Sofas with transformation mechanism "Eurobook"

  1. Features and Benefits
  2. What is the transformation mechanism and how does it unfold?
  3. What is the difference between a book and a Eurobook?
  4. Sofa types
  5. Styles
  6. Dimensions (edit)
  7. Materials (edit)
  8. Reviews
  9. Interior ideas

The sofa is an irreplaceable piece of furniture in any home. During the day it is a great place to relax and receive guests, and at night it can be used as a sleeping place. In any case, each owner of a living space is faced with the task of which piece of furniture to give preference to.

Choosing a sofa is not an easy task. The design should be reliable, durable, harmoniously fit into the space, and the design of the product should correspond to the style of the interior. Also, furniture should be multifunctional, easy to use and meet all the requirements of the future owner.

Features and Benefits

Modern sofa models are distinguished by a wide assortment and a variety of transforming designs, but the choice of a sofa directly depends on the type and dimensions of the room:

  • For small spaces, the purchase of a sofa bed would be an excellent solution. Due to its compactness and functionality, the transformer easily fits into a room of any size and turns a cozy living room for comfortable accommodation of guests into a bedroom with a comfortable sleeping module.
  • In spacious rooms, no living room can do without this piece of furniture. An ergonomic relaxation area, necessary after a hard day's work, or additional sleeping places for late guests - all this is in the competence of transforming sofas.

The sofa with the Eurobook mechanism is very popular among various transforming models. A convenient, reliable and affordable product looks very compact and laconic when unfolded.

The eurobook sofa has one of the most comfortable-to-use design, which consists of two parts and has a built-in module for storing bedding. When unfolded, the sofa has a flat and comfortable sleeping surface without seams and bends.

Eurobooks can withstand a load of up to 250 kg.

The transformation mechanism itself does not require much effort and is rather quickly and easily unfolded and folded. And the wheels available on many models of the sofa will simplify the transformation process. In addition to a spacious storage box, a side niche with shelves or a minibar can be built into the sofa.

A large selection of colors and a diverse range of models are the undoubted advantages of Eurobooks and allow you to choose a sofa for any interior design. In addition to the aesthetic aspects, the Eurobook is equipped with an orthopedic design for a healthy and comfortable sleep.

The mechanism of transformation of the eurobook was created taking into account daily use and therefore is highly durable. In addition to special movable mounts for rolling out the bottom of the sofa, the mechanism has no other parts, which significantly reduces the risk of breakage of the transformation mechanism and extends the life of the sofa.

What is the transformation mechanism and how does it unfold?

The structure of the mechanism is simple to perfection.No locks, latches or springs, just a movable seat and a swivel option at the back. The Eurobook is expanded quite simply:

  • The seat slides forward along roll-out rails, which can be made of wood or metal.
  • The backrest descends into the formed niche horizontally towards the seat and forms an orthopedic sleeping surface.

The seat of the Eurobook sofa can be equipped with casters or legs. The sofas with castors at the front are easier to pull out, while the leg structure interacts more gently with the floor covering. One of the varieties of the transformation of the eurobook sofa is the "pantograph", which can simply be called the "walking eurobook". Its main difference from the classic mechanism is that the seat does not move forward on wheels, but “walks” on legs using a structure with springs.

There are also models with a triple nesting mechanism. This type of eurobook contains an additional module built into the seat, thereby increasing the berth by 20-30 cm, when unfolded, the size of the model reaches 195 cm in width and 200 cm in length.

What is the difference between a book and a Eurobook?

Eurobook is a more advanced model of such a design as a "book". This type of transformation is also convenient and practical, but has several disadvantages over its new version.

The book is an outdated mechanism. Book sofas are only straight. To start the transformation process, you need to lift the seat up until it clicks, at which time the back of the sofa will smoothly recline back. When the seat is lowered down, the mechanism brings the backrest to a horizontal position automatically and the sofa unfolds.

The sofa-book is the most budgetary option, and its design is simple and reliable. But to transform the sofa, additional space is required for the back, so it will not work to install a book against the wall, the sofa must be moved 10-20 cm.

Eurobook also differs in that it has a smoother surface for sleeping and does not need to be moved away from the wall. In addition, to decompose the "book" mechanism requires an effort, while the eurobook due to the guide rollers does not require any load, the mechanism unfolds itself by inertia.

Eurobook can rightfully be called the most convenient and durable transformation mechanism.

Sofa types

A wide range of sofas-eurobooks is always presented in furniture salons. This is due to the fact that manufacturers are not limited in design and types of structures. There are several types of sofas with this mechanism:

  • straight;
  • angular;
  • modular;
  • without armrests;
  • with 2 armrests;
  • with 1 armrest.

Straight sofas

Straight Eurobooks are the most common sofa models. They look great both in small apartments and in spacious rooms, the most common models are available with wooden armrests and a sleeping area of ​​at least 180x200 cm.

Corner sofas

Corner models are large in size, but their sleeping place is the most spacious and comfortable for sleeping. Corner sofas are a great tool for zoning spacious studios and apartments.

Modular sofas

Modular sofas with any transformation mechanism are distinguished by a high level of functionality. In addition to a spacious sleeping module and boxes for storing linen, it can be equipped with additional sections in the form of poufs, ottomans, shelves, minibars and all kinds of modern gadgets.

Sofa without armrests

The ideal solution for small apartments is a sofa without armrests. It will easily fit into any modern interior due to its smooth shapes and compactness. A small minus - the pillow can fall from the bed to the floor, in this case the design with one armrest is a compromise option.

Sofa with armrests

The sofa with two armrests is a classic design option. Due to the armrests, the sofa looks more respectable, and the level of comfort in such models is significantly increased. It becomes possible to install additional modules depending on the width of the armrest. Narrower models do not provide side shelves, while wider models can be equipped with additional surfaces.

If you want to get a sofa bed with an orthopedic berth, you can separately purchase a mattress of the required rigidity and improve the anatomical parameters of the berth. If the mattress's service life comes to an end, it will be easy to replace it.

You can purchase a eurobook with an orthopedic base. Most of the sofas-eurobooks are supplied with orthopedic blocks for the sleeping module during production. Having an orthopedic unit has several advantages:

  • Correspondence of the parameters of the mattress to the size and strength of the sofa.
  • The built-in prosthetic module creates a flat surface without seams and joints.


Thanks to the large selection of sofa models with the Eurobook mechanism, it becomes much easier to purchase a sofa that matches the style of the room. Especially if you follow the advice of experienced designers who have developed a few simple concepts for combining sofa design with interior style and be guided by your own preferences.

Color spectrum

To create a harmonious color scheme, the following recommendations must be taken into account:

  • Shades of blue and red it is appropriate to use in such style directions as baroque and classics.
  • Minimalism and Gothic welcomes the black and white palette, complemented by a contrasting third tone.
  • Empire, rococo, as well as classics and baroque, all shades of blue and brown are inherent.
  • Natural shades in the form of beige, green, pink and white are perfect for country and Provence style.
  • Art deco and hi-tech imply acidic shades of yellow, blue and red combined with black.

Arrangement of furniture

In addition to the combination of shapes and colors, the location of interior items in space relative to each other is also important:

  • Back to window location - great for small rooms.
  • Back-to-wall installation is one of the most common methods for arranging sofas. Suitable for any size of premises.
  • Back to the doorway you can position the sofa only if the room is spacious, the doorways are wide. This is one of the most beneficial zoning methods.
  • Another method of dividing the space into zones is to install a sofa. in the center of the room.

Compliance with style criteria

Each direction in interior design implies its own rules and settings, observing which you can create harmony and comfort in the room, according to the canons of the chosen style:

  • Minimalism. This style implies laconic forms and monochromatic colors in the interior, and the color can be both saturated and calm tones. Pillow accessories, for example, should be used to a minimum, one small pillow with or without a harmonious print will suffice. The same applies to other interior items. Minimum bohemianism - maximum functionality.
  • Classic. Classic style design involves the use of natural materials. Luxurious shapes, wood carvings, soft upholstery and a large number of pillows characterize the sofa in a classic style.
  • Country. A floral print or geometric pattern, combined with woody elements and shades of green, beige and brown, help create a cozy rustic atmosphere that is unique to the country style.
  • High tech. One of the most popular youth interior design styles is the complete opposite of country style. In hi-tech, only artificial materials are used in the form of plastic, glass and metal. The eccentricity of this style implies the use of bright colors. A high-tech sofa often contrasts with the rest of the interior.
  • Rococo. The Rococo style direction embodies luxury in interior design along with the baroque and classical style. Silk, velvet, drapery and wood carvings, decorative pillows, massive elements - these are the keywords of the Rococo style.
  • Baroque. This style is the complete opposite of minimalism, here functionality is significantly inferior to luxury. Spiral shapes of the armrests and legs of the sofa, bright colors of the upholstery and fringe, high carved backs emphasize the decorative pretentiousness of the Baroque style.

Dimensions (edit)

In addition to the variety of upholstery materials and types of construction, manufacturers present a large number of Eurobook sofas of various sizes to choose from. In addition, in many furniture stores, it is possible, together with the designer, to design any sofa to order that meets the client's requirements both in style and in size.

The width and length of a seat with a back in eurobooks affect the size of the berth, in this regard, several standard-sized sofas are distinguished on the furniture market:

  • Straight-fit standard models when unfolded, they have a berth measuring about 140x190 - 140x200 cm, when assembled, such a sofa has a classic seating depth of 80 cm.The seat is reduced by 15-20 cm due to the armrests (if they are provided for this model).
  • Corner Eurobooks are considered to be larger in size compared to straight models. They are distinguished by a spacious sleeping module and an increased number of seats. The size of the bed at the corner sofas ranges from 140x200 to 160x200 cm, this sofa when unfolded is like a full double bed.
  • There are also mini-sofas with the Eurobook transformation system. It would be more correct to call such a model a chair-bed. It is small and designed for one person. The minimum size of the model in the unfolded state is 180 cm in length, when folded, the dimensions do not exceed 90 cm.
  • A perfect solution for large apartments are three-seater sofa beds with a triple transformation. When assembled, such a model reaches two - two and a half meters in length and a width of eighty to one hundred centimeters. The sleeping module can accommodate from three to 5 people and has a size from 180x200 to 200x200 cm.
  • The modular eurobook sofa is distinguished by a wide variety of shapes and sizes, it can be either double or triple. Their size, functionality and shape directly depend on the requirements of the buyer.

Materials (edit)

The quality of the Eurobook design directly depends on the type of filler, upholstery material and frame. A wide range of products presented by various furniture manufacturers allows you to choose a sofa for any type of room and for any financial opportunity.


Most often, when creating sofas, upholstery materials are used such as:

  • Leather. All types of leather upholstery are practical and luxurious. But genuine leather requires very careful care and attention, otherwise the material will quickly crack and lose its presentation. For sofa owners who are not ready to spend time and money on specialized substances for natural leather, eco-leather is suitable, which is unpretentious, but retains aesthetic properties and budget.
  • Flock. Flock is considered one of the most demanded materials.Its popularity is due to its high wear-resistant and dirt-repellent properties, affordable cost, variety of colors and pleasant touch. There is also Teflon flock - an anti-vandal material with a unique performance characteristic "anti-claw" that protects furniture from damage.
  • Suede leather. This upholstery option is luxurious, but inferior in terms of practicality. With frequent use, the material is overwritten and requires replacement, as you know, the upholstery constriction is expensive and negatively affects the decomposition mechanism due to the fact that the sofa must be completely disassembled. However, purchasing a removable cover made of artificial or natural suede solves these problems. If the cover is dirty, you can dry-clean it, and if damaged, replace it with a new one. At the same time, the built-in upholstery of the sofa will remain intact.
  • Chenille. This type of upholstery material is practical and reliable, but the structure of its weaving is rather rough in appearance, but at the same time it is pleasant to the touch. Chenille fabrics have an affordable price and a wide range of colors.
  • Velours. Soft and pleasant to the touch material creates an additional feeling of comfort and coziness, this type of fabric upholstery is perfect for a child's room or a cozy bedroom.
  • Jacquard. The material, which is beautiful in appearance and to the touch, has a complex structure and is distinguished by beautiful ornaments. It is a fairly expensive material, but its aesthetic and performance characteristics justify the cost.



The reliability of the Eurobook design directly depends on the frame. A metal frame will help to make the sofa durable and increase its service life. Such a sofa is more difficult to break and can withstand heavy loads.

The metal frame is popular not only among the owners, but also among the manufacturers of sofas. The metal construction allows you to create products of various shapes and sizes with a high-quality decomposition mechanism and strong fasteners. The metal frame allows you to create designs with spacious storage boxes and removable covers.

All these characteristics are inherent in models with a wooden or combined frame, but metal structures guarantee a longer service life.


The properties of a wooden frame directly depend on the type of wood that is used in its manufacture. For the frame of the eurobook sofa, they most often use:

  • nut;
  • oak;
  • birch;
  • ash;
  • red or coniferous woods.

Each type of frame has a different service life. The most durable, but also the highest in cost are red breeds. Oak, beech, walnut and ash are cheaper and more reliable materials. The highest service life is distinguished by wooden frames with fastenings of parts in the form of bolts, rather than screws. The structure should be equipped with ties to prevent deformation and loosening of the model.


The filler material has a great influence on the quality and convenience of the transformer with the "Eurobook" mechanism. Manufacturers provide four types of filler to choose from:

  • Polyurethane foam (PPU). The characteristics of this material make the structure unsuitable for daily sleep, the synthetic filler is too hard, but such a module may work as an additional bed.
  • Foam rubber. A soft and comfortable foam block is considered quite comfortable, it also has a low price. But foam rubber has a short service life due to the fact that it is too prone to deformation. After a few years, bumps appear on the seat, which are felt during sleep.
  • With a spring block. This type of filler is of two types: with an independent and dependent spring block. According to its characteristics, it is distinguished by its convenience both while sitting and while sleeping.
  • With orthopedic mattress. It is considered the most suitable for a healthy and comfortable sleep. The orthopedic mattress combines an independent spring block and polyurethane foam. Models of various types of anatomical rigidity are available to choose from.
  • Latex. It is similar in properties to an orthopedic mattress and provides comfortable conditions for rest.

The following video will tell you about these and other materials in more detail.


Owners of sofas with the "Eurobook" transformation mechanism leave positive reviews and rave comments:

  • They celebrate the benefits from the purchase of the Eurobook, referring to the convenience, practicality and ease of use.
  • The owners of small apartments consider the Eurobook sofa to be the most suitable piece of upholstered furniture for small rooms. A compact and comfortable sofa takes up little space, spacious storage boxes and built-in shelves allow you to save additional space and money, since there is no need to purchase cabinets and dressers.
  • Mechanism easily unfolds, and a small sofa is converted into a spacious sleeping place.
  • Owners of models with orthopedic blocks write that the ability to select the degree of hardness when buying is a definite plus.

Eurobook, thanks to its wide assortment in the furniture market, allows you to harmoniously fit it into the interior of the room. Negative reviews about such a transformation design are quite rare, most often the owners complain about the filler, which forms bends or the creak of the mechanism. But the thing is that the mechanism needs to be lubricated every few years, and when buying a sofa, pay a lot of attention to the filler and choose an orthopedic mattress with the required level of rigidity.

Interior ideas

Below are the most successful options for using such a sofa in the interior:

  • Beige Eurobook Sofa harmoniously fits into the ethnic style of the living room interior. The color scheme of the room, kept in the same tones, decorative details of the interior and pillows with a soft geometric pattern, together create a comfortable hona for relaxation.
  • Dark purple modular eurobook fits ergonomically into the minimalistic living room interior in white tones.
  • Coffee colors monochrome furnishings are inherent in office interiors and create a sense of comfort with a dash of business style.
  • Bright living room in pop art style - an excellent design solution for youth apartments. The room is a great place for gatherings with friends and family, active games and entertainment.

Despite the large number of rich colors and vibrant geometric prints, the living room looks harmonious.

  • Stylish setting with pronounced zoning elements of the dining area from the relaxation space. The harmonious combination of different shades of terracotta and brown creates a feeling of coziness and visually enlarges the room.
  • A striking example of country style in the living room. The corner leather Eurobook sofa, set with its back to the bay window, creates a cozy and at the same time bright area for relaxation in a rustic style.
  • An ergonomic sofa with a triple folding mechanism perfectly complements the soft interior of the living room. Contrasting black and pastel colors is the most popular design solution for creating seating areas.
  • A perfect example of the ergonomic use of the environment. The cabinet, combined with a sleeping place in a minimalist style, allows you to combine work and rest, and the calm color scheme contributes to the creation of a focused mood, which is necessary for brain activity.
  • Eurobook with one armrest, which is also a small locker, is a great addition to a teenager's bedroom in modern style.
  • A delicate living room with a complete set of furniture is perfect for spacious rooms. The chosen calm color scheme of furniture in combination with pale green colors of the walls creates a harmonious atmosphere for relaxation.
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