Inflatable sofa Lamzac

Inflatable sofa Lamzac
  1. What is it and what is it called?
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of a "lazy" sofa
  3. Application
  4. Addition
  5. Color solutions
  6. Instructions for use
  7. How to care?
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To make your beach holiday truly unforgettable and carefree, you should definitely buy an inflatable mattress. You can swim on it and soak up the warm sun rays without getting burnt on the hot sand. The only drawback of such an accessory is the need to constantly inflate it, this requires a pump and time.

The Lamzac inflatable sofa solves this problem with ease. You can take it with you to the beach, picnic, summer cottage, or on a hike. It does not require much space and will be ready to use in just a few minutes.

What is it and what is it called?

"Lamzak" sofas appeared on the market for leisure goods quite recently, but almost immediately gained wide recognition and worldwide popularity. Today these models are known by various names, including "lazy sofas".

They are a kind of inflatable bag, the top layer of which is made of durable, waterproof fabric - nylon. The inner layer is covered with a polymer material, which ensures the absolute tightness of the bag for 12 hours (the time depends on the weight of the person).

The magnetic tape lock also contributes to the additional tightness.

The main advantage of this sofa is that it can be inflated / inflated without a pump. This is an important factor, since it is not always possible to pump a sunbed with it.

The ready-to-use product is a well-inflated airy sofa 2 meters long and 90 cm wide (dimensions depend on the chosen model). When folded, these dimensions are reduced to 18 * 35 cm.The folded product in a case can be carried in the hands, on the shoulder, in a bag, in a package, transported in the trunk of a car - it does not take up much space and will be ready for use at any time.

An inflatable sofa is not a solid, flat surface, but interconnected compartments filled with air. In the recess between them, a person can sit down to relax, sunbathe, spend time reading a book.

Such a sofa will perfectly replace a banquet, trampoline, bench. The material used to create it perfectly tolerates temperature extremes, so it can be used both in summer and winter.

The innovative development of the Lamzac company has become so popular among consumers that the range of products has expanded, and today you can buy a wide variety of goods, for example, a hammock bivouac or a Hangout, Airpuf, Dream sofa-chaise longue.

The Hangout chaise longue will come in handy in the country, on a hike, on a beach vacation. It can easily replace a bench, a beach blanket and even a bed on which you can comfortably relax in the shade of trees. It is multifunctional, easy to use, practical, reliable and visually appealing.

Such a chaise longue will become an irreplaceable piece of garden or country furniture. When folded, it can be constantly in the car, in order, if necessary, to turn into a comfortable sleeping place or bench within a few seconds.

Advantages and disadvantages of a "lazy" sofa

The advantages of air sofas, sun loungers and hammocks include the following points:

  1. It will take just a few seconds for the product to be ready for use. It inflates spontaneously in windy weather, just unfold it. A self-inflating sofa without a pump is therefore called "lazy".
  2. Use of modern high quality materials. Nylon is not only highly durable and waterproof. It is a very practical material, lightweight, resistant to temperature changes.
  3. Compactness when folded, light weight (no more than 1.3 kg), spacious sleeping place in unfolded position.
  4. Multifunctionality (such a sofa can be used outdoors, on the beach, in the country and even at home).
  5. Bright, stylish design, rich colors.
  6. Excellent performance characteristics (strength, reliability, durability).

Among its disadvantages are:

  • incomplete tightness, despite the presence of a magnetic tape;
  • you can use such a sofa on a sandy or rocky surface, but not where stones with sharp corners or even glass come across. In this case, the inflatable bag will quickly fail.

Lamzak sofas are available in several basic sizes:

  • STANDART. The model can carry up to 300 kg of weight, while its own weight is 1.1 kg. The sofa is suitable for people whose height does not exceed 1.65 m.
  • PREMIUM. When unfolded, its length is 2.4 meters. It can accommodate up to 4 people at a time. Withstands loads up to 300 kg. Own weight - 1.2 kg.
  • COMFORT. Recommended as a sun lounger or bed. Equipped with a special headrest for more comfortable use. Product weight - 1.2 kg, withstands a load of up to 300 kg. Unfolded length - 2.4 meters.

The set for branded models includes instructions, a special peg and loop for fixing the sofa, a branded case-bag for carrying.


The versatility of Lamzac inflatable sofas lies in their wide range of applications:

  • Beach lounger... Ideal for relaxing on a sandy or gravel ocean, sea, lake or river. A beach blanket or a towel, of course, is a comfortable thing, but they get wet, sand, gravel or sharp stones can be clearly felt through them. They crumple up and prevent you from fully relaxing. All these problems are solved in a few seconds by an inflatable lounger.
  • Inflatable boat. Waterproof material and a large amount of air make it possible to use this lounger as an inflatable mattress or even a boat. It will be stable even with small waves, and there will be no need to fear that the product will burst, break or begin to leak water.
  • Chaise lounge. The high temperature range that the inflatable loungers can withstand allows them to be used not only in hot summers. They will certainly come in handy for fans of ski resorts.
  • Trampoline. This bright inflatable bag will be an excellent participant in children's games and entertainment. At the dacha, garden plot, beach - it can be inflated anywhere and the problem with children's leisure will be solved.
  • Bench. The 2.4 m long sofas perfectly replace outdoor furniture. For example, during a picnic in nature or rest in the country. They are soft, comfortable, spacious and unusual.

Ideal for outdoor seating.


In addition to the fact that an inflatable lounger (hammock, chaise longue, bench) is a multifunctional item, the manufacturing company has provided several more useful details for its more convenient and comfortable use:

  • There are small handy pockets in each product for storing various necessary little things. Anything can be folded there - from keys and a cell phone to a small beach towel or an interesting newspaper. There are also models without pockets.
  • The air bag, of course, becomes very light and mobile, especially in windy conditions. To fix it in the desired position and place, small pegs are provided, and the loungers are equipped with a loop.

Color solutions

One of the main advantages of Lamzac products is their attractive appearance. All models are presented in bright, rich, rich colors - an ideal solution for a hot summer.

It is these bright colors that will perfectly combine with yellow sand, blue water and lush greenery.

The range of Lamzac sun loungers and sofas is presented in several colors: yellow, red, blue, purple, green, pink.

The black sofa is versatile. It looks great on the beach, in the garden, and at home.

Suitable for adults and children, men and women.

Instructions for use

The main "highlight" of the company's products is the speed and ease of inflating the sofas. This does not require a pump or other aids. A few seconds - and the mattress is ready to use!

The whole process can be broken down into several stages:

  1. Take the lounger out of the cover and unfold.
  2. Open the neck.
  3. Shake the bag several times, scooping or drawing air into it. In windy weather, this will be even easier - you just need to open the neck against the wind. If the street is calm, then it is better to turn around several times around its own axis or run a few meters, taking air into each compartment in turn. In this case, you need to hold the neck with your fingers so that the air remains inside the chamber.
  4. The magnetic tape is twisted and locked in the closed position.

The first time, you may not be able to inflate the sofa in a few seconds. However, after several attempts, the necessary skill will appear.

The following video will tell you how to properly inflate a Lamzak sofa:

How to care?

In order to use this modern convenient invention as long as possible, it is imperative to adhere to the recommendations given by manufacturers:

  1. To place the sofa, you must choose a piece of land or sand without sharp stones, glass, wire, or other prickly or sharp objects.
  2. The same rule applies to clothes in which a person sits on the sofa: there should be no thorns or sharp metal fittings on it.
  3. Cleaning products should also be done with caution: not every product is suitable for this. Especially if the composition contains abrasive particles. Do not use powders or gels with reactive reagents either. Only mild, most gentle care products.
  4. When cleaning or washing, be sure to ensure that no water gets into the product.
  5. Small scratches and cracks on the outside of the sofa can be removed with regular tape.

The approximate service life of such a product is about five years.


No matter how colorfully and convincingly the manufacturer advertises its products, the most accurate information about the advantages and disadvantages of the product, the period of its operation, the difficulty in leaving will be told by the responses of real buyers who had the opportunity to use the product for more than one year.

Lamzak sofas are very popular products due to their stylish design, ease of use and versatility.

Therefore, on various sites you can find a lot of very different responses regarding the quality of these loungers:

  • The first plus that is noted in these reviews is the compactness and low weight of the products when folded. Even a child can lift a small backpack.
  • The second plus is that there is no need for a pump and other auxiliary elements. The sofa quickly deflates and inflates almost on its own.
  • Another advantage noted in the reviews is high-quality, practical, safe material, very pleasant to the touch, beautiful, bright.

Since the design of sunbeds and the very idea of ​​their use is quite simple, today you can find many fakes from different companies offering similar products at low prices. Buyers who have compared several options recommend purchasing original sofas. Cheap counterparts are often made of low-quality fabric, which quickly clings and tears, and besides, it is not always waterproof.

The material used to sew directly the air chamber is often used of very poor quality, as a result of which the fake does not withstand the declared weight

Stylish, modern design and bright colors are the undoubted advantages of the original sofas. It is always good when a product is not only of impeccable quality, but also attractive in appearance. It is a pleasure to use such sofas.

They are especially popular with children who use them as a bench, hammock, inflatable mattress for the pool or sea, trampoline.

This lounger is also recommended for people with orthopedic problems. Sometimes it is very difficult to find a suitable sofa option so that your back does not get tired or hurt. The "Lamzak" lounger itself takes the shape of the body, gently and carefully embracing it from all sides. Air chambers hold a fairly large volume of air, which is enough for several hours of comfortable rest.

Undoubted advantages are additional elements (a peg with a loop for attaching the mattress) and convenient spacious pockets for change.

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