire the view from the window. Unusually shaped sofas usually take center stage in the living room.

Children always love bright and attractive things. The sofa in spectacular colors and shape will definitely appeal to your child. The fold-out sofa is a versatile furniture for a nursery, since it can be easily transformed into a sleeping place, and is also equipped with spacious drawers where you can fold not only bedding, but also baby's toys.

Today, compact sofas are often found in the hallway. This furniture not only decorates the interior, gives coziness and comfort, but also performs a practical function. Coming from the street, you can sit comfortably on the soft sofa to take off your shoes. Since hallways are usually characterized by small dimensions, the furniture should not take up all the free space. It should be given to compact models with a back.


Accessories play a big role in interior design. Usually sofas are decorated with capes and pillows.

For non-standard upholstered furniture, it is quite difficult to choose a bedspread. Usually, a variety of fittings are used to fix them. These can be buttons and loops, cords and elastic bands. For corner sofas, you can purchase a one-piece cover or a multi-piece bedspread.

Sofa covers serve several important functions:

  • Update. Sofas sooner or later lose their original appearance.Replacing the upholstery is a rather time-consuming process and can damage the product's structure. Capes allow you to protect the upholstery from wear and tear, to increase the duration of its operation.
  • Protection - a cape for upholstered furniture will help protect it from all sorts of damage, especially for those dwellings where there are pets or small children. The cover can be easily removed and washed.
  • Change of style - the presence of a cape can significantly change the appearance of upholstered furniture. A high-quality sofa is expensive, so changing such a product is not affordable for everyone. If you decide to change the interior of the room, and your sofa does not fit into the new design, then the ideal solution would be to purchase a suitable cape or cover.

The choice of cushions should be taken very seriously, because they will add coziness and comfort to the room. They should be practical and comfortable, and of course beautiful. When choosing them, it is worth considering the style and color schemes in the design of the room.

Designers offer a wide range of cushions that differ in shape, size and color. The most common models are bolsters, rolls, and "Turkish" rounded pillows.

If you choose the right pillows, they will become a highlight of the design or help to emphasize the chosen interior style. For the embodiment of the Arabian or Moroccan style, it is worth choosing large and small pillows, complemented by tassels and decorated with embroidery. Several decorative elements in different bright colors will look beautiful.

For a classic style direction, the ideal choice would be the bolsters and bolsters with tassels and fringes. They look harmoniously in an ensemble with candelabra, chandeliers and lampshades.

Small pillows made of genuine leather will fit perfectly into minimalism.

The most stylish interior ideas

The highlight of any living room can be the Yin-Yang designer model, which looks spectacular in the middle of the room. The rounded sofa is made in two contrasting shades. Such a product will harmoniously fit into a modern interior, providing a comfortable stay and without cluttering the room.

An original sofa chair, consisting of a large number of soft balls filled with padding polyester and cotton wool. The ingenious model looks unforgettable, but not practical. Such furniture can be used for a pleasant pastime, but not as a sleeping place.

A bright and unusual sofa is ideal for a child's room. A yellow car with night lights will definitely arouse the interest of your little one. Thanks to the folding mechanism, this model can be used as a comfortable sleeping place.

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